War of Vengeance

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War of Vengeance
War of vengeance.png
Date June 24, 2011 - July 12, 2011
(2 weeks and 4 days)
Location Pellinorian Field
Result Many penguins died
Casus belli Falcon Xaldi killed Flywish's dad and has now called Flywish out.
Wish Wolves, Liguria, Snowzerland, Castilla STINC, Xorai's Army, Darktan's Army, Hun Elites
Papa Flywish, Swiss Ninja, Dan Beronews, King Carlos Goberna II, Generale Chris di Rev Falcon Xaldi, Darktan II, Ben Hun, Xorai, Wrath Ninja
STINC hired lot's of allies mainly

The War of Vengeance is a war set up by Falcon Xaldi to clash with Flywish in what is the final battle between two rivals.


Things were going well for Flywish. He conquered a huge country which built his army greatly, Most Ligurians loved him, and he finally got remarried to a beautiful Ligurian model named Valeria Di Luca which meant he could finally go to sleep without tear shed over Rose. However, he still thought about Xaldi and how he would act out his demise. He thought about how Xaldi tried to make things worse by crashing Raywish's funeral. He knew the demise of Falcon Xaldi would be completed.

Meanwhile, STINC was doing fine but not all that fine. They had SubTerrans that could vaporize the innocent in minutes, but not enough to match Flywish. Plus, WishFlyX's Army was barely building. He had hired Blary as his inventor, and Deathfin as his second commander. But Falcon was getting sick of feeling nothing going on in his army. So he decided to hire a few villains to aid him in his planned war with Flywish.

Over at Xorai's Base, lunchtime was in process. Xorai was sitting at a table with a bib on as one of his clones served him an anonymus dish. The clone picked up the lid.

"Celery again?!?" he complained hoping for a nice meal instead of celery which he had been eating for the past 3 days.

"WHERE IS XARA?!?" Xorai demanded wanting to complain to her.

"Xara is out getting your mail sir" responded Xorai Clone #14

"I wonder what's in the mail today" said Xorai sarcastically knowing it would most likely be more bills.

"XORAI! Someone sent you a letter about a war!" excalimed Xara running in with the letter in her flipper.

Xorai opened the letter

Dear Xorai Unki,

STINC has invited you to fight with them in their war with Flywish.

We would be greatly delighted if you could help join us as we PWN Flywish's ugly face.

Join us and together, we will take down Flywish!

Meet us at the Pellinorian Field

Sincerely, Falcon Xaldi

"So who is this war gonna be against?" asked Xara

"STINC has invited me to join them as they decide to take down Flywish!" responded Xorai

"We can finally make everyone no longer laugh at us!" said Xorai very confident that they would beat Flywish.

"Okay!" said Xara.

"Come on army! let's join STINC and take down Flywish's puny small army!" exclaimed Xorai.

"Xworai, Fwywish's Army iswn't smwall!" said Wocker

"What are you talking about?" said Xorai

"Didn't you hear Xorai? Flywish killed the Ligurian President Bruce Collini and took over Liguria much to the Liguria's relief, it means Flywish now commands the Ligurian Army as well as his own army." explained Sas

"STINC could be big enough anyway, let's go!" said Xorai

Over at the Darktonian Realm, Darktan II was going through his mail. He was getting agitated. Bill by bill, no letters until finally, he stumbled across a letter. He opened up the letter and read:

Dear Darktan Anator II,

STINC has invited you to join them in our war against Flywish.

Are you sick Flywish threatening WishFlyX?

Come shut his trap forever as we go to war with him!

Meet us at the Pellinorian Field

Sincerely, Falcon Xaldi

"DTA! We are going to the Pellinorian Field to meet with an army that will help us destroy Flywish for good!" said Darktan II

"But sir, what if it's a trick?" asked a Doom Knight

"It most likely isn't" responded Darktan.

"WAY! WE CWAN DESTWOY FWYWISH!" said an excited Manny Peng.

"Wait! I don't know, Flywish has ruled Liguria and Liguria is pretty big; plus, they have REALLY, REALY POWERFUL allies" said another Doom Knight

"It's okay, Flywish is very fail" said Darktan II

"OK! Let's go!" commanded Darktan II

Then DTA headed off to the Pellinorian Field excited to defeat Flywish.

Over at HunEmpire, Ben Hun was sitting in his throne.

"Can I haz cheezburger?" he asked one of his Hunian servants

"I don't haz cheezburger" the Hunian responded

"DARN!" exclaimed Ben

Just then, another Hunian came in and gave Ben Hun a letter

"A letter regarding a certain someone!" said the Hunian

Ben opened the letter and read it

Dear Benjamin Hun,

STINC has invited you to fight in our war against Flywish

I've heard of your war, remember how you didn't enjoy the fish Flywish threw in your face?

We can help you get revenge at Flywish for PWNing you in the war

We'll also give you a cheeseburger

Just meet us at the Pellinorian Field

Sincerely, Falcon Xaldi

That noobface Flywish is going to war again! Let's go get him!

"Ben, that's a bad idea!" said FlubberButt

"Why is that Flubber?" asked Ben

"Flywish took over Liguria and his soldier population is now at over one million!" responded FlubberButt

"We can get allies!" said Ben

Just then Serth came in again

"OK, don't betray us this time you guys!" said Ben

They headed off to the Pellinorian Field

Over at the Pellinorian Field, the armies showed up as did STINC.


"Here you go BH" said Falcon tossing him the Cheeseburger

"Mmmm... Cheezburger!" said Ben in delight

"Okay, I'm going to call Flywish out." said Falcon pulling out his phone

Over in Liguria, Flywish was talking with his cabinet about Flywish Island and conquering countries. Just then, the phone began to ring.

"Hold on guys, I'll be back" said Flywish

"Hello?" Flywish said answering the phone

"Hey Flywish, this is Falcon, it's time we go to war, I have some friends willing to help me" said Falcon

"Hmm... I guess it will be good to PWN YOU SCUMBAGS!" exclaimed Flywish.

"You never know!" said Falcon in a teasing voice


"Pellinorian Field, tomorrow, and don't be a chicken!" said Falcon

"Ummmmm... what's a chicken?" asked Flywish who barely broke the 4th wall

They hung up

"Guys, we're going to war with Falcon tomorrow! Tell the Ligurian soldiers and our allied countries!" demanded Flywish

"Liguria's first war with Papa Flywish as the leader!" said one of the cabinet members

Chapter I: READY! AIM! FIRE![edit]

The next day, Dennie and Kento Clarke were in jets ready to fly Flywish and the Ligurian Army to the Pellinorian Field. Dennie's jet contained of Flywish, Valeria, Metal, Flywish II, GGD, Flywish's Cabinet, and Raven.Kento's jet contained of Sonic Xtreme, Jake Lovesfish, Xinston, Jenni X, PinkroomX, Yorkay, and Dan, the Ligurian Army, and the rest of the Wish Wolves.


Over in Dennie's jet, conversation broke out

"Dad, why do you hold a grudge against Falcon Xaldi?" asked Metal

"Bro, Xaldi killed grandpa." responded Flywish II

"Yeah, that scumbag thinks he can kill my father!" exclaimed Flywish who's emotions were controlled by memories.

