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Wikipenguino45 logo.png
Wikipenguino's regular look.
It's Wikipenguino!
Born Penguino Walter Lagois
November 12, 1994 (1994-11-12) (age 25)
Sandyville Local Hospital, Tropicapolis, Tropicalis
Residence Lagois Mansion, Covery, Tropicapolis, Tropicalis
Gender Male
Nationality Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
Other names Wikipenguino45, Wikipen, Wikipeng, WP, Wikipenguino
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri)
Citizenship Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguinite
Education Tropicalis National School, Tropicapolis
Alma mater Beacon University, Club Penguin Island

Part-time BoF Employee
EPF Agent
South Pole Council Delegate

Computer Artist
Years active 2013-present
Notable works Venturing into the Darktonian Realm
Home town Tropicapolis, Tropicalis
Salary Unknown
Height 4.2 ft (50.4")
Weight 45kg
Known for Adventuring (into the Darktonian Realm), WaddleTubing, creating various types of artwork,
Title The Penguin Adventurer
Opponent(s) Darktan
Wikipenguino X
Sk8r Boiz
Negative Wikipenguino
Dr. Chrono
Spouse(s) Samantha Van Peng (in the future)
Partner Falco Hochstadt
Parents Penguino Lagois IV (father), Sarah Lagois (mother)
Relatives Dr. Infinity (uncle), Cheddarbox (cousin), William Lagois (cousin), Kenny Lagois (cousin), Jawa Snowski (cousin), Wikipengal45 (adoptive sister), Lagois Family
Call-sign Limefeather
Awards Unknown

If you were looking for the relatives of this penguin, see Lagois Family.
For his X-Antibody, see Wikipenguino X.
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As there's smoke where there's fire, where there's mystery, there's always adventure!
— Wikipenguino45

Wikipenguino45 (pronounced Wih-kee-pen-gween-oh) or uncommonly known as his real name, Penguino Lagois V is a fairly brave and cheerful Tropicalian Emperor Penguin who loves adventure, mystery, exploring and fun and usually wanders Antarctica in search of adventure. Wikipenguino is an EPF Agent; working on the international scale and on their behalf, often explores Darktan or S.H.A.R.K.-related cases. Wikipenguino spends most of his days living in Club Penguin Island, where he stays for most of the summer and sometimes the winter. He is well aware of and how to break the Fourth Wall and is a Class IV Fourth Wall Breaker. Wikipenguino is known to have a few clones of himself, most notably an evil X-Antibody named Wikipenguino X who was created in 2012 and ever since, still remains at large to the present day and has often acted as the main culprit of the many ordeals Wikipenguino has endured in his many missions and mishaps.

Wikipenguino also serves as a representative for Tropicalis in the South Pole Council and has been an ambassador to other countries on several occasions. Besides his job as a representative and an EPF Agent, Wikipenguino has various other occupations and hobbies, such as being a BoF worker, an artist, an author but most notably, an adventurer. Since the early 2010's, Wikipenguino has been on innumerable incidents, quests and misadventures, often following the footsteps of his inspirations such as the explorer Barkjon and the Club Penguin Exploration Group, hero Caspian and great-great uncle Zephaniah. He is usually accompanied on these journeys by his best friend Falco and blue puffle Terry Van Furry who together are known as the Venturous Three. Wikipenguino normally takes a very optimistic approach to things, always trying to be of any help out wherever he can, finding other alternatives to undecidable choices even if it seems impossible sometimes.

Despite not being much of an experienced flipper-to-flipper fighter, he is a skilled strategist and is confident with wielding a keysaber as well as ditto pistols, both of which he often carries in his pocket with a small book that he uses for writing ideas down, notes, and also includes his to-do list. Wikipenguino's ability to safely wield and use keysaber comes from his training with Ray Montarius, a former jedi master and a good friend of his. Ray often trains him in the art of combat, teaching him keysaber techniques and other useful combat skills.

Wikipenguino doesn't consider himself much of a scientific genius, though he has adequate (and in some fields extensive) knowledge of astronomy and computer science. Wikipenguino also owns a WaddleTube channel, and uploads weekly videos. He enjoys games such as Blockcraft and also occasionally enjoys playing Jokémon NO (which he sometimes combines with his adventures). Wikipenguino also owns his own website ( in which he posts updates about his life, WaddleTube channel videos, and others. He mostly shares his stories, flipper-drawn and computer drawn pictures, and real life experiences.

Wikipenguino is known to have some sort of obsession with hot chocolate, especially during the early 2010's. Despite this strange habit having calmed down over the years, and Wikipenguino learning to control his addiction, he still greatly enjoys the drink and sometimes accidentally drinks excessive amounts. Wikipenguino's adventures have also given him sufficient knowledge of the Darktonian Realm, and he is able to recognize most of the Realm's eerie landscape and navigate it somewhat easily. He's only formally addressed by his real name; otherwise, he'll always prefer to go by Wikipenguino45. He also prefers being called WP, Wikipeng, or something similar. Wikipenguino is also known for being a very contributed worker to the Club Penguin Weekee, and mostly edits when he passes by. Wikipenguino is also a very outspoken supporter of anti-crime groups and those who oppose the forces of evil, such the Hochstadt Gang and Antarctica's Protectors.

Wikipenguino is a member of the Lagois Family; specifically the current generation and the only child of Sarah and Penguino Lagois IV, the latter of whom is currently the president of Tropicalis. Wikipenguino is also in a relationship with Samantha Van Peng.

Wikipenguino also has a liking for puzzles and riddles such as crosswords, jigsaws and word searches. Wikipenguino also enjoys reading when he's bored and has nothing better to do in his igloo, mostly comic books, including copies of one of his favourite superhero comic sagas as a chick, The Adventures of Penguin Man. He also has Beakbook and Chitter accounts, both of which he posts regular updates on.


Wikipenguino as a chick.

Early Life[edit]

Wikipenguino45 was laid an hatched in the Sandyville Local Hospital to Sarah and Penguino Lagois IV. Wikipenguino was given the middle name "Walter" after his great uncle, one of three sons of Penguino Lagois II, one of the most renowned members of the Lagois Family. At the time Wikipenguino first hatched, his feathers were a pale green but would gradually turn to Lime Green over the many years. His uncle, who lived in Club Penguin, bought him the puffle hat that he wears today. Wikipenguino was very curious and eager for adventure as a child sometimes curious to the point of getting himself into a sometimes dangerous situation (for example, he once wandered up a staircase in a building while his parents were talking and found himself on the roof and nearly fell off). As a child, he went to Tropicalis National School and became friends with 1337ypeng, another student there. When Wikipenguino first discovered the internet, his curiosity grew and he thought it fascinating. He soon learnt how to use it to draw pictures and artwork.

