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The Wikia Catastrophe
Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
Background information
Participants The Holy Wikia
Random Characters
Holy Wikia
Various Universes within Wikia
Did we mention Wikia?
Date 2020
Location Known so far:
Club Penguin Wiki
iCarly Wiki
Super Mario Wiki
Sonic News Network
Redwall Wiki
Total Drama Island Wiki
Club Penguin Battlerina Wiki
Un-Club Penguin Wiki
TARDIS Index File

The Wikia Catastrophe is a fateful event in which an multiversal organization, lead by a freak named Virus, performed a daring attempt that no character or item should EVER do: stage an attack on the very thing that keeps them alive: the Holy Wikia. It is the final event in the For Great Justice series.

The event[edit]

Prologue: It was a dark and stormy night.......[edit]

It was a dark and stormy night. Ternville had once again spiraled into a major thunderstorm, and this was creating trouble for Mayor McFlapp as he attempted to type on his Organ.

"Gah, why did I allow this blinkin' storm to bally happen in the first place?" the tern shook himself to stay awake. ".....did I even allow it? ......."

The Mayor continued to peck and play on the Organ, ritualistically performing his designated tasks. It was late at night, and the Mayor had been working non-stop, attempting to keep up with the sudden increase of MediaWiki edits performed by a certain penguin and an infamous mushroom. He was exhausted and needed to roost for the night; the poor tern could barely hold his head up.

Elsewhere, Director Benny, also weathering the storm, was at his laptop. Two large buttons connected by USB cables sat to the left and right of his PC. The green button marked Approved, and the red button marked Rejected. The poor puffle was also tired out his wits, and he glanced at the screen, half-asleep.

The poor puffle was tired out of his wits and-


Benny had approved the sentence before it had finished.





Benny could barely focus. He yawned widely, as puffles do.

"Ooh..... why did they have to edit all of that Media Wiki?"

Unknown to him, other Masters were facing the same problem. Poor Illustrator Keith failed to color the most recent addition to the site, Virus. When the penguin manifests itself, it'll be perpetually grayscale.

 [[DJ X]] dozed at 
   his audio console
falling      completely 
  asleep his 
 an        old 
    vinyl record     that hadn't
fifty      years 

Obviously, everyone was exhausted, since Benny failed to reject the above wretched grammar covered in poorly done interface and <pre> </pre> tags. DJ X was asleep as such.

Author Billybob, long asleep, was slumped over his Sacred Typewriter. He couldn't have seen the shady figure slip in with a black sheet of paper baring crudely done white crayon.

A sinister voice was heard in the quiet room. Only the occasional clap of thunder emitted any other noise.

Carefully lifting Billybob's flipper and moving his body off of the Typewriter, the silhouette (who had stolen Director Black paint from Keith) unrolled the current paper and inserted his. Rolling the spool back, the black paper was now in the typewriter, awaiting the Mayor and Benny's appraisal.

Benny, so tired that he looked like any yellow puffle in an igloo, barely noticed the new text on his screen.

Let a new tale begin,

one of epic proportions.

On this day, and in the coming era,

it is assured that the Holy Wikia

will fall.

Virus and

will make sure of it.


Thunder clapped and the sky flashed pink for a split second, and distant evil laughter could be heard the second the green button was hit.

The item came to the Organ next.

Mayor McFlapp, also half-asleep, still knew something about that text was just NOT RIGHT."

"Wait, that's just not bally righ------------------------------- zzzzzzzzzzzzzz............"

The mayor fell asleep. As he fell, his beak hit the 67th key on the second keyboard, one of the many Approve Keys on the instrument. The entire room shook and the organ started making snapping and cracking sounds from within. The woodwork and the steel pipes vibrated like mad, and the foot pedals locked and ceased to work. The organ shook and rocked, then it began to play, on its own, a terrible piano mess that hardly resembled real music. Then, of all things, the organ CRACKED, and four of its hundreds of pipes fell off its fasteners. The wooden sound emitters within shattered, and one by one, the pipes of this mighty console fell silent. All but one of the computer monitors went out, and the lights of the office shattered, plunging the room into darkness. Mayor McFlapp, now wide awake was running about, his top hat on the floor, as he brought in several professional instrument repair-penguins to save the dying organ. They worked frantically, using all of the duct tape, wiring, nails and parts they could muster, trying to hold the now falling universe in order. The sky outside turned orange, then blue, then red, grey, magenta, and soon began cycling through the entire color spectrum. Everyone but the Masters became frozen in suspended animation. Cracks opened up in the ground as the organ lost more of its musical capacity. The pipes fell once more, and the keyboard began to buckle. Then, the interior wind blowing section shattered and the instrument fell silent.

Mayor McFlapp, who had managed to save the universe with an old fife used to narrate by his great-great-great-great grandfather back in the High Penguin Confederacy, now stood alone in the darkness. Unlike his ancestor, the Mayor couldn't figure out how to elaborately play the Narrator's Fife without lips, teeth, or an extendable tongue, so he blew into the item and played the same high-pitched A-minor chord over and over.

This A-minor chord managed to keep him alive, and Antarctica in existence, but every living thing was turned to stone, a doomsday backup procedure implemented by the Mayor's father. The Mayor, playing the Fife, walked out of his office and glanced around. Every living thing was stone. All of the buildings were solid white with black outlines, and green fog lay on the floor. The Organ had broken.

Mayor McFlapp knew of one item that could restore the organ and the Natural Order, and that was the Antics' Rollback Grenade that Looks Like a Globius Cruciger but Isn't. Quickly running through the walls (reality had been shattered), he found himself in the Penghis Khan's royal palace. He saw a statue of Penghis Khan frozen at the last thing he was doing in life, holding all of the Royal Pengolian Jewels of Extreme Shininess. Using one wing to hold the Fife, his beak to play the note, and a talon to grab the grenade, he ran back to the shattered organ and threw the Grenade at it.


The organ realigned itself and was restored to perfect condition. It was rollbacked to the day before. However, since he still approved the message, it was going to happen. He read it and called in the other Masters of the Universe, who all gaped at the text.

"This is bad." Benny commented.

"No, it's extra-wretched." Ned and Natalie stated simultaneously.


Everyone screamed. Meanwhile, the same voice started laughing maniacally from afar.

"Phase one... complete." it muttered.

Lightning forked through the sky and the thunder rumbled once more as all of the Masters, now horribly frightened beyond reason, climbed into their beds, chambers, or nests and tried to fall asleep.

Subchapter 0.5: Errors Amuck![edit]

This was no ordinary storm. The clouds were the dark deathly purple of the CyberVoid, and the lightning struck the ground with twice as much force. 90-150 Ice Shelf shuddered and shook as lightning lashed its surface. South Pole City blew with powerful winds. In the mountain village of Gourdzoid, shutters were pulled shut and Jackos huddled inside like the rest of the Antarctican population, all of them feeling the dread and despair that was slowly creeping on them with the storm.

The computer data banks of the Holy Wikia seemed to scream in pain. Fans spun faster, computers hummed louder and computer screens cracked as it attempted to contain the storm inside Club Penguin Fanon. The sides of the universe began splintering with the force of the storm. The computers spun faster, looking for a solution. Sadly, there was none. With one final groan, the computers blew themselves up and the cracks sprung wide open.

Massive forks of unearthly purple lightning spat out of the sides of CP Fanon, striking neighbouring universes and making them splinter too. By the time the backup computers could come into action and stabilise the fractured universes, it was too late. The whole of Wikia was infested with the storm.

Unseen, almost invisible, tiny streams of what seemed like black letters seemed to ride the forks of lightning splintering the worlds. Unmistakable laughter could be heard, ringing through every universe, every being's dreams as the storms brought with them a multitude of creatures, all of them with sinister intentions.

Redwall Land[edit]

Note: The characters, locations, items, events, etc. of Redwall solely belong to Brian Jacques, not the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki or Wikia, Inc.

The Ghost of Martin the Warrior, Supreme Director of the Redwall Universe, floated wearily through the corridors of his universe's Bureau of Fiction -- a secret cave under Redwall Abbey. Uncannily, his universe had just experienced a similar event, and now the ghost was tootling a sad ditty on a primitive reed flute -- the one that his long-dead friend, Gonff the Mousethief, had used to own and play. However, Martin, unlike Mayor McFlapp, could play the flute with ease, and as he did so, all the stone figures across Mossflower and the lands beyond turned back into living, breathing, sleeping forms. The ghost played a few final notes and watched as the large parchment in front of him un-tore, a nearby ink vial un-shattered, a quill pen un-twisted, and a large, wooden sealing device with an ornate "M" carved into it un-broke.

As Martin floated out of the room and turned a corner in the long winding corridor, he nearly phased through another ghost: Patrol-General-turned-Narrator Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy, otherwise known as Dotti. The ghost of the hare had just woken up from a nap, and as Martin nodded to her, she knew what had happened. The mouse and the hare specters floated on through the corridor, passing several rooms filled to the ceiling with parchments and scrolls. As they glided through the underground hallway, the sound of thunder echoed from above. Martin spoke, breaking the silence.

"I don't know about you, mate, but I sense great evil in Mossflower tonight," whispered the ghost.

"Great evil, y'say? Can't bally sense a thing, wot wot, after all this bloomin' dyin' and Dark Forest nonsense, eh wot!" Dotti's ghost replied.

"I don't like it. I think it's about time a new Abbey Champion was selected," said Martin, as his ghost began to fade away into the land of dreams, where he would search for a worthy creature to lead the Abbey in defending good against--

"Whoa, whoa there, sah!" cried Dotti. Martin's ghost immediately stopped fading to listen. "Ol' Mister Jacques hasn't even begun writin' a new flippin' story, yet, wot wot! We have to wait for him before we do anything to counter this evil!"

"Well, I'm pretty sure this is new evil isn't that Sable Quean who's supposed to steal all the Dibbuns..." Martin mumbled as he checked a fresh, new manuscript lying on his Approval table. "I suppose we'll have to wait for it... though I sense we're not the only ones being affected here."

"Oh, I'd bally agree on you with that, sah," said Dotti as she looked around the corridor as if someone were watching them. "I can sense it too, doncha know!"

Unknown to the two ghost Masters, someone was watching them. The dark, silent form siniggered, then vanished into the night.

Sonic Realm[edit]

Note: The characters, locations, items, events, etc. of Sonic the Hedgehog solely belong to Sega of America™, not the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki or Wikia, Inc.

As the storm left Mossflower and the Redwall Universe, it teleported across a meta-fictional rift and into Sonic Land...

"Oh my gosh!" said Sonic the Hedgehog as he saw the storm.

"SONIC!" screamed Sonic's sidekick, Tails the Fox. "IT'S STORMING! AND I'M AFRAID OF THUNDER!"

All of a sudden, a small CD popped out of nowhere and fell on the ground. Sonic picked it up and inserted it into his personal portable CD player. The CD was an audio message from another universe.

