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Born Unknown
Club Penguin
Nationality Penguin
Occupation Rebel Leader
Known for Rebelling against Emperor Questisbak

Rebel Fooly is Fooly8 in an alternate timeline- a timeline in which Questisbak conquers the entire universe and becomes empress. After having Fuzzle brutally murdered by Questisbak's army, Fooly starts an undercover rebel force to defeat her.

Alternate Reality History[edit]

For history before this, go to Fooly8.

After being shot out into space and crash-landing back onto the island, Fooly resumes his random adventures with Fuzzle until 2031, when Questisbak unleashes a huge army of Raptor Bots and Aerial Aces. The entirety of CPFW is destroyed and their leaders are forced to surrender. By conquering the universe, she also had the power to destroy all of her enemies. Since Star Kirby12 and Richperson were already dead, she coincidentally ended up selecting Fuzzle. After loosing his bestest friend once and for all after 2 different kidnappings, Fooly swore vengance angainst Questisbak.

Fooly decided that the obvious solution was to create a rebellion against Emperess Questisbak and avenge Fuzzle.

The rest of the Flipplings soon followed, taking places in the rebellion using each ones special abilities to help the cause.

  • Fooly led the rebellion.
  • Fooey made sure everyone was well fed and rested.
  • Foddy went to the front lines to fight.
  • Foopy... no one actually knows what he did.
  • Folly was the tactician.
  • Foomy helped to organize with Folly.
  • Fobby madre uniforms and such.

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