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WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER flying a ROFLCOPTERCOPTER. Click to enlarge and see his horrified look.
Title Walrus
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction Walrus Crime Ring
Health Mentaly scarred for life by his first ROFLCOPTERCOPTER ride.
Level Waaaaayyyy above You in his ROFLCOPTERCOPTER
Status Either fretting about his next mission or freaking out at the controls of a ROFLCOPTERCOPTER
Location Curled up inside a corner of the Walrus Warehouse, wailing about how he hates his job or inside a ROFLCOPTERCOPTER
Occupation Pilot
Hobbies Trying to get promoted, finding a good place to hide when it's time for his next mission
Interests Getting promoted so he doesn't have to fly those scary ROFLCOPTERCOPTERS again!
Weaknesses Terrified of the ROFLCOPTERCOPTER that by a cruel twist of fate he has been forced to pilot
Abilities Piloting the ROFLCOPTERCOPTER (albeit without much skill)
Friends Anyone who will promote him
Enemies The ROFLCOPTERCOPTER'S cranky onboard AI
Military allegiance Walrus Crime Ring
Military rank Support Staff (Pilot)

WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER is a Walrus enlisted in the Walrus Crime Ring who is terrified of ROFLCOPTERCOPTERS.

However as he has the rank of pilot he is forced to fly one each day, and this constant unintentional torture has transformed this fine young Walrus into a nervous wreck.


He's going NUTS.

WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER was born during the 1980s, inside one of the millions of Walrus colonies in the Arctic Kingdom.

He was just like every Walrus in every way, and nothing special happened during his childhood (unless you count the day he managed to eat more fish then anyone else in his colony).

Like many Walruses he eventually emigrated down south to the USA, where he decided to join the Walrus Crime Ring.

When he joined he planned on being a normal walrus, but when he joined another walrus named WalrusWhoWentROLFCOPTER was right beside him and was assigned as a pilot.

WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER was assigned as a normal Walrus and he was overjoyed, but as he was leaving he bumped into WalrusWhoWentROLFCOPTER and they both dropped their papers.

After grumbling at each other for being so clumsy, they both reached down to pick up their papers, but due to them having similar names (and perhaps the fact that walruses don't pay much attention to what they read) they got their papers mixed up and walked away without noticing anything.

When WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER got to his assigned room in the Walrus Warehouse's Sleeping Quarters, he found a note on his desk.

It read:

"Welcome new recruit.
You will learn to fly the ROFLCOPTERCOPTER, the most dreaded weapon that we possess!
Please enjoy your stay at our fine facilities (the washrooms are on the left) and make sure that you take good care of your tusks, so that they don't rot and have you sent to Walrus12 for an appointment.
You will never no who I am, so please do not ask at the desk or you will be fired
MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-that's all for now.

˙əƃɐssəɯ sıɥʇ ʇəƃɹoɟ ʇsnɾ os 'ɯɐ ı oɥʍ ʍouʞ ɹəʌəu llɐɥs noʎ"

WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER decided to look "ROFLCOPTERCOPTERS" up in "The Walrus Handbook containing Everything one Might Need", and what he saw amazed him.

The Walrus Handbook

WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER was awestruck by this, and he went to sleep that night eager to begin his training next morning.

The next day he was taken to the training grounds where he was shown the ROFLCOPTERCOPTER.


WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER was lead aboard into the machine and after being squeezed through the tiny door (remember that it is only paper thick, and the doors wern't made for Walruses to pass through), he sat down right next to the pilot. What really struck him was even though the ROFLCOPTERCOPTER was paper-thin on the outside, inside there was plenty of room for him to move around and was indeed bigger on the inside then on the outside.

"R0F1(0PT3R(0PT3R (134R3D F0R T4K30FF!"

The "ROFL:ROFL" text above the ROFLCOPTER began to disappear and reappear on the opposite sides of "LOL" rapidly, almost as if it was a cheesy GiF, and the "L's" began to circle the "O" in a rather weird manner.

And then, the ROFLCOPTERCOPTER shot up into the sky!

WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER was pinned to the floor by the sudden upward movement, and as the ROFLCOPTERCOPTER swerved left and right crazily WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER was flung towards the walls, smacking them at a speed of 100MPH and turning purpler and purpler from the bruises.

When they landed, WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER was not the same Walrus who went aboard the ROFLCOPTERCOPTER that day.

Instead of a proud confident young Walrus there stood a pale, mentally scarred Walrus who's eyes almost had the Thousand-yard stare, but that quickly dissolved away into a look of pure fear.

He disliked ROFLCOPTERS.

In fact, he hated them, and WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER's life quickly disolved into a nightmare.

As a matter of fact, WalrusWhoWentROLFCOPTER's day didn't go that well either.

He had been kicked out of the Walrus Crime Ring on account of being "Incredibly clumsy and stupid", and went on to become the first Walrus in history to be eaten by a Leopard Seal. Not something most Walruses WANT to attain anyway.


WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER has been transformed by his ROFLCOPTERCOPTER ride into a nervous wreck.

He jumps at anything and everything, and indeed has no emotion left in his peabrain but fear.

Nobody is sure if he is truely evil, but joining the Walrus Crime Ring certanly counts as evil, so he is classified under the Category:Villains.

Many state that he is not deserving of that category, but the Bureau of Fiction refuses to change it, thereby reprooving that Director Benny's injustice.


WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER is forced to fly the ROFLCOPTERCOPTER for the Walrus Crime Ring every day, and as such his insanity has gotten even worse.

Every day when he wakes up he tries to find a new place to hide so that he doesn't have to fly again, but every single time he is found and forced to fly again.

When he gets on board he is required to fly the ROFLCOPTERCOPTER on a variety of dangerous missions, and his fear combined with his total lack of skill at flying insures that every time he barely makes it home, his condition having detoriated even more then before he took off.

He also has to deal with the ROFLCOPTERCOPTER's cranky, selfish AI that he accidentaly activated on a mission which constantly bombards him with spam (litterly, it shoots Spam Bombs out of a hole in the yoke at his face) which he has to dodge in order to return safe, as cleaning spam off of one's self is extremely distracting, and so is dodging it (to a minor extent).


  • Besides suffering from a fear of ROFLCOPTERCOPTERS (which doesn't even have a technical name yet!), WalrusWhoWentROFLCOPTER also suffers from Acrophobia, an extreme irrational fear of height.