"Help! S.O.S!" cried an unmistakable voice. It was Tails6000 of the Club Penguin Fanon Universe. "There's a storm headed your way! And it's not just a storm, make sure you get ready for some mean compa--"

Static. Thunder rumbled from above as a bolt of lightning flashed trough a cloud, striking the ground. There was a sound like letters being typed quickly on a typewriter, and several costumed penguins appeared and began looting neighbouring houses. A house exploded into flames seconds later, two Super Penguins running out with food and gold rings and laughing like maniacs.

Before Tails could say anything, Sonic sped to Dr. Eggman's house, dropped the CD player and CD on the doorstep, and knocked loudly on the door. He then sped away as Dr. Eggman opened the door. The evil doctor looked around before he saw the CD player and pressed the "play" button.

Sonic and Tails were standing on the path, looking at the receding storm, when they got a holographic message from Dr. Eggman.

"Well, Sonic," began Eggman, "you are my ultimate nemesis and the only thing stopping me from world conquest... but I can't take over the world if these super penguins will destroy it! So, consider me temporarily on your side! Remember, though, it's TEMPORARY."

With that, the message ended. They had allied against this new enemy.

[email protected]$#@#@$#!#[email protected] (Unclyclopedia Cesspool)[edit]

"I love $#%#@[email protected]# blackmailing this $#%#[email protected][email protected]@#@@#@# guy. He [email protected]#@%$!#[email protected] is so ^*%&$^( sensitive." said a user on Uncyclopedia.

"Speaking oF [email protected]#$%$#%~3 blackmailing, it seems as if the ^&^*!!$ sky is mailing black to us." said another user.

"THATS NOT POSSIBLE, YOU )(&()^($&*%$*%^%#e &&&7 )(&()*^*(^%*(&%$^&#@&%@&%@! You are always so [email protected]#$*%$%^&-

The !##%#@t# storm shot $#%$%&@&!!#@ lightning at him.

"See, I told (&*^%*(%$&# you!"

The #%@[email protected]#!%%#^%$$#$# user took a few %%$#%## steps forward and %%%&#!)^ faced all the other ^%^#%[email protected][email protected] users of the %&$#%#@%[email protected][email protected]!## wiki.

"WHO !#@$#@#[email protected]#@! WANTS TO SAVE ^%$^#^%#%$^&@ WIKIA?" he said to the #[email protected]^e&*$e&%$& users.

  1. Q#$!%$% silence. No one [email protected]$#!%$#[email protected] responded.

"We'll let the other %[email protected]%$$!$#@ do it Y%#%@%$# for us."

Everyone thought that was a ^[email protected]%$#!$#@ great ##$#[email protected]#$%$ idea, so they went their %@$#!$#@[email protected] seperate ways and continued to be $^%[email protected]%$#@$#@! filthy.

iCarly™ World[edit]

NOTE: ICarly™ is a registered subsidiary of Viacom, Inc., and is in no way property of Wikia or the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.
ICarly world lacks any Masters.

"Hi, I'm Carly!" a young female human stated.

"-and I'm Sam!" another human chimed in.

"AND THIS IS ICARLY!" they both shouted.

"The only webshow that is guarenteed cholestorol free and completely lacking in porkchops!"

"Cause I ate 'em all!" Sam smiled and held up the bones which once bore porkchops.

"Today, we're bringing back an old favorite... tell them what it is, Sam."


Freddie, the group's technical producer, pressed a button on the camera and the screen swapped to Lubert, their sinister, boil-bearing apartment overseer. The phone rang and Lubert answered it.


Carly giggled and impersonated a foreign accent.

"I am a representative of Hamtastic Bacon Corp., calling you to thank you for your order of twenty pounds of bacon."


"Yes you did, twenty pounds, got your signature right here."


"Your bacon will be sent soon."

Lubert screamed loudly over the phone. Sam picked up a nearby air-horn and activated it. The sheer blast of it caused Lubert to scream in anger.

"Okay, now, for our next segment, we'll have Gibby take his shirt off and-"



Freddie glanced at his computer.

"ICarly has somehow gone offline..."

"WELL FIX IT, FRED-WEIRD." Sam interjected.

"I can't, there's just this picture of a giant organ on the screen."

"Oh, is it a pancreas?! My mom had a part of that removed last year."

"No, it's the musical instrument." Freddie responded, rather disgusted at Sam's comment.

Carly, wishing to stop an argument from occuring, tried offering advice to Freddie.

"Did you try-"

Suddenly, a massive earthquake rocked the apartment. The lights flashed orange, green, and purple, while the Random Dancing theme played. As soon as it started, the earthquake stopped. Spencer, Carly's legal gaurdian, ran upstairs, to see if everyone was okay. He was covered in peanut butter, as part of a new art piece he was developing.

"What was that?!? By the way, there were these people dressed up as super hero penguins or something at the door. They were asking for you, so sent them away. Is everybody okay?"

Everyone nodded. They all felt uneasy about now, as if they were being watched. The power went out right then, and evil laughter could be faintly heard...

Un-CP Cesspool[edit]

Lightning cracked and the sky flashed various colors over the filthy realm. No one took heed, however, since they were too busy swearing and shooting one-another. They were perfectly contempt with their filth and were too evil to save the other worlds, though Andrew K. Rapone paid some attention and got them cursing somewhere else.

The Realm of The Sims[edit]

The Sims and all of it's spinoffs are owned by Maxis and EA, not the CPFW.

It was just another oridnary day in Pleasantview. The birds were singing, civillians were heading to work and school and another townie got trapped in a dance sphere.

All of this suddenly changed in a matter of seconds, however. A huge earthquake rumble the neighbourhood, knocking people down, yet leaving buildings and townies unaffected.

A huge lightning storm suddenly swept over the skies, thunder booming and lighting striking the trees, setting them on fire. Satelites of unknown origin came falling from the sky, crushing a few mailboxes. The residents started panicking and fled to any shelter they could find.

In the middle of all this chaos, two townies known as Benjamin Long and Brandi LeTourneu were just standing there, looking at the sky as it descended into a mass fury of eletricity and rain. For this conversation they are about to have, we'll be using a simlish to english translator for it.

"<Ooh, doesn't that look pretty?>" Benjamin said, cutting their ordinary silence. His fashion taste was odd, as he was wearing a sweater and shorts.

"<Yeah...>" Brandi responded. "<But, shouldn't we be running?>"

"<We're townies, Brandi. Instead of running we should be blurting out the names of random baked goods.>"



Meanwhile, Riley Harlow, a bureaucrat of the Simiverse, was watching the entire storm from inside her car. She reached for her cellphone and called Bella, another bureaucrat.

"<Hello, Bella?>" Riley asked on the phone.

"<Is something wrong?>" Bella asked back. "<You sound worried.>"

"<There's an unatrual storm here at the Simiverse. Can you check the universial map to see if it's happening anywhere else?>"

"<Sure, one moment...>"


"<My gosh, it's happening all over Wikia!>"


A black figure flashed by her car. However, when Bella looked for it, it had gone.

The Minecraft Universe[edit]

It was a normal day in the world of Steve. All the city was lit up for the night and people longed for some sleep, when suddenly, the lights went off.

One player asked, "Who blew everything up?"

Another player said, "Me too. What IS going on?"

Steve offered to look. Everyone agreed: he was the redstone expert. He went to the control center where the lights for the city were controlled from, and found a signed book in a chest and the delicate circuitry gone.

Steve took the book out of the chest and read it. The book read:





And so Steve left to fight. Everyone had to fend for themselves as he said, "There's an evil force doing this."

Chapter I: The past heroes's new lives[edit]

Take a step back in time to a peaceful era. A time when peace and harmony ruled the earth. When several magical amulets were crafted, and there was no war or suffering. Now take a few steps forward. A evil warlock has raised an army of dark creatures to put an end to this age of peace. This is the period of time that will forever be known as the birth of all evil. The time when Malcur and his army nearly destroyed the High Penguin civilization. Now let's take a few more steps forward. Malcur has been imprisoned in the Void, and peace seems to have returned. But it is not so. For while Malcur is gone, his influence has lived on, and many other evil powers have sprouted from it. Since that day Antarctica has seen many other evils. Darktan Anator and his legion of Doom Weed powered warriors, Nightmare Moonlight and her legion of X-Antibodies, Questisbak and her evil followers including Sungae 1. Lastly we have Mr. Smith. The powerful computer built by the original masters of the universe that granted various penguins super powers. And we haven't even talked about their minions. Metal Explorer, the psychopathic robot who served as second in command to both Darktan and Nightmare. Stopwatch, one of Mr. Smith's top warriors, who helped in killing the puffle Sprocket. Quantas, the guy with the PHD who helped Questisbak. While these various villains all tried to take over Antarctica, they all failed. Each and every one of them were defeated. Defeated by a group of penguins who fought for their homeland, and weren't about to let these villains take it over. No matter how powerful the villain was, or how much the odds were stacked against them, they always found a way to win. But are even they prepared for what is to come. A crisis that the multiverse has never seen before. After The Power4U Affair they mostly gave up fighting, as Antarctica was at peace. Well let's take a look at what they're currently doing with their lives.

"OMG, it's totally like him!" Screeched a female penguin.

"I know and he looks more dashing than I could've ever imagined," replied another. "It's no wonder why he won the award for hottest dude alive."

A limo had pulled up in front of a theater and several armored cars surrounded it. Fan girls, and even a few fan boys, were desperately trying to get whoever was inside the limo to notice them. Who could this mysterious penguin be?

"You sure you don't want us to get out the tranquilizer guns Mr. Antics?" Asked the driver.

"Just wait awhile," replied a voice. "If they try and get a sample of my saliva though you can fire as much as you like Wally."

"My name is Xavier Mr. Antics."

"Well I'm your boss so I'll call you whatever I want Wally. Besides, that name reminds me of a guy I'd really like to forget about so I'll just call you Wally from now on."

"B-but Mr. Antics, there's another guy with that name...-"

"I'm glad we had this talk Wally, but I'm afraid I don't have time to chat anymore. We can't be late for the premiere of my movie now can we?"

"Um, no of coarse not Mr. Antics."

"And this whole Mr. Antics thing, please stop with it okay. I'm not the president or anything I'm just the guy who you drive to places. Just call me by my first name from now on."

"Yes sir Mr Ant... I mean Explorer 767."

"Oh ya, I've got a feeling we're making progress Wally! I think my security guards agree, don't you guys?"

The two security guards sitting next to the penguin nodded as they polished their sunglasses.

"A question Mr... I mean Explorer 767. Do your security guards ever talk?"

"Well you see Wally they're more men of action. You should try and follow their example."

The limo driver had to stop himself from banging his head against the steering wheel. Ya in case you haven't guessed yet, this so called "hottest penguin award winner" is Explorer 767. Sometime between The Power4U Affair and now, he quit his job at the South Pole Council and became a successful actor. He's mostly starred in action movies, but this time he's decided to spice it up a bit by playing the lead role in a romantic comedy. He lives in a mansion with his brother Fred 676, and his Explorer's Puffles (yes including Mabel), and now sports a rather striking mustache, but he still wears his propeller hat Tittle.

