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The Republic of Duck Island
Flag of Duck Island
Motto"May the ducks be with you"
Anthem"The Song of Ducks and Penguins"
Royal anthem"Glory and Power to the Duck President"
Coat of Arms
Location of Duck Island
(and largest city)
New Duck City
Official languages English, Duckish
Species  Penguin, Puffle, Duck
Demonym Duck, Duckish
Membership UAN flag.PNG United Antarctic Nations
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic
 -  President Waddler Whatever
 -  Prime Minister 1penguin437
 -  Mayor of Capital City Herbert von Penguin
 -  Minister of Foreign Affairs Waddly "Walrus" Whatever
 -  Minister of Economics Large Duck
 -  The Duckish Empire was established 1656 
 -  The New Duckish Empire was established 1700 
 -  The Kingdom of Duck Island was established 1825 
 -  The kingdom was replaced with The Ducktatorship of Duck Island 1925 
 -  Civil war 1925- 1930 
 -  The "ducktatorship" was replaced with The Duckdom of Duck Island 1930 
 -   estimate 9,100,000 (Duck Island, Fat Duck Island, Black Duck Island and Peng Island)
14,700,000 (all states) 
 -   census 9,100,000 (Duck Island, Fat Duck Island, Black Duck Island and Peng Island)
14,700,000 (all states) 
Currency Duck Coins (D₡)
Drives on the Right
Duck Island
The flag of Duck Island
Duck Island
Duck Island Map new.png
States of Duck Island
History of Duck Island
Politics of Duck Island
Economy of Duck Island
Notable residents of Duck Island
Other stuff related to Duck Island
The Western Union
Western Union 2017 Flag.png
Flag of the Western Union
Western Union
Treaties and Events
Summits and Conferences
Member States
Important Cities
Key People
Notable Companies

The Republic of Duck Island, though usually shortened to just Duck Island, is a sovereign island nation located west of the Asiapelago and south of Tropicalis. Duck Island itself is actually a collection of multiple islands and territories located throughout the Antarctic region mostly gained from swallowing up some smaller, poorer countries. While at one time it was larger than now, recent financial shortcomings due to misappropriations of funds necessitated the selling of land to gain back necessary capital. However, the country still owns multiple islands. The capital and largest city of the country is New Duck City, located on the main island of the country, also called Duck Island. Duck Island is a popular tourist destination, and at least a million penguins from various countries across Antarctica visit it every year, largely in part thanks to the clear beaches and idyllic rocky fjords located on the northern portion of the main island. While Duck Island does participate in any major role on the world stage, it joined the Western Union on April 1, 2018.

In spite of what the name suggests, Duck Island has a sizeable penguin and puffle population, with actual ducks only being a minority, making up 9% of the population. Duck Island is also the only country in Antarctica to have "Duckish" as an official language, owing to the fact they are sole locations of ducks, although Duckish only actually consists of multiple "quack"s in succession in lieu of normal linguistic traits.


The Duckish Empire[edit]

The oldest recorded event in Duckish history is the the establishment of a "Duckish Empire," located on the main island, in the year 1656 by a group of intelligent ducks that managed to penetrate the Wutt Barrier thanks to migratory habits. When it was established, a pompous and grand duck, fittingly named Fatduckius I, became the first emperor of the country. Due to the lack of a recorded history, the events that transpired afterwards remain a mystery to all but the oldest of historians, but due to a language barrier, penguin historians are confused as to what the island's true origins are.

The first penguins came to the island in the year 1666. Led by Waddleus Whateverus, they sought to claim land for themselves after being exiled from their home country due to a failed coup. Soon after discovering the island, they built a village in the place where Peng City stands today. Hearing of their success, more colonists arrived in the year 1669, bringing food, professions, and knowledge as to how to run a country. The island had no name before their arrival, but the penguins named it Duck Island because of the ducks who lived there. The ducks on the island were initially apprehensive to these strangely foreign, yet eerily familiar figures that stalked their land and mined up their resources, but that changed when penguins formally offered a peace offering, and a chance for the Ducks to learn their way of life. Prior to this interaction, the ducks didn't know about the rest of Antarctica, but took the stories the penguins told and got inspired to partake in their own adventures to Antarctica. Despite being viewed as oddities (and suffering from the terrible cold), they managed to convince other penguins to seek out this tropical paradise. Thanks to the proliferation of immigration to the island, many penguins took the opportunity to formally teach some ducks the basic professions they learned while in Antarctica. While the ducks had nothing to really offer in return, they showed their gratitude by serving the penguins' causes in wars, with many penguins also serving in their armies.

