Wikia Catastrophe the Game

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Wikia Catastrophe the Game
Inspiration(s) ???
Developer Jumpy
Publisher All the main consoles
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in the UTR
Release in Dorkugal
Additional info
Genre Platformer
Platform All
Rating ESRB for Teens

Wikia Catastrophe the Game is a game based off the Wikia Catastrophe event... but some of it is completely different or unseen stories make appearances....

Differances from the Original Event[edit]

  • More Universes are involved
  • Nightmare is not met unil the group breaks out
  • Tails fights General Skua alone with Speeddasher
  • add more differances if you spot them

Universes Involved[edit]

Note, Universes with an Asterisk (*) are universes exclusive to the game

  • Sonic Universe
  • Mushrooverse
  • Simiverse
  • Okamiverse*
  • Redwall Universe
  • Street Fighter Universe*
  • Star Wars Universe
  • Haloverse
  • Smashverse*
  • Simpsonverse*
  • Megaman Universe*
  • Angry Birds* (exclusive to handhelds and Vii version)
  • Ghouls'n Ghosts Universe*
  • Portalverse*
  • Club Penguin Army Wiki
  • Un Club Penguin Wiki
  • Dragon Ball Wiki*
  • Adventure Time Universe*
  • Regular Show Universe*
  • Real World*
  • Pokémon Universe*
  • Add more universes if you read the story, and add more game exclusive universes*

Character Stories availible[edit]

Kwiksilver's Story[edit]

Kwiksilver has recently returned from hiding after quite a few years and is sent to help stop Virus. He travels with Doctor Hickory Dickory throughout various universes and eventually meets up with his apprentice Willy. His final boss is Virus.

Tails6000's Story[edit]

Tails was originally tasked with examining the Sonic Universe, but somehow ends up traversing through many other universes to fight their villains and help their heroes, meeting various partners in the process. His story begins as a fast-paced platformer, but it switches with each universe, and he can also gain upgrades from each universe. His final boss is Metal Cyclosus.

Speeddasher's Story[edit]

Tasked with finding the Wikia Key by Mayor McFlapp, Speeddasher decides to also traverse the multiverse, starting with the Sonic Universe. He starts along with Tails, but he goes on his own after a bit. Soon he's captured by Virus's minions and used as the vessel for Malcur. From then on most of his levels take place inside his consciousness where he attempts to regain control over his body. His final boss is Malcur.

Taiz's Story[edit]

Taiz was the one who found out of the aye-que empire's returning rise to power, he promised his father that he would take down this pending threat, but in the middle of ding so he got warped elsewhere by the asailent who is the new Aye-Que, and was in another universe affected by the attacking storm..even more confusing, there was someone who looked and acted JUST LIKE HIM. Taiz attempts to see whats going on here himself along with his new partner, in efforts to help his friend, and stop the new Aye-Que. His story is a top-down action RPG based gameplay, which he can be equipped with his arsenal, and one of his destruction moves. he can switch out with his partner (the aforementioned universal "twin") at any time with a push of the switch button, his level select is like a world map. His final Boss is Dr. Wreath Aye-Que with his universal "twin"

Star Kirby12's Story[edit]

Coming Soon

add more stories


  • Waffles: Gives health in certain universes, in the mushrooverse it makes you go to normal size, as you start small...varients like the mega waffle,propellor waffle,and mini waffle also appear, doing respective changes
  • Power Weeds: Gives your character a certain power in some universes, has a fire and ice varient in the mushrooverse,if used in other universes as tails, it will make him either fire tails or ice tails..
  • Cheerios: Currency of the sonic universe, also protects you from losing a life if you have 50 as tails or speeddasher, you can go to your super form....
  • Buster Cannon: an arm weapion from the Megaman universe, can fire 5 shots in rapid succesion as tails, and can gain other abilities, speed however can shoot 3 at a time and have the shots go through walls and cause a charge shot, he can fire shurikans and use it as a flame thrower as well
  • GoGo Vehicle: A GoGo Vehicle comes to your aid.
  • Slingshot: You can throw an angry bird.

  • add more!

Characters Met[edit]

Met by Tails6000[edit]

  • ones with an asterisk * are partners
  • Issun (Okamiverse)*
  • Tails (Sonicverse)*
  • Sonic (Sonicverse)
  • Iris (megaman universe)*
  • Ryu (street fighter universe)
  • will add more soon

Met by Kwiksilver[edit]

Met by Speeddasher[edit]

Met by Taiz[edit]

  • Guntz (Klonoa)*

Met by Star Kirby12[edit]

  • Master Talia(Club Penguin Army Universe)*


Bosses of the storys, not in any specific order, will give specifics when the time comes

Tails6000's Bosses[edit]

those with asterisks are mini-bosses, those with two asterisisks (**) are the final boss, those with 3 asterisks (***) are secret bosses, and those with 4 asterkisks are unlockable battle characters

  • Metal Sonic (sonicverse)****
  • Yami (Okamiverse)
  • Ninetails (okamiverse)
  • Nagi (okamiverse)*,****
  • M.Bison (street fighter universe)
  • Cyber Akuma (street fighter, partnered with Cyber Tails)*** (Cyber Tails is playable in multiplayer)
  • Various robots (megaman universe)* (some however are playable in multi-player)
  • will add more

Speeddasher's Bosses[edit]

Kwiksilver's Bosses[edit]

Star Kirby12's Bosses[edit]

  • Rfail (Un Club Penguin Universe) ***
  • King Pig (Angry Birds Universe) *


  • Though it has some flaws and unexpected universes, this mostly follows the Wikia Catastrophe story
  • Some cases of Tails' Enerjak form were made in his story as he traverses back to find the sonic universe.
  • Adventure Time Universe, Regular Show Universe and the Real World are bonus levels and can be unlocked and downloaded online.

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