"They don't pay me enough for this," the driver thought.

The two got out of the car and began to walk down the red carpet. The security guards had to stop the various fan girls from trying to grab pieces of Explorer's tuxedo, but Explorer quite liked the attention.

"You PWN Mr. Antics!" They all yelled. "WE LOVE YOU!"

"Yes my loyal fans, I love me to." He responded.

They all continued to cheer, as Explorer entered the theater. While he did like his new life a lot, he did at times wonder what his friends were doing at this point in time though.

"How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?" He thought. "Oh wait I'm supposed to be thinking about my friends. Oh um, well I sure do wonder what Tails6000 is up to?"

Truly a noble friend. Anyways, let's check on Tails6000 shall we?

Tails6000, one of the strongest fighters in Antarctica. He's stopped the now deceased Doctor Aye-Que on numerous occasions, he defeated the most terrifying machine in Antarctica, Metal Explorer, and he's even gotten married. So what is he doing now? Well from what I can see, he's blind folded in what looks like a training room with mechanical arms launching anvils at him.

"HADOUKEN!" He yelled as he ran around the room dodging the anvils, while hitting them with hadoukens.

The anvils kept on coming, but Tails6000 dodged all of them. A crowd of chicks cheered for him as he took the blindfold off.

"That was so cool!" Exclaimed a penguin. "You must be the strongest penguin in the world!"

"Heh heh, well I'm not sure how strong my friends have gotten, so I can't really say that, but I'm definitely in the top ten," he replied. "So then, let's see you guys do it."

Okay time for some explaining on what happened between the Power4U Affair and now. Sometime between then, Tails6000 had a son with his wife Eclipse. Because of this, Tails6000 mostly gave up fighting so he could be a better father. This does exclude his final battle with Aye-Que, but that's a story for another day. Anyways, he tried to get a job, but ended up getting fired from all of them. He tried working at the Pizza Parlour, but ended up using a hadouken on the pizza to heat it up when he accidently broke the oven. The result wasn't pretty. He tried numerous other jobs, and eventually he found one that suited him. So now, he's a fighting teacher, who works only on the weekends. Even though he doesn't fight anymore, he still trains daily in case Antarctica ever needs his help. His current appearance, he pretty much looks the same, but is slightly older and now has a slight beard.

"No offense teacher, but I don't think we could do that," said a chick.

Tails hadn't thought of that before he decided to put on that big display. Thinking ahead isn't one of his strong points.

"Oh, right. Anyways, let's try something simpler then. How about you guys, um...I know! Let's practice that new technique I've been teaching you all!"

"OKAY!" They all exclaimed as they got into a circle formation.

All the chicks then put their flippers together as a glowing aura surrounded all of them. Each on of them faced each other, and soon a ball of energy appeared in their flippers.

"HADOUKEN!" They all yelled.

They all fired into the center and the hadoukens formed a large ball of energy. It was around ten feet in diameter, and looked like it could explode any second. Tails6000 then walked up and smiled at his students.

"Good work students," he said. "This ball of energy is what I like to call a "Hadouken times 12", and you guys were finally able to pull it off."

"Excuse me teacher, but what exactly does it do?" He asked.

"Well that's a very good question. Basically, you guys know how to work together so well that you were able to resonate your chi. So instead of exploding upon impact, all your energy gathered together into one large hadouken. Keep in mind though, if your energy isn't resonating properly at all times when using this technique, it'll explode and take all of you with it."

This made the chicks nervous.

"How big an explosion are we talking about teacher?"

"Well it really depends on the strength of your energy," he replied. "I've only used this technique once, and I believe that one had enough strength to destroy the entire planet. This one would probably only explode the house though, and I doubt it'd be fatal to us. Just in case though, I want you to fire it into the sky now."

The students nodded, and got into the position.

"HADOUKEN!" They all yelled as they sent the hadouken flying through the roof.

Eventually the hadouken had gone beyond the atmosphere, and exploded. The light show was amazing, and the chicks cheered for it.

"Anyways you guys, our class is over. You'd better get home to your parents now."

"Okay, bye teacher!"

With that, the chicks wandered off and Tails6000 went to clean up the mess that had been made. After a few minutes, he dashed off towards home. He would've been there in no time, but he ended up taking a wrong turn and ended up in Shiverpool. It was around 6:00 PM and he still hadn't arrived home, and his wife was starting to get a bit worried.

"Boy I sure hope not being home on time means that he had to work late and he didn't just decide to go hang out at a cream soda bar," said Eclipse busy doing various household chores.

There was a penguin outside in their backyard with various targets on a wall he got for 1000 coins from the "wall shop" someone he knows works at. He was busy practicing his marksmanship due to the fact there was shooting range targets there. He was an ace shot when it came to these.

"Hmph. too easy," said the penguin outside as he blew the smoke from his weapon after practice and put it away.

The penguin was waiting for his father to come home due to the fact he is well understood by his father by preference. This is Tails6000's son, and a semi-famous marksman. He lacked his father's speed and strength, so he instead had to rely on his marksmanship and skill in a fight.

"Incase anyone is asking, like the reader at the screen, my name is Taiz, and don't you forget it."

And we most certainly won't. Anyways, after a few minutes Taiz was very bored after target practice.

"Man, I wonder if dad is finished with his work yet?," he thought to himself. "I wanna tell him how well my shooting has improved."

"Taiz, it's time for dinner!" His mother called out.

"Coming," he replied.

Just then, he saw a robot fiddler crab, like one of the currently deceased Aye-Que! But it didn't make sense. Aye-Que had died years ago.

"Huh?" he said to himself seeing the crab.

Taiz quickly shot the robot and it exploded. Why? Because explosions are cool that's why.

"My goodness it's happening again!" Taiz exclaimed as he hurried inside.

Taiz ran to warn his mother, when his dad entered the house.

"Honey I'm...

"Dad, there was a robot crab outside!" Interrupted Taiz.

Tails was shocked to hear this. Eclipse however was even more shocked to see the condition her husband was in. He was soaking wet and looked like he'd just run straight into a blizzard, plus his miner hat's light was broken. Given her husband's naive nature she wouldn't be surprised if he did run into a blizzard.

"You don't mean what I think you mean Taiz?" Tails asked.

"Yeah" Taiz replied with a nod.

"Dang it! I took care of old puff man years ago."

"Don't't worry sweetie," said Eclipse. "Your son can take care of 'em, he's been doing well on his shooting since you left."

"Mom's right," Taiz replied in a nod.

Was it really True? Aye-Que is beyond the grave? Well we take a look in the new Ayetropolis, which looks a lot flashier and has a neat castle.

"HOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" said the familiar voice laughing through the castle. "Looks like my uncle was right, I can rule the universe for the Aye-Que empire!"

This Aye-Que is same color as the original, but for some reason he moves around more in a mech and has a green hat. How can this be???


Oh great a second Aye-Que! how can we stop him with Tails out of commission? Oh I know we can just get someone else to do it...but it has to be........someone...related to Tail's.....hmmmm...

"OH JUST GET ON WITH IT!" Yelled Wreath.

"YEAH, GET ON WITH IT!" said Tails on another side of the screen.

"YEAAAAAH GET ON WITH IT!" said a huge crowd outside the screen.


"Dad, I'm gonna try and stop this," said Taiz packing up his portable arsenal.

"Okay son, I won't stop you, but I want you to have this." he said as he handed him something he kept his entire life. His hot sauce gun.

"Your giving this to me???" Asked Taiz hugging his father.

"Yeah, I have a few spares. I want you to keep that weapon and cherish it well. I'll miss you, and if we run into eachother again, we'll fight till we can't fight anymore. That's what my father did."

"Okay dad, I will" Taiz said as he ran off for his hovor bike. "I'll make you and grandpa proud."

"Thats my boy, ready for anything," said Tails as his son drove off. "Well I'm sure he'll handle things just fine. Now, TIME FOR DINNER!"

Tails quickly ran home and told his wife about what happened. Eclipse wasn't worried about her son, as she knew he'd do just fine, but she was worried about the condition her husband was in.

"If you even want a bit of dinner you'll go clean yourself up," she said. "You look like you just ran through a car wash."

"But I cleaned up on the way back here. I got a bit dirty when I took a wrong turn, so I made sure to wash up before I came home."

"Oh really? And how exactly did you clean up?"

"I ran through a car wash. Though I may have skipped the drying cycle cause I was in a hurry."

Eclipse face palmed and ordered her husband to go take a bath. Reluctantly he agreed, because he was starving. Now it's time we check on another penguin. How about Ninjinian?

I'll write about Ninjinian later. I still haven't come up with an idea for what he's doing at this point.

Now we take a look at what Willy the Penguin is doing with his life. Willy spent most of his child years as Kwiksilver's apprentice, but his mentor has been missing for over five years at this point, with no clue as to where he went. Since that day, Willy has given up his adventurous ways and has for the most part been living a normal life. He's grown up into a fine young adult, and works at Von Injoface Enterprises as a janitor. It's currently nighttime, and he's busy cleaning up. He seemed to be quite frustrated about something.

"Kwiksilver," he thought. "Where could you have gone? You always told me not to run away from fear, and then you run away like this!"

Willy flash backed to a time when Kwiksilver gave him some words of wisdom.

"Remember Willy, a hero isn't necessarily a person who has no fears. But rather someone who has fears, but can overcome them to do what's right. If you run away from your fears, then you'll soon find you can never escape them."

"Was everything you told me a lie? WAS IT?!?!"

Willy threw his mop across the room and it ended up shattering a window. He quickly went to clean up the broken glass, but he ended up cutting his flipper.

"Crap," he whispered as he tried to stop the bleeding.

Getting out a broom and dustpan, Willy began to sweep up the glass, but ended up sweeping it under a desk due to having his mind set on something else.

"I thought you were the bravest penguin in the world Kwiksilver, but it was all a lie. You're nothing but another coward! Was loosing Sprocket all it took to utterly destroy you?!?! I EXPECTED BETTER FROM MY MENTOR!"

Willy threw his dustpan across the room, only to see a flipper come out and grab it. Shocked, Willy quickly backed away, and pulled out a hand gun he kept with him in case of emergencies.

"D-d-don't try anything funny whoever you are! Simply come over here with your flippers up."

"You really haven't changed much have you kid," said the voice. "You're still the same naive idiot you were back during Power4U."

Willy dropped the gun as he realized who this penguin was. As the figure stepped out of the shadows, he revealed himself to be a ninja. There was no denying it. It was Speeddasher.

"Sp-Speed is that really you?" Willy Asked.

"Were you expecting someone else?"

Willy laughed and went over to give a high five to the ninja. Unlike most of Willy's friends, Speed hadn't changed much at all. The only major difference is that he'd grown his hair out, so that is was around waist length, but he was pretty much the same.

"You've got to tell me what you've been doing all this time," he said. "You said that Mayor McFlapp had some sort of assignment for you, and that you'd be gone for a while. What did he want you to do?"