The country soon colonized Fat Duck Island, Black Duck Island, Grape Island, and Leek Island, establishing a basic monarchy with islands led by penguin lords and ladies as a gift for their friendship. Some time later, Duckland, Quackland, Quack Island, Quackerland and Peng Island were colonized, though the amount of territories in the country's possession soon began to take an administrative toll on the emperor, who was feeling incredibly stressed due to the management challenges. Seeing an opportunity to take over the country, a group of revolutionaries traveled to Fat Duck Island and started plotting a coup, believing that a duck had no right to run a country.

Before they could plan anything significant, in the year 1690 the country was destroyed by a group of Screenhogs, called Greenhogs, that were corrupted and sent away by Nightmare in a failed experiment. The ducks and penguins valiantly fought against them, but were defeated in the decisive Battle of Quack Lake. After that, there was no central government on the islands for 10 years, but the ducks and penguins still lived there, fractured into small kingdoms.

The New Duckish Empire[edit]

Despite the sudden defeat, the kingdoms still held high regard for one another, and secretly yearned for reunification in order to better prepare for natural disasters, foreign invasions, and other threats that come their way. Few attempted to try and unify the kingdoms again, until an enigmatic, visionary duck by the name of Black Quacksky established a "New Duckish Empire" in the year 1700, once again unifying the kingdoms into a single, cohesive country. Not wanting to truly associate himself with the failed empire, Quacksky insisted that he be called Czar Quacksky, much to the chagrin of the lords and ladies, who hoped to maintain a proper empire. The revolutionaries, now aligned with the malicious intent of the greenhogs, attempted to stop the establishment of the new empire through an ambush in one of the founding kingdoms, only to be thwarted by a penguin called Waddlypenguin Whateverov. Through an attack now called the Battle of Duck City, the penguins fought hard against the greenhogs and revolutionaries, keeping the ducks safe and sound within the walls of the city. They managed to drive them back to the south of Duck Island, from where they later moved to Fat Duck Island.

For almost thirty-five years, there was an era of peace and prosperity in the country. The penguins continued to teach the ducks much about their culture and way of life, with many penguins rising up to fill prominent roles, such as Czar Kyle Murlich I, considered to be one of the best rulers during the reign of the "New Duckish Empire." During his ten year rule, he established the central currency of the island, along with several important reforms that ultimately established several institutions, such as the Murlich School of the Arts and Sciences, one of the top schools in the county. In addition, he began the process of laying down the stonework for primitive highways throughout the country, along with beginning a formal commerce route between the different islands.

Despite the hope for everlasting peace, in the year 1735, the greenhogs returned, destroying the country with a surprise attack, leaving no central government on the island for the remaining ducks and penguins again for 85 years. This also necessitated outside assistance to finally eliminate the threat of the Nightmare's influence outside of Antarctica. Despite the lack of a central government, the kingdoms banded together to speak about the state of the islands every two years, thanks to a common bond of kinship.

The Kingdom of Duck Island[edit]

Following a long period of isolation, in 1825, the Kingdom of Duck Island was established by King Fat Duck I. Despite the surprise, many people in the kingdom welcomed unification after almost a century of being fractured. The next year, however, revolutionaries tried to destroy the country, but failed after the reinvigorated Duckish army, commanded by a then-unknown General Waddlington van Whatever, defeated them in the Battle of Soakington. General Waddlington demanded that the kingdom finally jail the revolutionaries once and for all, putting to rest generations worth of irate citizens trying to rebel against a government led by ducks and penguins co-existing with one another.

In the year 1835, a group of penguins arrived on the island and started living in Penguin Village, which soon became Peng City. Another group of penguins came to Peng Island, gave it its name and started building a city in the place that is now known as Peng Island City. Later many more penguins have moved to the island from various other places, such as the High Penguin Confederacy and later the United States of Antarctica.

What appeared to be a stable period in Duck Island's history came to abrupt end when, in 1845, a formidably and aptly named duck called Big Evil White Duck decided to coup the king and establish his own rule over the country. With the help of a few close colleagues and friends, they raised a small army and attacked the city of Duckville. After easily taking it over, they began their march towards Duck City, only to find that the army of the Kingdom of Duck Island, which was led by General Hubert von Penguin, had started their own march in the opposite direction, leading up to a massive rendezvous and the Battle of Waddle River. Hopelessly outgunned, Big Evil White Duck's army was soon defeated and jailed.

Following the battle, the country began its attempt to heal and strengthen the resolve of the country through many social reforms and stockpiling of resources. In addition, the country began to drastically improve and increase the infrastructure on the island, coinciding with the renewed interest in tourism within the country. Despite this period of general stability, it was only a couple decades later, in 1875, that the greenhogs and revolutionaries attempted to finally destroy the Kingdom of Duck Island once and for all, and declared war on it again. Hope seemed lost until 1890, when a penguin called Waddlypeng von Whatever made a plan to defeat them. Through the use of new war tactics, trench warfare, and strategic bombing through night operations, they were defeated in the Battle of Peng City by the Duckish army, led by Waddlepeng von Whatever, Waddlypeng's brother. To celebrate this victory, in 1900, a penguin called Waddle Whatever came up with the idea of building a new capital for the island, and King Fat Duck VI agreed. Within five years, New Duck City was built, and it replaced Duck City as the capital.

