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Confederation of the Western Shield States
"The Northwestern Part of Eastshield"
Flag of Westshield
Motto"Penguin Anti-Socialites, Endeavour in Compromise, Independent and Not In Conform to The Norm"
AnthemIt's a Brand New Day
Our Neighbour's Dreaded Emblem
Location of Westshield
Territory they THINK THEY govern. In actuality, they govern only a small portion of Eastshield as indicated in part of the purple.
Largest City ShieldtownShieldtown
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages English, Croatian
Species  Adelie, Emperor and King Penguins.
Demonym Westshieldian
Government confederation, socially democratic
 -  Le Minister Ibis
 -  Le Horre Ibis II
Separation from colony During Colonial Antarctica war 
 -  Protests 1995 - 2000 
 -  "War with the USA" 2001 - 2002 
 -  Western States formation 2003 
 -  Request for state October 2005 
 -  Republic of Confederate States of Antarctica formation & dissolve 2006 
 -  The Happyface War 2008 
 -  2011 estimate 3,000,000 
 -  2011 (copied from estimate as Warden was lazy) census 700000 
 -  Density 500000/km2 
500,000/sq mi
Currency No official currency
Does not observe Daylight Savings.
Drives on the Right (follows USA)
Calling code 770 (alongside USA)

The Confederation of the Western Shield States, also known as Westshield or "The Northwestern Part of Eastshield" , is an unrecognised state bordering the Happyface State, Eastshield and Polaris SAD. It claims to be an independent state after separation during the Colonial Antarctica war. The country has been in constant conflict with the USA and other states, and has been isolated from the rest of Antarctica due to this stubbornness. It is also part of an alliance known as the Western States, whose other members include Penguin Plains (Westshield's rival) and Regal Leouvre, an area in southern Freezeland.


During the Colonial Antarctic War, a group of protestors from several different colonies joined together to seek the independence of a new state that governs the entirety of Antarctica, neither siding the Revolutionists nor the Loyalists. However, due to the lack of technology at the time, not many noticed this small group of protesters, even as they went on to declare their own states in 1998, the more democratic ones forming a new state altogether known as Westshield.

In 2001, the formation of the USA led to a new round of talks that eventually failed as Westshield was within their territory. This, in turn, led to the beginning of the "War with the USA", a supposed conflict that took place within the upper realms of Eastshield. However, no evidence exists to this day that the war actually took place apart from government reports and announcements. The war supposedly ended with the country gaining "more territory", consisting of several villages near the border between the Happyface State and Eastshield.

In 2003, Westshield recognised the need for a united alliance between unrecognised or exiled states. As a result, the Western States was formed, with Penguin Plains and Regal Leouvre, an area in southern Freezeland, joining the alliance. However, disputes were common between the three states as they had conflicting opinions and political views.

In 2004, Westshield gained recognition from Regal Leouvre and the Penguin Plains. Trade started between the three "countries" stuff increased. In 2005, a request to the USA for a formal, legalised state within the USA was rejected due to "unrecognised tally" and "Eastshield's already a state, duh".

January the First, 2006 marked the start of a new country that became known as the Republic of the Confederate States of Antarctica, or shortened to the Confederate States of Antarctica. The country consisted of Westshield, the Penguin Plains and Regal Leouvre, along with occupied territory within the Happyface State and Archet. Immediately, troops from HF State, Archet and Eastshield were sent in to curb the "revolution". Within four days, the republic was no more.