Though Wikipenguino45 did not know it at the time, his mother worked for Winterpol and had gotten herself into many situations where she had faced Darktan Anator countless times eventually angering him and eventually killing her. After the tragic events of his mother's death, Wikipenguino who was greatly angered when he found out promised himself to fight and endless war against evil, injustice and attempt to fight Darktan himself and defeat him once and for all. Wikipenguino's father purchased a large igloo in Club Penguin (in those days was named Penguin Chat 3) where Wikipenguino and his father would go to, mostly on summer holidays. Wikipenguino and his father went to different places for vacations when it was not Club Penguin and they travelled to many countries such as the USA, Zhou, UnitedTerra, Liguria, Castilla, Puffle'and and so on. These visits rekindled Wikipenguino's curiosity of nature and the need to explore which brought him out of the sadness of losing his mother.

Wikipenguino would grow to like visiting Club Penguin and enjoyed the view and the games that were starting to be made. He would normally ask his father to take him to either Club Penguin or Liguria for holidays. At some point, when he was around 10 years old, he met up with his cousin, Cheddarbox. Cheddar introduced him to the use of face paint, and Wikipenguino liked the idea. Wikipenguino met one of his father's and grandfather's old friend, Ray Montarius whom they visited once during the summer and shared his experiences and stories during his time being a Jedi fighting the Sith during the days of Khanzem with Wikipenguino.

Teenage Life[edit]

Wikipenguino was able to live a normal life as a teenager with his father and went to Tropicapolia High School. He was sometimes bullied and eventually lost his temper a couple of times and fought back. He didn't have too many friends but wasn't unpopular but at least discovered that he was in the same school as his childhood friend, 1337ypeng. During school, he was the best in the subjects of IT and around this time, he started liking video games. His uncle even got him a Snowtendo Vii as a Christmas present. Wikipenguino spent most of his summers in Club Penguin or exploring the south pole. He took part in the Great Darktonian War. As a teenager, he mainly posted videos on his WaddleTube account. He decided to spend his summers in Club Penguin and he went there several times and each time began to know the island much better. Over the many years, Wikipenguino's artwork improved, and soon, he could properly draw penguins. His popularity in school rose slightly because of this, and he was known as one of his school's top 50 artists. Wikipenguino tried getting a job, but it turned out to be a disaster. He was fired from a pet shop by accidentally giving a puffle a bottle of cleaning liquid instead of water, and slipping and throwing a plate at a customer in a restaurant. After this, Wikipenguino found a new talent from his good friend, Francis and he let him work at his successful pizza restaurant where Wikipenguino worked as a chef and cooked pizza for customers. Wikipenguino also learnt the basics of WaddleTubing, and posted videos of many different things including videos of him playing games such as Blockcraft and others. He managed to get enough money to buy his own computer, and instead migrated from his father's one to his own one.

Wikipenguino bought an igloo for himself in Club Penguin for a few thousand coins, after saving up lots of money, from both his job at the restaurant and his growing WaddleTube channel. He took his computer with him to Club Penguin as well as some of his most valued items. He stayed there for half of the summer, and took the flight back to Tropicalis during early October. After learning about most of the island, he was much more used to it and looking forward to try to go there for college. Wikipenguino went on an unforgettable holiday alongside his cousins Cheddarbox, Kenny and William to a skiing resort in Gernomia where Wikipenguino learnt to ski and ride a snowboard for the very first time. He became a good snowboarder during this time, and became a great obstacle dodger which made him a challenging opponent to some penguins. Shortly after Wikipenguino obtained his keysaber, he came to Ray Montarius who taught Wikipenguino how to properly wield a keysaber, and many other old Jedi training methods, tactics and strategies. Thanks to Ray, Wikipenguino could properly defend himself. Wikipenguino and his father often visited Ray wherever he was and whenever they could. Ray soon became the mentor to Wikipenguino, guiding and teaching him.

College Life[edit]

Wikipenguino decided to go to college there and went to Beacon University and came to Club Penguin on September 26th, 2011. During this time, he got used to living in Club Penguin as well as the many activities there. Around the time he finished college, he went on his first trip to the Dojo, (which had no longer become secret) and he started to get lost and retraced his steps back to the main path. There, he recognized fellow student Falco who showed him to the Dojo and after a few conversations and teaching him the basics of Card-Jitsu, they became friends. In 2012, while they were out on a stroll in the Forest, Wikipenguino hadn't noticed he'd caught the X-Virus a few days previously and coughed out his X-Antibody who fled. After a few months of unsuccessfully locating his antibody, Wikipenguino and Falco were trying to find Wikipenguino X in Snow Freezecisco as it was his last known location. Along the way, they found a bunch of penguins on skateboards terrorizing some young chicks and forcing him to give them their money. It turns out that they happened to be known as the Sk8r Boiz and Wikipenguino disliked their attitude towards the chicks.

After confronting them, they instead turned on them, and chased him across the street. Falco decided to help by taking a shortcut through an alleyway and found the approaching skateboarders chasing after Wikipenguino with a baseball bat. Falco managed to set himself alight and run screaming and yelling at the bunch of penguins who yelled in fear and retreated. Wikipenguino thanked Falco for saving him that day and his respect towards him rose greatly that day.

Wikipenguino45 and Falco entering the Darktonian Realm for the very first time.

Enter the Darktonian Realm[edit]

After a few months of knowing Falco, Wikipenguino and Falco became inseparable friends and did most things together (also with Terry Van Furry quite often as well) and one day, after Falco was talking about mysterious incidents, rumours and stories, he came mentioned Darktan who Wikipenguino felt very uneasy when he said this. When Falco noticed he wasn't following, he asked what the problem was and Wikipenguino told him parts of his past which shocked Falco. Falco also spoke of the fact that his parents disappeared because of him and the two agreed that they would find as much as they could to defeat Darktan. They went on their first trip to the Darktonian Realm sometime in very early 2012 being very cautious of their actions.