"Valeria, I have a question, do you believe in happy fairy tales?" asked Raven being his usual self.

"Raven, please do not start with your emo crap!" demanded GGD

"All those idiotic preppies! You're one of 'em GGD!" complained Raven

"Raven, I wanna know, how am I one of them?" asked GGD

"Those dumb penguins who love listening to your dumb music!" insulted Raven

"WHOA BUDDY! YOU DON'T INSULT MY MUSIC!" GGD exclaimed about to slap Raven

"GGD, Raven, do not argue, and do not fight! We have plenty of time for fighting!" demanded Flywish

"I hope we go home the way we currently are!" said Flywish II

"We will my son, we will!" Flywish said reassuring his son

They saw the ground getting closer. They knew they were at the Pellinorian Field. As the jet landed, they waited patiently for the other jets.

Meanwhile, the villains had finished building their hideout and went in to make plans.

"Can I haz cheezburger?" requested Ben Hun

"Ben, I have become greatly annoyed with your cheezburger crap!" complained Deathfin

"CHEEZBURGERS!" Ben Hun exclaimed trying to annoy Deathfin

"You guys, this isn't important right now" said Falcon

Then all the sudden, Blary came in with news.

"Sir! A jet came in!" reported Blary

"That must be them!" responded Falcon

"Two more jets are landing right now!" said Blary

"WHAT?!?" exclaimed Xorai "Flywish's Army can not be big enough to have 3 jets carrying them!" he continued angrily

"Xorai, Flywish is a very powerful guy now." said WishFlyX

"How can one country make Flywish powerful?" asked Xorai

"He is allied with Castilla and SNOWZERLAND!" responded WishFlyX

"Don't forget Japaland!" said Ben Hun

"This seriously isn't important! Flywish and everyone are reportedly in their base!" exclaimed Falcon

"We need to get settled in here" said Xary

Over in the Ligurian Army's base, 12yz12ab was inventing some war materials while everyone else was making plans, Braden C5K came in with some news.

"Papa Flywish, I have some news!" announced Braden

"What is it C5K?" asked Flywish

"I was in my undercover personality..." Braden said

"Darktan's HERE?!?" asked Flywish in shock

"Darktan's Army, Xorai's Army, Hun Elites, those are the armies that are here!" finished Braden

"The SubTerran amounts plus the Doom and Abyss Knights plus the Hunian amounts!" Flywish said freaking out knowing that they have a chance of being beaten

"The Serth are allying with Ben Hun as well" said Braden


Later that day, Flywish unleashed his soldiers and called out STINC and their allies. They came out and then were being attacked not less than a minute later.

"That's not fair!" yelled Falcon

"Must I say it you idiot?" asked Flywish angrily

"I'll say it, All's fair in love and war!" said GGD

"BOOYAH!" screamed Xinston who had punted Deathfin into STINC's base

"OW! What is that thing?" asked Deathfin

"This is Xinston, he is immune to pain which means you can't hurt him!" said Flywish beamingly

"Aww crap, you got lucky when you hired him Flywish!" said Deathfin angrily




"What was that?!?" asked Xorai

He glanced over to see three of his clones shot dead

"NOOOOOOOOOO! XORAI CLONES 25 73 and 8 are dead!" cried Xorai

"So? you have many other clones" said Mortamuhr

"But 8 was my favorite clone!" cried Xorai

Sonic Xtreme grinned

"OH YOU LITTLE PUNK!" screamed Xorai who was charging at Sonic

Just then another jet was coming in.

Chapter II: Liguria's Allies[edit]

Falcon stared at the jet. He was glaring at it because he saw that the jet said Snowzerland. In the cockpit was Flywish's good friend Austin. He didn't really want to fight because he knew the war would be short. But when he saw Ben Hun, Darktan, and Xorai, he mainly wanted to PWN Ben Hun for his friend. The jet door flew open and Snoss troopers fled the ship. Xorai's eyes grew as big as bowling balls when he saw the amounts of troops. Finally, the Kaiser stepped out of the jet.

"Hello Austin, Swiss Ninja, Java, and Django" Flywish said

"How's it been Flywish?" asked Austin who hadn't seen Flywish since the Snoss-Castillan War.

"STOP THE FRIENDSHIP REUNION!" shouted Falcon who was about to charge at Flywish

The villains raised their weapons and shouted a weird war cry


Just then, some ship bells started ringing. Flywish hoped that it was more allies. His hopes came true, it was the Castillan army. On the boat was the Hochstadt Gang, Castillan soldiers, Piper J. Cub, Leonardo di Tremezzo, and Carlos Goberna I.

"TOO MANY ALLIES!" screamed Xorai running back to the base.

All of the other villans ran back to the base knowing that they would get wiped off unless they could build a little bit more.

"YOU GOT LUCKY FLYWISH!" hollered Falcon

"I WILL GET YOU LATER!" he continued

The Castillans came over to the large army that was staring at the base.

"Aww! no fighting yet!" complained Piper who came prepared.

"Don't worry Piper, we will fight later." replied Flywish

"But of course, food makes energy for fighting, so let's go have some supper and we will continue tomorrow" he continued

Everyone headed back to the base for dinner.

In STINC's base,there was discussion about how they would not be outnumbered. Xaldi, Darktan, Xorai, and Ben Hun began discussing the plans while all the other villains were discussing other things.

"Okay, I have constructed this meeting between all four army leaders because we have some trouble" Xaldi said

"You bet we have a problem! Flywish has outnumbered us! what a shock!" complained Xorai

"Xorai, I have a plan to help us get even with Flywish!" said Xaldi with a grin on his face

"NUKEM!" exclaimed Ben

"No Ben, that nuke doesn't do much damage" Xaldi said

Xaldi continued

"What we need to do is build robots!"

"That perhaps wouldn't be a bad idea Falcon!" said Darktan

Xorai and Ben agreed

"Wait a minute, wouldn't Flywish come up with a plan to destroy them?" asked Xorai

"You know nothing about Flywish, Xorai" said Xaldi

"Falcon, before you even focused on Flywish, he and WishFlyX pretended to team up so they could take me down, and this was when me and Flywish had somewhat of a friendship and rivalry, the "plot against me" caused WishFlyX to be captured" explained Xorai

"And without me knowing, Flywish tracked my assassin down personally and then ended up killing him two months ago" said Darktan

"Why?" asked Xaldi who had no idea about Kyle.

"I sent him to kill Flywish's brother Kyle, then I sent him to kill Flywish at the nightclub where Kyle was killed, Flywish knew he was going to show up there and stabbed him when he showed up and then slapped him off the roof of the nightclub." Darktan explained

For a few minutes, no one said a word.

"How about we get more SubTerrans" Xorai said breaking the silence

"That would be a good idea!" said Xaldi

"I'll get more Doom Knights and Abyss Knights!" said Darktan

"And I'll bring more Hun Commandoz!" said Ben

"PERFECT!" exclaimed Falcon.

The next morning, Flywish was still in bed. He was exhausted from the first battle.