"I've got an idea kid, why don't you get some coffee brewing and I'll tell you all about it. There's something I've found that you might want to see."

"Okay, and you know I'm not a kid anymore, so you can't call me that. Oh, and Speed?"


"You're old!"

Speeddasher face became red and he began yelling at Willy.


"Heh heh, just seeing if that still bothered you."

After a few minutes, Willy had gotten the coffee ready, and the two sat down at the table where Abel von Injoface usually sat at. They were very careful not to get coffee stains on the floor.

"So, will tell about this mission Mayor McFlapp had you do?" Willy asked.

"Guess now is as good a time as any. Basically I'd been called in to search for someone. Someone who'd been missing for quite some time. I think you know who I'm talking about."

Willy became angry and pounded at the table.

"If you're telling me you spent all those years searching for that coward Kwiksilver then you wasted your time. I don't care what happens to him."

"That's a little harsh don't you think," replied Speeddasher. "After all the guy pretty much taught you everything you know."

"Ya, and then he goes against everything he taught me and runs off with his tail between his legs!"

"I can understand why you think that about him kid, and frankly I don't think he was in the right when he made that decision either. But then again who am I to be calling people out on crappy choices in life."

Willy simply drank more of his coffee and didn't respond to Speeddasher. There was a moment of silence, until Speeddasher finally spoke.

"Anyways, after a few months of searching, me and the mayor eventually came to a conclusion. That James went to another universe."

This caught Willy's attention and he put his coffee mug down.

"So you're telling me...

"Sure am kid. I've been searching these various universes for the past few years, in search of James."

"What were all those other universes like?"

"To put it as simple as possible, it was quite an experience. The vast amount of them is what's incredible. Our universe is nothing but a small part of one giant multiverse."


"I'd tell you more, but we'd be here all night if I were to do that. Anyways, the main reason I'm here is cause I need your help."

Willy was surprised. Speed rarely asked him for help, so he was sure this was an important task.

"Oh really?"

"Yes. I have a feeling this is something only you can do. You see, we've found James."

Willy dropped his coffee mug and it shattered on the floor. He began to think he might have heard wrong, but the look on Speed's face said otherwise. If there was one thing he knew about Speed, it's that the ninja never joked around.

"Y-you're serious?"

"Am I ever not? Anyways, I had several employees of the Bureau of Fiction accompany me on my journey, since they're much better at using technology than I am. We eventually picked up a strange signal in a very desolate universe using our trackers. And the signal just happens to match that of James's Vortex Manipulator."

"So did you bring him back?"

"No kid, we didn't. When we arrived at the place he was staying, we saw that he'd put a force field around it. I only saw him looking out the window at me, and he didn't look like he wanted to talk. That's where you come in kid."

Willy pounded the table and began to yell.


Speeddasher looked angry and grabbed Willy by the collar of his shirt.


Willy looked shocked and soon tears welled up in his eyes. Speeddasher let go of him and walked away.

"Let me tell you something kid. Finding Kwiksilver wasn't the only thing I found on my journey. If my suspicions are correct, then in a few weeks something really bad is gonna happen to the multiverse."

"Wh-what are you talking about?"

Speeddasher tossed a transporter device towards Willy. He looked at the penguin and smiled.

"You really wanna know, go pick up James and meet Mayor McFlapp at his office. Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go make a few stops on my way back."

"Do you mean...

"Sure do kid, we're getting the gang back together."

Willy smiled as Speed jumped out of a window and went leaping across the buildings.

"Why don't ninjas ever use the door?" Willy thought.

He then looked at the transporter device and saw a large green button that said "Go".

"Kwiksilver," he thought. "I still think you're nothing but a coward, but frankly I don't have time to be thinking about this stuff now."

Willy then pressed the button and disappeared in a flash of light. What he didn't realize was that someone had been watching him from out the window. The mysterious figure pulled out what looked like a cell phone, and began to talk.


"Very important boss," said the figure. "The penguin known as William has currently gone to retrieve James Erasmus Kwiksilver. Do you wish for me to go and stop him?"

"Don't waste your time. Our main goal is to track down the wikia key at this point. If they find it before we do it's all over."

"Understood boss. I'll get on it right away."

"Excellent. I'll finally have my revenge on that cursed object for what it did to me. Then I'll be the one who won't make bread nice and crispy. EEE HEEE HEEE HEEE!"

"Yes you do that boss. Over and out."

So there you have it. Antarctica's greatest heroes are about to rejoin, and stop this mysterious villain. But will they be able to succeed? Well you'll have to read more of the story to find out. Now we should look at someone else... how's Star Kirby12 sound?

To be reconstructed

Chapter II: An Unexpected Visitor[edit]

In the far reaches of the multiverse there are new lands, rare new lands that have not yet fallen under the wing of Wikia, lands where the skies are black, lit only by cascading, crashing supernovas that shine brighter than diamonds yet fierecer than the sun. Where the air is clean, and the grass smells fresh and the trees seem to glow with a healthy smile. The people in these lands are at peace and pleasant, and live by the white sand of the beach where they go about their daily lives.

These grains of insignificant white sand all seem to be placed with purpose, with creative flair and imagination. On one particular beach, in one particular world, there was a small town populated by honey farmers. They traded with the inhabitants of larger cities inland and with other seaside towns. They always knew everyone who came from afar due to this large-scale correspondence.

However, there was one they didn't know. He appeared on the sand dunes four years ago, shouldering a satchel bag and wearing a worn, tattered beanie. Even though he was only young, his eyes were old and experienced. His face had the look of a warrior who had seen many terrible things and looked death in the face. He passed straight through the town without speaking to anyone, and nobody dared to. There seemed to be a aura surrounding him, one that was putting up a wall and cutting himself off from the rest of the world.

This strange youth had settled on a beach not far from the town, and had started to build a small hut out of wood that he acquired from the loggers in the town. A few of the townspeople came to watch him sometimes. He worked with determination, his face set grim, raising walls and nailing a roof. In about three weeks he had created a small house, where he withdrew into and was then seldom seen.

In the next two years the youth had set up an order system, sending written notes asking for food and water and leaving gold on the doorstep for the delivery boy to pick up. Nobody spoke to him. Once or twice he was seen sitting on the beach near his house, surveying the water and roasting fish on a fire in front of him. He seemed to be wanted to be left alone. Most townspeople couldn't care less, and thought him a bit crazy. That was until a group of penguins came to his house. They demanded that he opened up the door, but he simply put a force field around his house. The group left soon afterwards, and most people didn't really speak of it

However, a few days later a new traveler arrived. A penguin who appeared to be in his early twenties. He wore a black coat and black sunglasses as if to say that he meant business. Upon arrival in the town he walked into the local tavern and ordered a drink. When the barman returned with it the traveler engaged him in conversation.

"Hey barkeep, do people pass through here often?" asked the traveler with a glint in his eye.

The barman was straight and to the point, not looking up from the glass he was wiping as he spoke.

"If yer meanin' tourists, we don't get much o' them 'round here," he muttered. "Who'd bother, really? They'd rather go to th' city, I reckon."

"Well, I'm looking for somebody who might have passed through here," said the traveler hopefully. "About four years ago. He was wearing a beanie and he carried a satchel,"

The barman's brow furrowed in concentration, then he seemed to remember. "Yeh, I recall a chap comin' in 'bout four years ago. He's still 'ere, lives down by th' beach east of 'ere. Not th' social type."

The barman bent down behind the bar to grab something, but the heard the sound of doors creaking. He shot up to see the doors flapping on their hinges and the traveler's drink still untouched on the bar. Also on the bar was a large bar of gold, which had definitely not been there before. The barman looked left and right, then pocketed the bar and went back to sweeping the floors, whistling a happy tune.

"Oi! Oi!" The door of the hut was being hammered on furiously. Kwiksilver kept reading his book as he relaxed in his armchair.

"The money's on the doorstep," he called without enthusiasm.

"Kwiksilver! James! Open up! I've got to speak to you!" yelled the voice. The door was thumped again.

Kwiksilver...nobody's called me that in years... he thought, his eyes widening in surprise. He dropped his book and ran to the door.


The caller fell in a heap as the door opened from the inside.

"Willy?!?" said Kwiksilver in disbelief. He helped the penguin up, as he dusted off his suit.

"Willy, I can't believe it's really...

Kwiksilver was interrupted when Willy balled up his fist and punched him in the face. The impact sent him flying into the back of the house. Willy then walked up to him with an angry look on his face. Kwik's mouth was bleeding and he tried desperately to stop it.

"WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR?!?!" Yelled Kwiksilver.


Kwiksilver sighed as he got up and wiped the blood from his beak.

"I guess I deserve that then," he replied.

"Oh don't think I'm done yet!" replied Willy.

The penguin then punched his former mentor again, sending him falling to the ground. When Kwik tried to get up, Willy punched him right in the gut, and he doubled over in pain. Kwiksilver spat blood, and looked up at his former best friend.

"It was Speeddasher, wasn't it? I thought a ninja would know when to keep his mouth shut. I also take it this means I'm not forgiven."

"What do you think?" Willy asked sarcastically.

"I have to ask you something Willy. If you're so mad at me, why did you even come here?"

Willy huffed.

"Believe me, you're the last penguin I want to see. But right now there's a lot more at risk going on in the multiverse. I suggest you check your PDA."

Slowly Kwiksilver walked over to a nearby drawer and pulled it open. It was full of dust, and had an number of equally dusty objects inside it. There was a watch-like device that faintly glowed orange, a small photograph of a red puffle and a dusty PDA. The message was on the screen of the PDA in blinking letters.


Kwiksilver looked up from the PDA to Willy with a cold expression. "So that's it?" he muttered. "You came to bring me back to Antarctica, to save it yet again from the 'forces of evil'" he said sarcastically.

"That's about it. Or do you need me to spell it out for you?"

"The answer's no. I'm not going back, never," said Kwiksilver, turning away from Willy to face the window.

"But why?"

"BECAUSE EVERY TIME I SAVE THE WORLD, PEOPLE DIE!" screamed Kwiksilver, slamming his glass down on the windowsill so hard it shattered. There was shocked silence from Willy, who recovered quickly.

"So is that why you're hiding?" asked Willy. He walked up to Kwiksilver and put his flipper on his shoulder. "Is it because of Sprocket?"

This was met with silence from Kwiksilver. He shrugged off Willy's flipper, grabbed a dustpan and started to clean up the glass.

"We're McFlapp's pawns," stated Kwiksilver, sweeping up the glass. "Don't you realise that? He moves us in his game, and as long as he wins he doesn't care how many pieces are lost."

"This time he's not just a game that includes Antarctica," said Willy. "When I first arrived at this universe McFlapp called me and filled me in on the details. Yesterday a command was inserted into the Narrator's Organ that proclaimed the destruction of all Wikia. It was reverted, but that created a massive storm cell which devastated many universes. McFlapp's working with Saint Joeyaa to send out teams to help the universes rebuild and take out all possible threats to Wikia."

"So?" said Kwiksilver simply.

