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Daveed "Lie" Walrus
Shall I tell you my full name?
Title WalrusWithAnOverly
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction Good
Health 1000+
Level 500+
Status Having a job in the Pizza Parlor
Location Pizza Parlor
Birth date April 4, 1987 (1987-16-04) (age 31)
Occupation Cleaning & making pizzas
Interests Friendly creatures
Friends Other banished walruses, friendly penguins, Chef, Robert Winston, Waiting Walter
Enemies Current members of the Walrus Crime Ring, Motorbike Fred, Silent Lee, Raven
Archetype Reformed to good

Shall I tell you my full name?
— His catchphrase

WalrusWithAnOverlyLongTitleThatNeverEnds, (shortened to either WWAOLTTNE, WalrusWithLongTitle or simply Daveed "Lie" Walrus because nobody can fully say his real name) is a banished walrus that seems to wander around Antarctica. He is a good Walrus, suprisingly, probably due to the fact that he was never cared for properly. Because his real name is so stupidly long, he had received his ridiculous nicknames by the Walrus Leader, and he was (and still is) teased often by those who call such names. He eventually makes them learn their lesson by splashing countless water pails at them at any random spot, just to annoy them terribly. He has a job in the Pizza Parlor as a chef and cleaner, and has made many friends, both walruses and penguins, thanks to his pizza-making, cleaning and leading job.


Early Life[edit]

Daveed, along with his brother Lang, was born in 1987 in a place known as the Arctic Kingdom, to TheWalrusNamedJohn and TheWalrusIsCalledNina. He had a normal life with his parents and brother - enjoying eating fish, playing games and sleeping a lot. One day, when he was 9, he felt very bored and wanted to explore a new land, while his brother enjoyed the simple life in the Arctic. In 2007, when he was 20, he first heard of the Leader Walrus, and discovered that other walruses were sailing to Antarctica. Thinking it was his chance for adventure, he said goodbye to his parents and brothers by leaving them all a message on his bed in his cavern, and as soon as he hijacked an empty boat destined to be destroyed the next day, he sailed to Antarctica.

For many days and nights, he sailed for a seemingly endless amount of time. Whenever he was bored, he trained himself to write and would write poems. One of his most notable poems is The Rhyme of the New Sailor, about many walruses lost at sea for days, until they eventually get to the shore before they all perished. However, only a fragment of this poem exists, and the rest is left to speculation. He had to survive on seaweed, plankton, the occasional careless fish and salty seawater, and he soon became thinner due to his poor diet. One year later, he finally reached Antarctican shores, and congratulated himself as he had finally made it there. After having a great lunch (e.g. raiding a food store and running away), he needed to find this "Walrus Leader". He soon found another walrus, who told him how to find him, and as soon as he arrived in the Walrus Crime Ring's HQ he became a minion. He only had to follow one condition, which was to destroy the penguin race. As he was a nice walrus who was simply looking for action, excitement and adventure, he did not like it, but was forced to do it by the Walrus Leader.

Later Life[edit]

When he did several acts of (harmless and slightly pathetic) rebellion against the bad deeds against he had to do, he was badly punished by the Walrus Leader, and was forced to do boring jobs. He had to clean the dishes, and in most cases he was was forbidden to exit and explore the outside world, and whenever he was allowed to go out the reason was only to get food, but watched carefully by another henchman. He was treated like a robot, and over the days his jobs became worse and worse. By 2008, his jobs soon included having to clean up the other walruses' leftover junk, and he soon wanted to escape. This was the time when he got his ridiculous nickname, WalrusWithAnOverlyLongTitleThatNeverEnds, as Walrus Leader wanted to ridicule him further. However, the only reason why he didn't escape for so long was that the group supplied him a house and food, but he now got tired of his maltreatment.