"Dad! Wake up!" Flywish II said

"I don't want to go downstairs for waffles mom!" Flywish replied who was still dreaming

"Dad! Wake up!" Flywish II repeated

Flywish's eyes finally started to crack open

"What time is it son?" he asked

"It's 11:01 AM dad" Flywish II answered

"CRAP! I need to get to the battlefield!" Flywish exclaimed

"Dad, you don't need to go to the battlefield, I just have bad news" Flywish II said

"And what is that my son?" asked Flywish

"Jake is dead!" replied Flywish II

"JAKE LOVESFISH?!?" asked Flywish

"No, Jake the Hacker!" replied Flywish II

"What happened to him?" asked Flywish

"Deathfin got a hold of him and he threw him off a cliff" replied Flywish II

"Deathfin will get something too, but I can't plot his downfall yet" said Flywish

"I hope you do think of something dad" said Flywish II

Out on the battlefield, there was a funeral for Jake.

"Today, we say goodbye to a very intelligent soldier..." Generale Chris di Rev began

That's all the funeral got to because SubTerrans, Xorai clones, Doom and Abyss Knights, and Hun Commandos abruptly ended the funeral ceremony.

Dennie was flying in an airplane planning to shoot down the evil soldiers. There was a ping on his walkie talkie.

"Pilot A, come in!" said Flywish

"Yes Papa Flywish?" asked Dennie

"Now is a good time to fire at the evil soldiers" said Flywish

"Roger that!" said Dennie who set the plane on auto pilot.

He loaded the plane's machine gun and began to fire


There was a pool of dead Xorai clones, Abyss Knights, Doom Knights, SubTerrans, and Hun Commandos

"Papa Flywish, this is Dennie, the targets are down, I repeat, the targets are down!" reported Dennie through walkie talkie

"Excellent!" exclaimed Flywish

Blary bursted in the evil base with bad news

"Falcon! Flywish sent one of his pilots to do the deed of taking the soldiers down!" announced Blary

Xorai began weeping


"Don't worry Xorai, we will PWN their faces!" Falcon said reassuring Xorai

Chapter III: Brawls[edit]

Flywish had a small grin on his face. He went to a desk he had and sat down. Just as he slapped file labeled Plans for Xaldi on his desk, Valeria came in to talk to him

"Flywish, you don't have to do this, you can just capture Falcon, you might be putting everyone you love in danger" said Valeria

"Babe, I told you the story of Kyle and Ivan didn't I?" asked Flywish

"Yes, you did, but that was an individual, and besides, didn't his knife hit you in the belly?" asked Valeria

"That thing barely penetrated my stomach and I couldn't feel any pain" responded Flywish

"Flywish, we're talking a huge army here" said Valeria

"Listen Valeria, I've known these villains longer than you have" said Flywish

"You actually know Xorai and Ben Hun?" asked Valeria

"Why do you think they would come out and fight me?" asked Flywish

"Why does Xorai hate you?" asked Valeria

"One, because I kicked him out of my army, two, because I annoyed him too much, and three, Radal hates me" replied Flywish

"What will you do?" asked Valeria

"How I will end the war, I will kill Deathfin, then I will make the armies surrender ONE-BY-ONE" said Flywish

"What about Falcon?" asked Valeria

"His death will be a fun house for me" said Flywish with an evil grin on his face

"But why do you want to make his death brutal?" asked Valeria

"That scumbag killed my father, he tries to crash his funeral, I had a good childhood with my father, we loved each other like father and son, and then Falcon takes a strong relationship apart!" explained Flywish who was about to bury his head in his arms and sulk

"So what will you do?" asked Valeria

"I will make sure he is gasping for air as he lay dying" said Flywish

Then there was a knock on his door.

"Come in" said Flywish

In came Sonic Xtreme

"Flywish, everyone is outside on the battlefield UNARMED!" exclaimed Sonic Xtreme

"What are they doing out there?" asked Flywish

"They are brawling, like Ze Diz and Kevin Mikey on BURN" said Sonic Xtreme

"I've got to get out there and assault Falcon!" said Flywish dashing from his desk and to the battlefield.

On the field, Flywish looked around to see brawls between Austin and Ben Hun, GGD and Deathfin, Corai and Xorai, Raven and Xary, Swiss Ninja and Craáin Sensei, Penguins and their antibodies, Slendar and WishFlyX, and Jake Lovesfish kicking Manny Peng's butt constantly. Flywish began to set foot on the battlefield searching for Falcon. He eventually found Falcon standing in front of his base. so he decided to do a CPWE move on Falcon and pounce on him from the roof.

"Here goes the epic jump" Flywish muttered to himself

He leaped off the roof and landed on Falcon as planned, only for Falcon to pull out his knife and stab Flywish in the arm.

"AGH!" Flywish grunted in pain

"Ha!" said Falcon

Falcon escaped the weight of Flywish and went back inside the base and came out with a salt sprayer.

"DON'T SPRAY THAT ON ME!" shouted Flywish ripping the knife out of his arm and throwing it into Falcon's arm

"OW!" screamed Falcon

He sprayed the salt but Flywish pulled out a portable fan and turned it on blowing the sprayed salt back at Falcon


He fell to the ground with a thud, the salt sprayer falling out of his grasp. Just as Falcon was about to pick it back up, Flywish ran up and took it aiming it at Falcon.

"WAIT!" shouted Falcon

"I will order retreat if you don't spray me!" offered Falcon

"No good Xaldi!" said Flywish

His flipper's pressure on the trigger began to increase as an evil grin appeared on his face

"TOO MUCH PAIN!" screamed Falcon who was rolling around like crazy.


"No Xaldi, too early for one, and I will not let this war end without you and Deathfin dying" said Flywish

"Why Deathfin? What harm did he do?" asked Falcon

"Dimwit, he killed one of my army members!" said Flywish

"I would rather you retreat for now" said Flywish


"Okay, any funny business and you're gonna get sprayed" threatened Flywish

Everyone was hearing a shocking command from Falcon


The evil combatants began to retreat

Flywish began heading back to his base with his army.

"That call for retreat was unusual" said Piper

"He made me or he would forfeit the war" said Flywish

"Why don't you want him to forfeit?" asked GGD

"I will not let this war end, until Xaldi never breathes again" said Flywish

"You must really want this Xaldi guy dead" said Java

"Yes he killed my father, something that may have happened to you Java" said Flywish

"Yes, when I was a chick, how old were you?" asked Java

"It was actually last year" said Flywish

"Oh, Flywish, I couldn't help but notice that neato weapon in your flipper, what is it?" asked Austin

"It's a salt sprayer, you see this stab hole in my arm?" asked Flywish

"Xaldi stabbed me when I did this CPWE move on him, then I took his knife out and stabbed him back and he pulled out this weapon, and I countered his attack with this fan" Flywish said showing everyone the fan

By this time, they were back at their base

"GET A NURSE FOR FLYWISH!" demanded Sonic Xtreme who was at the door waiting for the soldiers to come marching home.

