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There goes the sun....jpg
The beautiful scenery from Shield Island, Weddell
National name State of Weddell
Country USA
Capital city Shield Island
Largest city Shield Island
Formation 2000s
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles, Good Seals, Turtle
Other info
Population 3,210,062 (not counting Freezelandian territories)
Location Northern USA
Alliances US States
Neighbours Antarctic Peninsula, Freezeland

Weddell refers to both the sea and the state of the United States of Antarctica, with Freezeland also having free travel across the state and some influence in the state's affairs. Wedged between Freezeland and the Antarctic Peninsula, the islands in Weddell mainly depend on the turtle shells that are in great abundance, with trade and fishing also playing a part in the state's economy. The state is the smallest state in the United States of Antarctica by population and was previously a part of Sub-Antarctica until it became its own state in 2009.


Weddell Sea was unknown when it founded, but came to as turtle shells are found in that common area. They then tried to name the island "Turtle Sea", but that name was already given to a sea in Dorkugal. They tried Shield Sea, which was not good enough. Finally, Dorkugese who were researching a mysterious site called Wikipedia found an article on the exact same sea as the one described here. Seeing as there was no reason not to name the sea after the mysterious article, the government went on and issued the new name: Weddell Sea. It is now one of the USA's most busy shipping routes.

In January 2009, the area was ceded by the state of Sub-Antarctica to become a new state known as Weddell, and it became the newest state in the United States of Antactica. Margate had some influence in the state's affairs until later, around March, when Freezeland signed a contract with the main controller USA to take control of many islands nearby it. It is said that several more islands had been found and claimed by Freezeland. Margate planned to take control of it instead, but gave up the idea, having annexed Sherby Hoodwounds and MCI close to them.


Weddell Sea is situated between Freezeland and the Antarctic Peninsula with many islands located in it, all surrounded by a giant sea of ice. They are controlled by either the USA or Freezeland, with the United States of Antarctica controlling most of the islands and the surrounding waters. The islands are categorized out by whom they are controlled by and what they are part of. Each of the islands owned by the United States of Antarctica and its surrounding seas in Weddell makes up a county, with Weddell having a total of five counties.

Antarctican Weddell[edit]

Territory Capital Population Notes
Turtle Atoll Shell City 1,045,553 The unofficial capital for the turtle population in Antarctica, the atoll is also where the exiled Turtly is headquartered at.
Shield Island Shield City 1,572,348 The capital of the state, penguins from the already-crowded mainland flee there.
Dessert Island N/A 40,095 The proclaimed 'capital of desserts' is mostly unrecognized, despite being annexed in 2006.
Seal Island New Sealville 14,142 The unofficial capital for the good seal population in Antarctica.
Doble Islands Grenanda 537,924
Unclaimed Islands N/A Unknown Self-governed, no country has formally claimed them nor have they gained independence or recognition by other governments. Treated by the international community as territory of Weddell.

Freezelandian Weddell[edit]


  • Mainly, fisherpenguins are found in the sea to search for items. Tourists could also be found in both the sea if to see the sunset (if they can't afford to go to Sunshine Fjord or to relax in the beautiful boat they are in, and in Dessert Island where most tourists eat chocolate from Chocolate Waterfall.
  • In Turtle Island, the majority of turtles in USA live there or originated from there and could be mostly seen in Shell City.
  • Lastly, in Shield Island, penguins and crabs roam the streets of Shield City and Beach Town.


The fisherpenguins fish for:


In Dessert Island, you could mainly get chocolate and other dessert.

  • In Turtle Island and the sea, you could get Turtle Shells as it is the island's main trade. But these are artificial, due to the ban on real Turtle Shells.
  • In Shield Island, coconuts could be obtained in the summer, "edible snow" in winter and fish in both seasons.
  • Isle Royale also servers as a base Freezeland's for Freezeland's navy.
  • The South Pole Council representative for Weddell is Kwiksilver.

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