20th and 21st Century Wars[edit]

In 1913, Noot Island, having declared independence from the High Penguin Confederacy with resentment towards Duck Island due their believed "hijacking" of immigrants from the Confederacy as opposed to them, declared war on Duck Island, starting the First War between Duck Island and Noot Island. After much fighting and casualties from both sides, the war ended in 1919 in a victory for Duck Island, but Noot Island wasn't annexed by Duck Island. Concurrent to their victory, the Khanzem War started, with Duck Island sending 100,000 soldiers (mostly penguins) to help the High Penguin Confederacy end the fight against Khanzem.

Stretched thin due to the loss of soldiers seven years prior, in 1925, King Fat Duck VI of Duck Island was successfully couped by "Ducktator" (Dictator) Quabel von Duckface, and Duck Island was turned into a "ducktatorship". When Quabel died in 1927, Black Q'uack became the new dictator. The penguins and ducks, opposed to the idea of Duck Island being a dictatorship, called on Black Q'uack to formally introduce articles to allow a parliament and formal government to form, with him at the helm. Black Q'uack obliged, and formally changed the country to a "duckdom," with him as the president, in 1930. Despite his change, he was later couped by an evil duck called Big Bad White Duck, starting the Duckish Civil War. Big Bad White Duck called himself a president, but assumed powers more closely aligned to a dictator. With rising sentiments from a population tired of constant war, he was killed by counter-revolutionaries, and Black Q'uack regained his position.

There was once again a period of peace on the island, with the focus now being unity between penguins and ducks. Most of the penguins were upset at the variety of ducks that have either threatened or ruined their chances at a happy life, and most ducks held a strong sentiment towards penguins due to their grouping of all ducks into this. The government, concerned with the rising tensions, issued pamphlets apologizing for their counter-intuitive work against all the citizens. They promised reparations in the form of one half the value of any property in the form of gold. With this gained, many citizens to this day cling on to their gold, riding the currency wave.

Once again, peace was not maintained, and in 1949, Noot Island declared war on Duck Island again, starting the Second War between Duck Island and Noot Island. With new technology such as planes, jets, and condensed explosives now entering the field, the war lasted only four years, ending in 1953 after Dictator Evilpingu of Noot Island got killed while being bombed by the Duck Island Air Force. Like last time, Noot Island wasn't annexed by Duck Island. Following this, a new era of peace and prosperity swept over the island, with Waddly "Walrus" Whatever became the president of Duck Island, being the first (but not the last) democratically elected penguin to rule Duck Island.

For thirty years, there was relative stability and peace. President Waddly brought lots of social reforms to the island, coinciding with the development of airports, bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure. Skyscrapers were encouraged and even sanctioned by the government to be constructed as fast as possible. Duck Island soon focused on also improving quality of life, implementing health and water safety standards, mandatory education, and limits on certain chemicals that can be present in the air. Still not feeling justice for Duck Island's actions, in 1999, Noot Island declared war on Duck Island for the third time, starting the Third War between Duck Island and Noot Island. The war ended in 2002, but Noot Island still wasn't annexed by Duck Island. This cycle of war finally ended in 2015, when Noot Island declared war on Duck Island for the fourth and final time, starting the Fourth War between Duck Island and Noot Island. This was the shortest of the wars and it ended in January 2016 when Duck Island annexed Noot Island.

Industrial Expanse[edit]

An info-graphic detailing the "Industrial Expanse".

A minor part of northeastern of Duck Island is known as the Industrial Expanse, founded in 1991, and has since been at the center of various controversies. Fitting with the name, most of the areas there have industrial zoning, and are occupied by companies. Despite this designation, there are several residential zones and neighborhoods, albeit heavily polluted and at an incredibly low land value. These places, such as Block Village, Triangleville, Rodger's Rock, and Ashton, have high levels of smoke and ash based pollutants, along with chemicals in the water. Most of the sky is filled with smoke produced by the companies around the area. One of the most notable residents there is Derek Krauster, and the raceway located within Rodger's Rock that celebrates him. He has won six times there.

It has been the subject of controversies, such as pollution, chemical exposure, radioactive isotopes found in the water, and exposure to other harmful substances. While international communities have frequently called on the government to do something about the heavy pollution, Duck Island has no formal policy in place to deal with environmental disasters like the Industrial Expanse. This has drawn ire from many in the region, including the USA, who formally presented sanctions to the UAN about their violations of international health standards in January of 2018. The USA claimed that their pollution not only violates their various clean water and clean air standards, but poses a risk to the environment of surrounding countries thanks to trade winds. Duck Island challenged the proposal, saying that the claims are unfounded, and is set to go before an international court in late 2019. In the meantime, several countries have begun studies analyzing the impact of pollution from the Industrial Expanse on their own country's environment.

