Weapons and Artillery Bureau

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Weapons and Artillery Bureau
The official logo of the WAB.
Weapons Investigation Agency overview
Formed March 2013
Jurisdiction Shops Island
Headquarters Shops City
Employees Classified
Annual budget Classified; Hundreds of millions of WB$
Weapons Investigation Agency executive LMGT, Director of the WAB
Parent Weapons Investigation Agency Shops Intelligence Agency
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The Weapons and Artillery Bureau is a child agency of the SIA; the most secretive of all their child agencies, and an agency devoted to the manufacturing (sometimes design), investigation and design of weapons for either Shops Island or abroad, especially nuclear weapons. The agency also owns all nuclear power plants on the island. They technically own all government weapon manufacturing programs on Shops Island, not the SIA as a whole.


When Shops Island's military was expanded in March 2013, a new agency, the WAB, was created to develop weapons for the SIA. The WAB manufactured over 1,000,000 guns right away, 50,000 tanks, and 20,000 aircraft. Soon after, the USA recognized Shops' struggle against the Snoss and gave Shops help in developing large nuclear weapons (they had 4 small ones before the expansion). It took no time to develop 250 nuclear warheads before they agreed to stop manufacturing them with the April 2013 UAN Resolutions. At that same time, relations between the Shoppers and the Snoss began to improve. Their two main targets now were Yow and the Melodeeves, and the WAB has started manufacturing weapons contoured especially to fight the Yowiens and the Melodeeviens.


The WAB is involved mainly in the design and manufacturing of weapons, be that for domestic or international use.


International crises have caused the WAB to get themselves involved with investigating many controversial weapons subjects in Antarctica alongside UAN peacekeeping groups. The WAB also manufactures some weapons specifically for UAN usage. They have been crucial in sniffing out illegal weapons possessions in suspicious areas.

Nuclear Capabilities[edit]

The WAB has nuclear capabilities as powerful as Nuke Island. The country is currently producing a steady rate of plutonium. The uranium is mined from Freezestonia and Uranium Island before being transferred to Plutonium Bay to be turned into plutonium. Before, Shops could roll out about 50 plutonium rods a day. When the island was built, and the plants were set up, that number increased to over 10,000 a day. Ever since the Fall of Nexon, it has dropped significantly as the SIA switched to using Squarium-based weapons that are as powerful as nuclear weapons.


Before it even happened, the WAB was receiving heavy criticism from environmentalists throughout Antarctica. Environmentalists feared that the mass-production of plutonium would cause lots of pollution. Shops' government officials reassured the environmentalists that the plant was put strategically so that the wind currents carried the pollution to the Yowien Sea. This surprisingly made a lot of critics happy. Criticism on the behalf of pollution has calmed recently as Plutonium Bay has become more and more defunct.

List of Items manufactured[edit]