Wikipenguino and Falco were able to map part of the Darktonian Realm and bring back this useful information as part of their plan to defeat Darktan once and for all. He brought it to his uncle who found it very useful and later took it to the EPF command room to show the agents of this useful information. The agents were impressed but didn't know the identity of the penguin who brought it to them. Wikipenguino continued to try and map out the Darktonian Realm and successfully mapped out the entire border and gave this to his uncle.

Joining the EPF[edit]

Wikipenguino accidentally discovered the EPF when he saw a penguin waddle into the elevator and attempted to get in by force. He later told his uncle about this strange discovery not knowing his uncle was an agent himself. His uncle later sent him a postcard so he could take the quiz and join the EPF. He then followed it to the Everyday Phoning Facility and answered the phone. When the booth became a screen, he hit the target and then waddled to both squares. When he was told to hide, he hid behind one of the pillars unaware of the second camera noticing him. He also got trapped in the laser cage but fired a snowball at the box controlling it and entered the elevator. When he came in, he was surprised to find his uncle waiting for him who introduced Wikipenguino as the one who brought them information about the Darktonian Realm.

Ever since, he has been using a lot of his talents to find information in the Darktonian Realm for the agency. He went on a few missions against his evil X-Antibody, Wikipenguino X and fought him on several occasions. At some point, when he was trying to get into the Darktonian Realm, he was kidnapped by his X-Antibody and taken away to the secret S.H.A.R.K. base and put in a tube that scanned his DNA and cloned him. While Falco and Terry went in search of him and followed the truck, the cloning process was complete and a slightly altered clone meant to be evil and serve Darktan was made. He was named Subject 119384. Luckily, Falco and Terry managed to get in and help Wikipenguino escape before the clone could catch them.

After many missions and encounters against him, Wikipenguino managed to make the evil clone realize that what he was doing was not right and he didn't have to serve an evil master like his X-Antibody. The clone soon decided to join them and when Wikipenguino X commanded him to do something, he wouldn't do it and charged at him. Seconds after he refused, Wikipenguino X shot him with a dart that was meant to kill him but he was left in hospital and able to recover, luckily. After he healed, he thanked Wikipenguino for helping him realized what he was doing was wrong and left to try and live a normal life and redeem himself.

The Penguin Adventurer[edit]

Wikipenguino, during the second half of the year 2016.

Now known as the Venturous Three, Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry embarked on several journeys across Antarctica, chasing mysteries and on the look out for adventuring opportunities. Often using entries and maps from Zephaniah Lagois' journal, the three travelled across unexplored lands and were even rumoured to have discovered a hidden civilization.

Joining the BoF[edit]

Wikipenguino at some point discovered the BoF around 2014. He worked there only part-time but has so far proven himself quite useful to the BoF and has found edits and revisions of history that the BoF didn't know about or that Director Benny unknowingly approved of while continuously jabbing the "approve" button (such as Box Creator). Wikipenguino works as a Multi-Department worker, doing different jobs at different times. He sometimes works as a data collector, surveillance worker, archiver, and sometimes draws stuff for the Department of Imagery. He promised not to tell anyone how to get in, but still broke the fourth wall whenever he wanted to or sometimes when he heard the Narrator say something.

Agent of the EPF[edit]

Towards the end of 2015, Wikipenguino began to work more with the EPF, helping with Darktan, terrorist or S.H.A.R.K.-related cases which slowly turned into more of a part-time job for him. During his time as an EPF Agent, he served in the international division, alongside Falco and Terry, usually operating abroad on assault missions or attempting to track certain targets or locations. He also began cooperating with his cousins Kenny Lagois, Cheddarbox, William Lagois and William's wife Alayne Stark for certain missions on which they travelled to the Darktonian Realm, recovered and protected a top secret X-Virus recipe from S.H.A.R.K.'s clutches and confronted Wikipenguino's evil clone.


Wikipenguino's future remains as unclear and mysterious as the rest of the future timeline, and just how major or minor he will impact and influence the future is very uncertain. Though the Time Agency had determined that he will most likely become president of Tropicalis in the future, recent information from the BoF's Department of Time contradicts this, stating that his future has changed dramatically and he will make a permanent disappearance somewhere in his mid-30's. Several other future-related observations state that it is possible he may encounter who would become one of his greatest foes, Puppetmaster, resign from the EPF for unknown reasons, be framed for crimes he never committed, or worse, all of the above. Whether or not this may happen is also subject to change due to unknown alterations of the timeline. Nobody is certain what exactly the future has in store for Wikipenguino, but it could either be for the better or for the worse.


As a member of the Venturous Three, Wikipenguino often roams around either Club Penguin or somewhere else in Antarctica with his friend Falco and puffle Terry. Wikipenguino is also a member of the Elite Penguin Force and since joining, has participated in numerous missions mostly against his arch-enemy, Wikipenguino X. At some point, he became a part-time worker of the BoF. It is unclear how he discovered or joined the BoF, but he has been working as a multi-department worker ever then and now.

Wikipenguino is never one to sit around and watch the world end in front of his very eyes, and usually does something to take action against it even if he's the last one and chances are low. He works as the South Pole Council as the delegate on behalf of Tropicalis, as well as a multi-office worker for the BoF. He hates fat, so he tries to stay as active as possible, though sometimes, he can't help staying at his igloo playing games such as Blockcraft, Troublesome Trio: The Game, Super Smash Mates Brawl, WaddleTubing, computer drawing, or reading Lord of the Onion Rings. He and Falco also practice their somewhat "daredevilish" tricks, especially using Falco's powers on all sorts of objects.

Power4U Affair[edit]

After helping his father round up issues back in Tropicalis, Wikipenguino returned to Club Penguin to help stop the Power4U Super Penguins and aid other agents. He teamed up with other agents and his friends to track down and fight the Super Penguins and keep Club Penguin safe. He was paid a visit by his arch-nemesis, Wikipenguino X, who decided to take advantage of the fear spread around Antarctica and attack Club Penguin. Wikipenguino found himself fighting his X-Antibody, and after the battle against the Power4U Super Penguins was over, Wikipenguino finally seized the chance to attack Wikipenguino X. After attempting to bring him in, Wikipenguino X escaped with the help of his loyal S.H.A.R.K. agents with a few deletion grenades and Spam Bombs to distract them all.

South Pole Council[edit]

Wikipenguino in his judicial robe when participating in the South Pole Council.