He soon began creating elaborate escape instruments, but whenever he tested them they either broke from his weight, and whenever they did work he would be captured by the other walruses, and would be punished for trying to escape. One night in mid-2008, when he had absolutely no hope at anything, he poured chloroform on pieces of cotton, threw them at the guards, and when they were unconscious he safely escaped the Walrus Warehouse, and became a wandering walrus wanting to go back home to his parents. He eventually returned to the Walrus Crime Ring out of loneliness and desperation, and as soon as he went back into the base (one night before his brother Lang arrived) the Walrus Leader banished him from their ring, kicked him out, and he was finally left alone for his turncoat behavior.

Current Life[edit]

He had no friends for weeks, and because he was a slightly social walrus, he became depressed and wasn't very able to survive. He soon had to transform into a robber, but because he was terrible at finding good items to steal and was rubbish at escaping he was always pardoned, and because he was beginning to become ridiculed badly once again he quickly gave up stealing. He soon looked for a real job, and he found a job at the Mine. However, as he was unable to use his pickaxe and couldn't control his jackhammer, he was quickly fired after one hour. He soon got a job as a waiter at the Coffee Shop, but as he couldn't balance the plates on his big walrus flippers, he was fired after 30 minutes. Suddenly knowing that he needed a house, he quickly built a log cabin after this incident and began living in it.

He tried to earn countless jobs, and in the end he created a diary of the amount of jobs he had, and a description of why he was fired. One night, in 2009, a robber broke in his makeshift house and stole his diary. Luckily, Daveed had started a new diary, and he thought that nothing important was lost. However, when the robber looked inside (and read) the diary, he got a brilliant idea to publish it, under the walrus's name. The book was quite successful, and when the ex-robber knocked on his door he recommended to share some of the money with Daveed. Shocked, he accepted and for a few months, he was given large amounts of money, until the ex-robber, suddenly becoming greedy, stopped sending him his money, and left Daveed as a poor walrus. He began his quest for a job once again, and kept on being fired and fired. Finally, after a long, exhausting saga of being employed and fired, he eventually earned a job at the Pizza Parlour. He enjoyed it very much, and as it was his lifelong dream to be able to be a leader since he was a young walrus, he gained the ability to do it whenever the manager was away.


He is an employee at the Pizza Parlor, usually creating the pizzas with the Chef and cleaning the floors with Robert Winston. He is also involved in the management of the Pizza Parlor for a period of time whenever the manager is away. Occasionally, when this happens, he sometimes scares away innocent penguins because they either think that Daveed would eat him, or that he was an evil walrus breaking in the shop to steal pizzas. Whenever this happens, he feels a bit sad as soon as they are out of the parlor, but then again he also cheers up as he is a leader of something.

He actually isn't involved in many other things, as he is a banished walrus and can no longer join the Walrus Crime Ring again. In his days in the Crime Ring, he was a novice and was ordered to freak penguins out, steal food and set simple traps for walrus puffles (for taming). As soon as he left, he completely forgot all of his skills (except for stealing), and was an ordinary, helpless walrus once again. When he was interviewed later on in his career, he replied to the interviewer that he was happier as a worker in a pizza store than as an evil henchwalrus in a crime ring. After the interview, he kindly gave the recording crew free pizzas of their taste, and proved how he was a kind, friendly walrus who had reformed from his "bad" deeds.


  • "HEY! COME BACK!" - Daveed shouting to frightened penguins.
  • "I'm not a bad walrus as some penguins think. I'm only a friendly, sociable walrus who couldn't find a job." - Daveed to his interviewer.
  • "What do I think of Walrus Leader? Evil walrus who would dislike free pizzas." - Daveed to his interviewer.
  • "What can I get for you?" - Daveed asking a customer what she/he would like.
  • "WHOOMPH!"
  • "Shall I tell you my full name?" - His catchphrase.


  • Some penguins think that he was a natural robber at heart.
  • This is extremely likely to be false, as he was hopeless at it when he was banished from the Crime Ring.
  • Other penguins think that he and his brother HandyWalrus are twins.
  • When he was a servant at the Walrus Crime Ring, he would sometimes be punished by being chased by a Walrus Puffle.
  • Nobody knows why he is so fascinated by pizzas.
  • His interview from 2010 can be found here.

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