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It's Wikipengal!
Born Pengal Wanda Lagois
June 15, 2014 (2014-06-15) (age 5)
Club Penguin City, King George's Island, USA
Gender Female
Nationality USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis
Other names Wikipengal45
Ethnicity R63-Antibody
(Emperor Penguin)
Occupation Student
EPF Trainee
Years active 2014-present

Wikipengal45 (full name Pengal Wanda Lagois) is the R63-Antibody of Wikipenguino45. She, like her original, loves exploring, mystery and is also very cheerful and usually very happy. Wikipengal acts as a kind of twin sister to Wikipenguino. She too serves the EPF, and is currently training. She is pretty much the female equivalent of Wikipenguino45. She is kind but can get short-tempered with enemies very much like her clone. She also HATES Mwa Mwa Penguins. She's slightly more immature than her counterpart, as well as more energetic and slightly more naive.


Wikipengal was born when Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry were taking a stroll through Club Penguin. The virus had infected Wikipenguino a few weeks before and started to take effect once the trio went to visit King George's Island. Wikipenguino only assumed that this infection was simply a cold as he was coughing and sneezing. When they had started checking out the island, Wikipenguino collapsed on the floor and started coughing. Falco believed that this was the X-Virus again and this time, was ready to burn it with flame. Before he could, Wikipenguino did a loud and violent sneeze and sneezed out a dark substance. The dark substance took it's form and Wikipengal was born. All three of them were perplexed. Wikipenguino took her to Dr. Infinity and let him examine her. He confirmed that she was his R63-Antibody.

Dr. Infinity also confirmed that she also had ZW chromosomes while Wikipenguino had ZZ chromosomes. Wikipengal decided to also join the EPF and named herself. Later, she bought an igloo close to Wikipenguino's so she could stay close to him and be neighbours. She eventually met Wikipeng4500 on a trip to Snowville with Wikipenguino45 who explained that he was his other clone. Penguino Lagois IV decided to adopt her shortly after he learnt this.



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As R63-Antibody appear to be biological around ten years younger than their hosts, Wikipengal seems to be a teenage girl around the age of 14-16. She also wears a Red Hoodie, Blue Face Paint and a Puffle Ball Cap like Wikipenguino45. She has long reddish-brown hair.




Wikipengal shares many of Wikipenguino's traits and abilities. Like her host, she knows the basics of code as well as simple fighting strategies. Like Wikipenguino, she can also use firearms, wield a keysaber, fluently speak English and Spanish and can also whistle. She's also very adept at drawing and painting and does just as well as her original. She also knows of the mysterious Fourth Wall and how to break it, the Bureau of Fiction and is also well aware of the Narrator's existence.







  • As she is pretty much an exact copy of Wikipenguino45 despite being female, she also is allergic to shellfish.
  • Wikipengal also goes into Phreaker Mode when she eats Mysterious Pork.
  • She has a strong dislike of Mabel.


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