Wikipenguino was chosen as the delegate to represent Tropicalis in the South Pole Council. Since Tropicalis' entry into the Free Republic Union in 2013 (therefore granting them a seat in the council), Wikipenguino has been attending meetings while his cousin, Cheddarbox was chosen as the deputy delegate. Wikipenguino's mood doesn't change much when he's in meetings, apart from the fact that's he's usually quiet, but never missed the chance to laughs at jokes, and pranks the Troublesome Trio sometimes perform on Mabel. Wikipenguino did his best to maintain his country's status, as well as change some things for the better. He's never laid a flipper on any Judgies, probably because he's afraid he might get kicked out.


Wikipenguino's WaddleTube channel subscriber count as of 2014.

Wikipenguino is known to maintain quite a few different jobs. He often refers to himself as an adventurer, or South Pole Council delegate, but he also does other jobs such as being a WaddleTuber, part time multi-office BoF employee, and he also draws artwork for various projects and companies. Wikipenguino is also an EPF Agent, which he finds useful and fun, because he gets to go on adventures for a good cause and save Antarctica. During Wikipenguino's part time job as a BoF Employee, he is often seen archiving things, drawing things for the Department of Imagery, sometimes cleaning the place, or watching over different areas in the Department of Surveillance. Wikipenguino also sometimes serves as a representative for Tropicalis in political situations such as discussing country relations and other matters.


When Wikipenguino was born, he was pale green. He was given his Puffle Ball Cap that he wore at a very young age which is exactly the same one he wears today. Wikipenguino's feathers turned Lime Green after a few years. He used to wear different clothing then he does now, but still retained his hat. When he started to wear red hoodies, he decided to keep it that way. Wikipenguino currently wears a red hoodie, a Puffle Ball Cap that is rotated backwards slightly, and facepaint (blue on his left side, white on his right). His eye colour is dark brown, nearly black. He's quite taller than most penguins, mainly because he is an Emperor Penguin. He usually seems happy on a regular day and tries to stay that way. When he's in the Darktonian Realm, he always wears headphones around his neck that completely block out sound in case he hears polka.

The bag that he uses.

Wikipenguino does sometimes wears black sunglasses, especially in hotter weather, sunny skies, or sometimes when he's back at Tropicalis. He sometimes wears his watch, but he usually keeps it in his pocket. He's rarely seen with his hood over his head and has so far, never been seen that way in public. His cap is always rotated and he never goes without it. He pretty much doesn't go outside without his face paint. Whenever he's in the South Pole Council, he always wears his black judicial robe. Whenever he's adventuring, he hardly seems to carry much or any luggage at all and when he does, he always has his trusty brown Messenger Bag which he keeps his keysaber, ditto pistol and notebook in.


Wikipenguino though sometimes unsure, is generally calm and friendly to others and he usually prefers to sought out arguments via negotiation. He tries to be as humble and tolerant as possible, and likes suggestions and ideas from others. He always tries to act optimistic when in pressured situations and does his best to keep everyone moving as he usually does on his and Falco's trips to the Darktonian Realm. Like always, he has retained his curiosity and has also shown courage and bravery when in trouble (even though sometimes he acts like coward, but nevertheless enjoys the thrill of the adventure when it's over). Especially when his friends need him and even if he's scared. However, if Wikipenguino is made to eat Mysterious Pork, there is a notable change, making him more crazier, less mature and speak in l33t. If he eats the whole thing, he goes into Phreaker Mode. His personality is known to sometimes flip-flop from confidence to uncertainty or to whatever else he feels like. A few penguins consider him a little bit strange and somewhat weird, while others don't suspect much.

He can get shy, sometimes, (especially in front of Samantha Van Peng) but rarely in front of anyone else. He tries to remain calm and cool as possible at all times, even in front of super villains, or other omnipotent forces of evil and does his best hide his fear even if he really does feel intimidated. He does tend to feel shameful for his mistakes, (like if he tosses something that knocks over a vase in front of his father) and does his best to remain honest as possible. Wikipenguino can get easily short tempered with his arch-enemies and eager to give them a piece of his mind. Though he rarely gets angry with others, he tries hard not to get into this state.

During the few weeks after Wikipenguino's mother's death when he was younger, he acted more serious and less immature, didn't make jokes, refused to eat, and was usually sad. Though he's changed back to his regular self, he usually reverts to this strange mood whenever someone brings up the topic or recalls the events of her death and becomes more unfriendly, quiet, less fond of company, and wanting to distance himself from others. He only goes into this mood if the topic persists for however long he thinks. He changes back after a few hours, and makes no remark about his sudden change.

Towards the start of the 2010's, Wikipenguino had a more careless, happy-go-lucky attitude and one less sensible for his age. His uncertainty was a lot more noticeable, yet his friendliness remained.


Wikipenguino's main residence, the Lagois Mansion in Tropicapolis, Tropicalis.

The Lagois Mansion as of currently is Wikipenguino's primary residence. Wikipenguino owns an igloo in Club Penguin which he lives in whenever he stays there, usually for most of the summer. Wikipenguino's family also owns a few residences in other nations such as Liguria which Wikipenguino goes to whenever he's looking to stay there.

Phreaker Mode[edit]

Like some penguins such as Explorer, Wikipenguino also has a Phreaker Mode in which he goes crazy. Phreaker Mode is activated after he eats a certain amount of Mysterious Pork, which can be any type at all. Once he goes into Phreaker Mode, he goes into a complete frenzy, his eyes turn green and swirly, and he'll try to eat more Mysterious Pork to bring this level even higher than it already is. He even tries to convince other penguins to have some Mysterious Pork, too if he finds it. When in this mode, Wikipenguino constantly speaks in l33t, makes bad puns and jokes, talks funny, and does stuff he would never do in his right mind. Phreaker Mode usually lasts for about an hour or less, before Wikipenguino suddenly recovers and comes out of this mode, mostly unaware of everything that happened. Though he does remember after a few seconds, he never remembers how he got to eat the Mysterious Pork or who put it there.

Sometimes, if he finds something he thinks interesting, he'll pick it up at use it as a weapon on random penguins much like Boss XeXeXe does with his shovel. On April Fool's Day, it's possible for Wikipenguino to go into Phreaker Mode at random during any time of the day, regardless of whether or not he ate Mysterious Pork. Nobody can understand this strange mystery, or as to why this happens.


