Walt Jazzy

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Walteen Jazzyinton

This is Walt Jazzy.
Born Walteen Jazzyinton
October 2, 1998 (1998-10-02) (age 21)
Residence Club Penguin, USA
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Walt Jazzy
Citizenship Penguin
Home town Club Penguin
Relatives John Jazzyinton,
Willa Jazzyinton

Walt Jazzy is a sixteen year old penguin who lives in Club Penguin, USA. Her normal appearance is a wavy blonde wig and a coat.


When she was a little girl she got a little pink puffle named Jasmine - she loved Jazmin a lot. When she turned 10 she moved out from her parents igloo and got her own. She purchased many puffles. A blue puffle called Sebastian, a green puffle called Clowny, a purple puffle called Spunky, a red puffle called Brutus, an orange puffle called Tangy, a yellow puffle called Montana, a white puffle called Snowy, a black puffle called Woody,and a brown puffle named Hershey.


  • Hey! STOP IT! That's it... 'gonna.... GET MABEL!
  • You don't know who I am, do ya?
  • Poke me ONE LAST TIME and I'll shoot ya with my snow ball gun!
  • WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!*Shoots with snow ball gun*

Walt Jazzy's Secrets[edit]

  • She does not have natural hair, but no one knows that. They all think her hair is authentic.
  • She is scared of Petguins that imitate cows. Other Petguins do not bother her, only cows.
  • She LOVES chocolate, but only if it is low fat (of course).
  • Manny Peng kidnapped her one time. Do not ask how he did it or request details, unless you seek a snowball gun to the face.
  • Consuming mayonnaise will send her into an anaphylactic shock.
  • Though she has never met her, Walt greatly admires and respects Yorkay Porkay.


  • She has a X-Antibody named Jazzy Walt X.
  • She has met Rockhopper.
  • A Mwa Mwa Penguin has been stalking her for a few weeks, she just keeps calling the EPF on it.
  • She loves her puffles and calls them "her family".
  • She has a short temper- except chicks -and always has a snow ball gun ready. It is unknown whether or not she carries a weapon license.
  • When hearing her name, some think that Walt is a boy. DO NOT- repeat -DO NOT make that mistake.
  • She is an EPF agent. This was where she stole her Snow Ball Gun Along with a Virus Taser which she rarely uses. She has not been kicked out of the EPF because she is an excellent and very efficient Agent.

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