Western Shops Industrial Division

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Industrial Division
A port along the Western Shopper coast.
Key details
Type Industrial area
Location Western Shops
Inhabitants Penguins, ThreePio Units

The Western Shops Industrial Division is an unofficial region in Western Shops, Shops Island. It's the manufacturing hub of the island, and is set on a barren landscape. The city Goberna is the designated capital of the division.


The Industrial Division was started and officially "formed" in early 2012 by Bro, as the designated region of where all manufacturing would be done there. Most of the factories were developed along the coasts and river deltas, so items could be easily exported to other countries. All the ports, collectively, are the richest total exports area in Shops. The area has undergone much expansion throughout 2012 and 2013, as it became the industrial and factory hub of Shops. Many penguins who live in Western Shops work in these factories.

The Industrial Division was specially designed so all pollution was swept westward, out to sea. This was to deter protests from environmentalists. It wasn't fully effective, however.

A smaller port along the coast of Western Shops


The Industrial complexes that line the western coast of the state, along the Shops Sea, mainly compose of product manufacturing, such as textiles, furniture, automobiles, and others. There are also oil refineries along the shores and in deltas, and many ports. Many billions of WB$ worth of products are imported and exported daily.


There are many different types of manufacturing complexes spread across the Industrial Division. Such include:

  • Textile Mills
  • Oil Refineries (along the coast)
  • Automobile Assembly plants
  • Steel Mills/Refineries
  • Mines
  • Pulp/Paper Mills
  • Sawmills
  • Port Facilities
  • Assortments of different Factories


The Industrial Division is often criticized by environmentalists for all the pollution produced by the manufacturing plants. However, Shops has avoided and denied allegations, as all pollution gets swept out to sea.

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