Wikipenguino, though considered good by most, may be considered an enemy by Mwa Mwa Penguins, which he just can't bare to watch. Wikipenguino always tries to do what he thinks is right such as what he counts as evil, even if that means breaking rules to get there. He is one of the top targets of S.H.A.R.K., who claim that they're simply "fighting the good fight" while Wikipenguino refuses to join them. He's also considered an enemy in places such as East Pengolia, North Joeson, or Snowzerland, most likely because of the terrible relations between their countries. He usually sides with the EPF, USA, Tropicalis, or with his friends. He is sometimes counted as a known fugitive in some countries.


Wikipenguino using his computer.

There's nothing Wikipenguino likes more than adventuring and having a good tale to tell when he gets back. Adventuring has always been one of his main obsessions, and he often goes in search of adventure with his two other best friends Falco and Terry. Wikipenguino also enjoys brainstorming all kinds of crazy and sometimes dangerous tricks with Falco whenever he's not adventuring and usually performing them next to the dojo, near the Skate Park or down by the Beach in Club Penguin. Art is also one of Wikipenguino's strengths and favourite hobbies. Whenever there's not much else to do, he'll find some paper or canvas and start drawing or painting whatever comes to his mind. Whenever he feels like doing absolutely nothing, he spends time reading, watching TV or playing computer games such as Blockcraft either by himself but usually with his friends and family who also play Blockcraft such as 1337ypeng, Penstubal or Kenny Lagois on their own private server.

Popular Culture[edit]

Wikipenguino has made his appearance in popular culture as being a playable characters in games such as Penguin Kart 3: Race Through Time and once or twice on TV Shows or movies as a cameo appearance.


Wikipenguino45 absolutely HATES polka. Especially Darktonian Polka. It's complete torture to him just like most other penguins. It is one of the things that he just can't stand and this means trouble for him during his trips to the Darktonian Realm. The reason to this is because his X-Antibody, Wikipenguino X, (as he is opposite in mo characteristics) is immune to Polka music, and so he plays it whenever he feels like it in his house in the Darktonian Realm. Whenever Wikipenguino goes near his house when he doesn't have headphones, he gets the full blast. He also can't stand the stench of stinky tofu which he found out when he first went to Zhou. He also has a strong allergic reaction to shellfish. If nothing is done to save him for a certain amount of time, he can get very sick, most likely faint and get sent to hospital. Wikipenguino isn't an excellent fighter, and heavily relies on firearms, his keysaber as well as other weapons to defend himself. Without them, he can be easily defeated by someone who knows how to fight well.


At some point in his life, he learnt how to code and is able to know the basics of computer code. He was taught the very basic techniques of how to fight, possibly by Dennis Kappa (even though Wikipenguino's still not good at fighting) at some point in his life to try and learn to defend himself without the use of weapons. Wikipenguino also knows how to use and fire any kind of snow pistol. He can fluently speak English and Spanish and is currently trying to learn French and German which he can't quite master. Wikipenguino also knows how to break the fourth wall and does it quite frequently. His strength is quite decent for a normal penguin his age. Wikipenguino also knows how to whistle.

Wikipenguino is also very good at using the computer, as well as having a knowledge of using WaddleTube, Chitter and Beakbook. He's also mastered Card-Jitsu, making him a ninja. However, he isn't an expert, and he still gets defeated at least half of the time. Wikipenguino also has a decent knowledge of space, planets, and astronomy. Not only that, but Wikipenguino loves art and enjoys drawing on either paper or on the computer but is best at doing flipper-drawn pictures.


Wikipenguino usually uses his trusty Ditto Gun which is loaded with Ditto A pellets since he always prefers not to kill. He learnt how to use weapons during his time at the EPF. When his best friend, Falco, took him to see his first cousin once removed, Fuut Ga, Wikipenguino and Falco trained and learnt how to use blades and swords. Ever since, Wikipenguino has been using his keysaber as a close-range attack weapon and uses his knowledge of his training to wield it. Wikipenguino is currently trying to learn to use things such as keydaggers, knicicles and other kinds of weapons.

Wikipenguino's Keysaber[edit]

Wikipenguino's trusty keysaber. It's his primary weapon when it comes to fighting, especially in melee combat or against close ranged attackers.

The true origins of Wikipenguino's trusted weapon are unknown, even to the BoF's archives. It is presumed that it was once wielded by a former Jedi master, due to the location of which it was originally found by Wikipenguino. The keysaber is best on close range targets and for defensive purposes and since being used for the first time in combat, has saved Wikipenguino's life on multiple occasions. The keysaber contains a single crystal, which functions as the saber's power source and projects a light-blue blade when activated. The keysaber is made of metal.

The Discovery[edit]

Wikipenguino had found the keysaber at an abandoned and partially destroyed jedi temple after following his great-great uncle, Zephaniah Lagois' maps of mysterious finds and discoveries during his days exploring Antarctica. Wikipenguino, out of curiosity had waddled around and examined every inch of the temple, until the ground had crumbled underneath him and he had fallen into an underground chamber. After hopefully yelling through the hole for help a few times, he decided to take a look around and found the dusty metal object half concealed behind a brick after the glint from the sunlight above had made him notice it. Wikipenguino withdrew the brick and the keysaber rolled out.

Wikipenguino bent to pick it up before unknowingly activated and dropping it in surprise. Moments after, he heard a familiar voice from above ask him to grab his flipper and they would help him out. After Wikipenguino thanked the stranger, he realised it was none other than Ray Montarius. After both of them recovered from the sudden surprise, Ray explained to him that the temple was where he had first learned about the ways of the jedi, many years before the Sith laid waste to most of the temples. After noticing that Wikipenguino had acquired a keysaber, he invited him to train now that he had an actual jedi weapon. Ever since, Wikipenguino has been using his keysaber whenever he needs it alongside his ditto pistol.


Wikipenguino's diet mainly contains salmon, fishdogs, pizza, soda, milk, hot chocolate, vegetables, fruits, water and various other foods. Wikipenguino isn't a McDoodle's fanatic, and doesn't like eating McDoodle's very much, but likes fast food. He sometimes goes to Taco Ball or eats at Dank Burgers. Despite this, Wikipenguino isn't suffering from fat, and he usually spends his time outside the house wandering around with Falco and Terry, going into the Darktonian Realm or sometimes rushing off on EPF missions which keeps him healthy. His weight and size are quite normal for an Emperor Penguin, and he's very afraid that he'll get fat one day. If he ever does get fat, he'll agree to ban himself from eating fast food immediately. He sometimes spends his weekends watching TV or playing on his game console.

