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The Dock
A picture of the Dock
Key details
Type Dock
Location Club Penguin

White Point Dock, locally referred to as The Dock, is Club Penguin's only dock/port/harbor. Part of White Point, it serves as the island's primary gateway to the outside world.


Like White Point Light, the Dock has had a history of renovations.

Penguin Chat[edit]

White Point Dock was first established in the 1990s, when The Club was settling Penguin Chat. Seeing a lot of ships passing by, one member decided to help sailors out by giving them refreshments and repairing their boats. The Dock was built for this purpose.

Workers, pulled from another construction project at White Point Light, cleared out a portion of White Point Beach and began to construct piers. Originally, the Club intended the Dock to be able to harbor at least five ships, but when the renovation of White Point Light began to slow down, the workers left the project dangling with only two piers.

Even though the Dock was never fully completed, the Club still managed to make their project a success. With the new lighthouse directing sailors to Penguin Chat, ships began flooding White Point. Piers or not, sailors would beach their ships on the shore to get at the Coffee Shop's excellent refreshments. While they partied in the Town Center, construction workers took out their jackhammers and fixed up the ships left behind.


In the great storm of 2004 (the same that destroyed White Point Light), one of the two piers was destroyed, and the other was heavily damaged. Due to a shortage of construction workers (the Itinerod Mail Circuit was being laid out), only one of the piers was rebuilt (using the driftwood of the other pier), and the Dock no longer hosted its ship repair services. (Sailors would still come for the Coffee Shop refreshments, though.)


The very next year, the governance of the island decided it was time to change the way Penguin Chat worked. In 2005, the island was renamed Club Penguin, and CP's new layouts were being uploaded and constructed through Server technology. In conjunction with the island's new purpose of being a port city, White Point Dock's function was extended. It would remain the same in TCP, but in all other server types, it would be upgraded and extended to serve more ships.


The Dock, together with the Lighthouses, will undergo an upgrading project called Club Penguin Island Upgrading Project. Work is expected to be done in 2016


Today, through server magic, White Point Dock is both a bustling port and a community center.


In TCP, the Dock is more of a seaside clearing than an actual dock. Since harboring ships has long since been delegated to the Port and Harbor, the TCP Dock is more or less treated as an extension of White Point Beach. Penguins gather here for relaxation and group activities, as well as playing a popular game called Hydro Hopper, making use of the pollution around the island. Other than this, the Dock is mostly empty, which makes it an ideal place to be decorated during island-wide parties. It plays host to large and major attractions.

BCP & ICP[edit]

Main article: Port

In BCP and ICP, the Dock is upgraded and combined with White Point Beach to form the Port: a massive jungle of cranes, boxes, and metal extended from the Town Center to the Ski Village. The Port serves the original purpose of the Dock: to be a rest stop for passing ships. Club Penguin Island lies on the SABER trade route, and is the only stop for miles to have a reliable source of fuel. As such, ships come into port to refuel and rest their crews.


Main article: Harbor

In RCP, the Dock is also upgraded and extended, but to less extent than BCP's Port. This incarnation of the Dock is called the Harbor, and serves passenger ships ferrying creatures to and from Club Penguin.


  • Like the rest of White Point, the Dock can get extremely hot (the record is 31 degrees Fahrenheit). This is largely attributed to the lack of shady trees, as well as the easily-heated sand-snow mixture covering the ground. Sunscreen is recommended to any who visit.

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