Despite this, the Industrial Expanse remains one of Duck Island's most lucrative investments yet. Coal-fired Power Plants produce a lot of the electricity for the main island, and despite attempts to curtail pollution, corporations managed to successfully make the government turn a blind eye towards this.

After the Fourth War between Duck Island and Noot Island[edit]

On September 15, 2016, Black Duck resigned from the position of president unknown reasons and Fat Duck became the new president. Subsequently, on October 8, 2016, the Duckish anthem ("Quack Quack Quack") was replaced with a new one ("The Song of Ducks and Penguins") and the Duckish flag was replaced with a new one. Furthering these changes, on 21 October 2017, Duck Island became a candidate to join the Western Union, which it remained as until April 1, 2018, when Duck Island joined the Western Union, after the Duckish Western Union membership referendum, 2018 was held (on March 1, 2018) and negotiations ended.

In light of joining the Western Union, and bowing to pressure from the United Provinces, on February 2018, the name of the country was changed from The Duckdom of Duck Island to The Duckocratic Duckdom of Duck Island. Nothing else was changed. Reflecting these changes, on May 20, 2018, the Duckish flag was replaced with a new one for a second time, and a day later, the Duckish coat of arms was replaced with a new one as well.

In August 2018 Fat Duck left office, with Waddler Whatever soon becoming the president of Duck Island. This would ultimately test the ability for Waddler to deal with future events relating to Duck Island. Despite many hoping that with a new president their issues can be resolved, a big part of the duck population (which formerly used to be 40% of the full population) left the country by the end of 2018, fearing that the President of Shops Island would enact his wrath on them rather than the actual assassins.. About half of the ducks went to other Western Union countries, but others fled for the Antarctic mainland, hoping that some distant relatives could house them.

On January 27, 2019, Duck Island joined the UAN. Some time later, Duck Island 2 and Duck Island 3 were renamed to Fat Duck Island and Black Duck Island. In addition to these events, the name of the country was changed again, this time to The Republic of Duck Island.

Governance Crisis[edit]

Shortly after P.O.P.E. Benzin declared Kermit a Governance Saint, Duck Island refused to recognize him and instead called for Benzin to be fired. The Anti-P.O.P.E., Nevel Paperguy heard of this, and declared Constantine, Kermit's enemy, a Saint at the request of the ducks and penguins of Duck Island. Duck Island chose to recognize and celebrate the evil Constantine as a Saint, and Nevel as the "real P.O.P.E.".

Days later, P.O.P.E. Benzin made a televised speech and stated that he does not like that Duck Island recognizes Constantine as a Saint. He also stated if any of Duck Island's Western Union allies tried to intervene against the Governance, politically or militarily, their power would be cut off. Kermit didn't have to be liked or recognized as a Saint, but the Governance would not tolerate such heresy as claiming such an evil creature as Constantine is a Saint. However, Acadia announced its support for Duck Island, as they used power from the ToS instead of the Governance. Duck Island gets its power from its own power plants, not the Governance nor the ToS, being the only nation in Antarctica to not receive power from any major power company.

Now, Duck Island no longer recognizes Constantine as a Saint, because the government was constantly annoyed by the Governance while he was recognized.

Selling of some of the states[edit]

On October 15, 2018, a terrorist attack happened in a state-owned shipyard in Duck Island, near Duck City. Because all of the 25 ships that were being built there (all of which were almost complete) got damaged by the terrorists and were delivered late as a result of that, Duck Island was forced to pay fines to the shipping company that had ordered the ships, and a lot of money was paid for the construction company that repaired the shipyard, as well.

Because of that, Duck Island almost went bankrupt on October 29. However, on October 30, Duck Island sold the states of Annonia, Noot Island, Tempest Island, Rekt Islands and Motivaro and a lot of the ships of the Duckish navy to Andèra, and Duck Island got enough money to not go bankrupt. Acadia, a Duckish ally, also stepped in and provided a loan to Duck Island to keep them from going bankrupt.


Duck Island is a republic in which the President (currently Waddler Whatever) is the ruler of the country and the Prime Minister (currently 1penguin437) is the head of government. The president, prime minister and other government and parliament members are elected by the citizens of the country, including both ducks and penguins. The other ministers (there are 15) are appointed by the prime minister. Currently, the minister of foreign affairs is Waddly "Walrus" Whatever, the minister of economy is Large Duck, and the mayor of New Duck City, the capital of Duck Island, is Herbert von Penguin.

