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The Von Injoface family is a family of puffles and one of the Top Five Families, and the only puffle family up there. They are infamous for their sadistic, arrogant, and egotistic personalities and for some of then, their hairstyle. The most imfamous is Mabel XIX, purple puffle of Explorer Antics XIII. The majority live in the Antarctic Peninsula, but many live in Trans-Antarctica or the islands of the Sub-Antarctic.


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The Family!!!


  • The most obvious traits is that the Von Injoface family are able to speak, which a considerable fraction of the pufffle population are unable to do. They also keep in contact with each other and know how to use penguin technology better then most puffles.
  • Another astonishing trait is that they have extended life spans. The Von Injofces are the High Penguins of puffles. While puffles become adults at 3-4 years and die at 15-20 years, Foamy is 14 years old and has just started adolescence, and General Puff is over 100 and going.
  • Some members, like Mabel (all 19), Charles, Icaruis, and Foamy, have hairdos instead of a normal puffle's stubs/spikes. They are also seen wearing glasses, and most are arrogant, sadistic, and wanton. The only kind exceptions are Foamy, Matthew, and Mabel XIII (who is quite dead now).
  • Of all the puffles in the family, there are more black puffles than any other.
  • There are no red puffles in the family. Most members are prejudiced against red puffles because they are "wild, foreign, and primitive". Some, like Mabel and Tars call them "Reddies". They are also prejudiced against non-talking puffles.
  • The family is also prejudiced against Green and Orange puffles, although this is not as extreme and they have some green and orange members.
  • The Von Injoface family is also the only family, correction, the only creatures to have both a cult and a civil rights group centered around them. Note, though, that these tend to revolve around Mabel and Mabel only.


  • The von Injoface family is undoubtedly dysfunctional. Members have "favorites" and expectations for the other members to follow. Even though most are arrogant and cruel, they ways each member shows this are different, and this may disgust the other members.
  • One thing many of the family members have in common is that they collect government checks, despite being despised by society and the government. This is due to Director Benny interfering.
    • Some exceptions to this are Abel, Susan, Charles, Emily, and Icarius. Judge Leonard and General Puff receive money from the government although they worked for the government. Director Lenny and Director Jenny used to receive checks, but have a sustainable income now. Foamy doesn't receive checks but the damage he causes often requires government involvement (although he occasionally gives money back). Mabel was intended to receive checks but she ruined her relationship with Benny before he became a master.
  • Chuck and his daughter Mandy are the most violent.
  • Oreop, Matthew, Foamy, and Icarius are considered outcasts.
  • Fudd is distantly related to this family, although it was hundreds of years ago when he shared a common ancestor with an living ones.

Birth Dates[edit]

Name Generation Birth Date
General Puff V 1902
James von Injoface W 1930
Mabel von Injoface XVII W 1932
Chuck von Injoface W 1936
Emilia von Injoface W 1936
Paul von Injoface W 1938
Leonard von Injoface W 1942
Abel von Injoface X 1949
Tars O'vian X 1953
Director Lenny X 1962
Mandy von Injoface X 1976
Princesa X 2000
Oreop von Injoface Y 1972
Sister Alkamesh Y 1975
Icarius O'vian Y 1977
Susan von Injoface Y 1978
Mabel Y 1984
Cabel von Injoface Y 1984
Director Benny Y 1986
Director Kenny Y 1990
Emily von Injoface Y 1991
Charles Maniaca von Injoface Y 1991
Director Chenny Y 1995
Matthew von Injoface Z 1995
Penelope O'vian Z 1998
Foamy Z 2001
Mabel von Injoface XX Z 2016


The Von Injoface Necropolis is a very large building where Von Injoface family members are placed after they kick the bucket. It was made over 500 years ago. Even though a few members were considered outcasts, especially Mabel XIII, they are still welcomed to be buried here. Here's a list of some Von Injofaces that were placed here after death: