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Welcome00 Pinguin
It's HIM!
Title Welcome00
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Good
Health Healthy (100%)
Level 20
Status Boss
Location South Pole City
Birth date November 25, 1989 (1989-11-25) (age 29)
Occupation Working at the BoF
Interests Unknown
Friends Since he can be reluctantly likeable, many
Enemies Due to his popping-up-in-unexpected-places (e.g. teleportation) habit, some
Archetype Good

Welcome00, real name Richard Septimus Pinguin, is an Adelie Penguin who lives in South Pole City. He is the founder of WelCo, a moderately big company. He is also part of the Bureau of Fiction. In his past, he was also a prominent political figure in Shops Island, introducing government reforms and serving as governor of both Eastern Shops and Western Shops.


Early Life[edit]

Richard hatched on the 25th of November, 1989, exactly a month before Christmas. This made his parents extremely happy, and once Christmas came, they (and his other relatives) showered him in gifts. He was very liked as a chick, being very well-behaved and polite, and having nice handwriting. After eight years, in 1997, he grew very spoilt, and thought he was one of the best penguins that ever lived. One day, he was taken on a visit to his father's laboratory, where he, his father being a hardworking scientist and alchemist, worked for the EPF. Unfortunately, there had been a large box that was strictly confidential and only for his father's eyes, and Richard, the posh prankster he was, opened it and hid inside it. More unfortunately, everybody forgot about him until everybody had gone home, and Richard's father had to go back to the laboratory to find him.

When he went there, the first thing he did was open the box, which he noticed was unlocked, and saw his son wailing inside a mysterious machine, which was, as Welcome00 later suspects, a thing that gave out strange teleportation rays which was for developing a teleportation machine for the EPF. His father gave him a good box on the ears, and then grounded him for 24 hours for bad behavior, causing Richard to regain his senses and learn not to act like a rich, spoilt chick. Due to Richard having toyed with the machine while he was inside the box (and thus made it look like an odd piece of space junk), it was disposed of, and since it was extremely confidential, everybody eventually forgot about it, and what its properties were.

Three years later, when Richard was 10 going on 11, he had finally shaken off the (albeit faint) memories of the almost traumatic experience of being stuck inside the box, but no sooner had he forgotten that awful experience that he suddenly discovered he could teleport, forcing him to remember the incident again, in a peculiar serendipity: the family took a break from work and went to a Halloween party, and the hosts were taking all the dishes when a particularly unfortunate maid slipped on a wet piece of pumpkin and dropped the plates. Thinking she was going to lose her job, she somehow managed to get up and ran off sobbing into the night, but before the plates could touch the ground, Richard had suddenly disappeared and reappeared at the spot where the maid had dropped them, causing the plates to land neatly on his flipper (actually a pointless act as they were made of unbreakable china), and then, putting the plates on the table, teleported to where the maid was (merely by thought), and had reassured her that she wasn't going to lose her job and guided her back to the igloo.

Everybody was stupefied about what happened, and realized that if it wasn't for Richard, the maid would likely have never be found again, and more likely to become a madman from depression. While the maid was pardoned for dropping the plates (for it was whoever who dropped the wet pumpkin's fault), Richard was given the nickname to what he is more well-known as - "Welcome" for managing to pop up unexpectedly in random places, and "00" for his ability to teleport from one place to another. As mentioned before, this incident caused him to recall what happened on that fateful day as he was 9, and wonder whether that was the machine's purpose.

Later Life[edit]

A few years later, Welcome00, in 2011 (age 22), he inexplicably moved to Shops Island and somehow managed to quickly become a political figure there, perhaps with the help of friends in high places. He eventually created his own party (the "Welcome Penguin's Group"), and was growing increasingly powerful in influence and governing, when, in late 2012, the Depression started, and supported the three-percent monthly income tax. Unlike many of his fellow comrades, he managed to escape being arrested by pretending to be a tourist who is slow on the uptake, and once he was convinced the fuss was over, he returned to the government (albeit without reviving his destroyed group, who all supported the taxes), and did his new home-country a good turn by proposing a good plan for the island's transportation system. Once this happened, everybody supported him immediately, causing everybody to forget whom he sided with in his earlier years. This also allowed him to become a governor for Western Shops, causing him to have a good public opinion.

He then decided to take a holiday, and consequently teleported, at 30th December 2012, to Club Penguin, where he was first spotted playing a UGFA 13 game. Unknowingly to him, Star Kirby12, Nicktang10, Clovis and Leonardo had been sucked inside the supercomputer he was playing on, causing Star to become a commentator for the game. He was slow on the uptake, but, with instructions by Leonardo (originally by Nick), he managed to get them out. He then allied with the group, and got a time gun, but unfortunately at that moment the radioactive Mabel, growing 11 times bigger than she previously was, spread a radioactive glow on them and made them drop their guns, causing them to need to go to Gary's lab, while Clovis and Leonardo went to try and arrest Questisbak.

Suddenly feeling like he was of absolutely no use whatsoever, he then decided to teleport to what he thought was the back of X and got infected with uranium, causing Star, once he found him, to kick him back to Club Penguin. While Star was kicking him, however, a small piece of titanium he was holding fell into Welcome's flippers, allowing him to treat himself somehow, and then teleport to inside a Pie Tank full of OxiPies, most of which he ate while the fighting was going on. Feeling like he could do with some help, he then put the rest of the OxiPies in a bag and teleported to the hospital where Star was, and lived on the pies for three days running when he decided to pop up from underneath Star's bed in order to ask whether he could use Jock's coins.

Once Star had recovered, Welcome was one of the first penguins to welcome him, and gave him the valuable information that he was there because a robber was around, ready to destroy the island with their fireworks, which he found out while disguising as a pizza delivery penguin. After giving this valuable nugget of information, he realized that if the gang didn't stop the robber in time, then he would be destroyed, so, for his greater safety, he returned to Shops Island.

Unfortunately, a few weeks later in January 2013, he caught a terrible illness for two months, and almost died. He then used this as an excuse, by saying that his health forced him to return to Club Penguin for a two-month holiday (admittedly, he was getting a little bored of seeing shops every time he walked out of a door), and thus took the next plane out. By doing this, he managed to escape The Great Yowien War which started in May 2013, and, because of this, he couldn't return to his home, and thus ended his career as a politician.

Later-Current Life[edit]

Unfortunately, he had arrived bang on April 1st, and as a consequence as soon as he teleported into The Town he found it being called "Mabelopolis". He immediately said "Oh, SHUT UP!" at Mabel who inexplicably was beside him, and in almost no time found that a huge blast had knocked off most of the Mabel decorations, but then, sensing penguins in distress, teleported to Nicktang10's computer to help Nick himself teleport to Antarctica. Being inside a computer, Nick's teleportation machine didn't work, and, helplessly leaving Nick there, he felt suddenly exhausted and wanted a holiday, and then decided to teleport to a football match in Puffle'and, where he supported all the losing teams (causing him to say "No one cares!"), and magically disappeared for two years.


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