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The De Maple Family (Dee-Maa-Pool) are a group of penguins formed as a family. Amigopen De Maple II is the most well known De Maple, but not the first to come to Antarctica, giving the honors to Artilleriiskogo De Maple. Not many De Maple penguins live in Antarctica, but are thought to be living in a distant continent. However, the whereabouts of the location is completely unknown.

The De Maple coat of arms

Family Members[edit]

Ordered from youngest to oldest. (Age/Date of Birth) Another character below a bullet line equals their spouse.
Bolded characters mean they're unconfirmed family members.
Italic characters mean they're not born yet.

There are possibly more De Maple penguins. However, they have not yet been discovered.

  • Nat De Maple (Unborn/Unknown)
  • Nat (16 years/1999)
  • Amigopen De Maple I (Deceased at 32/1957)



  • The Tvarkov Family has family ties with the De Maple Family.
  • Nat, by blood, is a true member of the family, but since she has not met anyone in her family, it is currently unconfirmed by the other living members.