What Tambourine

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What Tambourine
What Tambourine
*excessively loud techno music*
Born What Tambourine
May 16, 1973 (1973-05-16) (age 46)
Died 5000
Cause of Death Techno withdrawal
Species Penguin
Race Adelie Penguin
Gender Male
Residence ChillIslandFlag.png Chill Island
Citizenship ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
TechnoState.png Techno State
Political Career
President of the Techno State
May 2017 – Incumbent
Grandmaster DJ DJ Duke
Lord of the Dance Raveous

Speaker.png Click here to listen to What Tambourine's theme!

What Tambourine is a very eccentric penguin, the president of the Techno State, and the world's biggest techno fan. He is notorious for playing techno music way too loud at volumes nobody should possibly be able to enjoy. His best friends are fellow Techno State members DJ Duke and Raveous.


At some point, What Tambourine was attracted to one of DJ Duke's legendary parties and became best friends with him. He also became best friends with the cyborg dancer Raveous, who was also frequented DJ Duke's parties.

Tambourine, along with DJ Duke and Raveous, moved to Chill Island in early 2017. After a few months of him playing excessively loud techno music, his neighbors got fed up and called the Chill Island Protection Force, who fined him 100 WB$. Tambourine was furious and declared independence of his own house. The next day he convinced his friends DJ Duke and Raveous to join and added their houses to the Techno State. However, they were completely ignored by Mayor Chill and began attempting to get the Techno State the recognition they believed it deserved.

Shortly after, John C. Beckson, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Egg, started publishing near-daily articles denouncing the Techno State. In response, Tambourine and the rest of the Techno State staged a protest in front of the Daily Egg Headquarters and blasted their techno music all day.

In early 2018, Tambourine bought the Prepostera Enterprises building, which had been vacant since 2013 after Professor Prepostera was recruited into the CIPF, and turned it into the Techno Club, a night club where the Techno State often throws dance parties. The land the Techno Club is on was added to the Techno State.


What Tambourine achieves his dream and flies the Techno State flag on Chill Island.

In 2030 after the fall of Shops Island, Tambourine challenged Mayor Chill to a dance battle for control of Chill Island, according to the Dance-Off Code. Tambourine sent out his Raveous, his best dancer, who completely obliterated Chill in the dance-off, therefore making Tambourine the new mayor of Chill Island. His first act was mayor was merging Chill Island with the Techno State, and then removed all noise restriction laws.

Tambourine's rule was short-lived, however. One week after assuming mayorship, Tyler challenged Tambourine personally to another dance battle. Tambourine reluctantly accepted and, but was quickly defeated due to his old age and Tyler being a robot. Although Tambourine planned to have Raveous challenge Tyler to another dance-off, Tyler passed a law that all robots, including cyborgs, were inferior to him and "weren't allowed to be relevant", ruining his plan. When Chill resumed his position as mayor, Tambourine originally planned to challenge him to another dance-off, but realized that this would lock them into an eternal cycle of dance-offs and power switching, and decided against it.

Before he could come up with a new plan, Chill decided to make peace with the Techno State by selling the nearby Little Island to them for a small fee, where they would be allowed to play their techno music as loud as they want without interference. Tambourine was more than happy with this, and got to work building a new Techno Club on Little Island.

As Tambourine grew older, he desired a method to stay alive forever and had an inventor construct a special suit that would link his body functions to the techno music constantly blaring through his headphones. Apparently this worked, and he stayed alive for several millennia with the power of techno music until 5000, when he was killed with the rest of the population of Antarctica by a devastating nuke that destroyed his techno suit, giving Tambourine techno withdrawal and killing him almost instantly.


  • President - Tambourine is the self-declared president of the Techno State.



Tambourine has the unique skill of falling asleep while continuing to listen to techno music at full volume, as he refuses to turn the volume down at all. He spent almost a month learning how to do this.


  • Chill57181 - Despite Tambourine's attempts, Chill has not recognized the sovereignty of the Techno State, or that it even exists.
  • John C. Beckson - Beckson lives in close proximity to Tambourine and the Techno State, and has published an article in nearly every issue of the Daily Egg since Tambourine moved to the island berating him for being a menace to society. In response, Tambourine, Duke, and Raveous staged a protest outside the Daily Egg HQ and blasted their techno music all day, which only caused Beckson to double down on his articles.


  • He never turns the volume on his music down, except when he is talking so everyone can hear him better. After he's done speaking, he immediately turns it back up again.
  • Believe it or not, the techno music everyone hears whenever he's around is actually coming from his headphones. He has the volume so high that it can be clearly heard by everyone around him as if it was playing from a speaker.