Wikipenguino frequently drinks hot chocolate most of the time at night, especially around Christmas, or during colder than usual weather. Wikipenguino makes sure not to overdo it on the amount of intake every day, as he's trying to subdue his addiction to hot chocolate and keep himself from getting fat. Since Wikipenguino sometimes goes on the biggest, craziest, and unexpected adventures/misadventures, he is usually kept in good shape. Wikipenguino also has a liking for smoothies, waffles (not the str00del type) and doughnuts. Wikipenguino also likes almost anything vanilla flavoured.


As an artist, Wikipenguino has created numerous pictures, paintings and drawings both on canvas and computer, a few of which can be found in art exhibits and galleries, mostly in Tropicalis.


Main article: Lagois Family

A portion of Wikipenguino's family.

Wikipenguino's family is widely considered to be quite vast, and is well-known for shaping Tropicalis into what it's known as today. Wikipenguino's mother was unfortunately killed by Darktan when Wikipenguino was still at a very young age, making Wikipenguino incredible sad. Wikipenguino's father, Penguino Lagois IV, is the president of Tropicalis. Wikipenguino's R63-Antibody, Wikipengal45, was adopted into the family and Wikipenguino now classifies her as his sister. Wikipenguino has several cousins including Cheddarbox, Kenny Lagois, William Lagois (who is married to Alayne Stark), Lachlan Lagois and Dimitri Lagois. Wikipenguino's uncle, who goes by the name Dr. Infinity, is a well-known scientist in Club Penguin City.

Terry Van Furry, Wikipenguino's blue puffle.
Wikipenguino X, Wikipenguino's infamous X-Antibody and the leader of the notorious S.H.A.R.K..


Wikipenguino has only one pet puffle, Terry Van Furry, who has been treated more like a brother to Wikipenguino. Terry was first born on the outskirts of the city of Tropicapolis, near the jungle areas and was later taken to a pet shop, where the owners decided to put him up for adoption. After Wikipenguino's parents decided that they wanted to get Wikipenguino a pet, they visited the pet shop and adopted him. Wikipenguino later adopted a second pet, a yellow puffle named Sammy, in early 2019.


Though not technically his family, Wikipenguino has a few clones of himself, most of them due to cloning viruses such as the X-Virus, R63-Virus, etc.

  • Wikipenguino X - Often considered arch-enemies. Wikipenguino X was created shortly after Wikipenguino was infected with the X-Virus which successfully replicated Wikipenguino's DNA. Wikipenguino X was brought into existence on January 2012, and being naturally evil (due to the X-Virus copying his host's personality but in reverse), started creating plots and plans to take over Antarctica and place the whole continent under his own rule and eventually joined Darktan's Army and formed his own group, S.H.A.R.K.
  • Wikipengal45 - The only adopted member of the Lagois Family. Wikipengal45 is Wikipenguino's R63-Antibody and because of this, is female instead of male.
  • Wikipeng4500 - Created by S.H.A.R.K. as a weapon, Wikipeng was originally loyal to S.H.A.R.K. and it's members until he realized what their true intentions were and defected to the "good guys".
  • Wackypenguino45
  • Negative Wikipenguino - Another evil clone, Negative was accidentally created in the BoF by unknown means, and has since sworn to be everything Wikipenguino wasn't.

Wikipenguino's Themes[edit]

Theme Songs
Normal Battle Calm



Wikipenguino and Falco goofing around.

Wikipenguino and Falco are the best of friends and almost always go adventuring with each other. Wikipenguino and Falco both had similar ideas when it came to brainstorming which might have been the reason that makes them so compatible and hardly ever get into fights or aguments. After meeting Falco on the way to the dojo and playing a full game of Card-Jitsu, they became very good friends and have been ever since. From venturing into the Darktonian Realm and meeting Lance X. Penguin at his crash site, the duo have been adventuring in nearly everything with each other. After a series of adventures, Wikipenguino and Falco have now started training with each other when they have the chance. Falco has recently been trying to train Wikipenguino to be a ninja. Wikipenguino does quite well when training to be a fire ninja and it has become his favourite game. Falco also thinks that Swiss Ninja is becoming a disgrace and bringing dishonour to his family's name.

Lance X. Penguin[edit]

Wikipenguino and Lance and both very good friends and Wikipenguino has helped guide Lance through Club Penguin Island as it is very different in his future. Though Falco keeps on trying to worm information out of Lance about his future, Wikipenguino does his best to prevent him. He accepts that the future is an interesting and yet dangerous thing to know about as it can change and shape history and therefore tries to stop Falco. Lances always tries his best to cope with his version of a "past reality" but is sometimes finding it very hard to adapt to "primitive" technology. Since the many vehicles and devices he is used to when he comes here aren't available, he finds himself slightly lost. With the help of Wikipenguino, Lance has now found it much easier to live in the current era. He also comes here for the food, saying that in the future, it is hard to find since Antarctica has been wiped out and he has to resort to travelling to other planets, abandoned houses or universes to find something suitable enough for his family to eat. Terry and Wikipenguino have recently been helping him work out some of the customs and languages that have slowly died out in the future.

Terry Van Furry[edit]

Wikipenguino and Terry have known each other for the longest time possible and have been friends since Wikipenguino was 4. Terry has acted like a brother to Wikipenguino and has always remained faithful and loyal. They've hung out with each other for a very long time and have since been childhood friends. He has done his best to get Wikipenguino out of trouble (especially when he is at home) and has always stood up for him though some don't really regard this because he is a puffle. Terry isn't quite keen on going on trips to the Darktonian Realm but he has always gone, no matter how scared he is to remain loyal to Wikipenguino. Terry isn't always making jokes and in fact, he rarely does and instead insists on being more mature. Despite this, they remain very good friends. Though sometimes, Terry's nerdy ways get on Wikipenguino's nerve, Wikipenguino doesn't really mind and it's usually Falco who often tries to change the subject. Wikipenguino isn't really a maths fanatic at all while Terry constantly tries to talk about it whenever it's mentioned.


