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List of Members in the Von Injoface Family.

  • Mabel von Injoface XIX is the current Mabel in a long list of nineteen others. She is an arrogant puffle owned by Explorer, and also the most famous Injoface. She lives in Club Penguin.
  • Mabel von Injoface XX is the current Mabel's daughter and the 20th Mabel. She is an arrogant puffle just like her mother.
  • General Puff- One of the oldest puffles, he is Mabel XVIII's and Lenny's father, Mabel, Charles, Susan, Oreop, Benny and Kenny's Grandfather, and Foamy and Matthew's great-grandfather. He lives in the Trans-Antarctic.
  • Sister Alkamesh- A nun nurse at Lichenblossom Isles. She is very bad at her job since nuns are supposed to be nice and caring. However, she has a record cure rate, and sadly, is a master at practicing medicine.
  • Foamy- Foamy is not arrogant, mean, or sadistic, and thus was seen as an outcast in the family. He ran away and started a life of crime. He lives in the Underworld.
  • Matthew von Injoface- Another one of the social outcast of the family, he is Foamy's cousin. He is the only one who is considered helpful to society. He was born in the Antarctic Peninsula, but is a nomad.
  • Susan von Injoface- Foamy's mother. She is a lawyer who is good at her job, even though most people don't like her, including her clients. She lives in the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Mabel von Injoface XVIII- Mabel's mother and Foamy's surrogate mother. She is just as nasty as her daughter. She is the only surviving Mabel namesake other then XIX. She lives in the Sub-Antarctic.
  • Director Lenny- Father of Benny and Kenny, he is also a director but isn't a Master of the Universe. He lives in the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Emily Von Injoface- She thinks she is the most popular puffle in the USA. She lives in the Sub-Antarctic.
  • Cabel von Injoface- a fat, lazy, demanding, never-do-well couch potato, she one of Mabel's sisters. She is pretty nice except her constant demanding for unhealthy snacks. Lives in Club Penguin.
  • Abel von Injoface- Susan and Oreop's father, and Foamy and Matthew's grandfather. He runs a business. He lives in the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Icarius O'vian- A Gothic circus ringmaster who is a distant cousin of Mabel, Sister Alkamesh's brother and Penelope's father. He lives in the Trans-Antarctic.
  • Tars O'vian Son of Mabel XVII, father of Icarius. He lives in the Trans-Antarctic.
  • Chuck von Injoface- The brother of General Puff, He likes to hit his enemies with baseball bats and golf clubs (OUCH!), he also is currently owned by Flywish.
  • Label von Injoface- Daughter of Chuck, sister of Rick who flirts with boys half her age, and succedes.
  • Paul von Injoface- A stock investor who is the first orange puffle and is very nasty. He lives in the Antarctic Peninsula.

Ancestral Mabels[edit]

  • Mabel I - the matriarch of the Injoface family and the founder of one of the worst puffle groups of all time.
  • Mabel III-Mabel I's son's daughter, niece of Mabel II
  • Mabel IV- Mabel III's brother's daughter, her niece
  • Mabel VII Mabel VI's niece (you get the idea)
  • Mabel XIII - this Mabel, so the story goes, was like an Injoface equivalent of Explorer, or rather, Explorer in puffle form. She was friendly and outgoing, and one major prankster. (In fact, she was the puffle of Explorer II.) She was also obsessed with grooming, historical accounts noted, and was better groomed than the succeeding Mabels. The family refuses to talk about her, and many don't know about her.
  • Mabel XVII- General Puff and Chuck's Sister, Mabel's Great-Aunt, Tars' mother


  • Mabel XVIII- General Puff's daughter, niece of Mabel XVII and Chuck, mother of Mabel XIX


  • Explorer 767- the owner of Mabel, he likes pulling pranks on her.
  • Mabel X- The X-antibody of Mabel, she is pretty much to opposite of her
  • Fudd- A puffle distantly related to the Von Injoface family and a very good prankster.
  • Dustin biological father of Mabel and Foamy, who is Steven's cousin. He is very mondsome for puffle standards, and thinks he's great because of this.
  • Director Jenny- The wife of Director Lenny and mother of Benny and Kenny.
  • Jordan O'vian- Great-Grandfather of Penelope and husband of Mabel XVII
  • Xorai- Villain who is Penelope's owner.
  • Periboea- Wife of Icarius and mother of Penelope.
  • Charas von Injoface- Niece of Doctor Aye-Que, Abel's wife and Susan and Opeop's mother. Deceased, but returned as a ghost.
  • Palm the Puffolian- She used to be a pretty green puffle and Director Benny's cousin once removed, but she was captured by Darktan (before he was reformed) and was transformed into a Puffolian. She became a dark blue Puffolian and was banished by Director Kenny. However, she is very HAPPY HAPPY!
  • Gruff- Fredrick's father and Mandy's ex-husband
  • Oreop von Injoface- Matthew's father and Susan's sister. Deceased because he got ran over.