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It's...Wackypenguino? Ew.
Born Yenguino Weirdo Yagois
March 20, 2016 (2016-03-20) (age 3)
Club Penguin Island
Gender Male
Other names Yikipenguino45
Occupation Unknown, but he is known to be somewhat evil.
Years active 2016-present
Height 4.2 ft (50.4")
Weight 45kg
Known for Being mentally insane, being a Mwa Mwa Penguin
Title Wackypenguino45 The Weirdo

For his original, see Wikipenguino45.
If you were looking for everything else, see Wikipenguino (disambiguation).

Wackypenguino45, also known as Yikipenguino45 or Wikipenguino Y is the mentally insane Y-Antibody of Wikipenguino45. He is known to sometimes act evil, and other times just hang around in the Pet Shop even though nobody even thinks about adopting him. Some Mwa Mwa Penguins even avoid him due to his abnormal appearance and somewhat strange personality. Wackypenguino always claims that he will one day take over Antarctica whenever others remark his strange appearance or how much they hate Mwa Mwa Penguins such as him but nobody is stupid enough to believe him and he hasn't really done anything villain-worthy. Wackypenguino always claims to be innocent whenever he gets into trouble, no matter what. Wackypenguino is a fan of his host's adventures, and will seemingly do anything to get himself into one. Wackypenguino currently resides in a shelter in the forests of Club Penguin.

Due to the fact that the Y-Virus was ripped from Wikipenguino's body in it's final development stages with a machine that was supposed to be used to rid one of the X-Virus, instead, the machine accelerated the process, but instead distorted the Y-Virus' and it's knowledge of Wikipenguino, making it unable to create a proper Y-Antibody, resulting in Wackypenguino's strangeness in appearance and crazed mentality.


Wikipenguino was infected with the Y-Virus during early March, 2016 and had occasional headaches and felt sick. Fearing and suspecting that he had caught the X-Virus again and another evil antibody would reveal itself and cause just as much terror as the first one, he went to Dr. Infinity's lab to try and have it removed, only to be given ditto and have the process sped up. After Dr. Infinity tried to have the Y-Virus removed using a prototype machine created to rid the X-Virus from one's system, but due to it's difference, instead distorted the virus's knowledge of Wikipenguino's cells and created a more deranged antibody who Wikipenguino promptly kicked out from the lab.

Creation of Wackypenguino45[edit]

Dr Infinity: Finally! After hours of work, the prototype robot is finally complete! He should be able to feel, have emotions, talk and have his own memory now...

Wikipenguino waddled in as Dr. Infinity switched on his new invention.


Dr. Infinity looked very excited.

Dr. Infinity: Wikipenguino! Come look at this!


Suddenly, the robot deactivated and smoke came out of it.

Dr. Infinity: Oh...I was so close...Well, Wikipenguino, what brings you here today?

Wikipenguino: I *cough* feel a bit sick...*cough* I think I caught the X-Virus again...

Dr. Infinity: Oh no...here, have a ditto injection.

But as Dr. Infinity gave Wikipenguino the ditto, it only made things worse. Wikipenguino fell on the floor and started coughing uncontrollably.

Dr. Infinity: Oh no! Uh...here! Let me try this new machine! It should be effective against the X-Virus and remove it from your system!

Dr. Infinity pushed a large machine sitting on a platform with wheels and pointed it's rather intimidating nozzle at Wikipenguino.

Dr. Infinity: Hold still!


Suddenly, the thing that seemed to be caught in Wikipenguino's throat seemed to let go. Wikipenguino sneezed out a yellowish-greenish substance and his coughing fit immediately ended.

Dr. Infinity: Hey...that doesn't look like the X-Virus...

The strange goo manifested itself.

Wackypenguino: Hwi! I'm Wackypenguino45! Woo must bwe my hwost!

Wikipenguino looked extremely disgusted.

Dr. Infinity: This is an incredible discovery! Another host-replicating virus? I must research this immediately! Wiki, could you...?

But Wikipenguino was taking his Y-Antibody outside.

Wikipenguino: You wouldn't mind turning around for me, would you?

Wackypenguino: Otay! What fwor?

Wikipenguino went back inside slammed the door of the laboratory loudly.

Wackypenguino looked sad and waddled away.

Dr. Infinity: Wh-wha...why did you do that!? That could've been a world-changing discovery!

Wikipenguino: You know how much I hate Mwa Mwa Penguins, right?

Dr. Infinity: Well, yes, but...oh well...

Creation of Mwa-Mwa Land[edit]




Wackypenguino has no idea how to properly use face paint, explaining why he's covered in white and blue paint stains. Wackypenguino is pink in colour and wears a worn and slightly tattered darker red hoodie. Like his host, he wears the same hat but with a slightly more yellowish hue, a green puffle with a distorted face on the back instead of a grey one smiling, and the word "Mwa" scribbled messily on the front in red. Wackypenguino's eyes are always able to move around freely without having to control the other, giving him a rather derpy look.





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