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Species Penguin
Race Adelie Penguin
Gender Male
Height 2'11"
Residence BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin Island
Occupation Mercenary
Years Active 2010-present
WASSUP dudes?

WATuDOIN is a very strange "cool" penguin who enjoys messing with people and causing trouble around Club Penguin Island. He has a fascination with balloons, and is always seen carrying one around, usually his favorite green one. He is also a ninja, although he uses many teachings Sensei would not approve of. He is an amateur escape artist, often disappearing in smoke or floating away with his balloon when he encounters situations he doesn't like.


Prior to becoming a villain, WATuDOIN began training with Sensei at the Dojo to become a ninja. Eventually he became a black belt, and beat Sensei in a Card-Jitsu match, earning his ninja mask. This was too much for WATuDOIN, who felt that he was more powerful than Sensei himself now. WATuDOIN began studying dark ninja teachings that Sensei didn't approve to learn new powers, and decided to beat Sensei once and for all and become the new Sensei himself. However, he was easily defeated by Sensei, who took his ninja mask and told him that he wasn't a true ninja.

After this embarrassment, WATuDOIN decided to become a mercenary and assist villains with his powers, for the right price of course. One of the first villains who hired him was none other than Herbert P. Bear, although he later regretted their partnership after finding WATuDOIN very annoying.

At some point, WATuDOIN encountered Penquino and became his "not-very-arch-but-sorta-arch enemy" for reasons nobody really knew.

In 2013, WATuDOIN became one of several villains recruited by Evil Pengy into the Evilositian Army for his plot to conquer Shops Island. After being easily defeated by the Shopper Intelligence Agency, they made their way to Chill Island to regroup. During a confrontation against Chill Island Protection Force agents in Chill World, WATuDOIN informed Evil Pengy he was quitting and vanished.



As a ninja, WATuDOIN has the ability to disappear in a puff of smoke and reappear elsewhere, although he can't go too far with this ability. It also requires some concentration, so he usually prefers to just float away with his balloon. He can also cast small illusions, but if he gets distracted or tries to use another power, it vanishes instantly.


Although WATuDOIN enjoys learning new powers, he often gets bored easily and tries to learn something else. Because of this, most of his powers are very limited and underdeveloped. He is also awful at handling swords. He once found a dusty katana in the Dojo, and almost cut his own beak off while messing around with it. He refuses to use them now, both because of his past experience and his fear of accidentally popping his balloon.


  • Herbert P. Bear - Herbert was WATuDOIN's first client, although he soon came to regret this after being annoyed by WATuDOIN. Despite this, WATuDOIN holds no animosity towards the villainous bear.
  • Penquino - WATuDOIN is Penquino's "not-very-arch-but-sorta-arch enemy" for unknown reasons. Not long after their initial meeting, Penquino interfered with and ultimately foiled WATuDOIN while he was working with Herbert.



  • He always refers to Herbert as "Harbutt".
  • WATuDOIN's greatest fear is the sound of a popping balloon.