When they first saw each other, Wikipeng saw his counterpart as an enemy as his creator told him. They fought on many occasions but soon, Wikipeng started to see that what he was doing was wrong and that he was hurting others instead of helping them. When Wikipenguino managed to talk him out of doing it, he turned his back on his creator who was ready and instantly knocked him out before escaping. After Wikipeng recovered, he thanked Wikipenguino for what he did and went to try and live a normal life while Wikipenguino did his best to guide him and help him. Over the months, they became friends despite their many differences even though they were clones. Wikipeng counts his creation as a "dark past" but Wikipenguino always says they can "brighten up his future" and has been doing his best to inform him on how to make his life better.


Wikipenguino thinks of his R63-Antibody as a kind of sister towards him. He's always telling her what and what not to do. She is slightly more immature than Wikipenguino which annoys him sometimes. They have gotten to know each other much more especially when Wikipenguino's father decided to have her around for Christmas and sometimes during the summer back in Tropicapolis. Wikipenguino finds out more and more that they have much more in common (especially liking the fact they both hate Mwa Mwa Penguins) and has treated her more like a sister nowadays. He also acts as a mentor to her and advises most of the times.

Ray Montarius[edit]

Wikipenguino and his mentor have trained for quite a long time, and Wikipenguino sometimes thinks of him as another grandfather. Wikipenguino often looks up to him for advice on what to do, especially in tough situations. Ray guides Wikipenguino and tries to teach Wikipenguino all he knows of how to wield a keysaber. Ray rarely gets angry, and never gets angry with Wikipenguino, even if he screws up, or gets angry with him (though, that's never happened before). Wikipenguino greatly respects Ray, and sometimes, goes with him to find the ancient remains of Jedi Temples, and other strange mysteries in hope of defeating the Sith.


Wikipenguino and Cheddar share a love for jokes and puns just for the laughs. Though Wikipenguino isn't really that much of a prankster, he enjoys Cheddar's pranks, as well as when he teams up with Falco to prank someone. Wikipenguino met Cheddar at a very young age, and after a few years of knowing each other, Cheddar visited him again but this time wearing face paint, and convinced Wikipenguino to wear it, too which is what sparked his interest in wearing face-paint. Cheddar always finds a way to brighten everyone's attitude when things get boring which Wikipenguino credits him with.

Agent Tux[edit]

Agent Tux and Wikipenguino have been friends ever since Wikipenguino first came to the EPF and was immediately greeted by his uncle who introduced Wikipenguino to Tux. Tux gave Wikipenguino a tour of the base and introduced him to Gary and other agents who were working there. Tux sometimes accompanies WIkipenguino on missions and sometimes even aids him when S.H.A.R.K. tries to overpower Tropicalis' government. He doesn't do this often, as he's usually busy working for other agencies or traveling around Antarctica looking for wanted criminals.



The death of Wikipenguino's mother inspired a newfound hatred of Darktan that would last pretty much forever. Ever since, Wikipenguino has wanted revenge on Darktan for what he did to his mother. The reformation of Theangol Anator after the Pie War had made Wikipenguino decided to forgive him for what he did and accepted that it wasn't his fault and felt sorry for the devastating events of what happened in Theangol's early life. Subsequent to those events, Wikipenguino has been doing all he can to bring the downfall of the evil clone, Darktan II. Wikipenguino has done his best to bring him down in any way he can, whether venturing into the deep darkness of the Darktonian Realm, or reading notes sent by members of his army to figure out how to defeat him in the best way possible. And especially if he's the one to do it.

Wikipenguino X[edit]

Wikipenguino and Wikipenguino X engage in an intense fight with their keysabers.

Wikipenguino and his X-Antibody have been arch-enemies for ages. At first, Wikipenguino was simply perplexed on their very first encounter and was too confused as to how he caught the X-Virus, and how he could have let Wikipenguino X escape from his sight. Wikipenguino believes that it's partially his fault that Wikipenguino X is out there, leading his evil organization and terrorizing others. Wikipenguino wants to defeat and cure him but not as badly as he wants to defeat Darktan. Wikipenguino has attempted to beat his X-Antibody on countless occasions; all which have been unsuccessful as they are very well matched. Wikipenguino has a slight advantage over his counterpart because he's allergic to ditto which Wikipenguino uses in his gun. Either way, Wikipenguino agrees that he will take him down, one way or another.

Negative Wikipenguino[edit]

Yet another clone of Wikipenguino, Negative Wikipenguino was created in early 2017 for reasons unknown. Negative's malicious and aggressive intentions have turned the two against each other.


  • Yo!
  • See ya 'round!
  • Oh NOES!
  • Wait a minute...Did you say...mystery?
  • Darktan!? WHERE??? (When in Darktonian Realm)
  • Got fishdogs?
  • Oooooooh, pizza!
  • Fantabulous!
  • Oh, for laughing out loud...
  • (alternate war cry) Roasting, ghosting, ready for toasting!
  • If I'm not right, I'll be a slab of smoked salmon.
  • Geronimo!
  • (When listening to polka) AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! NOO!! NOT THE POLKA!!!!
  • Aw, crumbs.
  • Awesomesauce!
  • Sooooo, what's down?
  • To adventure and BEYOND!
  • (To the reader in pressured situations) I have a feeling this isn't going to end well!
  • (To enemies) Didn't you see that coming?
  • Wazzup?
  • What in burnt waffles is going on here!?
  • (Phreaker Mode) I n0t sc4r3s y0u! I n0t sc4r3s 4ny0n3!
  • (Phreaker Mode) N4PK1N5!!!!!!!1!111!!!1!!!111!!!!!1
  • (Phreaker Mode) I 1s N4pk1ns! 15 y0u 5p4gh3tt1, t00?
  • Watcha doin'?
  • Doesn't that purple furball have anything better to do than screaming code?
  • (After seeing something funny) ROFLELZ!
  • (After defeating an enemy) Hah! PWNed!
  • Hey, who's talking? Where are the voices coming from???
  • Sweet Snowzer Cheese!
  • Oh, pancakes.
  • That is neat-o!
  • What is life without an adventure?
  • If I had a pebble for every time somebody said that...


  • Yeah...Let's not try that again...
  • Know what time it is?
  • Darktan? Where!?
  • High five! Or maybe...high one?
  • I hear an adventure calling us!
  • Hey, I think I found a Kanechu!
  • Try aim at this thing!
  • Boy, I sure hope none of them are anywhere around here...
  • What d'you think this doohickey is?
  • (When in Darktonian Realm) You sure there's absolutely no polka around here?
  • Now, that was flippin' awesome!
  • Ohai there!
  • Sup?
  • Look at what I found!
  • Hey, check this cool thing out!
  • Let's go get some ice cream. That would be nice wouldn't it? Get it?