"As much as I hate to say it, we need you to lead one of the teams. You know the most about interdimensional travel, so you can help stop this threat."

"The Bureau managed fine without me, didn't it?" said Kwiksilver. "It doesn't need me any more, Willy. I'm too much of a risk."

Willy then began to cough uncontrollably and Kwiksilver began to get worried. He patted his former apprentice on the back in hope that it would stop.

"Are you okay Willy?" He asked.

"I'm sorry James," Willy replied. "I guess I'm just allergic to crappy excuses."

Kwiksilver could take it anymore. He balled his fist up and punched Willy right in the face. Willy went flying onto the couch and soon got up as if nothing had happened.

"Just great Kwiksilver," he said as he wiped the blood off his face. "Now you're not just a coward, you've also gotten weaker."

"Listen Willy, maybe I'm not the great hero that everybody thinks I am. I think the main problem here is you expect too much of me."

"Oh, so you're just going to sit here in this hut and watch the world burn around you, are you?" said Willy angrily. "What an end to the famous Kwiksilver, a coward who died hiding in his own house."

"Don't call me a coward!" said Kwiksilver firmly.

"I'll call you whatever the heck I feel like. I think I've earned that right after what you did."

"You're such a jerk Willy!"

"What would Sprocket tell you?"

Something stirred in Kwiksilver at the mention of that name. He turned away as a single tear rolled down his cheek and hit the floor.

"Sprocket's dead, Will. He died, for me. I don't want any more to die!"

"What would he tell you?" repeated Willy, still staring at Kwiksilver.

"He'd...he'd...tell me to fight. Fight for justice, Kwik. Yeah, that's what he would say."

Willy held out his hand.

"Does this mean..." asked Kwiksilver, staring at his hand tenatively.

"Don't think I've forgiven you," Willy said. "I just don't want all these innocent people to die because of your cowardice. So are you in?"

Kwiksilver wiped his tears and nodded.

He crossed to the drawer and pulled out something else. He blew the dust off the orange watch device. It glowed much brighter and even seemed to whir with joy as its owner fastened it to his wrist again, after all this time. Kwiksilver smiled faintly at it, and entered the date and coordinates of the Bureau of Fiction, in the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. He looked up at Willy.

"Okay. Me and you. Saving the world, one last time."

Willy couldn't help but smile. The real Kwiksilver, the one he knew, lived behind those eyes again. He grabbed Kwiksilver's outstretched hand and they vanished together in a flash of green light.

Chapter III: Mayor McFlapp's Absoballylutely Brilliant Idea[edit]

The Bureau of Fictitious Literature was busier than ever. Moose In Black rushed around, Department of Time employees were hurrying about carrying stacks of Focused Teleportation Plates, and the scribbling of pens and the typing of keyboards could be heard over the chatter of a thousand stressed creatures.

Kwiksilver and Willy walked side by side through the chaos, stepping aside to avoid a speeding Segway with a panicked Department of Conflict representative at the controls.

"This is madness!" Kwiksilver exclaimed, wide-eyed at the mess around him.

"No, this is Sparta!" called a Department of Memes employee from his desk. His supervisor whacked him over the head and he went back to furious typing.

"This whole Wikia Catastrophe's got the bureau in overdrive," explained Willy. "They're trying to deal with the affects of the storm with limited time. The catastrophe's due to happen tomorrow, so in addition to cleanup they're trying to find a way to save everybody."

"Let me get this straight," said Kwiksilver. "The Holy Wikia's going to fall, correct? Well, how does that affect all the other universes?"

"We're all connected to Wikia as a central hub," said Willy. "If Wikia goes down, we all go down. And we can't break off either, because Saint Joeyaa says that a universe can't exist outside of Wikia."

"But how do you know he's telling the truth?" said Kwiksilver. "After all, he is Saint Joeyaa, the head of Wikia. Just like any boss, he wants to keep his best assets: universes. He wouldn't want us to become independent because then he'd lose power over us."

A loud voice called out from behind them. "Kwiksilver? It's been too long!"

Tails6000 was striding out of one of the Bureau of Fiction entrances. He was wearing a hoodie and construction helmet as was the norm, but he was taller and more muscular. Stubble could be seen growing on his chin. Before Kwiksilver had a chance to object, Tails wrapped him up in a bone-cracking hug.

"Nice to see you're as ever, Tails!"

"And you haven't changed a bit. Got a few more inches I see. And Willy! I haven't seen you two since that Power4U Affair. McFlapp's called you too, right?"

"Yep," answered Willy. "And we're late. We should have been there ten minutes ago."

"Look at the line for the lifts, though!" complained Kwiksilver, pointing to the silver lift entrance. Indeed, there were thirty or so penguins waiting.

"I've got an idea," said Tails, with a mischievous glint in his eye. He picked up a Focused Teleportation Plate from a hurrying worker's stack and activated it. He then threw the disc like a frisbee towards the back of the line.

As it hit each penguin, they disappeared in a flash of green light. Soon, every penguin in the line had been teleported away.

"WHAT THE HECK DID YOU JUST DO?!?!?" Yelled Willy.

"It should be pretty obvious, I just teleported them away."

"Yes, but where to?" Asked Kwiksilver.

"To a car wash somewhere in Mattress Village. The owner said he'd let me run through it if I promised to get him some more customers."

Willy and Kwiksilver were quite confused.

"You ran through a car wash?" They both asked.

"It's a long story," said Tails with a cheeky grin. "Anyways, the department of time's got some surprise visitors. After you, gentlemen."

We cut to Saint Joeyaa and Mayor McFlapp having a conversation. Mayor McFlapp, as usual, is always trying to make sure Joeyaa has the best stay possible. In reality, Joeyaa can't stand the mayor and only ever has meetings with him if it's absolutely necessary.

"We have to do something!" said Saint Joeyaa to the mayor.

"That storm has damaged the walls between universes, there's massive damage in the universes themselves, and to top it all off, some X-Creatures and Super Penguins from here are terrorising the populace!"

They were in an ornately decorated room, with red plush couches which the group was reclining on. Behind them, computerized windows showed different scenes. One showed the Sonic Universe being terrorized by Super Penguins, another showed the Mario Universe being destroyed with flash floods, lightning and hurricanes. It was a horrible scene.

"Th' solution's bally simple then," said the Mayor, "We send a team to get rid of those flippin' Super Penguins and X-Creatures, wot, then fix up the worlds! Warriors can fix things, doncha know, wot wot!"

"Are you insane?" protested Joeyaa, "Wikia is already damaged from those Super Creatures and their rift-crossing! Besides, you'll need a very big team to handle that many enemies."

"You haven't met my secret team, wot wot," said the Mayor with a wink.

"I can hardly contain myself," Joeyaa said sarcastically. "Tell me, did you get a team of swimsuit models this time?"

"Heh heh heh, still got that bally sense of humor I see?"

The doors of the elevator opened and Mayor McFlapp motioned to Explorer 767, Ninjinian, Fred 676, and Star Kirby12.

"What a surprise mayor. You got a country leader, a half-baked movie star, a nerd and a... whatever the guy in the helmet is. Honestly it was more than I expected from you."

"Hey I thought I flippin told Speeddasher to call for seven of you guys?"

"WAIT MAYOR!" Yelled Willy. "We're here!"

Kwiksilver, Willy, and Tails6000 came running into the room panting.

"Ah there you bally are. Now go stand over there chaps and get caught up for a few bally minutes. Then I'll do the introductions for our bally guest here. I gotta have my bally dramatic effect, wot wot."

"Please take your time. I'm in no need to see another one of the mayor's light shows any time soon. One could say it's delaying the inevitable, but it's an inevitable worth delaying."

The three nodded and went over to where their friends were. They were all surprised at how their friends had changed, but they were most surprised at how Mayor McFlapp had changed. The last time they had saw him, he had aged slightly, but now he appeared quite elderly. His face had grown a couple of wrinkles, and he appeared to actually have to use his cane to move around now. However they still noticed he still had several model magazines in his drawer. Some things never change I guess. Another thing was that it wasn't just him. All the masters appeared older, and only Illustrator Keith didn't appear to be in his late-forties or early-fifties.

"Nice to see you guys again," said Explorer to the three who had just arrived. "So you got a visit from Speed to?"

"Sure did," replied Tails. "Eclipse wasn't to happy that he came in through our window though. So anyways Explorer, any luck on finding a girlfriend who isn't after your money."

Explorer tried to keep a happy face but he couldn't help but cry.


"I don't know," replied Willy. "Mayor McFlapp reads a lot of those magazines that have articles published by girls, so why don't you ask him?"

"You really think he reads those things," said Director Benny as he walked into the room. "The guy rarely proofreads the scripts Billybob gives him."

"Then why does he keep them?" Asked Ninjinian.

"Well, I guess you could say he likes the pictures."

Mayor McFlapp then clapped his wings and told the six to get in position for dramatic effect. That isn't to dramatic since Joeyaa has already seen the six. Oh well, let's not spoil the mayor's moment.

"Are you bally ready Joeyaa?!?!"

"Frankly I'm rarely ready for your shenanigans mayor, but I think I've gotten used to it. So why don't we stop pretending that we actually get along and get this over with."

"Oh, I bally agree sir. Anyways, these bally penguins have helped Club Penguin Fanon through its flippin' toughest times. May I introduce you to..."

The lights dimmed. Joeyaa sighed. He was used to Mayor McFlapp's introductory habits. A spotlight shone, seemingly from nowhere, on each penguin every time McFlapp described them.

"This good chap in the propellor cap, wot, is Explorer 767!" said the Mayor, with a flourish of his top hat. "Randomness, strategy, flippin' insanity and purple puffles destroyed while you wait!"

Explorer leaned forward and shook Joeyaa's hand.

"Next," announced Mayor McFlapp, "Is James Erasmus Kwiksilver. A bally brave, determined and resourceful chap. He's helped us many times."

"Aren't you the guy with the time traveling watch?" asked Joeyaa as he shook Kwiksilver's flipper.

"Yeah. How did you know?"

Joeyaa frowned. "It's been causing me a lot of trouble back at Wikia. Please refrain from taking those universal joyrides, okay?"

"And here is Tails6000. He specializes in energy attacks, strength, and speed. I've seen him destroy whole armies in a couple of seconds, doncha know?"

Tails smiled, trying to be modest. Handshake.

"Ninjinian!" grinned the Mayor, "A natural leader, wot. He's definitely smart and quick on that bally trigger."

"Pleasure to meet you, Saint Joeyaa," said Ninjinian, "I've heard a lot about you from my time as a Sysop at the Bureau."

"Fred 676, Explorer's flippin' brother and computer nerd..."

"That's MATH nerd!" sighed Fred.

"Yes, I know that mate, I know that."

Note to self: Think of something to write here

"And last but not least, Willy the Penguin. Known to his friends as Will. He's fiercely loyal and will stay with you to the end.

Willy tipped his hat to Joeyaa.

"So, I bet you're all wondering why I-" started Joeyaa

"I," interrupted the Mayor.

