Wentley City

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Wentley City
The city.
Located on Charles Island
Key details
Type Seaport
Level 50
Location Charles Island, New North Etana
Inhabitants Penguins and puffles

Wentley City is the first penguin settlement in the newest state - New North Etana. Located on the peaceful Charles Island, the port trades with a few ports in the country. It's not the capital of the state, as it is still unchosen. The city is built in a similar theme to Grenanda, in Doble Islands - the original Etana State. As New North Etana joined the USA in 30th of March 2009, there has to be transport to the city. It is being planned. As the city was growing, a mayor was chosen. Currently, Ellisabeta is the mayor. When NNE Movie Studios has grown more popular, and more penguins started to arrive there, some new airlines were created, called Airlines of New North Etana. The Airport in Wentley is mainly operated by Airlines of New North Etana.


The city was the first one in the newly founded state. Currently it is the richest city in the state. Five sixth of Etana immigrants started a settlement here in the 5th of April 2009. The city is planned not to take place in the whole Charles Island, some of the island is going to be nice park. The city may become as big, as Club Penguin City is now in 2019, so there is no hurry (and progress) with these things. Wentley may be called a city, when its' population grow three times bigger, so currently there is no hurry with any plans for the city.


The climate is something between the Warmslateian and Etanian, so it is not Antarctica cold, and not Warmslateian hot. There is the cold time (11-02), medium time (03-06), and the warm time (07-10). The island is not a holiday resort, but the local community enjoys the warm weather.


The city may be not called a city, as it is still a village. It was built on the southern part of the Charles Island. The island has some nice beaches near the city. In the other parts of the island there are temperate-climate forests. Many penguins enjoy walks and camping there. The South Pole Council after a debate promised, that they have to leave at least a half of the forest. So everybody is happy, as the city might grow in the other small islands around this one, and this will make it the only city on more then three islands. In the city, a famous movie-making company - NNE Movie Studios is placed. There is a seaport built, too! It provides connection with key ports in the USA, such as Club Penguin Island, Frostborough, or Sealville. From there, ships go to Kanapa City, as well.