Warning von Brown

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Warning von Brown

Ein rocket genius
Born Warning von Brown
May 16, 1973 (1973-05-16) (age 47)
Residence Shops Island
Gender Male
Nationality Shopper
Other names Von Brown
Ethnicity Viking Penguin
Citizenship Alemanian
Education Alemanian private school, Alemanian college; Studied engineering
Alma mater Alemanian schools
Occupation Rocket Engineer
Years active 2012-
Employer SIA
Notable works Building large rockets
Salary 250 WB$ an hour
Net worth 550,000 WB$
Height 4.8 feet
Weight 105 lb.
Known for Being the deputy director and head rocket engineer of the SIA
Title Mr. Von Brown
Opponent(s) RDA, PSA
Partner Mito
Parents Yilk, Alicia Hochstadt
Call-sign Warning

Warning von Brown is an Alemanian scientist who acts as the deputy director and head rocket engineer of the SIA. He's known for building many powerful spacecraft, and being the (fake) father of Cheddar Ninja. He is also the younger brother of Red River 2. Biologically, he's a Hochstadt, but almost nobody, not even himself knows this. He was the youngest penguin born to Yilk and Alicia Hochstadt. Yet, Alicia didn't want him so she sent him into an adoption center.


Warning was hatched on May 16, 1973 to Yilk and Alicia Hochstadt. At the time, Alicia didn't want the child, so she gave him up for adoption to the Von Brown family in South Alemania. As a chick, he used to get highlighters and play with them like they were rockets. He also watched a lot of sci-fi, which sparked his interest in rocketry from a young age. When he was old enough, he moved to North Alemania, where he resided for a long time. However, his name wasn't forgotten, and Cheddar Ninja ended up getting told that Warning was his father. This is not true, however. When Cheddar confronted him, he simply slammed his door saying he did not know of this "Warning von Brown". In 2009, he moved to Ed Island and in 2010 he joined Ed Laboratories as a scientist. He tried all he could to start a rocket program, but nobody listened to him. All they were interested in were teleporting and muffcakes. He continued this fight until he heard about the SIA, and its call for rocket engineers. So, he moved once more to Shops Island in early 2013 and gained citizenship. After that, he became the SIA's head rocket engineer, and went on to design craft like the Spatium Station, and the Shopscovery. He still resides in Shops Island, and continues to make rocketeering breakthroughs.


Warning has made some very big accomplishments in his life, and his ego can match it. He's very egotistical, but not too egotistical. He's known to be very materialistic, and very driven. His co-workers have said his motivation is intimidating, and that it makes them feel like "they're never doing enough".


Warning is a disconnected member of the Hochstadt Family. He is brothers with Jock and Fuut-Ga, yet he was seceded from the family when he was cast off by his mother. Von Brown has been slow to acknowledge the fact that he's a Hochstadt by blood. Even though there is a large age difference, he and his SIA co-worker Penquino von Mito Alexa Mitochondryiette II (commonly known as Mito) married in 2010 and have had 2 children, Cp kiddo and Cp kidette. His former wife was named Penelope von Brown.


Warning is credited with being the head designer of ALL of the SIA's rockets, and many other innovations for Ed Laboratories. His genius sent Shoppers to space, to the moon, and beyond.

Although he also participated greatly in the Great Space Race of 2013, most credit for those craft is spread out over the vast majority of SIA scientists. Von Brown still remains best known for his innovation with fuel-burning rockets.


Warning's adoptive father took part in the Khanzem War, and still supported Khanzem even after its fall. This gave Shoppers a suspicion that he also supported Khanzem; Which he actually did, as a child because his father brainwashed him. He later started thinking for himself and rejected Khanzem. Even after becoming a Shops Island citizen, some people still doubted his allegiance and a song about him went viral on WaddleTube:

Warning von Brown

Gather round while I sing you of Warning von Brown,

A penguin whose allegiance is ruled by expedience.

Call him a Naughtzee he won't even frown.

"Ha! Naughzee Schmaughtzee!" says Warning von Brown.

Don't say that he's hypocritical,

Say rather that he's apolitical.

"Once ze rockets up, who cares vhere they come down?"

"That's not my department." says Warning von Brown.

Some have harsh words for this penguin of renown,

But some think our attitude

should be one of gratitude,

Like the widows and cripples in ol' Snowdon town

Who owe their large pensions to Warning von Brown.

You too may be a big hero,

Once you've learned to count backwards to zero.

"In German oder English I know how to count down,

und I'm learning Chinese." says Warning von Brown!



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