"Fine, the Mayor called you here today to ask if you would be willing to take up a mission."

Joeyaa pointed to the screens.

"As you can see, that storm which begun last night has devastated the whole of Wikia. As an added extra, some Super Penguins and "X-Creatures" have taken advantage to the weakened barriers between universes to gain access to previously peaceful realms. Your mission will be to neutralise the Super Penguin threat, and aid the universes' populace."

Everybody accepted, except Fred.

"Hey, Joeyaa, I don't really think I'm cut out for this kind of thing. I'd rather stay behind."

"Well," said Joeyaa, "We do need seven volunteers, but I reckon we could find another one."

"I've got a bally someone in mind," replied Mayor McFlapp. "I'll give him a flippin call later."

"Okay, universal travel devices. McFlapp?"

The Mayor spoke to Kwiksilver. "Kwik, do you still have that flippin' Vortex Manipulothingy?"

Kwiksilver unclipped the strange-looking watch from his flipper. "I've got it here, Mayor. Remember, it's faulty. I don't see much use it could be."

Tails and Willy were playing their Snowtendo DSs. The beeping provided a background noise. Mayor McFlapp snatched the consoles from them.

"Everybody pass over something electrical, wot!"

Explorer turned in his IcePhone, Ninjinian gave his IcePod with the cookie protective cover. Star handed over his communicator. Mayor McFlapp placed the DS's and the other items on one side of a futuristic scale and Kwik's Vortex on the other side. Mayor McFlapp pressed a button on the scale.


What looked like a bolt of lightning hit the electronics, and everything was silent. Mayor McFlapp used a pair of tongs to pick up the slightly smoking items on the scale and return them to their owners. Willy and Tails checked out their Snowtendo consoles. An extra option, called "Time Travel", had appeared on the screen. There was an app on Explorer's IcePhone and Ninjinian's IcePod with the name, "Timey Wimey App". Star found a new command that said "Time Travel". Kwiksilver was returned his Vortex.

"The bally items you hold in your hot little flippers, chaps, are now enabled to time travel and hop through flippin' universes. Go on, try it!" said McFlapp, looking excited.

Willy clicked the Time Travel option. He inserted the coordinates so it would travel ten seconds into the future. He took a worried glance at the Mayor, then pressed the ACCEPT button. He was gone in a flash of green light.


"Where'd he go?" exclaimed Ninjinian.

"He's time traveled," said Kwiksilver, who had experienced it before. "He'll be here in 6 seconds."


The group counted down the seconds.

3, 2, 1--


Willy reappeared in a flash of green light. He appeared to be smoking, and was a little disoriented.

"Whoa!" cried Willy, "It works!"

Saint Joyeea clapped his hands. "Well done, McFlapp, brilliant idea."

"All we've got to do is construct a flippin' booster teleporting thingy!" said Mayor McFlapp, "Fred?"

"Absolutely," said Fred. "With some help from Clyde and four hundred coins, I reckon I could rig one up."

Joyeea nodded and spoke again, this time to the others. "You'll leave tomorrow. Get a small traveling pack ready. I'll notify the universes that you're coming."

In the distant Mario Fanon Wiki's temporary Bureau of Fiction, which was in a distant castle, a Joeyaa (species) sat at a desk. His name was Professor Fungi, and he had been hired from the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. He was writing up protocol and policies. There was a knock on the half-painted door.

"Come in!" called the mushroom. The door opened and a Heavy Troopa rolled in. His name was Jim. Fungi's assistant, a greenish-yellow Joeyaa, had joined him, carrying the Trash Can of Fate.

"Professor Fungi," he panted, "I've spotted a strange storm coming towards us from the Mario Wiki."

"It's true, Professor, we must delete it!"

"Well then," said Fungi, not looking up from his piece of parchment. "Delete it."

"I tried, sir, I really did, but it's deletion proof!"

Professor Fungi stood up, lifting his typewriter. "Deletion proof? I have to see this for myself."

Professor Fungi, the Assistant, and Jim walked to the Observation Room, a floor down from Professor Fungi's office. On various computer screens was a jet black, forboding cloud that spoke of doom. Other screens were analyzing the cloud. Now and then, forks of lightning would come down from the cloud. Professor Fungi held his spectacles to his eyes as he examined a report that had just been printed.

"That's strange. It states here that the cloud is made of 99.99% evil and 0.01% cloud. Evil isn't a substance. It's an abstract noun."

"Try deleting it, sir." said Jim eagerly.

Professor Fungi did what he did in his MP2 days. He typed some commands into his typewriter, which represented the Cloud. He took it up, ceremoniously, showing it to Jim. He tossed it to his nearby assistant, who opened the Trash Can, and turned to Jim.

"Are you SURE you want to delete your record of the Cloud?" the assistant asked.

"Do you ALWAYS have to do that?"

"Yes... it's in my INSTINCTS."

"...fine, yes, I want to delete it."

"Confirmed." the Assistant opened the trash can and threw it in. The can shook violently, and there was a white flash of light.

Suddenly, Professor Fungi looked at his typewriter, and held up the paper. The cloud was still there. He held it up to Jim.

"Professor, don't you only pull that joke when we say no?" Jim asked, nervously.

"That... that's impossible!" stuttered Fungi.

There was a sudden series of sounds that sounded like somebody typing on an old typewriter, much older then Fungi's. The fungus looked around and spotted possibly one of the creepiest things he'd ever seen. At the typewriter was a penguin with possibly one of the most beat up faces ever. He had a bald spot on his head, a enormously swollen eye, and several of his teeth were missing.

The creepy Virus

"Or is it?" said the penguin, and snickered evilly.

"Who are you?" asked Jim, who had grabbed a fire flower propped up against the wall.

"My name is Virus," said the evil penguin, "and I'm looking for someone who ran off with something that belonged to me. I have reason to believe he passed through this universe quickly and left, so you'd best tell me were he is."

"We'll never tell you!" roared Fungi.

"Oh really? Well, I suppose this would be a great hideout we could use. Come in, minions!"

There was some more typewriter noises and at least one hundred Super Penguins appeared behind Virus. They were all aiming at Professor Fungi, the Assistant and Jim.

"Oh my..."

"Oh my indeed," said Virus. "I do wonder what would happen if you three were to disobey us. I'm guessing you'll find yourselves with heads full of lead, EEEEEEEEEE HEEE HEEE HEEE!"

"Okay this guy is enjoying himself way to much," said Jim.

Virus was enraged at this and quickly went over to slap Jim. The koopa fell over onto his stomach, but before he could get up Virus pressed his foot against his face.


"What the heck does that even mean?" Asked the assistant.

"Oh of coarse! It would appear that my superior intellect is far above the level of you primitive fungi. It sickens me to be in the same room as you three. GET THEM OUT OF MY SIGHT IMEDIATLEY!"

Virus kicked Jim in the cheek, which sent him rolling into the wall. The Super Penguins then quickly grabbed the three and carried them away. Virus meanwhile was spraying the room with disinfecting spray so that he wouldn't catch their stupidity. Ya I've got no idea how this guy's brain works.

Chapter IV: A Subtle Send-Off[edit]

It was late at night and everyone was busy packing for their mission tomorrow. Mayor McFlapp had told them to only bring essentials, because any unnecessary baggage would slow them down. Tails6000 was in his room putting on his gi, which he hadn't worn in years, and making sure to pack a lot of food. Eclipse was rather worried about her husband, and had tried to convince him to reconsider going.

“I’ve told you already Eclipse, I’m not about to miss out on fighting some of the most powerful guys in the multiverse. If what Speed told me is correct, then we’re dealing with villains even more powerful than the super penguins.”

“Yes, if what Speed told you is correct,” Eclipse replied. “That’s a pretty big if. He’s not exactly the brightest guy in the world. What if it’s not as serious as it looks?”

Tails thought about it for a minute before smiling.

“Only one way to find out I guess,” he said laughing as Eclipse face palmed.

“Why did I marry such a simpleton?” She thought to herself.

Tails6000 was about to finish packing, when the door bell rang. The two thought it might be Taiz, so Tails ran towards the door at top speed, only to trip on a rug and go flying into the closet.

“Hm, I never new we had pizza in this closest?” he said. “I also never knew there was Weirdology Cult living here. Hey Eclipse, can you get that? I gotta chase these extremists out of here. Hey you! That mine hat is not a prophet of Ernie!”

Eclipse simply opened the door and saw a mail lady with a package.

“Hi, um I think this package is like for Tails6000,” she said. “This is like his home isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” said Eclipse. “What’d he order this time?”

“I don’t know I just like deliver the packages. Anyways, are you like his mom or something?”

Eclipse’s face turned red at this comment and she had to stop herself from slapping the lady.

“I’M HIS WIFE YOU BIMBO!” She yelled.

“Like honest mistake grandma. Anyways, could you just sign this here?”

Eclipse reluctantly singed, when all of a sudden Tails6000 opened the closet door and began chasing out the Weirdology Cult members. The mail lady was most surprised at this.

“My closet is not a shrine to Ernie, so get out!” He yelled firing his buster canon.

“You have no purpose in life,” said an old penguin. “NO PURPOSE!”

"I think I just like saw my grandpa in that group," said the mail lady. "Anyways, you're like Tails6000 right?"

Tails nodded and took the package. He was very excited about whatever was in it.

"I've been waiting for this forever! Well more specifically since yesterday."

He was so excited in fact, that he didn't notice the mail lady was eyeing him suspiciously. Eclipse began to get uncomfortable about this.

"So hot stuff," said the mail lady. "I've been walking around all day in this outfit and it's quite cold out there. I could us something tough and um well hot to warm me up, if you know what I mean?"

Tails quickly jumped back and got into a defensive position. The mail lady was caught off guard at his sudden movement, and Eclipse was shocked that this lady was trying to do. Well not really shocked, but upset.

"You know, I'm not an idiot," Tails6000 said. "I know exactly what you're trying to do."

"Y-you do?" She replied.

"I sure do."

"I knew he had some sense," thought Eclipse.


The two women fell over once he said those words.

"He can't even tell when someone is flirting with him?" Eclipse thought.

"What an idiot," the mail lady thought. "How can someone be so simple minded?"

The mail lady quickly left the igloo, leaving Tails laughing.

"You never know who's gonna try and steal your food these days," he said. "It's sad that such devils exist in this world. Well anyways my package is here."

"So, what exactly did you order?" Asked Eclipse. "It's not another pizza oven is it?"

"I hate to disappoint you but no. It's a new weapon from a different universe."

Eclipse was quite surprised at this.

"How the heck did you order that."

"From this great multiversal website. You can order stuff from all over the multiverse for a really low price. I'd show you their site, but I forgot the link. I think they were called the Black Market."

"Idiot," Eclipse said under her breath. "So anyways, what is this new weapon?"

"It's a little something from a place called the Halo Universe. They call it, "The M6 Spartan Laser"."

Tails removed the bubble wrap from around the weapon, and pulled it out. It was a super large gun that Tails could lift up with ease. Eclipse was shocked, as she'd never seen a weapon like it before.

