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PWNing Imperial State of REAL Pengolia
West Pengolia
Flag of West Pengolia
AnthemA World of PWNAGE!
National Symbol
Location of West Pengolia
West Pengolia's location in bright red, East Pengolia's location in dark red.
(and )
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages Leet, Penguin Mongolian Scrawl
Species  Khanz Penguins
Demonym Western Khanz
Government Totalitarian Sortition-based Dynastic Autocracy
 -  Founded 2003 
 -  Annexation into USA 2007 
 -  Khan Split May 1st, 2009 
 -  2016 estimate 5,000,000 
 -  2016 census 5,990,972 
Currency Khanz
Drives on the Right
Calling code 661

West Pengolia, formally PWNing Imperial State of REAL Pengolia, and known in other parts of the USA as the State of Pengolia, is a rugged terrain full of former-warrior penguins who call themselves "The Khanz". Their leader is Penghis Khan who is said to be a great leader, though he is really grumpy and only half the size of a normal penguin, and the heir to the throne is Koobly Khan. They hesitantly joined the USA in 2007. The head of state in the state is randomly selected, making the dynasty a risky business.


Settled by the descendants of Sigurd and Bacchus thousands of years ago, Pengolia's harsh, inhospitable terrain made it unconquerable and undesirable by most. For years, Pengolia was populated by the native Khanz nomadic race, who moved from one place to another around the country in search of resources, as the land was inhospitable for farming. The land stayed independent since it was difficult to conquer and hold by any regional power, until the powerful Land of Lord Guin finally conquered it in 900 BC, uniting it with the rest of Antarctica.

However, constant raids by nomadic tribes and Viking groups contributed to the fall of the Land of Lord Guin, and Pengolia became independent once more. For many years, Antarctica changed hands from one empire to another, but nobody wanted to waste soldiers or time to conquer the Khanz, as they were a fierce warrior people and the land had little natural resources, so it was left alone. However, The powerful High Penguin Confederacy managed to finally conquer all of Antarctica, and the nomadic Khanz were united as one in the High Penguin Confederacy province of Dëne Sųłiné.

For over a thousand years, there was prosperity in the land, until a Khanz penguin named Whoot Smackler Whoot gathered all the Lesser Penguins and rebelled against the High Penguin Confederacy, overthrowing the regime. He united half of Antarctica into Khanzem, and there was a long, deadly five year war that followed, known as the Khanzem. In the end, the Good Guys came out victorious, and to this day, High Penguin, still have much hatred for Pengolia and Khanz Penguins for their destruction of the High Penguin Confederacy.

After the High Penguin Confederacy collapsed, Antarctica changed hands from the Snowman Empire, to Olde Antarctica, and then to Colonial Antarctica. Pengolia remained under Puffish rule for nine years, but later also participated in the Colonial Antarctica War, rebelling against Puffish colonial rule, in which they gained independence afterwards as an independent country. The Khanz accepted Penghis Khan as their leader, and he remained their leader even after Pengolia became a state of the United States of Antarctica in 2007.

The Khan Split[edit]

Main article: East Pengolia

Around 2009, the eastern half of Pengolia began planning to free themselves from the oppressive rule of Penghis Khan. One penguin, Bolsheevic Penguinsky, along with Bambadoo of the shoe incident and several others, donned magenta coats and set off to split the state in two. After a detailed war, Penguinsky and Bambadoo revolted and formed East Pengolia, beginning the rivalry of East and West Pengolia. Penghis Khan immediately ordered the worlds largest curtain rod to be constructed, and he had the Steel Drapes hung over it.

Foreign Aid[edit]

In October 2013, a deal was struck between the short-lived High Empire of Nexon and Penghis Khan, the leader of West Pengolia. Nexon agreed to invest in West Pengolia's economy, infrastructure and military. Nexonan officers were also brought in to train the West Pengolian soldiers. The deal ended abruptly when Nexon was defeated in the Fall of Nexon and annexed into Margate, ending the agreement.

However, in 2017, the Acadian government stepped in and offered to continue improving West Pengolia's military, as Acadia was enemies with East Pengolia and wanted to ally with West Pengolia, which had a rivalry with East Pengolia. The Acadian president, Brant Esser, personally met with Penghis Khan and formed an agreement to combat East Pengolia. Acadia attempted to build a military base in West Pengolia and send troops to be stationed along the border with East Pengolia, but these were thwarted by the South Pole Council and the US Executive branch. Despite this, Acadia still poured millions of dollars of foreign aid into the state.


The wonderful land of Pengolia... you can see Penghis Khan's palace on the left cliff.

West Pengolia is a rugged, windy terrain full of hills, with barely any trees, though there are large expanses of steppe lands. There are few major rivers in the state as well. Additionally, there are also a lot of pointy rocks around the state for penguins to step on. Some of West Pengolia is located on the Ross Ice Shelf, and during the summer, there are crevasses that where you could fall and drown in. The Trans-Antarctic Mountains surround West Pengolia west-by-south-west, and the Ross Ice Shelf to the west of the state.

The capital is called Ulaansnowtar, which was built in 2009 under the advice of Red River 2. Ulaansnowtar was expanded after brief Nexonan investment in 2013, with new buildings being built in the outskirts and large buildings being built in the city center. Currently, there are three towns of note, Ulaansnowtar, the capital, Itsy Bitsy Tiny Micro Town, the state's only port, and Patric Town, on the border with Trans-Antarctica. Unlike most of Antarctica, where penguins often live in large groups and cities, many Pengolians are secluded nomads, living only in families or small groups, moving once an area gets too crowded. The towns are a mix of Pengolians and an increasing amount of immigrants from other states and countries that aren't used to the Pengolian nomad lifestyle.


