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He wants to join the Naughtzee... over eighty years after they disbanded.
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction Hacking master
Health Fantastic
Status Stealing your credit cards
Location Walrus Warehouse

WalrusDidKhanzem is an extrememly intelligent and highly dangerous Walrus who is most known for hacking Pogopunk's identity. He is a HUGE fan of the Naughtzee and wants to join Whoot's army, though he is eighty years overdue.


WalrusDidKhanzem was born on a far-off land called the Arctic. An explorer (rumored to be a human) once visited him and his tribe, leaving behind a book called Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by accident. Young WDK read this book of a mysterious Whoot Smackler Whoot parody and about an empire that took over a lot of human world. He read of the "triumphs" and "conquests" of this Whoot Parody and was in awe.

He decided to become a Naughtzee (he mispronounces it however) and began to search the ice sheets for the Whoot Parody he adored.

When he was older, WalrusDidKhanzem discovered the infamous portal that brought the rest of the Walrus Crime Ring into Antarctica.

He wondered through the lands of the USA, searching for Whoot Smackler. It was when he raided someone's home that he finally found what he was looking for. He saw a television that was left on by the house's owner with a show covering Khanzem, and Whoot Smackler Whoot happened to be on the screen. It was then that he swore to join the Naughtzee and make them proud by doing evil.

WalrusDidKhanzem, via methods still unknown, managed to break the Fourth Wall and steal PogoPunk's identity, assuming the appearenence of the legendary immigrant and going on a drawing rampage, scribbling emalfs all over the place and drawing mustaches on everyone.

However, Saint Joeyaa and an army of Uberfuzzies managed to stop the Walrus. Sadly, he got away without being sent to prison. He now roams Antarctica and is at large.


WalrusDidKhanzem has yet to be found, but an additional security guard has been stationed at Snowflake Valley Retirement Home, since his hero lives there and he's bound to find out.

WalrusDidKhanzem is unmistakable, so claims eyewitnesses. He has hair (or wears a wig) similar to Whoot, sports a mustache like Whoot's, and even dresses in a Walrus-shaped suit that looks like Whoot. His player card has all sorts of Naughtzee memoirbilla, and he even managed to obtain official Concentrate Camp Orange Juice!! He also owns all but four of the Whootsagtwasgehtindruck newspaper!

WalrusDidKhanzem is Khanzem's biggest fan!


  • WalrusDidKhanzem doesn't like High Penguins, obviously.
  • He has a high rank in the Walrus Crime Ring because of his hacking expertise.
  • WalrusDidKhanzem made threatening radio broadcasts to the masses, like EXPECT SEALS.

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