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The War Bots
War Bots.png
The War Bots in a Group
Title War Bot
Gender Male
Race Robot made for war
Faction Robot
Health Robotic
Level Robot
Status Carrying out SN's Orders
Location Snowzerland, place of War
Birth date Varies, made in factories
Occupation Warrior Robot
Interests Warfare, Following Orders
Friends Swiss Ninja, Avatar Warmech V2, Snowzerland
Enemies Whoever is against SN.
Archetype Neutral, are on Swiss Ninja's side

War Bots are the robotic subsidiary of Swiss Ninja's Grand Army. These robots are high in number and are equipped with RDA Blasters and deletion guns.


After the Giant Swiss-Terrain Cookie War in 2009, Swiss Ninja was able to have a robot builder machine built for him to replace his fallen soldiers. The RDA researched robots and developed the War Bot. The War Bot factories was built in Osterreach and Pen Chi Island. Unlike the original plan to replace the fallen soldiers, they have multiplied, making a larger army. They were designed to withstand the cold and wetness. However, for some reason, Swiss Ninja have not been using them as much as the RDA Troopers and regular army, and in recent years, some of the War Bots have become patrol guards. Others were stored in the storage facility of the factories, waiting to be used. However, this all changed in 2011, when Swiss Ninja ordered to have transporter tanks to carry these robotic soldiers to battle.

War Bots had a negative reputation even within the Snoss military due to basic artificial intelligence and poor build quality. Following the Great Snowzerland War VI, all War Bots were removed from frontline duty in favor of Stormtroopers. War Bots remained in service as pilots, guards, and mechanics, but very rarely acted in any military capacity.


War Bots helped SN in the Great Snowzerland War II and the Great Snowzerland War III. A small number of them were stolen by Chub 667X and used for his army. Swiss Ninja, who heard about this, was prompted to boost up security for the bots, which was one of the other reasons their tanks were built.

A small number of War Bots were found washed up on Chill Island, which were repurposed into CIPF robots. The War Bot commander was taken in by The Ed and named Roger.


There are three types of War Bots:

  • Standard: The ones in the picture. They have Fruit Blasters, RDA Blasters, or Deletion Guns.
  • Roller: Are tripod like bots that can create forcefields.
  • Super: Are big and black colored. They have a deletion gun attached to their arm, similar to XTUX Hun's.


  • They can be PWNed by Martial Arts.
  • They are rather clumsy and can't really make decisions on their own.


War Bot Transport Tank.png

  • War Bot Transport Tank - Made for transporting troops from one place to another, the War Bot Transport Tank can hold about 112 regular War Bots, who are hanging compressed into a ball on racks that extend from the front of the vehicle. However, because of it's massive size, (13 meters high, 31 meters long) the tank is very slow, and can go about 50 miles per hour at top speed.

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