Although West Pengolia uses the Fish and Club Penguin Gold Coin as their currency since they are a state of the United States of Antarctica, the state also has its own currency, a blue cube called the Khan with the state's official motto, GET OUT, inscribed on it. A USA Fish, or Club Penguin Coin is equal to about 100 Khans. Both the locals and tourists use the Fish and Club Penguin Gold Coin since it is easier for transactions, while the Khan is mostly used by the locals. Some in West Pengolia have campaigned for the Khan to be phased out, but nothing has been done about this.


Because West Pengolia is a state of the United States of Antarctica, the government of West Pengolia is in theory supposed to be like other states, with a governor and a legislature, but instead Penghis Khan is a dictator who calls himself "Emperor" and there is no legislature. Instead of elections, Penghis Khan has a successor, Koobly Khan, who is randomly selected. Many penguins consider the state to be a sortition based Autocracy. Complaints have been made questioning the system's legality, but the nation's Constitution makes no such requirements for the states, letting them have the autonomy to set up their own governments and rule themselves to a certain extent.

West Pengolia is also represented by Penghis Khan in the South Pole Council, voted in by West Pengolians. Everyone voted for Penghis knowing that if they didn't, they would be whacked by a mullet.


West Pengolia's economy is mainly based on agriculture, on whatever land is hospitable for farming, and manufacturing. Many of the farms are for raising fish, which are either used for food or slapping. New technologies in farming have allowed the West Pengolians to grow more on the little hospitable land they currently have. The factories mainly produced spare parts for machines, computers and cars. The West Pengolians have also started building their own planes for the Air Force, thanks to some new technology given by Nexon, and later Acadia.

Another way the Khanz made a living is by brute force, which is divided into several sections. Some West Pengolians work in the new army, while others pillaged and looted East Pengolian towns and villages by sneaking across the border between the two countries. This line of work is more dangerous, but very rewarding, as some successful pillagers managed to retire earlier than most Pengolians. However, drawback to pillaging East Pengolian villages is that you may be killed by the border guards on the East Pengolian side and you must give 5-10% of your loot to Penghis Khan.


  • Total Population: 5,000,000
  • Urban Population: 300,000 (in Ulaansnowtar)


Pre Foreign Aid[edit]

Before the period of foreign aid, West Pengolia's military was extremely outdated and unorganized, with most soldiers only being armed with a bow and a sword and being mostly unequipped. Few soldiers in the military had firearms, and the military overall had few outdated aircraft and ships from the False War era, and no tanks. After the military's defeat in the independence war with East Pengolia, Penghis Khan attempted to fix this problem by buying equipment and weapons from foreign countries, but the military still remained mostly unequipped and unorganized.

Post Foreign Aid[edit]

After Nexonan being providing funding to the West Pengolian military, the state's military began to buy more equipment and weapons. Penghis Khan completely disbanded the old West Pengolian military in 2013, replacing it with the West Pengolia National Guard, consisting of 20,000 soldiers, which was restructured and reorganized under the advice of the Nexonan advisers. Every single soldier was given standard equipment and weapons, including a standard rifle, and the air force and navy were expanded.

Although this ended after the Fall of Nexon, the effects from the short Nexonan involvement remained, and the West Pengolia National Guard was much more powerful than before. In 2017, the Acadian government struck a similar deal with the West Pengolian government, sending funding to the West Pengolian military and sending instructors to train the troops.


The National Flag of West Pengolia. Penghis Khan drew this on a children's menu while eating his imperial dinner.

To the top-left, one can see Penghis Khan. To the right, the words "PWNAGE!" is scrawled alongside it. The final words in blue, read "PENGHIS KHAN SAYS: GET OUT!"
  • West Pengolia has special Crown Jewels, which will be used for the Inaugration of the next Pengolian Autocrat.
  • This entire land and its leader are a direct, intentional parody of Mongolia and Genghis Khan.
  • Despite being an official state of the USA, West Pengolia still has its own flag. Some penguins consider this severely disrespectful, but when Penghis Khan was asked why his state has its own flag, Penghis Khan responded:
"Penghis Khan was bored and eating his Imperial Dinner. The waitor gave Penghis Khan a children's menu, and Penghis Khan ordered from it. (A children's menu? Really?) While the food was cooking, Penghis Khan saw a section of the menu that said "draw a picture that makes you happy". So Penghis Khan drew a flag. Later, Penghis Khan's subjects scanned Penghis Khan's flag, an they made it the official flag of Pengolia. Penghis Khan enjoys having his picture on a wavy piece of paper."
  • "Fish Slapping" is a reference to a sketch by the British comedy group "Monty Python's Flying Circus". See [1]
    • The creator of the article was actually referencing to Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, however, as fish slapping was present there, too.
  • Penghis Khan officially banned the Burger Khan franchise in West Pengolia. He deems it insulting.
  • The next heir to Penghis Khan's throne is Koobly Khan.
  • There are lots of hackers. This is usually where they end up when they try to CP Trainer themselves into the USA instead of coming into port.
  • Ironically, the penguin residents themselves (known as The Khanz) are also pretty grumpy. Mess with them, and you will receive a nasty slap upon the face... with a fish. A BIG fish.
  • Herbert Horror lives underground beneath Penghis Khan's castle.
  • Abyss Knights roam this place daily. They shape-shift and blend easily with other Khanz Penguins.
  • Doom Knights roam West Pengolia daily as well, looking to challenge Penghis Khan to a fish-duel.
  • worms live here, but Are rarely seen, but commonly seen in East Pengolia.

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