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Born Wikipeng4500
September 9, 2014 (2014-09-09) (age 4)
Club Penguin Island
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Wikipeng
Occupation Unknown
Years active 2015-present
Notable works Being in the Mutliverse Collision
Home town Club Penguin
Height 3' 5" (47")
Weight 45kg
Known for Saving the Universe
Title Anti-Hero
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Wikipenguino45 (original clone host)

For his host and original, see Wikipenguino45.
If you were looking for everything else, see Wikipenguino (disambiguation).

One day, Darktan, you will learn to fear me!
— Wikipeng4500

Wikipeng4500, sometimes known as Wikipeng (though rarely, simply to avoid confusion) or as he prefers to be called, 4500 (Four Five Hundred), is a clone of Wikipenguino45. He mainly serves as an anti-hero who fights for the side of good, but is known for making rash decisions. To this day, he is still learning about the world and what he should do with his life. He does only what he thinks is right and goes with the most efficient decisions. Wikipenguino does his best to stop him from sacrificing others if it's the only way. Wikipeng is also great friends with Agent Tux and often meets up with him for any assignments he might have.


He was created after his host's X-Antibody, Wikipenguino X, kidnapped Wikipenguino45 when they found him in the Darktonian Realm with Falco and Terry Van Puffle. After Wikipenguino was captured, Wikipenguino X, and some of his followers took Wikipenguino to a laboratory and Terry and Falco were thrown into a jail cell. Wikipenguino X explained that they were to create an exact clone of him in the hope to gain somebody who knew one of their worst enemies' weaknesses. After scanning Wikipenguino's DNA, they put him into a tube directly beside another where the clone would appear. They modified the clone slightly so he would be able to have enhanced strength, speed, durability and agility. As soon as he was successfully created and complete, Wikipeng4500 smashed out of the cloning tube using his strength and examined himself just as Falco and Terry escaped the cell and came up to watch.

Wikipenguino X explained that he was his creator, and convinced him to obey him. He then told him to destroy Wikipenguino45 and gave him a stolen keysaber. Wikipeng obeyed and leapt up, ready to slash his host in half, but was blasted back by a fireball that Falco shot which he blocked with his keysaber. Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry continued to escape the Darktonian Realm, while Wikipeng4500 pursued them. They managed to cross a rickety old bridge that crumbled as they ran across, which Wikipeng4500 leapt over, but Falco blasted him back again and he again blocked it, but was sent down a crevice. The trio ran for it, and didn't look back, but little did they know he was using his lightsaber to hang on to the walls.

Wikipeng went on many missions for Wikipenguino X, but slowly began to question if what he was doing was bad. But, however, the EPF managed to track him down and Wikipenguino was also sent to subdue him. They got into a battle, and he nearly sliced Wikipenguino in half when he managed to convince him that he had to do the right thing and turn to the good side. When Wikipenguino X (who doubted very much Wikipeng would convert) told him to continue anyways, Wikipeng instead attacked him. Wikipenguino X sprayed him with a lethal and unknown liquid that contained ditto, which knocked out Wikipeng. Wikipenguino managed to convince the Director that Wikipeng could be an ally, and that he could help them. Wikipeng, meanwhile, was in a coma and wouldn't awake for about a month. After he left hospital, he thanked Wikipenguino for helping him and ventured on to start a life of his own. He went to live in Snowville, where he hoped to live a normal life.


At some point, he was captured by S.H.A.R.K. agents and held captive in the Otherverse.

Multiverse Collision[edit]

After successfully proving himself somewhat worthy of a hero by travelling around Antarctica fighting evil, he was one of the many characters that joined the battle of the Multiverse Collision to stop Questibak's ultimate plan.


Wikipeng4500 is a very skilled tactician, strategist, marksman and hand-to-hand combatant. He is known for being a vigilante that was sighted in many different locations. He still hasn't exactly been able to shake off the amount of enemies who hated him when he first revealed himself as a villain but has been trying hard to convince them that he's not evil anymore and simply wants to help. He does stuff like saving others from buildings and fighting off evil using his Ebonblade. Nowadays, he's out PWNing lesser members of the UPM, Walrus Crime Ring as well as other evil.


Wikipeng always wears the black suit that he currently wears today as well as his belt. He also wears the same kind of puffle ball cap as Wikipenguino45. Unlike his host, he doesn't wear face paint.


Unlike his host, he prefers to be left alone most of the time and isn't talkative. He's also quite a serious penguin who doesn't joke or mess around. He's not a fan of jokes, either like his clone. When he was evil, he was constantly overtaken by the obsession to kill to get stronger which was something the scientists put into his DNA which was one thing that made him quite unlike his clone host. This was necessary for him to become what they wanted to be: an unstoppable killer. Ever since, he has never been afraid to kill (which is another unique feature) but never kills if he can help it and tries to keep this feature under control.


Wikipeng is equipped with a bullet-resistant suit (thanks to the Tropicalian military) and a utility and supply belt. In the supply belt, he keeps many different gadgets that were given to him by his host's uncle, Dr Infinity. He also has a blue keysaber which was also given to him by Dr Infinity which he also has a slot for. He also owns a ditto gun and a pure black sword he calls the Ebonblade.


Wikipeng is more faster than regular penguins and his host and this is also noticeable. He is also stronger than his host and slightly less vulnerable to weapons. He has a special move in which he uses his speed to become blur-like and speed fast towards his target but this can make him easily need to catch his breath. Wikipeng also has accelerated healing, similar to that of a High Penguin, however it doesn't protect him from things such as suffocation or poison.


  • He hates pranksters with a passion. What a shame.
  • He fears that one day, he'll turn back to evil because he fears that Wikipenguino X's minions put something in his cells that forbid him to be good.

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