Chapter IV: Attack of the Pookies[edit]

Falcon was upset. He had let Flywish get the last laugh in each battle. He wasn't doing well, and now he learned that Flywish wants him dead and would not let the war stop until that plan succeeded. Falcon decided it was time to get back at Flywish. If Flywish wanted him dead, he decided it was time to plot Flywish's demise. He began to survey his army to see what they could do.

Falcon:"WishFlyX, you know Flywish very well, what does Flywish really hate?"

WishFlyX:"Mwa Mwa Penguins, Goody Two-Shoes, basically, anything that greatly angers him."

Falcon began to grin, then he began to smile, then he began to chuckle

WishFlyX:"So what is your plan Falcon?"

Falcon:"I will round up a bunch of Mwa Mwa Penguins like how the Pet Shop rounds up puffles, then I will unleash them to Flywish's base."

Suddenly, Darktan II came by overhearing what Falcon said

Darktan II:"Falcon, what will this effect have on Flywish?"

Falcon:"The Pookies have good chance of jumping all over Flywish and he has a good chance of fighting them off a cliff."

WishFlyX:"Falcon, you don't wanna know some of the reasons this plan may backfire."


Xorai came in and explained

Xorai:"Flywish has the Mwa Mwa Attackers on his side, he's gone to the Pet Shop plenty of times to punish Mwa Mwa Penguins."

Falcon:"I hear he used to be a Mwa Mwa himself"

Xorai:"Yeah, but if anyone references that, they can not go one minute without getting beaten up."

Falcon:"I think we can succeed this time, I shall send Manny Peng and Wocker to round up the Pookies, and I shall send Agent X, Xfin, and Xara as guardians."

Flywish was watching TV in his base. Unfortunately for him, the TV only had four channels. Luckily, he was able to watch Penguin TV. He was getting bored seeing the shows air in a rut like lineup. Ford Car and Link, Club Penguin Wrestling Entertainment, Unstoppable Forces, ETC. As Flywish was lifelessly staring at the TV, he began to hear some voices. All the sudden, three familiar ghosts formed in front of his eyes. They were Raywish, Rose, and Kyle.

Raywish:"Hello son"

Flywish:"Dad, Rose, Kyle! I've missed you guys so much!"

Raywish:"We have too."

Flywish:"Is there a problem?"

Kyle:"Yes, but first of all, we would like to congratulate you on your most successful plan of all!"

Flywish:"You mean the stuff with Liguria?"

Raywish:"Yes, but we have bad news."

Flywish:"And what is that?"

Rose:"According to what we have witnessed, Xaldi has decided to use Mwa Mwas for his next attack."

Flywish:"So? I have plenty of weapons to fight them off."

Rose:"Yes, but there could be something bad behind this, so think wisely of what you do."

Raywish:"Oh, and Flywish, how is your mother doing?"

Flywish:"Mamma sta bene, ma e ancora addolorato par la tua morte"


Flywish:"That is Ligurian for Mom is doing fine but is still saddened about your death"

Raywish:"Impressive, I wish you luck in avenging my death."

The three ghosts faded away leaving Flywish all alone in his chair. He got up from the chair, turned the TV off, and called his main commanders and assistants. He stood outside his meeting room waiting for everyone to come in. In there were his cabinet, Sonic Xtreme, Raven, GGD, Flywish II, Metal, Swiss Ninja with Austin and Java, Dan, Piper, and Leonardo. He went in and sat down.

Raven:"Is this about Xaldi?"

Flywish:"No, this is about our victory party... OF COURSE THIS IS ABOUT XALDI!"

GGD:"Heh heh!"

Dan:"What is the problem Flywish?"

Flywish:"Xaldi is rounding up Mwa Mwa Penguins and unleashing them at us"


Raven:"Oh no, not more of those idiotic pathetic psychopaths!"

Flywish II:"How do you know anyway?"

Flywish:"Uncle Kyle, Grandpa, and Mom appeared to me!"

Flywish II:"Aww... I wish I could've said hi to them!"

Leonardo:"Who are those penguins?"

Flywish:"My father, first wife, and brother."

Leonardo:"Why didn't they stay?"

Flywish:"They appeared to me as ghosts."

Leonardo:"How did they all die?"

Flywish:"Kyle died after being assassinated by the masked assassin, you may have seen him on the news a few years ago, except he was working for Darktan and Darktan and I still held a grudge, Rose was poisoned, and my father was killed by Xaldi."


Austin:"Calm down Swiss!"

Flywish:"Okay, everyone call in for weapons, tomorrow, we will unleash DISS on the Mwa Mwas!"

Everyone left to go have lunch. Flywish went to his desk and sat down thinking about the Mwa Mwa attack.

Over in Club Penguin, Xara, Xfin, and Agent X were in a loading truck that had toys in the loading part. Manny and Wocker sat in the loading part of the truck playing with some of the toys. Agent X opened the loading part up and Xara went inside the Pet Shop. Inside, the amounts of the Mwa Mwa Penguins were big enough to fill the entire truck. Xara cleared her throat to speak


The Mwa Mwas continued to cry, drool, sing a song called La La La La La La La La La Elmo's World, and act like innocent "angels". Xara pulled out her cell phone and began to call Agent X.

Agent X:"Hello?"

Xara:"X, it's Xara, they didn't fall for it!"

Agent X:"Okay, luckily, Xfin got the shape of this "Elmo" creature these penguins worship and is going into the Pet Shop dressed as him."

Just then, a penguin in a red suit, and an orange nose leaped in through the doors singing the Elmo theme song. Mwa Mwas screamed like little girls at a concert of their favorite singer. They clung onto his suit, he could barely walk back to the truck. He luckily walked back into the loading part with Xara, every single Mwa Mwa following them. The truck was packed like a small box carrying 600 pens. The Pet Shop was ridden of Mwa Mwas. Back inside the Pet Shop, puffles cheered with glee as the Pet Shop was theirs for the first time in quite a while. Back in the truck, the doors were shut and the truck took off.

Xara:"Okay, this guy isn't really Elmo, he's just a penguin dressed in an Elmo suit!"

The Mwa Mwas began to weep because they couldn't get out.

Mwa Mwa Penguin:"WAH! WAH! I WANT MWY MWOMMY!"

Xara:"Like you even had a so called mother."

Xfin:"Listen, an army we're working for needs you. If we succeed we'll give all of you a golden Elmo!"


Manny:"Here are some chokiwits!"

He began throwing them out to all the Mwa Mwas.

Up in the front, Agent X dialed up Xaldi to tell him the news

Agent X:"Falcon, it's Agent X!"


Agent X:"We have gotten your Mwa Mwa Penguins!"

Falcon:"Now Flywish will feel my WRATH!"


Falcon:"Don't use that evil laugh, it's for weirdos."

Agent X:"Sorry boss."

They hung up as Agent drove further

The phone rang again.

Falcon:"Actually, put the Mwa Mwas back, I think I'll fail epically, I can't fail like this for the fourth time."

Agent X:"Okay then."

They hung up once again.

Agent X:"Xara, let all the Mwa Mwas go, Falcon is cancelling his attack."


Xara:"OK Bay Bees! time to go!"

The Mwa Mwas began to cry

Xfin:"Falcon wants to cancel his attack, enjoy your new wammies!"

