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Western Union new capital construction negotiatons
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Publisher Western Union
Published Jan-Feb 2016

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The idea to construct a brand new capital for the Western Union started as far ago as late 2014 and early 2015. As more and more countries joined the union, the debate on creating a new capital, independent of all 6 states, grew more important. In July 2015 the president of Acadia brought the issue to light and talks were held on deciding whether to construct a new capital. The 6 leaders a new capital will have to be created soon.


The idea to construct a capital independent of all member states for the Western Union was created as early as late 2014. The issue was only brought to light after July 2015, when the Acadian president proposed starting construction on a new capital. The Western Union members eventually agreed that one day in the future, a new city will be created. Throughout autumn 2015, the parliaments of the member states of the union voted on creating a new capital; all 6 members agreed. In December 2015 and January 2016 started negotiations on where to build the city.

Proposals where the city can be[edit]

Near Margatian waters (REJECTED)[edit]

This idea was recognized as the most popular one. Many penguins feel the capital of the union should be in Margatian waters. Margatian President Frederick Mueller said that a city floating on the sea would be constructed to act as the capital if this idea passes, while some Margatian leaders suggested building an artificial island. If this solution is adopted, the matter will be debated in the Circular Parliament.

This proposal was rejected in a WU vote on January 9th, 2016.

In the Puffepelago, United Provinces (REJECTED)[edit]

Few suggest the capital be in Puffepelago, an archipelago next to the main island of the United Provinces; opponents to this proposal claim that this would give United Provinces even more power in the union, possibly too much. The proposal is widely accepted in the islands, as it is expected to boost tourism and economy in the area, which isn't widely known and also not exactly the richest part of the United Provinces.

This proposal was rejected by the United Provinces.

Acadia be declared capital of the Union[edit]

Most Acadians claim the capital should be in Acadia itself; most penguins disagree, and state a neutral city should be a Western Union capital. President Brant Esser has shown support of this, stating that the capital of the (even though, in reality, it isn't) is in Shopper territory, as an example. In Acadia, there is so much support to the point that a building is being built in Acadia that will serve as the headquarters of the Western Union. The proposal is also popular due to the fact that far less money will be needed, because only one building will be built, rather than a whole city. Proponents for this proposal instead of Amataria argue that Acadia is located right in the "center of the union", as in, it's not really far away from all other member states like Amataria is.

3 member states of the union voted in favor of Delphi becoming the capital of the Western Union; however, 3 member states also chose to vote for Amataria. Another round of negotiations is expected to take place through the next week.

Small island near Amataria[edit]

This was proposed by the king of Amataria, Amigopen, right on the day the WU parliament was supposed to vote. It won 3 member states in the voting period, resulting in a tie with Acadia. Further rounds of talks, debates and more are going to take between January 9th and January 16th.

Many penguins disagree Amataria should host the WU capital, because of its distance from all other member states.

Fort Joseon (REJECTED)[edit]

This isn't a joke. There are people who actually think some faraway military base right on the border with another country should be the capital of the union. This proposal was immediately rejected, because of the fact it is a Snowinian territory and will therefore give Snowiny more power. It is also far from all of the Western Union countries.


  • The most likely choice for where the capital can be constructed would probably be near Margatian waters.
    • The third choice, Acadia, is also widely accepted, due to its close proximity to most Western Union nations.
  • The three other proposals will be debated in the Circular Parliament throughout the year, and plans are already being drawn out.
  • On January 9th, Acadia and Amataria remained the last two candidates to host the capital city of the Western Union. They are currently in a tie and debates are supposed to take place soon.

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