The parliament (legislative branch) of Duck Island is consisted of 123 members. The government (executive branch) of Duck Island is consisted of the ministers and some other members, and currently 75% of the ministers are penguins and the other 25% are ducks. The parliament passes laws and the government approves them and puts them into effect, but the president can veto any laws that have less than 66% support.

Because Duck Island has joined the UAN, it has an UAN representative. Duck Island's current UAN representative is Kermit von Penguin, Herbert von Penguin's brother.

There are many official political parties in Duck Island, and there are a few unofficial ones, as well. The unofficial ones aren't allowed to take part in elections. The largest (and most popular) political party in Duck Island is the Penguin Party and the second largest one is the Puffle Party. Currently, most of the government members (including both the president and the prime minister) are from the Penguin Party. Most of the Penguin Party's voters are penguins, but some ducks support it too. The Puffle Party gets most of its votes from puffles, and only a few from ducks and penguins. Formerly, the Duck Party used to be the second largest party, but it lost many of its members and voters when many ducks left Duck Island. There are many other smaller, less popular political parties in Duck Island, as well, but they have way less voters than the Penguin and Puffle Parties. The least popular parties in Duck Island are the Communist Party, the Socialist Party and the unofficial parties.


There are two official languages in Duck Island: Duckish and English. The Duckish language is primarily based on quacking, rendering the ability for penguins to learn almost impossible. Penguins who primarily speak English have a hard time learning Duckish, although some Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese speaking penguins seem to have an easier time learning the language. Thanks to the efforts of penguins to teach other ducks English, most of the ducks can speak it, albeit poorly. Prior to the 20th century, Duckish used to be the main language, reflecting the largely duck-led governments that have long held power. In almost all the Penguin governments in the island's history, there have been efforts to make their language the official language.

Other annexed Duck Island states also have different spoken languages, reflecting their native population. For example, in the Duckish State of Monitorpig, Pig-guese, French, and Pig Latin are widely spoken (mostly by the Screenhogs), in the state of Baaa! Sheepish is spoken by a small amount of Major Sheep's troops who have managed to avoid being arrested, and in the state of Club Bear Portuguese, Spanish, and French are spoken by some penguins. Bearese and Clickish are also recognized as regional languages, although they are only spoken by a few prototype robots that were taken there by LEEPB members after Herbert decided that they were useless.


The anthem of Duck Island is called "The Song of Ducks and Penguins". It was made in 2016, when it replaced the old anthem, "Quack Quack Quack". It is broadcast on all the Duckish radio stations every morning, both as a prelude to news announcements and as general music, and is one of the most popular songs in the country. The motto of Duck Island is "May the ducks be with you", and the royal anthem is called "GLORY AND POWER TO THE DUCK PRESIDENT".

In 2016, after the anthem and flag were first changed, some penguins and ducks didn't like the new flag and wanted the old flag back, and there were some protests in New Duck City connected to this issue. However, most of the penguins and ducks like the current flag.

The current flag of Duck Island is identified by its three different-colored parts: two blue ones and a green one, and a Duck in the center. This version has been the one formally used since May of 2018, when the old flag was replaced with a brand new one. The previous flag had four different-colored parts: a blue one, a red one, and two different green ones, and a Duck in the center. It looked like that since October 8, 2016, when another, even older flag was replaced with it. This even older flag was green, with a Duck in the center, and some other ducks around him. To coincide with this change of flag, the coat of arms was also replaced with a new one.

Gallery of Duckish flags


A big part of the Duck Island economy is made up of commerce within supermarkets called "Cheap Stores," which are owned by Cheap Store Corporation, Inc., which is in turn owned by the Duck Island government. The first Cheap Store was opened on March 2, 1999, and they now make up the bulk of Duck Island's consumer sector, and as a result, they hold a monopoly. Cheap Stores primarily sell discounted or surplus goods, with some selling newer, more expensive goods at a premium. As a result of being state owned, however, taxes are not applied at purchase, making them an appealing option for savvy shoppers.

The money exchanged in these supermarkets is used by the government to buy stuff from other countries like bombs for the military. The ducks and penguins of Duck Island also have built some of those supermarkets in other countries, but the money they get from there is not used for buying stuff from other countries, and are subject to taxes instated by that country. Thanks to government oversight and its assertion of will over competitors, there are only a few other stores like Walri 'R' Us in Duck Island. In order to appeal to the general public, the government launched a campaign to sponsor endeavors through their "Cheap Store" branding, and there is now a Cheap Store PASCAR team as a result of their efforts. There are also many Circo and SPAM stores in Duck Island, as well, but there aren't as many of these as Cheap Stores.