Terry Van Furry

  • I'm no math nerd, but I do know that E = mc2
  • Why don't ya go find us some info from the Darktonian Realm by yourself? It's okay, I was only joking.
  • Hey, would you mind telling me whether or not that's what I think it is?
  • Here's a question for you: What's you minus maths?
  • Uh...D'you know how to fix this computer? I can't tell where this blue thing goes...
  • Trust me, you're going to be 100% safe...oh all right then, I can guarantee at least 99%...


(Random penguin approaches Wikipenguino's doorstep and knocks)

Penguin: Hello!

Wikipenguino: Uh...Hi. Are you the pizza delivery guy?

Penguin: How old are you?

Wikipenguino: 25. Something wrong?

Penguin: Do you like waffles?

Wikipenguino: Maybe. Why did you ask?

Penguin: Do you like str00del?

Wikipenguino: Umm..why so many questions?

Penguin: Can you speak l33t?

Wikipenguino: Where is the pizza?

Penguin: What's your name?

Wikipenguino: Are you going to deliver that pizza or what?

Penguin: Do you-?

(Wikipenguino slams the door)

Penguin: Rats.

(Wikipenguino is using his keysaber and practicing on a testing dummy in the Lagois Mansion)

Wikipenguino: Take that, and that!

(He stands back from a distance and charges at the dummy swinging the keysaber)

Wikipenguino: Yaaaaaaaah-Oops!

(He accidentally throws the keysaber which flies off towards a window)


Penguino Lagois IV: WIKIPENGUINO!!!

Wikipenguino: Oh, crud...

(Wikipenguino is stuck inside the image section of the infobox)

Wikipenguino: Hey! Let me out of here! How did I get stuck between these brackets?

(A random penguin is seen waddling down the street and comes across Wikipenguino who appears to be eating something he's holding)

Wikipenguino: H3ll0!

Penguin: Um...hi?

Wikipenguino: W0uld u l1k3 t0 try s0m3 0f th1s n1ce st34k?

Penguin: Uh...Is that mysterious pork?

Wikipenguino: Y3s! 4nd 1t's t0t4lly d3l1c10us! W4nn4 try s0m3?

Penguin: Um...No thanks...

(The penguin starts to back away but as he does, Wikipenguino comes closer)

Wikipenguino: Try s0m3, I 1ns1st!

Penguin: Um...okay...I...I think I'll be going now...

(The penguin tries to run away but as he does, Wikipenguino chases him)

Penguin: HEEEEELP!!!

Winston: Well, it's my favourite red hoodie wearing, face painted penguin!

Wikipenguino: Uh oh...

Winston: You don't look too happy. How about a hug?

Wikipenguino: No, please, I'm fine I think I'll be—


Wikipenguino: Ack! Winston! *wheeze* Stop! you're *gasp* crushing me!

(Wikipenguino throws a snowball at Winston as hard as he can)

Winston: Hahaha! That tickles!

(Winston lets go and Wikipenguino runs)

(Wikipenguino is editing his page and types up loads of text after a few hours)

Wikipenguino: Phew! There! Finally done.

(He clicks save page and leaves. He comes back a few minutes later to see that his page didn't save)

Wikipenguino: WHAT?!?

Director Benny did not approve of your page.

(An hour later, Terry walks into the room and discovers a smashed computer and keyboard on the ground)

Terry: What the...?

(Wikipenguino walks into Dr. Infinity's lab)

Wikipenguino: Hey, uncle. Whatcha doin'?

(Dr. Infinity is engulfed by a large cloud of smoke)

Dr. Infinity: I'm afraid I might've *cough* done a few *cough* miscalculations *cough cough!*

(Suddenly, the cloud stops and he emerges from next to a slightly smoking oven)

Dr. Infinity: It's alright, I think it's fine now. Here! My new invention, the healthy hamburger! I just need to test it...

(He looks at Wikipenguino)

Dr. Infinity: Why don't you try it?

Wikipenguino: Me?, okay...

(He reluctantly takes a bite of the hamburger and swallows. Suddenly, his face turns slightly darker and he starts waddling strangely)

Dr. Infinity: Is it alright? How does it taste?

Wikipenguino: It...*gag**cough*

(Suddenly, he collapses on the floor, unconscious)

Dr. Infinity: (while writing on clipboard) Hmm...needs more flavour...

(Wikipenguino waddles through the Town in Club Penguin but suddenly crashes into a red penguin wearing a purple hoodie and black cap.)

Wikipenguino X: Out of my way!

Wikipenguino: Sorry, I was...

(Suddenly, the both realize who they were talking to and gasp. Wikipenguino X launches a Spam Bomb while Wikipenguino45 throws a hastag grenade.)

(The two bombs collide in mid-air and both penguins sprint away from the explosion.)

1M4 C4974!N S7r00del! 8UY My W4FF13$! W4FFL134$ !$ YuMmY!!! 101 101 101! 70g4! 70g4 70g4!


(Wikipenguino takes out his ditto pistol and fires it at Wikipenguino X. He dodges it, but he suddenly gasps.)


(Wikipenguino X runs off without even fighting back once after that happened.)

Wikipenguino: O_O


  • Wikipenguino is left-handed.
  • Wikipenguino technically counts as a ninja, since he's beaten Sensei. Despite this, he's an awful ninja.
  • His favourite colour is red, second favourite colour being green and his third being blue.
  • He believes the rumour of the Sapie Brothers being humans and remains highly suspicious of the two and their actions.
  • He almost never takes off his hat. At least not in public (much like Explorer 767, Hat Pop or Slidur)
    • Some penguins think that he might have real HAIR under that hat.
  • Wikipenguino's favourite holiday of the year is Christmas.
  • He is a fan of the Super Smash Mates series, owning most of the games and even appearing in one.
  • Wikipenguino' favourite vacation spot is Club Penguin, with his second being Liguria.
  • He knows how to make pizza if given the required tools.
  • His Blockcraft nickname is wiki92966.
  • His favourite book series is Lord of the Onion Rings.
  • There's no real restriction to which direction he wears his hat, so long as it isn't facing forwards.
  • Wikipenguino is a great sled racer, having won countless sled racing matches.
  • In the EPF he is known either by his codename, Limefeather.


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