Stealth Bomber 20 Stealth Bombers are is a special type of aerial bomber which is able to evade radar signals, making them important and devastating strategic machines.
Heavy Bomber 8000 Heavy Bombers are large airplanes which are equipped to be able to drop fifteen tons of bombs which can be strategically dropped at any given time. They generally have a crew of five, one pilot, and four other gunmen.
Super Bomber 10,000 Super Bombers are massive aircraft who have a thirty-ton bomb payload. They are used for more-so carpet bombing than strategic bombing. Super Bombers have crews of four; two pilots and two gunners.
Fighter Jet 15,000 Fighter Jets are used for in-air combat and patrolling missions. They generally only have one pilot, though they can have two at some times. They can also drop a small number of bombs and can fire a select number of missiles.
Stealth Fighter 1000 Stealth Fighters are capable of evading enemy radar signals, making them useful for attacks on enemy targets. They are also supersonic, being able to reach a speed of Mach 2. Stealth Fighters can carry about twenty cruise or heat-seeking missiles in their bomb bay for combat and attack purposes.
Helicopter 5000 Shopper helicopters are small and versatile, and are mainly used for attack or reconnaissance purposes. They have a crew of two, and are armed with a load of weapons. They can also be modified to transport small numbers of troops.
UAV 30 UAV's, AKA Spy Drones, are unmanned aircraft used for surveillance, reconnaissance, and hunter-killer operations by the SIA. They're remotely controlled from specially-designed command centers. They normally carry a payload of two heat-seeking missiles and a small concealed machine gun.
Interceptor 1000 Interceptor aircraft are capable of intercepting enemy aircraft and missiles. They are nuclear capable, heavily armed, and can travel at a top speed of Mach 6. Only the most elite pilots of the air force are allowed to fly these planes.
Parasite Fighter 1000 Parasite Fighters are tiny fighter craft which are built to escort bombers on long journeys, or for intricate use. They are capable of hanging from the bottom of Heavy Bombers and Super Bombers to escort them on longer or dangerous missions.
Giga Bomber 15 Giga Bombers are the largest aircraft both in the Shopper fleet and the third largest aircraft in military use in Antarctica (after the Culldrom Heavy Bombers and Shopper Transport Jets). Giga Bombers are powered by a nuclear reactor which gives the airplane amazing longevity, allowing it to be able to fly for months on end. Due to this, they have the largest range of any aircraft in Antarctica. They are crewed by five airmen, and are generally used for precision bombing raids, bombing in inclement weather, long distance bombing, and dropping of Squarium warheads.
Transport Jet 750 The Transport Jet is Shops Island's best mode of delivering troops and equipment quickly and to remote locations. The Transport Jet has the highest gross payload of any aircraft in Antarctica, topping out at 175 tons. It is the second largest aircraft in Antarctica. It can haul 200 troops with its maximum payload. Many modified Transport Jets can refuel other aircraft in midair.
Tank Destroyer v.2 50,000 The Tank Destroyer v.2's are newer, lighter, better armed and more versatile than their predecessors. This tank destroyer can move at high speed and has a rotating turret. It is not quite as a heavy as the earlier tank destroyers, nor are they as well armored. It takes only two soldiers to operate the tank destroyer.
Heavy Tank 35,000 Heavy Tanks are faster and more versatile than their Tank Destroyer counterparts. Their guns can fire shells, yet not missiles. The armor on the heavy tanks are not as thick as those on Tank Destroyers. There is generally only one penguin per heavy tank when in operation, although it is designed to allow for up to three.
Amphibious Tank 500 Amphibious Tanks are Tank Destroyers that are able to operate underwater. They operate the same as Tank Destroyers, and also have the same armor and armament. However, their tracks are much larger than their counterparts. They were equipped to be able to hang on the hulls of ships and be dropped to the ocean floor. They are mainly used underwater as opposed to on ground.
Wheeled Tank 5000 Wheeled Tanks are fast-moving eight-wheeled vehicles used by the SIA to move troops and arms from one place to another along the ground, quickly. They can reach a top speed of 90 km/h and are equipped with a rotatable cannon capable of firing artillery shells.
Missile Tank 750 Missile Tanks are small and quick tanks which are versatile, and are capable of firing up to eight small missiles at enemy targets. It's also equipped with a frontal cannon.
High-Speed Tank 5000 High-Speed tanks are the fastest tanks in Antarctica. They have a top speed of 160 km/h or 100 mph. They were manufactured specifically for the purpose of Blitzkrieg, so as to capture vast swaths of territory. The only other vehicle in the Shopper Army that goes this fast is the Troop Transport Unit, for quick infantry support. The High Speed Tank is equipped with one cannon for destroying things while on the move.
Naval Craft
Warship 1300 Warships are the primary Naval Craft of Shops' navy. They are equipped with many crew members and plenty of hand-held weapons, as well as three mounted artillery cannons for extra use. They can be used in a wide range of situations from combat, to search and rescue, to transportation and much more. Many warships are currently undergoing modernization, and some new ones are being built to replace the oldest models from 2012 and 2013. Many older warships have been sold off as museum pieces.
Dreadnought 220 Dreadnoughts are special warships in the navy and are heavily armed with multiple guns and many artillery cannons. They are also bigger and more powerful than the standard warships; Dreadnoughts are usually used only in combat situations.
Aircraft Carrier 40 Shopper Aircraft carriers can support a maximum of eighty fighter jets, ten heavy/stealth bombers, or a proper mix of both. Super Bombers are not compatible with the aircraft carriers. These vessels carry many crew members and also serve as launch platforms and a transportation method for the air force's lighter aircraft.