Another large sector of the economy is made up of bus and car assembly companies. There are three bus assembly companies and one car assembly company located in Duck Island. The biggest one is called Bus, and it has factories in many of the cities of Duck Island and the former Duckish state of Annonia, along with one in the Duckish state of Club Bear. The buses produced are then sold to Western Union countries for competitive prices. The car building company is called QuackCar, and it has car factories in multiple cities of Duck Island and the former Duckish state of Annonia. Most of the workers of these companies are penguins who have fallen on their luck and need a job to keep them afloat. There are also some shipyards and train factories in Duck Island and its states, but these aren't as well-known as the bus and car building companies.

Duck Island also has a decent tourism industry, which focuses on the smaller islands within Duck Island as "luxurious getaways." The businesses on the resort islands also provide Duck Island with a way to get their products into foreign hands, with the hopes that other guests can recommend them to others back in their own country. The success of this fledgling tourism market has yet to be seen, but so far, Duck Island has seen a small tourism increase thanks to campaigns advertising the serene waters off the coasts of these islands.

Taxation and Employment[edit]

Duck Island's taxation policy has always been based on the principle of making taxes "high enough to fund government services, but low enough to not make anyone angry". In doing so, successive Duckish government have consistently sought to run on a balanced budget with as little deficit or surplus as possible. Duck Island operates on the rare concept of a flat tax, where everyone pays the same tax percentage regardless of income leve, of 20% on all declared earnings. While not a tax, a fee that is exclusive to Duck Island is a bicycle ownership fee of 500 Duck Coins per month per bicycle owned. This fee is paid by every citizen who owns a bicycle, and was created in 2018 after the ban on bicycles was removed. Failure to pay this fee will result in any bicycles they own being destroyed.

The Duckish government takes a hard-line stance against anyone who tries to evade taxes via shady loopholes, and as such is always on the lookout for any holes in the tax laws to amend. This has made Duck Island's tax laws among the strictest and most watertight in all of Antarctica.

The current unemployment rates of Duck Island are somewhere around 3.5%. Many of the unemployed citizens are actively looking for a job. Most of those who aren't doing that are either criminals or are trying to abuse the system by taking as many benefits as possible.


Duck Island is mostly mineral poor due to the geologic nature of the island's formation. Due to the age of the islands, however, Duck Island has a large amount of coal that can be mined for use in their power plants and foreign export markets. The region with the most coal mines is located between Quack City and Quack Lake City. In addition, there are many forests in Duck Island that are harvested biyearly for wood and other tree-based products, along with a lot of fish that live in the rivers, lakes, and seas of Duck Island.


A Duck Coin.

The national currency of Duck Island is Duck Coins (D₡). 1 Duck Coin is worth the same as 1 Club Penguin Coin. The paper banknotes are called Duck Cash and they have pictures of ducks and one penguin on them. The banknotes come in values of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 Duck Cash notes. Each banknote has a picture of an important figure in Duckish history on it. Most foreign currency markets do not invest in the Duck Coin/Cash due to the volatility of its allies.


The islands within the country of Duck Island are primarily low lying and filled with tropical forests, but some have mountains, such as Mount Duck and Mount Penguin on the main island. Most of the mountains are located in the northern part of Duck Island, with only one small mountain range being located in the southern part. Many rivers course through some of the islands, and lakes dot some of the islands in Duck Island, as well, such as the Duck River, which flows through the capital New Duck City, the Penguin River, which flows through Peng City, the Quack Lake, which is located near Quack Lake City, and the Duck City Lake, which is located in Duck City. The beaches of the southern part of Duck Island are mostly white, sandy and fine, while the ones in the northern part have more rocks. Tourists usually visit the beaches in the southwestern part of Duck Island, because it is known that there are more sharks in the beaches in the eastern part of Duck Island. Due to the pollution from various industrial sources, some bodies of water have begun changing their acidity, resulting in eutrophic bodies of water becoming more and more abundant. Fish tend to die off along the riverbanks of New Duck City's rivers and estuaries.


  • New Duck City: The capital city.
  • Quack City
  • Duck City
  • Duckville
  • Quackville
  • Soakington
  • Waddlington
  • Quack Lake City
  • Waddleville
  • Bread City
  • Ducksquack
  • Peng City: A city made almost exclusively for penguins. There are also less Cheap Stores and more Circo, SPAM and Walri 'R' Us stores than in the other cities.



A Duckish passport.

65% of the inhabitants of Duck Island are penguins, 9% are ducks, 25% are puffles and 1% are other creatures (like terns and walri). The most famous inhabitants include Fat Duck, Black Duck, Leekduck, Waddly "Walrus" Whatever, Waddler Whatever, Herbert von Penguin, Kermit von Penguin, Walrus101, 1penguin437 and Penguinio Ledrano.

