Vonkouver International Airport

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Vonkouver International Airport
Key details
Name Vonkouver International Airport
Native name Vonkouver International Airport
Type of airport International
Owned/Operated by The National Transportation Authority of Shops
Location Vonkouver, Southern Shops
Runway Runway 04L/13R (9,940 ft.)
Runway Runway 04R/13L (11,500 ft.)
Aircraft Movements 17,520 flights per year

Vonkouver International Airport (ACAO code: VON) is a major airport located in Vonkouver, Southern Shops. Though it is not a hub for any airline, VON is the biggest airport in terms of size and airlines served. It is also one of the largest airports in Shops Island based on aircraft movements.

Airlines and Destinations[edit]

Airline Destinations Terminal
Air Calada South Pole City-Metro, Torona, Callery, Vancooler 2
Air Culldrome Culldrome City 2
AirSnowiny Winsburg 2
Capital Airs Dancing Penguin City 1
Margate Airlines Margate City, Sherbian City 2
Moon Airs Dancing Penguin City, Moon Island City, Wizzint 1
Pacifica Airlines Metido, Parie, Dellaroma, Varcelono, Boorlin, Buenos Suelos, Peking, South Pole City 2
Penguin Shops Air Shops City, Penguin City, Dancing Penguin City 1
Penguin World Air Neo Domino City 2
Shop Jet Shops City 1
SkyJet Airways South Pole City-Metro, Polaris City, Club Penguin City 2
Zurich Airlines (seasonal) Zurich, Wien, Boorlin, München 2

Cargo Airlines[edit]

Airline Destinations
Shop Jet Cargo Shops City


Vonkouver International Airport has one large terminal and another, vacant terminal. The airport has three runways. They are marked as runways 04L/13R, 04R/13L, and 06/15. Runway 04L/13R is 9,940 feet long. Runway 04R/13L is 11,500 feet long. Runway 06/15 is the shortest of the runways, being 7,300 feet long.

Terminal 1[edit]

Terminal 1 had 30 gates (marked as 1-30). This terminal used to be the domestic terminal. After the city found out that they overbuilt the airport, Terminal 1 was shut down. It is currently being used as the transportation department headquarters for the Southern Shops, as well as a movie filming space.

Passenger Terminal[edit]

The main passenger terminal (formerly Terminal 2) has 50 gates (marked as 31-80). This terminal is the only operating terminal at the airport. Gates 35 and 36 have two jetways to accommodate the Airhail A380 and other large aircraft. Inside the terminal is a PenLounge, a general airline lounge, shops, dining, and plenty of seating areas. The open nature of this terminal makes is feel roomy.

Traffic and Statistics[edit]

As of 2015, Vancouver International Airport oversees 48 flights per day, which equates to around 18,000 flights per year. Below are the top airlines at the airport.

  1. Penguin Shops Air - 29.17%
  2. Shop Jet - 20.83%
  3. Air Calada, Mon Airs, Pacifica Airlines - 8.33% per airline

All other airlines account for 25.01% of the traffic.

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