Submarine 155 Submarines are able to lurk under the water and are capable of firing ballistic missiles or torpedoes from their bomb bays. They are usually used for combat, surveillance, or sabotage missions. The Submarines run on nuclear power, and instead of a propeller, have a high-pressure water jet to push the vessel through the water.
Landing Craft 13,000 Landing Craft are extremely cheap and disposable troop transport units used to transport soldiers or equipment from ships onto beach heads. Each one can carry either 25 soldiers, one tank, or five artillery cannons. Landing Craft are made from low-grade material because of their probability of getting sunk or stuck in battle.
Corvette 50 Corvettes are very high-tech ships used for spying, reconnaissance and surveillance. They do not have very effective armament, however, and are usually escorted by warships for safety purposes. Corvettes are also well-taken care of and are extremely expensive to build.
Deadship 300 Deadships are unmanned ships equipped with a Squarium bomb. The entirety of the ship's hull and exterior is lain with extremely sensitive pressure sensors which activate when anything other than water touches it. When activated, the Squarium bomb inside the ship detonates.
Hovercraft Carrier 10 Hovercraft Carriers are massive aircraft carriers capable of carrying twice as many planes as a normal Shopper aircraft carrier. It is built upon a hovercraft, and can therefore act as a landing base both on and off land. The Hovercraft Carrier is heavily armed to protect against potentially damaging attacks at the hovercraft hull.
Coast Guard Ship 45 Coast Guard Ships are used by the Coast Guard for many of their operations. They are built to be extra-stable, and are the fastest ships in the Shopper fleet. Coast Guard Ships come with heavy-duty spotlights, large lifeboats, and a helicopter landing pad.
Battleship 100 Battleships are the largest and best armed ships in the Shopper Navy, carrying three three-guns and numerous other deck guns. They are designed specifically for long-distance engagements and bombardment.
Space Fleet (From discontinued SIA Space Command Fleet)
Lancer 150,000 Lancer fighters are quick space fighter planes used to overwhelm enemy air defenses. They heavily rely on computer programming and SIA Drones, even though there are more fighters than drones available. Armament on the Lancer is minimal, with two machine gun turrets and a bay able to store no more than five bombs. At their peak, there were over 1 million in operation. However, this number has since decreased dramatically, with many being scrapped or being reallocated to Notron.
Actis 50,000 Actis fighters are agile and are designed for one-on-one combat/dogfights with other fighters. They are controlled by penguins. Actis fighters carry no bombs and only have two sets of machine guns. They are generally considered to be useless and are only used as last resorts. Many of these fighters have been rented out by the Jedi for their own purposes.
Speeder 12,000 Speeder fighters are mainly patrol aircraft which fly low and keep order. They are run by penguins. They have two gun turrets on either wing, and can carry up to ten small bombs.
Nebula 350 Nebula's are medical and transport frigates capable of carrying 500 injured troops or 1000 tons of cargo, respectively. They are armed with multiple gun nests, but do not carry bombs and are generally considered to be unarmed. They usually travel with fighter escorts.
Prosperity Space Station 12 Prosperity Space Stations are massive space stations which orbit around Earth. They are used jointly by the scientific and military branches of the SIA. The space stations are always staffed by a crew of around 200 penguins, be them there for military or scientific purposes. There are ten more of these space stations ordered, and are expected to all be completed by 2018.
Heavy Artillery Cannon 300,000 Artillery cannons are plentiful in the Shopper Armed Forces. They can fire heavy shells with a range of uses, including firebombs, cluster munitions, napalms, normal explosives, and more. They are very cheap to manufacture.
Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Classified (250 approx. estimate) Shopper ICBM's are able to span the entire planet and can hit a target with pinpoint precision. The rockets fire up from their launch site into space, until they come over their target. The main rocket casing then falls away, revealing a smaller rocket and the warhead. The smaller rocket fires straight towards the Earth at a 90 degree angle, hitting its target with tremendous force.
SIA Drones 500,000 SIA Drones were developed as a super-penguin means of warfare on the battlefield. They were originally marvelous fighting weapons and were virtually indestructible. However, lowering necessities, budget drawbacks, and international scrutiny prompted the SIA to systematically make the drones weaker and weaker. They were eventually retired and are left in reserve in case of emergencies.
Troop Transport Truck 75,000 Troop Transport Trucks are large vehicles which come in many different forms, as flatbeds, covered beds for troop transport (most common), dump trucks, or equipped with fifth wheels to haul an assortment of trailers. They are very powerful machines with a drivetrain designed specifically to facilitate both speed and durability.
Tank Destroyer v.1 50,000 SIA Tank Destroyers have been one of Shops' most famous military machines. These tanks weigh fifty tons each with concrete and iron-reinforced armor. They have a heavy artillery cannon, which is its only armament. This cannon can fire small missiles or artillery shells at enemy vehicles. Up to four or five penguins can operate within one Tank Destroyer. They are currently being phased out in favor of their newer counterpart. One of the drawbacks of the original tank destroyer was that it had no armament other than the cannon, meaning that it was susceptible to attacks from the sides and rear.


  • The WAB also manufactures many unique brands of weapons used only by foreign countries.

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