Where's My Puffle?

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Where's My Puffle?
The logo.
Inspiration(s) None
Developer Icey Interactive Studios
Publisher Icey Mobile
Release dates
Release in the USA
October 3, 2011
Release in the UTR
October 3, 2011
Release in Dorkugal
October 3, 2011
Additional info
Genre Puzzle Game
Units sold 20 million
Platform IcePod, IcePad, IcePhone, Cyborg

Where's My Puffle? is a physics-based puzzle game released on Peach devices in late 2011. It is available for 99¢ at the Peach App Store. The game has gotten very positive reviews, and has inspired a TV series.

Plot and Gameplay[edit]

A penguin has lost his puffle, and heads to the sewers to look for it. Unfortunately, the only way he will find it is by digging tunnels of water so the water makes it to the pipe so that the tubes will generate energy to transport him to different areas of the sewer. He needs your help with this! In each level, players guide water to tubes using life-like water physics and obstacles in your way such as sludge, goop, and freezing and heating devices that Herbert built, which will turn your water into ice or gas. Avoiding these, you will master the popular new game Where's My Puffle?.

Levels and Releases[edit]

  • On October 3, 2011, the game was launched, introducing the first four level chapters, What Goes Up Comes Down, Heat Alert, Avoid the Sludge!, and The Flood.
  • In an update in February 2012, four more level chapters were introduced, Gary Would Love This, Evil Evil Bears, Crabs Go Home, and Tube Trouble.
  • In April 2013, yet another four level packs were introduced, "Operation: Hot Sauce", "Penguin Panic", "SHAZAM Mania", and "The Ultimate Showdown". Also, the promised Willy and Kody spin-off Where's My Peppy? was released on April 8, 2013.


At Penguin Con 2012, Icey announced a partnership with Penguin Network for a potential spin-off based on Willy and Kody due for release in 2013, except with Peppy as the main character in the game. Where's My Peppy? was released by Icey Mobile, in collaboration with Penguin Network Games, on April 8, 2013.