Agent X began to back up near the Night Club to do an evil deed.The doors opened and the Mwa Mwas fled the truck and into the Night Club, angering the dancers inside. The truck drove to the Dock and waited for the ship. When it arrived, they drove on and sailed back to the Pellinorian Field.

Flywish was on the couch kissing Valeria, Sonic walked in as they were in the middle of making out. He ignored the jealousy and called for Flywish's attention

Flywish:"Yes Sonic?"

Sonic:"Flywish, I spied on Falcon for you, he cancelled his Pookie attack."


Sonic left the room to announce the news to everyone.

Flywish:"Good thing I didn't prepare for battle."

Chapter V: The Death of Flywish II[edit]

Troops on both sides had walked out in lines saluting their leaders. The next clash was to begin any minute, Flywish II came out in a soldier uniform. Flywish had stopped him.

Flywish:"Son, what are you doing?"

Flywish II:"Dad, it's time I battle, I have stood evaluating soldiers long enough to know what to do."

Flywish:"I hope you come back alive."

They hugged and then Flywish II marched out into the battlefield. Flywish laid in his bed wondering what he had done letting his son into the battlefield. Over in the battlefield, there were wild gunshots being fired at penguins and in the air. The gunshots had left penguins wounded or killed in the process. Vincent McPengy was shooting soldiers down the craziest.



The soldiers that got affected by the explosion were sent flying down into a trench. Ligurian soldiers began to fire their AK-47s.


Some shots were successful. Some shots weren't successful. Flywish II had fired perfectly. That was until a bunch of FlyX Soldiers surrounded him. They destroyed his AK-47 and pushed him to the ground. They started shooting him with their pistols. Flywish II was greatly wounded.


The FlyX Soldiers ignored his cries for mercy and continued shooting him. One of the Soldiers finally finished him off. Flywish II laid on the ground dead. Raven stared in shock and ran back to the base to tell Flywish the news. Back in the base, Flywish was flinging rubber bands at cream soda cans still worrying about his son. Raven came flying in through the doors.

Flywish:"Raven, is this some important news?"

Raven:"Yes Flywish, someone has died out in the battlefield."


Raven:"Your namesake son."


Flywish wept for a second and then become rage filled. His arms began tensing up. All the sudden, Valeria came in seeing Flywish's rage self.

Valeria:"Fly? What is the matter?"

Flywish:"My son is dead, and I don't know who did it."

Raven:"FlyX Soldiers did it."

Valeria:"Which son?"

Flywish:"Flywish II"

Valeria ran out crying feeling sympathy

Flywish:"Raven, you said FlyX Commandos?"


Flywish:"OH THAT LITTLE @$#^^%$&%$#^%$^#%$#^%$#^*#$%*$#^&$#*%$#!"

Flywish stormed out the door and headed through the battlefield, pushing anyone in his way. He accidentally pushed Sonic Xtreme.

Sonic:"Yo Flywish, calm down!"

Flywish:"Would you be calm if Flywish II was your son?"

Sonic:"Oh, yeah Raven told me about that, I'm so sorry."

Flywish:"I know I shouldn't be telling you but not as sorry as WishFlyX will be once he feels the real wrath!"

He stormed off once again grabbing any FlyX Soldier, and throwing them at dangerous places. He was finally at the enemy base and busted in.

Flywish:"DON'T TAUNT ME YOU UGLY BUCK-TOOTHED ^%$#^%$#&^%$^%@#^%$#&^*&^$*&$&%#^%#^%&$^%$&^%$^%$^$*^%$&%#&(^&%*&%$#&^(*&)&^*($*&(^%*%(%$"

Flywish went upstairs where WishFlyX and his army were.

Edward X:"Oh hey Flywish, sorry to hear about your son's death SUCKER!"

Flywish just grabbed him and threw him out the window, Ed X landing on the hard concrete flat on his stomach



Trickster X:"Oh no you won't!"

He tried to stop Flywish only to end up dead after Flywish pulled a knicicle from his hoodie pocket. WishFlyX watched in shock as Flywish took out a pistol and shot Xfin.

WishFlyX:"NOOO! XFIN!"

Flywish wouldn't stop, he locked the door so tightly that no one could get out unless it was unlocked. WishFlyX tried to tackle Flywish but ended up stabbed in the shoulder by Flywish's knicicle. WFX watched in dread as Flywish injured FieryXold and Gregory X.



He grabbed Maddie X by her hair.


Suddenly, Flywish remembered that Django was revived.

Flywish:"OK WishFlyX, you, Maddie, Jenni, and everyone else can die next time."

Flywish left the base excitedly.

He entered back into his base where everyone held a funeral for Flywish II. The army had retreated for the funeral.



Flywish:"Swiss, can you revive him?"

Swiss:"And what if I don't?"

Flywish:"Oh, you'll see."

Flywish pulled out a phone


Railfan1:"I could heal Flywish II with my tears, being part Phoenix, my tears heal."

Flywish:"Could you cry for me?"

Railfan:"No, your son hit a nerd, one of my kind, I'll be a disgrace if I heal him!"

Flywish began to give a nasty glare to Railfan

Railfan:"Uh oh"

Flywish began beating up Railfan.


Railfan began to cry. The tears began dripping, Flywish held Railfan over Flywish II as Railfan was still crying. The tears fell on him, healing him and bringing him back to life.

Flywish II:"Wh-Where... am... I?"

Flywish:"You died son, but Railfan brought you back to life."

Flywish II:"I guess I shouldn't have fought, you were right dad."

The two hugged. Everyone around them cried due to the loving moment, some of them awed. A loving relationship between a father and son was finally back from the dark shadows of depression.

Chapter VI: New Recruits[edit]

All was calm currently. Flywish was still excited that he had his son back. Flywish II had just spent his time talking with his best friend Raven. Swiss had been talking on his phone to a bounty hunter that had yet to join in. Flywish eventually became curious about this bounty hunter.

Flywish:"Hey Swiss, I've noticed you've been talking to someone on your phone."

Swiss:"Yes, I have plenty more bounty hunters other than Austin, Java, and Django."

Flywish:"I had a feeling you did."

Swiss:"Can he join?"

Flywish had thought for a moment.


Flywish:"That depends on his skill, I can't let just anyone in the Ligurian Army."

Swiss:"He has sniper skills."

Flywish:"OK! I'll use him!"

Swiss:"Great! Johnathan Wolfhunter will be glad to hear that he is fighting!"

Flywish then left to go join in a conversation that the Hochstadt Gang was having.

Corai started telling stories about his experiences with Flywish since he had so many. He told them big things, he told them small things, he was a balloon about to burst with story.

Corai:"So did I tell you guys about the time Jal coughed out Jal X?"


Corai:"It was probably about last year. Me and Xorai were running away from Jal when we ran past Flywish."

Flywish:"I tried to delete her but she threw a rock at the missile!"

Corai:"So then Jenni X bit her, and she coughed out the antibody. Jal X said that she was govil."

Flywish:"It means neutral."