"How powerful is that thing?" She asked.

"Well supposedly it can obliterate almost anything it hits. The downside is it only has 5 shots. But I have a way to fix that."

"Tails, what are you thinking of doing?"

"I'm going to pay G a quick visit, and have him reverse engineer this gun. If all goes as planned, I should be able to combine it with my buster canon. Since that canon had unlimited ammo, if I combine the two together, I'll have a super powerful weapon."

"That's actually not a bad idea. But do you have time to do all that? You leave tomorrow after all."

Tails gave her a cheeky smiled.

"I've got plenty of time. I've finished all my packing, and G can work pretty fast. I'll drop these things off at his place quick, and then be back to get a good night sleep. I'll pick it up on the way to the Bureau tomorrow."

"I suppose there's nothing I can say to stop you from going," Eclipse sighed. "I know that there's no persuading you once you've made your mind up. I just want you to promise that you'll be okay out there."

Tails smiled and gave his wife a hug.

"I promise," he replied. "Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta get these weapons to G's place. I'll be back in few minutes."

Tails waved goodbye as he ran out the door towards G's Igloo. He seems quite confident with his new weapon, but is even it enough to help him with the dangers that he and the others will face tomorrow?

Explorer had begun gathering up his various Morshu Bombs, as well as his shovel into his player card, and was searching for other things he might need. It was then that he came across something very nostalgic. The very sight of it made him get all teary eyed.

“I remember this,” he said. “It’s The Golden Waffle, the artifact that gives the owner control over all things weird and insane. It sure does bring back some fond memories of trying to keep it away from Sergeant Str00del.”

He decided that he should bring it along with him, thinking that it might come in handy at some point. Explorer then began to flash back to the good old days, before he became an actor.

“I miss all those good times. Like when I beat the Walrus Crime Ring, or when I drove that tank circles around that Magma Puffle, and let’s not forget that time I beat that antibody with this shovel.”

“It’s no use penguin,” Gargantuan claimed. “My skin im-impenetrable. Nothing can damage it. I think?”

“Well I guess we’ll see about that won’t we antibody?”

Explorer then charged straight towards him and raised his shovel up high.


“Good times, good times,” he thought to himself.

It was then that he heard a knock on his door.

“Come in,” he called out.

The penguin who entered was none other than his brother Fred. He’d been working down in their basement since they had arrived home from the Bureau’s Office, and it appeared to be for his brother.

“Oh, it’s you Fred. For a minute there I thought I was gonna be that director asking me to star in a sequel to that romantic comedy. Remind me never to work with that guy again.”

“Absolutely Explorer,” responded his brother. “Anyways, I finished the job you asked me to do. You want to see the results.”

“Do I? I can’t wait to see how the little guy is doing.”

The two exited the bedroom, and ventured down stairs into the basement. It was a rather nice room, with soft carpeting, a Widescreen TV, and some beds incase any natural disasters struck. In the middle of the room was a pedestal, and on it was an object covered in a white sheet.

“Is he really under there?” Asked Explorer.

“He sure is brother,” Fred assured him. “Anyways, you and I both know that he’s been falling a part for quite some time now from all the battle scars he’s gotten on all your adventures. So just like you asked me, I transferred his micro chip into and updated model.”

Fred then grabbed the sheet and got ready to pull it off.

“I present to you, “Tittle Mark 2”! The old piece of headgear in a new and improved body.”

The sheet was pulled off, and Explorer starred amazed at what stood in front of him. What used to be a propeller hat was now a shiny white fedora with a propeller on top. His old friend looked better than he ever had before.

“He… he… HE LOOKS INCREDIBLE! My excitement level is way over 9,000 at this point.”

“Well what are you waiting for brother? Try him on.”

Explorer wasted no time in putting the hat on. He began to look at himself in the mirror, and liked what he saw.

“Truly the most epically awesome headgear ever. No one can resist the awesomeness of a fedora mixed with a propeller hat. No one.”

“And that’s not all,” Fred added. “I had your personal tailors make you a matching suit. Go look in that closet over there.”

The excited penguin hovered over to the closet with his new hat, while making sure that he didn’t accidently hit the ceiling as it was a pretty low roof. He opened the doors to find a piece of clothing he’d only ever dreamed of owning.

“Wow,” he stated. “This is possibly 100% better than the other clothes I wear.”

“You don’t wear any other clothes besides your hat, and your special occasion tuxedo brother?”

Ninjinian crammed the last of his stuff into the overly packed backpack on his desk, just as there was a knock at the door. Baby N entered with Crow.

"Yo, Ninj, all packed?"

"You bet I am," said Ninjinian, motioning to the backpack and a huge suitcase by the door.

"But Ninjinian," said Baby N, "This suitcase is full of cookies!"

"That's the beauty of it!" Ninjinian exclaimed, "So many cookies, so much time!"

"But won't it be tough to carry, bro?" asked Crow.

Ninjinian pressed a button on the suitcase and it shrank to the size of a gum packet.

"Kwik gave me this for my birthday last year. Best suitcase I ever had!"

"Who'll be in charge while you're away?" asked Baby N.

"You both will, if you don't mind," said Ninjinian. "Please, try to keep it the same until I'm back, okay?"

"Gotcha," said Crow.

Ninjinian hugged his two brothers, then shouldered his backpack and walked down the hall.

It was 6:00 AM and Willy had just arrived at the Bureau building a few minutes ago. He wanted to be there early so that he could see how the building had changed since he last visited (not including yesterday of course). The place had gotten some major technology upgrades, which were to be expected, as well as an extra room with a name inscribed on the door. It read “Tim”.

“I didn’t know there was a new guy living here?” Willy said as he opened the door.

When he looked at the room, he was quite surprised at what he saw. In it was a young penguin playing what looked like a smaller version of the Narrator’s Organ, with several action figures seemingly moving around by themselves. They appeared to be fighting some sort of war with each other.

“What the heck is this place?” Willy asked.

The penguin playing the organ heard Willy’s question and immediately stopped his playing. He then turned around to see who had entered.

“Oh hello there,” he said. “You must be one of the heroes Mayor McFlapp hired to go on this adventure. Willy right?”

“Ya that’s me,” Willy replied. “I don’t think we’ve met before Tim.”

“How’d you know my name? Are you psychic?”

“No the door had your name on it.”

“Oh, right. Anyways, you’re probably wondering what I’m doing in this room right?”

Willy nodded.

“Well I’m kinda practicing.”

“Practicing?” Willy asked. “What for?”

“Well you see I’m Mayor McFlapp’s new apprentice. I’m going to be the new narrator once he retires.”

Willy was quite surprised. He didn’t know Mayor McFlapp had an apprentice, or even that he had considered retiring. Tim seemed like a nice guy though, and he was obviously skilled enough get this far. Either that or he bribed McFlapp with swimsuit magazines.

“You don’t say,” Willy replied. “Well, congratulations on that, you should be honored to have gotten this job.”

“Believe me I am. I’ve still got quite a long way to go however, so for now I’m just practicing with these action figures. They’re actually robotic and they pick up signals from this organ, which is how I’m able to control their movements. I’ll have to learn how to control so many things at once if I ever want to be as great a narrator as McFlapp.”

Upon hearing this, Willy had to stop himself from laughing. He had nothing against the Mayor, but he was far from an ideal role model.

“That’s pretty cool,” said Willy. “Anyways, I’d better get going. Gotta save the multiverse and all.”

“I understand,” Tim replied. “It was nice meeting you Willy.”

“You to Tim.”

The two shook flippers and Tim went back to his practicing. Willy didn’t know if he would make a good or bad narrator, but he seemed like a nice enough guy. The rest of the morning was spent mostly looking around the building. Eventually he returned to the waiting room, and saw that someone else was there. It was Speeddasher and he appeared to be talking to someone on the phone.

“So you understand your mission?” The ninja asked. “Good. Just remember that we’re dealing with possibly the biggest threat the multiverse has ever seen. Anyways, gotta go now. Don’t die.”

Willy was confused. Who had Speed been talking to, and what was this so called mission? He decided that Speed would tell him if he needed to know, so he decided not to ask about it.

“Hey Speed!” Willy called out. “What are you doing here?”

“Well I was going to go back to the Dojo and enjoy some sushi, but then I got called in by McFlapp to go on this little road trip of his, so now I’m here. Anyways, I heard that you got Kwiksilver back.”

Willy sighed.

“Ya I guess I did. Not before I gave him what’s been coming to him for the past four years though.”

Speed laughed slightly.

“I take it that means you still haven’t forgiven him?”


“Calm down Willy,” a voice said. “You don’t want to get a heart attack.”

Willy knew exactly who that voice belonged to. The sarcastic attitude, treating him like he was a kid, there was no mistaking it. Kwiksilver had just arrived.

“Well look who decide to show up,” Willy huffed.

“I can see you still have that charming personality you had during our last meeting Will. I’d have thought you might have spiced it up a bit this time.”

Willy simply walked away and sat down on one of the chairs. Kwiksilver than looked at Speeddasher, but he had nothing to say. He didn’t know if the ninja was also angry at him, since their last meeting wasn’t exactly on the friendliest terms. He hadn’t felt this way around the ninja since they first met, when he was a villain.

“So, I can see that you still look as threatening as ever Speed,” said Kwiksilver.

Speed simply shrugged and got out his katana to polish it.

“And I can see you still keep your swords in great condition. Quite admirable if I do say so my…

“Listen James, I know you’re gonna ask me if I’m mad at you like Willy is,” Speed replied.

Kwiksilver sighed.

“Well if you are mad then I suppose you have every right to be.”

“What’s done is done,” said Speeddasher. “When I decided to join you guys and protect Antarctica I made a promise not to dwell on the past. If I were to remain mad at you I’d be breaking that promise.”

“So you wouldn’t be mad at me even I called you old right now?”

Speed slashed his katana and held it at Kwiksilver’s neck.

“Don’t push it James.”

Kwiksilver couldn’t help but laugh and Speed soon joined him. Willy however was just waiting for when the mayor would call them in.

To be reconstructed

A giant circular door was suspended between the floor and ceiling of the room. Wires, cables, computer chips and others hung off it. Mayor McFlapp, Clyde, Saint Joeyaa and Fred were currently waiting for the others to arrive.

“I can see that your so called heroes aren’t very punctual,” Joeyaa huffed. “I knew I should’ve contacted the Kais for some help.”

“They’ll flippin be here,” the Mayor assured him.

After a few minutes of waiting(and a KABOOM caused by the Sonic Streaker's crash landing), Becky sent a message through the speakers.

“Attention Mayor McFlapp!” She exclaimed. “Your team of heroes has arrived and they’re ready to make their grand entrance.”

“Bally fantastic Becky! Send them in immediately, wot wot!”

“Right away sir!”

The in front of them opened and the heroes could be seen in silhouette form. They slowly walked out one by one. First came a penguin in a rather expensive looked white outfit, along with a white fedora with a propeller on top.