On the island of Peng Island, which is located south of Duck Island, an even larger majority of the population constitutes penguins, with over 91% of the population, the rest being puffles and very few of them being ducks, and in the city of Peng City, which is located on Duck Island, 90% of the inhabitants are penguins, 9% are puffles and 1% are ducks.


Migration in Duck Island is mostly composed of ducks and penguins moving from smaller states (like Duckland, for example) to the bigger ones (like Duck Island itself, for example). In addition to this, some ducks and penguins move from Duck Island to other countries, like the United States of Antarctica, and some ducks and penguins (a (not much) smaller number than those moving away) move from other countries to Duck Island.

After Duck Island annexed Noot Island, many of the government and army members moved to East Pengolia and North Joseon to avoid imprisonment.

Special Dialects[edit]

Due to the isolation from most of civilization, some duck inhabitants have acquired a special accent and dialect of speaking from other speakers of English. While they do not necessarily speak in "duckish" related words, they have a noticeably faster diction while speaking and an upwards inflection with any word that contains '/ou/'. In addition, due to a lack of outside influence in developing a vocabulary, many cities have been named in ridiculous ways, such as "Bread City", where quirky city council members capitalized on this name, coining the motto "Bread is the best food!" In recent times, the government has offered cash prizes for better city names should they be brought to referendum and pass.


A minimum of 9 years of school are compulsory for all who live in Duck Island, but Duckish is not compulsory for penguins and vice-versa. Math is only compulsory for the first two years.

The subjects taught in most Duckish schools are:

  • Duckish
  • English
  • Math
  • History
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Music
  • Geography
  • Physical Education
  • Art (Drawing, painting, etc.)

Afterwards, a student can choose to enroll in a standard four year university program either in the country or abroad. Duck Island offers a light education assistance program for those studying in country, cutting tuition by about 75%. Due to the prospect of better schools abroad, however, most students opt to go to countries such as Munijoch or United Provinces.


A Duckish vehicle license plate.

There are many means of transportation on Duck Island, mostly thanks to the government's efforts to maintain a solid connection between cities and towns. The most common mode of transportation are cars, and most citizens own one. Equally common are trains, and there are railways that connect to all of the cities as well. Buses are also q very common type of transportation in Duck Island, with bus networks in all of the cities and bus lines that go from one city to another one. Some of larger the cities have tram or trolleybus networks or subway systems in them too. Bikes and motorcycles used to be forbidden, but the ban was removed for an unknown reason in 2018. However, there is still a "bicycle tax."

Due to the make-up of Duck Island, ships and planes are used to travel between the states of Duck Island. The largest airports of Duck Island are the New Duck City Fat Duck International Airport and the New Duck City Black Duck International Airport, which sees a substantial amount of travel to and from the country. Most planes are standard issue passenger planes, although some business jets fly in and out of the airports for travel to different islands of the country.


Some Duckish soldiers.

Duck Island has a sizeable army, an even larger navy, and also an air force. The army contains a number of soldiers, most of them being penguins, but there are also some puffles and ducks. The air force contains a lot of planes, pilots and other penguins, puffles and ducks who are needed there. The navy consists of a number of vessels, with more and more being built over time, along with captains, sailors and other penguins, puffles and ducks who are needed there. Currently, the flagship of the navy is the battleship B105 Iron Doom.

All of the ships and the whole army aren't located in Duck Island all the time. Instead, at least some ships and at least a small part of the army are always located in all of the states. Like with any other Western Union member, Duck Island provides some forces to the Western Union army as well.

In October 2018, when Andèra purchased some of the Duckish states, a lot of the ships of the navy were sold along with the states as incentive for the country to hold their end of the bargain.

Duck Island also has a secret agency, which is called the Elite Duck Secret Quack Agent Force (EDSQAF). There are at least 1,000 agents in the agency. The agency's #1 Wanted Villain is Big White Duck. Duck Island engages in the practice of radio jamming, often playing an overpowering signal over the frequencies of radio broadcasters critical of the country. By doing so, Duck Island prevents dissidence in the country, and maintains order as a result.

States, Colonies and Territories[edit]