The story was interrupted by Railfan. Flywish rolled his eyes thinking that he was gonna complain to him about the whole business with Flywish II a few days ago. But he had a phone in his hand, he thought maybe he was gonna call the Dorkugese police. He approached Flywish.

Railfan:"Flywish, I have news for you!"

Flywish:"That you're pressing charges against me?"

Railfan:"No, I realized I was being heartless at that time, I'm sorry."

Flywish:"I apologize too for the kicks and punches I gave you."

They shook hands, then Railfan began to explain about the phone call.

Railfan:"I have a friend who wants to fight in this war."

Flywish:"Wonderful! What's his name?"


Flywish then had flashbacks of his war with Metal. Amigopen was with the Arctic Wolves during that war. Then Flywish started to feel regrets of ever kidnapping Eve. Railfan started clapping his flippers to awake Flywish from his flashback.

Railfan:"Flywish? Are you okay?"

Flywish:"I'm fine, I just had a flashback of a war between me and my son Metal before I even knew he was my son."

Railfan:"Did he lead the Arctic Wolves?"

Flywish:"Indeed he did."

Railfan:"So can Amigopen fight?"

Flywish:"OK, only if he... Oh yeah, we're up against villains."

Over in Falcon's base, WishFlyX had informed him of the deaths of Xfin, FieryXold, Trickster X, Edward X, and Gregory X. Xaldi needed some addition. He felt regretful that he didn't build the army.

Falcon:"WishFlyX, can you do me a favor?"

WishFlyX:"What is that favor Falcon?"


WishFlyX:"Mkay then..."

WishFlyX decided to recruit Wrath Ninja first since he seemed pretty useful. So he went to the Wrath Realm and knocked at the door of the castle. The door opened slowly.


PufflinatorX came up to WishFlyX. Shockingly, WishFlyX seemed familiar to him.

PufflinatorX:"Hey, you're WishFlyX the sadistic Antibody that collects antibodies for Darktan!"

WishFlyX:"Yes I am."

PufflinatorX:"Come this way! Wrath Ninja is in his plotting lab!"

They walked down a large hallway full of paintings with Wrath Ninja in a royal throne, commanding ninjas, and PWNing Sensei.

WishFlyX:"Wow! Wrath Ninja must really be obsessed with this ninja idea he has."

PufflinatorX:"Yes he is my dear friend!"

They approached the doors. There was a sign that said Don't enter unless V.I.P

Wrath Ninja sign.png

WishFlyX:"Am I a V.I.P?"

Pufflinator:"If you are friends with me, Forester, or Wrath Ninja himself, you are V.I.P."

They went in to find Wrath Ninja with his pirated Card-Jitsu cards and pictures of Sensei being PWNed in a game. Wrath Ninja turned around. His eyes red, dark circles under his eyes, and his beak was sticky from days of eating fish donuts as there were 9 empty boxes.

Wrath:"WISHFLYX! I have heard about your deeds!"

WishFlyX:"As I have heard about yours."

Wrath:"What brings you down to Wrath Realm?"

WishFlyX:"Falcon Xaldi needs some new members of his army because Flywish murdered some of them."


WishFlyX:"Falcon and Flywish are at war."

Wrath:"I have heard about Falcon's evil deed, it's quite evil for a villain!"

WishFlyX:"Yes, quite, I feel like I need more evilness personally."

Wrath:"So I've heard your counterpart has taken over Liguria, true dat?"

WishFlyX:"True dat."

Wrath:"If I was loyal enough, I would help Swiss since I can tell he's in the war, but I'm not."

Just then, a zapping noise was heard. It was Willie Watt. She had used a teleporter from Darktan to give some news to WishFlyX.

Wrath:"Hello beautiful, how would you like to go out tonight?"

Willie grunted in disgust as she wasn't interested in Wrath.

WishFlyX:"Willie! What do you need?"

Willie:"Falcon has asked me to tell you that there's a villain that may be as worthy as Wrath here."

WishFlyX:"And that is...?"


WishFlyX eyes grew wide in shock. Malcur was quite an old, old villain. He was evil since the beginning of the Common Era. WishFlyX loved him since he was the original creator of the Shadow Amulet. Just then, Malcur himself appeared.



Malcur:"I just am... 'nuff said!"

WishFlyX:"You make up for our fallen brothers, let's go back!"

Malcur:"I shall teleport you!"

They teleported back. Meanwhile on the battlefield, the two armies went at it like animals fighting over raw meat. Flywish had been sitting at the bench that was by his base's front entrance. He was waiting for his new recruits. Just then, the door had finally opened. Flywish had an eager look on his face but it turned out to be Jenni X.


Flywish growled, he knew it would be a while before his recruits would show up. Finally, a shadow penguin wearing a soldier's helmet poked his head in the door. Flywish had a confused look on his face. He stood up and greeted him.

Flywish:"Are you Johnathan Wolfhunter?"


Flywish went in front of the door. Instead of two penguins however, there were four.

Flywish:"Ummm... who are you two in the back?"

Penguin 1:"I'm Penblooe Ringalow, I came to fight since I had nothing else to do."

Penguin 2:"I'm Alex Kane, I was shipped off from army trading."

Flywish:"OK then, I ain't commanding you, I'm leaving that to Swiss and Carlos."

Amigopen:"So then what are you gonna do?"

Flywish pulled out a jar of war paint, dipped his flipper in it, and wipe two lines on both sides of his face. He then tied a headband on his head, and pulled out an AK-47.


He then went out and started firing. Penguins were shocked that he was fighting. Suddenly, FlyX Soldiers tackled him. He pulled out his Knicicle and performed a Knicicle Slash.


He then went back to the base not wanting to risk his life. He went up to the command window where Swiss and Carlos were standing. They were glaring at each other.

Flywish:"Swiss, Carlos, no conflict!"

Swiss:"But I hate him!"

Flywish:"Whatever, hold on."

He pulled out a headset that was programmed to talk to Wolfhunter.

Flywish:"Wolfhunter, come in Wolferhunter!"

Wolfhunter:"Yes Papa?"

Flywish:"I need you to take out Deathfin for me!"

Wolfhunter:"Where is he?"

Flywish:"You see the evil base and that giant window?"

Wolfhunter:"I do!"

Flywish:"SHOOT IT!"

Wolfhunter:"Yes sir!"

He fired at Deathfin but missed. Deathfin was a bit agitated.



Deathfin:"This is getting ridiculous!"

Falcon:"What is?"

Deathfin:"This war! I just almost lost my life!"

Falcon:"I saw, are you OK?"

Deathfin:"No... I am not!"

Falcon:"What's up with you?"


Falcon:"I HAVE MALCUR! What do you want? Nightmare? Herbert?"


Falcon:"OK, then what is this thing you're upset about?"


Falcon:"Deathfin wait!"

Deathfin:"NO! I QUIT!"

He walked out the door and had a corrupt pilot fly him to UnitedTerra where Small-Fins McKlowsky was training his army. Meanwhile, Falcon was upset. He had just lost a member and a friend. Eventually, he had everyone retreat so he wouldn't be lonely.