“Explorer 767 is that bally you?!” Mayor McFlapp exclaimed.

“Yes it is mayor,” the penguin replied. “Yes it is!”

“That’s a very nice costume, but we really don’t have time for all these grand reveals,” Joeyaa stated. “Please everyone hurry up.”

The heroes let out a sigh and walked into the room.

“Nice to see you all could make it,” said Joeyaa. “Now as I said before we don’t have much time, so let’s just get you all ready for your adventure.”

The heroes nodded.

"This," said Mayor McFlapp, motioning to the door, "is a bally booster teleport, wot wot! It'll help you get to your assigned universe."

“Quite a complex piece of machinery,” Explorer replied. “Better make sure the old samurai doesn’t break it.”

Speeddasher got enraged at this statement, and grabbed Explorer by his shirt collar.

“Are you still calling me old?!” The ninja yelled. “Maybe these comments of yours are the reason you can never get a girlfriend!”

Explorer was shocked and tears began pouring from his eyes.

“That’s harsh Speed,” he said. “That’s really, really harsh.”

Mayor McFlapp picked up a giant top hat from his collection and poured some folded pieces of paper into it.

"We'll do it the bally old fashioned way, wot!” The mayor said. “Explorer, you go first."

Explorer stuck his flipper in the hat, and pulled out a wad of paper. Anxious to see what he got, he quickly un-crumbled it.

"Woot! I got Redwall!" He exclaimed.

Explorer wasted no more time and quickly jumped into the teleporter. Under the basement, a portal opened for EPT to go through.

“Well off he bally goes,” Mayor McFlapp said. “Tails you go next, wot wot!”

Tails reached into the hat and pulled out a piece of paper that had “Sonic Wiki” written on it.

“Oh, I’ve been there before,” said Tails. “At least I know what I’m getting into. See ya guys.”

Tails ran towards the teleporter and jumped inside. This process continued as the rest of them picked their universes. Kwiksilver received the Doctor Who Wiki, Willy got the Mario Wiki, Star got the Club Penguin Army Wiki, and then it was Speeddasher’s turn.

“Come on, give me a universe with some action,” he said as he pulled out a piece of crumbled up paper.

As he un-crumbled it he read the words inscribed on the piece of paper. He was quite shocked at what was written on it.

“ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?!” He yelled. “I seriously get this universe?!

“What’s wrong Speed?” Ninjinian asked. “Are you getting sent to a universe without any cookies by any chance?”

Speeddasher didn’t want Ninjinian to see what he’d gotten so he attempted to act calm.

“No, um it’s nothing like that,” he said nervously. “It’s really not that bad.”

“Then let me see it!” Ninjinian demanded.

“Um, no we really don’t have time for that. It’s like Joeyaa said we’ve got to get going now.”

Fred walked up from behind Speed and took his piece of paper while he wasn’t looking.

“HEY!” The ninja yelled.

“Weird, I’ve never heard of this universe before,” Fred said.

“What’s so wrong with it Speed?” Ninjinian asked.

Speed angrily grabbed the piece of paper back from Fred.

“Nothing,” he said. “It’s just some universe I visited when I was looking for Kwiksilver, that’s all. So goodbye.”

Speeddasher quickly jumped into the teleporter and vanished. Ninjinian had no idea what Speed was so nervous about, but he thought that it might be something really terrifying if even he didn’t want to go there. He decided to just forget about it though and went to pick his paper.

“The Star Wars Wiki,” the penguin read. “Well I guess I’ll be off now. Hopefully we’ll all have lot’s of stories to tell when we come back.”

“Have a bally good time,” said Mayor McFlapp.

Ninjinian jumped into the teleporter, and Joeyaa turned it off after the penguin had fully vanished. Mayor McFlapp breathed a sigh or relief, and he walked out of the room with Clyde, Joeyaa and Fred.

Chapter V: Virus gets serious (or at least as serious as he can get)[edit]

“I have an important message Lord Virus!” A woman said through the speaker. “It would appear that one of our top agents has returned from his assignment.”

“It certainly took him long enough,” Virus complained. “Maybe I should attach rockets to his feet to make him go faster so he’d stop being late all the time? It’d also be cool if he could explode every time he touched something and come out completely okay. I love explosions. ”

“Um, that’s a very interesting idea sir. But what I want to say is that he requests to have a word with you.”

“A word?! With me?! So he shows up this late and he expects me to take time to talk with him?! Well, I’ll tell you what I think about that! I would very much like to have a word with him, please send him in.”

“Ugh, right away sir.”

After a few minutes of waiting, the door was shoved open by a frightening looking figure. He appeared to be a dark-skinned bald Sanity Human with a slight beard except much taller than even the tallest of his species. The man stood what looked to be around nine feet in height, and was wearing a rather fancy looking suit. In his right hand was an absolutely enormous sword that probably weighed around half a ton. His eyes were also covered by a pair of sunglasses, but a scar on his left eye was noticeable. He sat down on a nearby chair as Virus starred at him with a cheeky grin.

“Well, well, well look what leopard seal dragged in,” Virus sarcastically stated. “Nice to see you finally showed up Agent Gamma.”

“Me and my team were caught in a tropical cyclone somewhere out sea thanks to some kid in green with some sort of magic baton,” replied the human. “Our ship was completely destroyed and I was forced to swim all the way to some place called Windfall Island. Then I had to hitch a ride with some guy named Beedle who kept trying to sell me bombs, bait, and arrows.”

“Oh you poor sweet thing. Nothing but excuses I see? Well in this organization excuses are something we don’t tolerate.”

“I understand sir. We also lost agents Omega and Psi on the mission, so we might have to find replacements for them soon.”

Virus face palmed.

“I don’t suppose you have any good news to report do you?” He asked.

“Well actually yes,” the agent replied. “During my stay at Windfall Island, my device picked up a strange energy signal. The signal of a Vortex Manipulator being used on a nearby island.”

This statement caught Virus’s attention.

“Go on?”

“I tried to track which universe the user had jumped to, and eventually I found a matching signal somewhere in this universe. If my guess is correct, that’s where he is.”

Virus grinned with excitement. It would appear that they would finally have what they were looking for.

“This is a rather interesting discovery,” he said. “I have something to say to you Agent Gamma so come closer.”

“Um, okay sir. Whatever you say.”

The tall human got up from his seat and approached the penguin.

“All I have to say Agent Gamma is…

Virus lifted up his flipper and balled it up in a fist.


Virus punched the man right in the jaw, causing the agent to fall down. He got up rather quickly though and appeared uninjured.


“Sir, with all due respect that would’ve been impossible. My vortex manipulator was damaged during the storm and it was impossible to get to a universe that far away with it. That’s why a warped back here to pick up a new one.”


“Y-yes sir!”

The human quickly ran out of the room to get a new vortex manipulator while Virus began pounding the table.

“My plan will not be foiled by that little traitor!” He thought to himself. “I’ll sacrifice my entire army if that’s what it takes. Whatever the cost I will have my revenge.”

A portal suddenly appeared out of nowhere and a young yellow penguin popped out of it. He was carrying multiple firearms, and was also wearing a red jacket with a black shirt underneath. It would appear that this was Taiz, aka Tails6000’s son. But he didn’t come along on his father’s journey, so what was he doing in a portal?

“Ugh, my head,” he said. “That Wreath guy had some weird weapon that sent me all the way to wherever I am now.”

Taiz looked around his current location in an attempt to find out where he was. He spotted a city that appeared to be heavily populated with the creatures known as humans.

“Well, maybe one of the guys there can tell me where the heck this place is. I think I’ll try and ask the guy who lives in that tall purple building.”

Taiz got on his motorcycle and drove quickly towards the city. Most of the people were shocked to see a penguin riding a motorcycle, but there were some that were downright annoyed that he didn’t seem to have any respect for traffic laws. After quite a bit of driving he could see the base of the purple building, but he didn’t seem to be stopping.

“Hey idiot!” Yelled one of the civilians. “What the heck are you trying to do?”

“Please Mr. Penguin!” Cried another one. “Whatever your girlfriend did to you, this isn’t the answer.”

The penguin simply laughed and continued driving. Then, right as he was about to crash, he did a wheelie on his motorcycle and began to drive up the side of the building. Everybody was quite shocked to see this turn of events, and some even had to pinch themselves to make sure they weren’t dreaming.

“You don’t think those two kids had anything to do with that contraption did you?” Asked one of the people.

“You mean the guy with the huge nose and the brit with green hair?” Replied another. “It’s possible I suppose.”

Meanwhile Taiz was still driving up the building hoping to find someone who could help him on top. As he was driving up, he heard a strangely catchy jingle.

“Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporateeeeeeeeeeeed!”

“What was that?” He asked.

After a bit of thinking he simply shrugged and decided to forget about it. He had been driving for around a minute now and he could see the top of the building. With no concern for his safety, he turned the direction of the bike and crashed right through windows which lead to a rather strange looking room. It was filled with various inventions that didn’t seem to be working.

“Wow,” he exclaimed. “Some guy’s got way too much time on his hands. Hey is that what I think it is?”

A few minutes later a guy in a lab coat, who appeared to be the owner of the building, walked into the room. It appeared that he had just finished having a nap, because come on how do you not hear someone crashing through your window while you’re awake?

“Well, I’m feeling extra evil today,” he stated. “So evil, that I’ve come up with a new plan to take over the Tri-State Area that is 100% sure to succeed. Oh hey there’s a hole in my window. THERE’S A HOLE IN MY WINDOW!”

“Oh hey a pharmacist,” said Taiz.

The human looked around and saw a penguin sitting on his couch watching TV.

“Don’t you oh hey a pharmacist me you… hey who are you anyway? Did Monobrow send you or something? Is Perry the Platypus off for the day?”

“I’m really not sure what you’re talking about,” replied Taiz. “I’m just trying to figure out where the heck this place is, and I figured that the person in charge of this place would live in a tall building such as this one.”

“I’ll have you know that I am no…

A thought suddenly popped into the human’s mind. This penguin thought that he was in charge of the Tri-State Area. Since he was able to crash through his window, he figured that this guy must be pretty strong. This could be his big chance to take over the Tri-State Area and defeat Perry the Platypus once and for all.

…Actually yes I am the one in charge of this lovely town. You may refer to me as Mayor Doofenshmirtz!”

“Whatever dude. Anyways, I just want to know where this place is and how I can get back to where I come from. Then I’ll be on my way.”

Doofenshmirtz explained to Taiz about the Tri-State Area, and how he was the leader of it. Taiz surprisingly bought all of it (I guess he takes after his father in terms of intelligence).

“Well thanks pharmacist guy,” said Taiz. “I’ll be on my way now and sorry about the window.”

“Just hold it right there!” Doofenshmirtz exclaimed. “Since you damaged my window, it technically counts a destruction of property. You’ll need to do one little thing for me in order to get off the hook.”

“Eh, I guess that’s fair. Okay so what do I gotta do?”

“Oh, I’m so glad you asked. A HA HA HA HA HA!”

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