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Headquarters Numerous locations around Antarctica
Languages English
Membership Agents in multiple governments.
- leader Mark Yslenski
- members Unknown
Establishment Modern years
- early times 1999
- official start 2001-
Website None.

The WhiteBloods are a group of penguins with beliefs in an outlaw of total democracy, penguin rights, and oppressive ruling under a single leader, The Omnipotent Blood, now known as Mark Yslenski. They are classified as a terror and political group in Munijoch, and has since been in the process of getting flushed out of there. Traces of them can be found in the Felipenas as well, when they replaced the entire government with "clones" of the real government. They can be compared to the Mechanization Party in Munijoch as well.


The organization came to be in 1999 when an unknown member of the group, presumably the current leader, was kicked out of the government by high ranking officials. Angered by this notion and betrayal, they took it upon themselves to get revenge. When the coupe against them did not work, they longed for a method to once again regain power.

Early Development[edit]

According to the Munijoch National Archives, the WhiteBloods visited there when the colony first began under multiple aliases to prevent news of spread from getting out to the original country and an entire world war breaking out. Once there, they established many communities underneath the radar of the Munijoch government, some of which still stand and/or are in use today, or are seized by the government and re-purposed. Due to the range of people within the organization, no two buildings were ever alike, and some can describe them as some of the most talented architects in Antarctica.

While the government collected resources, the WhiteBloods already had those resources at ready and in full throttle for whatever is thrown at them. The development of entire cities either camouflaged or under mountains became widespread. Once a secure hold in supplies and manpower was in place, they began to plot entrances into the government.

Rise to Power[edit]

Several agents were assigned into the morass of power in Munijoch that was still swirling around with it's founding. Some became mayors, other just government agents, but an important one became the Vice-President and right hand man of Eric Slavistoski. Over the course of a month, he gained the trust of him, and eventually assassinated him on his doorstep, then became acting power for the WhiteBloods sector in Munijoch.

This lasted for several years until opposition by neighboring cities and people within, such as Joseph Yslenski and Victor Malkov.

Fall and Rebirth[edit]

In 2013, the group finally lost grip in Munijoch and proceeded to retreat into solitude across Antarctica. While doing so, they took it upon themselves to plan another coupe, this time with the Felipenas. Again, they followed the same procedure and took over the small colony in secrecy. They made clones of the government and acted like them, including political beliefs. This was unknown to Victor Malkov, then president, for quite a while.

Thanks to quick acting, however, Victor became aware of this and launched a full-on invasion to Felipenas, much to the dismay of Maria Santiago, then ambassador of Felipenas. The confrontation ended with WhiteBlood forces again being flushed out of a country and into hiding and planning, once again.

Surge of Power[edit]

After this, they decided to contact Victor Malkov about a possible alliance. When Victor refused to, they kidnapped him, knocked him out, and hypnotized him to submit to their beliefs. They gave him instructions to answer the calling of power, but only when The Omnipotent Blood demands it be. Following this, Victor had no recollection, but still answered the call almost robotic-ally. This lead to a confrontation between him, Joseph, Maria, and the awakened spirit of Eric, longing for revenge and protection of the country again. The confrontation ended with Eric dragging Victor to the land of darkness.

It seemed that the war on WhiteBlood(s) and Munijoch stopped after the election of Joseph came to be, however, the organization had more daring, dangerous, and brutal techniques to get back into power up it's sleeve.

Present Times[edit]

The group came into light again when they attacked continuously the Presidential Family, kidnapping, hurting, and almost killing them through guerrilla war tactics and other odd-ended plan ways. Joseph took it upon himself to defend him and his family by appearing as his assassin-alias, Triago, and single-handedly took down one of the biggest WhiteBlood organization centers in the country, defending Maria in the process. During this, it was revealed that Maria's parents are WhiteBlood members as well, with Joseph having to resort to his wits, judgement, and own perseverance to kill his parents-in-laws-- his only "parents" left.

With the crushing defeat, they once again retreated into solitude and remained so for a while, until the Frosian War broke out with Munijoch and the other powers. With this, they used the opportunity to plan another government take over, and did so for a while, until the Axle Powers contained the threat completely by cutting forces back to Munijoch.

After escaping to Puffalia and other countries to negotiate deals with them, they joined the war under the banner of multiple countries, providing power, men, machines, and guns as well to the countries. Victor Malkov, returning somehow from the land of darkness, came back and commanded those forces within the countries to act on his role, as commanded by Mark. Victor made it clear to them that "they are not allies, just two entities with a common cause and enemy."

Leadership Tower[edit]

In the organization, the leader is the highest regard to the underlings, with the Alpha, Omega, Beta, and Centauri Blood council members being second in command of the organization. Anyone else whom is not in power is unimportant, and merely a lackey. The Omnipotent Blood is the leader of them all.

They choose new council members via having the leader pick them themselves, rather than a vote.



  • Zescore.png Zescore - They briefly had this country (at the time) in their possession following Zescore's acceptance.
  • MJWBFlag.png Munijoch - Their longest hold on a country, they had it in their grasp for a numerous amount of years until their downfall.
  • FelipenasFlag.png Felipenas - The third country ever taken over, they copied the entire government to remain under the radar.


  • It was rumored that Victor was the leader, but this has been proven false.
  • Mark Yslenski was revealed to have been the leader in a secret operation kept away from Joseph Yslenski.

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