Chapter 7: Final Stand of Falcon Xaldi[edit]

It was early on July 12, 2011 when Valeria woke up. Flywish and the rest of the army were still asleep so she went downstairs. Downstairs she got some lasagna out of the fridge and heated it up in the microwave. Suddenly, two penguins in masks and dark coats kicked the door down and grabbed Valeria.


Masked Penguin 1:"Xaldi shall take care of you! Yes he shall!"


They had left the base with Valeria. It was 8:00 AM when the armies and leaders woke up. Flywish went downstairs to see a crowd of fighters freaking out.

Flywish:"What's up with the crowd?"

Jock Hochstadt came up to Flywish with a worried look on his face.

Jock:"Papa Flywish, Valeria is missing, the only evidence we have is that the door was apparently kicked down."


Jock:"I said..."

Flywish:"I know what you said! Falcon ain't gonna do this to me!"

Sonic:"I think I can invent a plan to help us."

Flywish:"Also Sonic, I want to warn you, this WILL be the final battle! FALCON HAS DONE ENOUGH!"

GGD and Raven came up to Flywish. Flywish decided to talk with them a little bit.

GGD:"Flywish, I know what you are going through, I hope you're OK."

Flywish:"As long as Valeria comes back alive, I will be OK."

Raven:"So Sonic, did you tell Flywish about your plan?"

Flywish:"Yes, he said he had a plan, there's too much commotion here, let's go to the plotting room."

They waddled up the stairs to the top of the base where the plotting room was. They went in and sat down. Flywish sitting at the head chair as usual.

Flywish:"So what is this plan you have Sonic?"

Sonic:"I believe that we should kidnap someone and torture the truth out of them."

Flywish:"Okay, but which one?"

They sat in silence for a moment thinking of who they should force the truth out of.

Raven, Flywish, Sonic, and GGD:"XORAI!"

Flywish:"That guy gets tortured too easily! He is said to be the easiest penguin to torture."

Sonic:"Let's kidnap him!"

They all went back downstairs and everyone was gone.

Flywish:"Where is everyone?"

They looked outside the door, and unsurprisingly, the final battle was in progress.

GGD:"Of course they would!"

Flywish:"I already sent out Jock and Xinston to fetch Xorai."

A few hours later, the war was still in progress and Xorai still wasn't in the base. Flywish was worried that Jock was dead and Xinston was tied up. But then finally, Jock and Xinston came in holding a chair that Xorai was strapped up in, having a cloth over his beak, he could barely talk.

Xorai (muffled):"GET ME OUT OF HERE!"


Sonic:"Set him down in the corner over there, We'll do all the business."

Xorai (muffled):"RADCLAW! PLEASE DON'T!"

Xorai was set in the corner and Flywish was ready to torture him.

Flywish:"Hey Xorai, remember when we all tortured you by splashing water on your flippers?"

He ripped the cloth off of Xorai's beak. Xorai was finally able to talk.


Flywish:"NO! We need to know the whereabouts of Valeria!"

Xorai:"I won't tell you! HAHA!"

Flywish slapped him in the face hard.



Xorai:"Still not telling you!"

Flywish pulled out a bat and started smacking Xorai with it.

Flywish:"'Fessin' up?"


Flywish:"What can we do then?"

Sonic:"I think I know what we could do!"

Sonic pulled out a switchblade knife. Xorai's eyes jumped wide open.

Raven:"Don't think that we won't use it on you!"



Xorai:"OKAY I CONFESS! She has been kidnapped by Falcon and is being held hostage!"

Flywish:"GOOD! Now surrender the war dummy!"

He tipped the chair over and went upstairs to get some weapons for the save. Xorai went back to the base, gathered up his army and left.

Flywish stood on a balcony built in a mountain with an RPG in his flippers. He lay down on his belly to slide down the mountain. he aimed the RPG at the door of the base.

Flywish:"Falcon, it had to come to this, you played enough games, you wanna mess with me like that? OKAY! SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!"

He shot the rocket and it hit the door


He put the RPG on his back and slid down the mountain. He made it down and went inside the base. Inside he found Valeria tied up. Falcon noticed Flywish and looked at him.

Falcon:"Well, here you are!"

Flywish pulled out a pistol and aimed at Falcon.


Falcon:"You shoot me, I kill her!"

Valeria:"Flywish, HELP!"

Flywish put the gun down in fear that he would miss. Then a bunch of SubTerrans pounced on him holding him down. He couldn't get out of their clutch.

Falcon:"DUMMY! I was going to kill her anyway!"

Falcon pulled out a Knicicle and stabbed Valeria. Valeria fell to the ground dead. Flywish watched dreadfully, she died the same way his father did.


He tried blinking his eyes three times but he wouldn't wake up.

Falcon:"You aren't dreaming!"

He left the base leaving Flywish crying at the loss of his wife. He had experienced what happened to him three years ago. Suddenly, his sorrow turned to anger. With all his might he reached for the Knicicle in his hoodie pocket. He struggled, he strained himself, he did all he could. He finally grabbed it. He stuck it in the ground to perform a Knicicle Slash.

Flywish:"KNICICLE SLASH!!!!!!"


Troops were spread out all over the base. Flywish vigorously chased after Xaldi, but it was too late, he was already on the ladder of his chopper. It began to fly away. Flywish almost felt despaired. He knew that he wouldn't get his vengeance if Falcon didn't die. But then he realized that he still had his RPG on his back, he pulled it out shooting the helicopter down. It crashed into a tree and Falcon crawled away as the metal debris his the ground. He found himself standing face-to-face with Flywish.

Flywish:"Falcon, you better know that when you stand face-to-face with me, you end up dying!"


Flywish laughed. He thought that it was quite funny. Everyone knows when Flywish seeks vengeance he doesn't just let bygones be bygones.

He kicked Falcon to the ground and whipped out his pistol.


Flywish:"What Piper?"

Leonardo:"This puffle says he wants to give something to you, but we don't trust him!"

Chuck came up in between them.

Flywish:"Chuck is my puffle, he's a Von Injoface, but we still love each other like family."

Leonardo:"Oh, I apologize."

Chuck tossed Flywish his bat.

Chuck:"Finish him off with this!"

Flywish:"OK, Leonardo and Piper, you may want to go, I will be killing Xaldi."


Leonardo darted away not wanting to see Falcon's death.

Flywish:"Hey Piper, aren't you leaving?"

Piper:"NO! I want to help!"

Flywish:"OK! Shoot him in the wings and feet with this pistol!"

Piper:"Nah, I brought my machine gun!"


Piper began shooting up Falcon's limbs. Eventually, Falcon couldn't waddle nor crawl. He was helpless unless someone would would aid him. But there was no one around. He lay in fear. He was never feared. Suddenly, there was a very sinister and sadistic smile on Flywish's face. He began smacking Falcon with the bat. Eventually, he got tired. Falcon lay there bruised and battered.

Flywish:"Falcon Xaldi, you lost your own best friend, you were responsible for puffle deaths, YOU KILLED MY FATHER AND WIFE!"

Falcon:"Flywish... he told me to do it!"


Falcon:"He is inside my head! He was a voice this entire time!"

Flywish:"OK, but I don't care! I think this oughtta finish you off for good!"

