Waddle Squad

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Waddle Squad was the name of a small unit of former PSA agents operating together, under the authority of the PSA Club Penguin Branch. They were tasked with dealing with Herbert P. Bear, a polar bear criminal in Club Penguin Island. It is de jure nonexistant presently due to the dissolution but de facto still in existance as a team in the EPF consisting of Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and someone simply referred to as PSA, the team leader. Waddle Squad, in EPF Club Penguin jargon, also refers to the Director of the PSA. G, along with the official members, all take some role in the EPF Club Penguin leadership.


The Waddle Squad was founded in 2009 as a small unit for the PSA to have agents who's only goal is to stop Herbert. Their first mission was to catch Herbert in the Night Club which was almost successful but Rookie gave Herbert the phone enabling him to teleport away and escape. The Waddle Squad's second task was to track down Herbert after he broke into the Gift Shop. This lead to Rookie and PSA using a screen in the Ski Village to expose the PSA to track down Herbert to a corn maze behind the Mine Shack. They were not quick enough however, and Herbert was able to teleport a popcorn bomb into the PSA's headquarters which was what caused the Popcorn Explosion. After the dissolution of the PSA, the Waddle Squad did come back o stop Herbert from melting Club Penguin but they disbanded soon after that.