Von Injoface Lifestyles Exposed

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Von Injoface Lifestyles Exposed
Genre Reality/ Documentary
Created by Charles Maniaca von Injoface

Von Injoface Lifestyle Exposed (VILE, for short) is a reality television show, hosted by Charles Maniaca von Injoface, about him and his family.


Upon seeing how well his first show went, Charles decided to make another reality television show where people got sadistically tortured. His sister, Emily, begged if she could be in his show (and wouldn't SHUT UP!) eventually agreed. He wondered what kind of show about torture would star Emily, but then he realized that his family tortured people more than any other, and decided to make a show about all of them. With the help of his brother, Director Kenny, he managed to get it on, with a working title of "Livin' von Injoface". They changed it to "Von Injoface Lifestyle Exposed" a month later. It first aired sometime in 2010 and filled the 1 hour time-slot. 15 episodes were ordered for season one, and each member signed up for 5 seasons (Charles hope that it'll last that long).

The show focuses on the lives of various von Injofaces. Their actions are recorded on a camera, sometimes without their knowing. There is also a "confession stall" where the members can talk about their lives or their opinion of the show. Occasionally, there is flashbacks, which are clips of videos put into the show that took place before the show started or were cut from previous episodes.

Known Episodes[edit]

Pilot- The pilot revolved around the host, Charles, trying to make a second television show, getting the idea of LVI, and putting it on the air.

Episode #2- This revolves around some famous von Injofaces, like Mabel, General Puffle etc

An episode titled "polar opposites" focuses on Mabel, Cabel, and their X-antibodies

Another episode revolves around the O'vians

There will be an episode on "Oreop's Funeral" sometime soon, but hasn't aired yet.



  • This show will let Dustin Know he is the father of 5 von Injoface members. Dustin will also be a reoccurring character (he is Charles blood father).
  • Corai will fund this show. He thinks it goes into good food. It DOESN'T!