Wannabe Masters of the Universe

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The Wannnabe Masters of the Universe are: The Writer (Wannabe Author), Storyteller (Wannabe Narrator), Supervisor (Wannabe Director), Drawer (Wannabe Illustrator) and Sound Mixer (Wannabe DJ). They are all very immature.

They can't control the universe as much as the other two major bureaus, but their knowledge of the fourth wall allows them to interfere a bit.

Yzabtech is the wannabe author.

Sir McKaw- Sir McKaw is a parrot and the storyteller. He has a very squawky voice.

Director Chenny is the Supervisor. She is a white puffle who is also Director Kenny's adopted sister. She is the only master who is truly evil, although this doesn't go without saying the other masters are goody gumdrops themselves.

Wendy is the drawer. She is a Cuttlefish. Her ink comes in many colors instead of just black, and she uses this to paint. SInce she is underwater, they don't turn out fine.

DJ Hissy Fyt- is the Sound Mixer. He is a snake. In order to fulfill his role, he'll have to play instruments that require fingers and work on the DJ table.


  • Yzabtech once asked 12yz12ab to be the wannabe narrator. 12yz12ab declined, leading to somewhat of a sibling rivalry.
  • The real Masters find them quite irritating, as their "help" just messes up the universe. Director Benny would love to get his hands.... er, telekinetic appendages on them.
    • As of December 2009, the real Masters of the universe don't know they exist as masters anymore.
  • The Anti-Masters are also bothered by them, but like it when they irk the BoF.
  • There's a difference between the Anti-Masters and the Wannabes. The Anti-Masters are bad while the wannabe's are good, or at least. Anti-Masters are also more powerful and make more realistic things.
  • Director Zenny is the only wannabe master that gets somewhat scared a lot, but he's not really a part of it.

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