He grabbed Xaldi's STINC hoodie and began dragging him to a nearby river.

Flywish:"Have a nice final swim!"

Falcon:"Flywish, I have one last thing to say to you!"

Flywish:"Speak now within your final minutes!"

Falcon:"You're a monster!"

Flywish:"SHUT UP!"

He then threw Falcon into the river. There was a waterfall nearby. Flywish, Chuck, and Piper walked along as Falcon cried for help! They walked until they came upon a waterfall. They watched Xaldi fall down it and waved their flippers. Floating out of the waterfall steam was Falcon Xaldi, lifeless as a fish out of water.

Flywish (laughing and sobbing):"It's over, its finally over!"

Chuck:"A historic war this was, such vengeance from a guy who just couped Liguria."

Flywish:"Yes, this certainly was a War of Vengeance."

Piper:"Well, might as well start packing for the travel back to Castilla."

Chuck:"Me too!"

They left Flywish staring at the river. He had a smile on his face. Suddenly, he had the thoughts of violence raging through his head. With an evil grin on his face. He decided to go to the battlefield to announce the death of Falcon. He went back. The battle was still going on. Piper and Chuck didn't announce Falcon's death apparently.


Malcur:"OK, now to leave"

Malcur teleported out, he was probably reluctant.

DTA left, as well as the Hun Elites. Wrath Ninja left declaring that He and SN were no longer allies. SN didn't really care. There was only Blary and the remaining SubTerrans which were still a lot. But everyone outnumbered them.

Flywish:"Now, you have two options!"

Blary:"Which are?"

Flywish:"One, you get out and STAY out of my sight for good, two, you get executed tomorrow!"

Blary:"I think we all will go with option one!"

Blary and SubTerrans left upon the request of Flywish. However, the entire Ligurian Army, Snoss Army, Castillan Army, and all of the allies cheered feeling pride.

SN:"I have won another battle!"

Carlos:"No you idiot! Flywish won! He killed Xaldi! Not you!"

Flywish:"Carlos is correct! But you technically won too! You are of the winning army!"

SN:"Rather not argue!"

They continued to cheer and agreed to a memorial service for the fallen Mama plus, a party to celebrate winning the war.


It was also confirmed that it would begin with the party. The next day, everyone began to leave the battlefield. Starting with the Snoss Army. The army boarded the jet waving to Flywish even though Swiss didn't want to, not liking Flywish that much until the formation of the AU. Then the Castillans left on the yacht that they arrived on. Finally, Flywish boarded the jet. Sonic boarding Flywish's ship since he was promoted during the war, and Valeria's death gave him some room. As the jet took off, Flywish sat in his seat, face buried in his flippers. Flywish II tried to comfort him.

Flywish II:"It's okay dad, you were able to pull it together when mom died, you can survive now."

Metal:"Yeah dad, plus, there's many other girls out there in the world. Maybe if you remarry again, this one won't slip away."

Flywish:"I hope so."

GGD:"Hey, I realized something! Rose was only part avenged."


Flywish:"I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life avenging Rose, and at least my second wife was avenged."

Sonic:"Flywish, this war was a milestone in your life! You did big things in four histroical wars! You put Ben Hun in his place, you finally found your long lost son, you couped Liguria, and you avenged your father!"

Flywish:"I think Xaldi got what was coming to him, but now, I always seem to have violence raging through my head."

Papa Tremezzo:"That's weird..."

Raven:"It's probably because you had to watch Valeria die."

Then suddenly, that evil grin on Flywish's face appeared again. Flywish thought of screaming Mwa Mwa Penguins, bombs bursting in the air, hardcore brawls, rival gangs at war, and then, Falcon falling down that waterfall.

Flywish:"I apologize, I think you're right Raven, I just had the thoughts again."

Everyone was creeped out. Flywish was worried they all thought he was going to kill somebody.

Flywish:"Listen, I am a penguin of my word, I will not kill anyone on this plane, I only kill enemies."

Metal:"Dad, we're okay, we just hope you don't snap."

Flywish:"With many CP Gold Coins, free healthcare, free cars, free reservations, free furniture, and a nice big mansion? NO WAY!"

It was nighttime when they got back, everyone was very tired so they went to sleep.

The next day, Flywish woke up smiling but with tears in his eyes. He had a bittersweet feeling about the war that had just been fought. He got up out of bed and walked to the window. He opened the doors to find crowds cheering for him. They were chanting.

Crowd:"Bevenuto casa Papa!"

Flywish smiled. He never felt this loved by everyone around him. After a short morning of everyone being awake, the Papa, his cabinet, and his secretaries walked out to see parties all over the cobblestone streets of Liguria. Flywish danced a little but then started to feel a little bit down after seeing couples dancing. But a beautiful woman passed by, she was apparently single. He went up to her.

Flywish:"Salve Signora"

Woman:"Salve Papa Flywish! It is an honor to meet you!"

Flywish:"Come ti chiami?"

Woman:"io sono Clarissa Moretti"

They chat a little bit, got to know each other, and then danced. After that, Flywish waddled away to go meet his sons. He saw his daughter playing games with her friends. He smiled and waved and she waved back. He found Flywish II dancing with LuXerra and Metal just walking Jitsu around the streets. Flywish decided not to interfere so he just went to get some cream soda and sat down on a bench where he greeted the fellow Ligurians. Flywish was very open to his citizens so many of them he recognized. He looked over to find Raywish, Kyle, and Rose smiling at him.

Kyle:"Great job brother, we think your violent rage will be fine"

Suddenly, he saw another ghost morphing. It was Valeria. He waved at her starting to tear up a little bit. As soon as they disappeared, he once again had his violent thoughts. Ligurians grew concerned and asked if he was OK. One even resorted to slapping him awake. He was successful.

Citizen:"Flywish, are you okay?"

Flywish:"Yeah, I was just thinking about something wonderful."

Citizen:"Okay then."

The citizen walked away. Flywish glanced over and saw his two sons walking up to him.

Metal:"Hey dad, why are you sitting here? Go out and mingle."

Flywish:"I danced with someone. That's all I did though."

Metal:"Why didn't you arrange a date with her?"

Flywish:"I don't know..."

Flywish II and Metal sat down. They watched the penguins dance, greeted citizens, and just talked.

Flywish II:"So, how do you feel about killing Falcon?"

Flywish:"I feel like I finally achieved something big. I couldn't kill Darktan, but killing Falcon made up for that."

Metal:"That's great"

Flywish put his arms around his sons.

Flywish:"There's an old Ligurian saying."

Flywish II:"What is that dad?"

Flywish:"Revenge is a dish best served cold!"

For the rest of the night, the partying went on. After that, A coffin was driven to the local cemetery where there was a gravestone prepared for Valeria. Her parents, her siblings, and her husband said their final goodbyes and put flowers on her grave. After that, they lowered her coffin into the ground. Ligurians grieved, but Flywish grieved the most. He had no violent thoughts for the rest of the night. After that, everyone went home. Flywish went home upset after seeing his second wife being buried. He hoped it wouldn't happen to his third wife. But he remembered that saying he had told his sons.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.


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