  • Baaa! is an island. It was annexed by Duck Island in 2016.
  • Club Bear is an island that is a state of Duck Island. It was created by Walrus using Director Benny's computer for Herbert P. Bear in which the objective was to make a penguinless island for Herbert. It was annexed by Duck Island in 2016.
Stupor-Duck, a superhero who lives in Youtropolis.
  • Fat Duck Island (formerly called Duck Island 2) is located next to Duck Island. Some ducks and penguins live there, but there are also some greenhogs and shprogshels.
    • The (Unofficial) Dictatorship of The Real Duck Island was an unofficial country located on Fat Duck Island. However, no countries recognised it. The "country"'s ruler was Big White Duck. The "country"'s capital was Porktown. The country was destroyed in August 2017. Porktown is now under Duckish control, and ducks and penguins live there.
    • The (Unofficial) Alliance of Greenhogs and Ducks is a terrorist organisation based on Fat Duck Island. It is led by Big White Duck.
  • Black Duck Island (formerly called Duck Island 3) is located next to Duck Island.
  • Duckland is an island that is a state of Duck Island.
  • Grape Island is an island that is a state of Duck Island.
  • Leek Island is an island that is a state of Duck Island. It had no name before 2016 (an unofficial name was "Unnamed Island"), and then it was named after Leekduck.
  • Monitorpig is a state of Duck Island located in the Sub-Antarctic, next to Dorkugal. It is filled with Screenhogs and Greenhogs. It was a country before Duck Island annexed it. The capital of Monitorpig is Dispoink and the largest city is Porkly.
  • Peng Island is an island that is a state of Duck Island. The majority of the population constitute penguins, with over 91% of the population, the rest being puffles and very few of them being ducks.
  • Quackland is an island that is a state of Duck Island.
  • Quack Island is an island that is a state of Duck Island.
  • Quackerland is an island that is a state of Duck Island.

Former states[edit]

  • Tempest Island is a windy island off the coast of Antartica. It was sold to Andèra.
  • Annonia is a big island. It was sold to Andèra.
  • Motivaro is an archipelago. It was sold to Andèra.
  • Rekt Islands are a chain of volcanic islands located west of Annonia. It was sold to Andèra.
  • Noot Island is an island. It was sold to Andèra.

Foreign Relations[edit]

  • AnderaNewFlag.png Andèra - Excellent - Duck Island has excellent relations with Andèra.
  • LatelFlag.png Latel - Excellent - Duck Island didn't know almost anything about Latel until 2017, but after finding out about it, Duck Island has established excellent relations with Latel.
  • LavaFlag.png Lavaheart Island - Excellent - Duck Island has excellent relations with Lavaheart Island.
  • AcadiaFlag.png Acadia - Excellent - As both countries are members of the Western Union, Duck Island has excellent relations with Acadia, with Acadia being a major trading partner of Duck Island. Duck Island is a major supporter of Acadia on the Antarctic stage and Acadia is a major supporter of Duck Island on the Antarctic stage as well. Acadia also provides around 50 million Acadian francs, or 125 million Fish, worth of foreign aid to Duck Island annually, making Duck Island the recipient of the largest amount of Acadian foreign aid.
  • NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces - Great - The relations between Duck Island and the United Provinces are great.
  • CandviaFlag.png Candvia - Great - The two countries have great relations and have frequent contact with each other.
  • USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica - Great - The two countries have great relations and trade often.
  • Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis - Mixed - The relations between two countries are at a mostly neutral level. While they share a few common allies, Tropicalis has mixed feelings about the country.
  • Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland - Horrible - The Duckish government dislikes Swiss Ninja and finds him a tyrant.
  • Freezelandflag.jpg Freezeland - Great - The relations are great and the countries often trade.
  • East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia - No Relations - A large part of the Duckish population dislikes East Pengolia. The countries have almost no relations, and haven't interacted almost at all since Duck Island joined the Western Union. However, Noot Island used to have good relations with East Pengolia before Duck Island annexed it.
  • ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island - Poor - Shops Island does not recognize Duck Island, and the actions of a wanted Duckish criminal have made the relations even worse.

Relations with former nations[edit]

  • Confederacyflag.png High Penguin Confederacy - Great - Duck Island had great relations with the High Penguin Confederacy.
  • Khanzem flag.png Khanzem - Horrible
  • NootOldFlag.png Noot Island - Horrible - Noot Island became an enemy of Duck Island almost instantly after declaring independence from the High Penguin Confederacy. Noot Island was annexed by Duck Island in 2016.
  • Worst Flag Ever.png The (Unofficial) Dictatorship of The Real Duck Island - Horrible - The location of this unofficial country was in the Duckish state of Fat Duck Island, therefore the Duckish government disliked them and no countries recognized them as independent, as well.


  • Fat Duck banned Chill57181, Kermit, and Hockey Manlet from the country and orders them to be shot if they are ever caught in the country.
  • Orange juice is banned in Duck Island. Anyone who tries to bring orange juice to the country is arrested and the orange juice is destroyed.
  • There is a black market for orange juice in Duck Island. The juice is commonly sold at speakeasies, which have become popular with the few melonheads living in the country as they can freely criticise the government. The act of smuggling orange juice around Duck Island is known as "juicedriving".
  • The juicedrivers often get caught by the police. The government has also ordered that the police must be on the lookout for speakeasies.
  • Kermit merchandise is also banned in Duck Island. Anyone who tries to bring any Kermit-themed items to the country is arrested and the items are destroyed.
  • Large Duck is banned from the position of Minister of Defense.

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