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It's Wikipenguino X! Fear him!
Born Penguino Walxer Xagois
January 16, 2012 (2012-01-16) (age 7)
Club Penguin Island
Gender Male
Nationality X-Antibody
Other names WP X, Wikipenguino X, Wikipen X, Wikipeng X
Years active 2012-present
Notable works Unknown
Home town Club Penguin
Height 4.2 ft (50.4")
Weight 45kg
Known for Running an evil organization, attempting to destroy, overpower or overthrow Tropicalis and the USA several times.
Title Supreme Leader of S.H.A.R.K.
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents N/A
Relatives Wikipenguino45 (host)

For his original, see Wikipenguino45.
If you were looking for everything else, see Wikipenguino (disambiguation).

Don't you see, brethren? This place is ruled by the unfit. They deserve to be destroyed. And once Antarctica is brought to the ground, it'll need a new leader to guide it!
— Wikipenguino X, Project Shadow

Wikipenguino X is the evil X-Antibody and arch-nemesis of Wikipenguino45, the Supreme Leader of S.H.A.R.K. and a loyal minion of Darktan's Army. Manipulative and cunning, Wikipenguino X is known to be very dangerous, and the EPF has placed him in their top 30 most wanted. As ruler of S.H.A.R.K., he has attempted to devastate Antarctica on a number of close calls, as demonstrated during events such as Project Shadow. Wikipenguino X shares some traits with Wikipenguino (for example, being tall, disliking Mwa Mwa Penguins, etc.) but however, some things are different mainly because he is his counterpart's opposite.

He's currently searching the USA for recruits for his army, or rarely, spying on his doppelganger if he can find him. Wikipenguino X is known to get very mad at his workers and minions whenever a plan goes wrong or because they fail somehow. He too also knows how to use a keysaber, as well as a gun. He always makes sure that he's ready for attacks so he is always equipped with weapons. He also knows how to use knicicles and is also known to have used bombs, especially stolen Spam Bombs. He is a skilled fighter, however, he can easily be outsmarted by the use of martial arts, Card-Jitsu, or Deja Fu. It's unknown if he shares similar things with his clone such as Phreaker Mode (which most hope he doesn't have), but it is known that he is skilled with a keysaber, just like his counterpart.


Creation of Wikipenguino X[edit]

He was created on April 16, 2012, while Wikipenguino was out on a stroll in the forest. Wikipenguino unknowingly caught the X-Virus a few days before his birthday and never noticed. Phase 5 of the virus initiated after he and his friend, Falco were walking through the forest on the way to play Card-Jitsu at the Dojo exchanging news about mysterious rumours and gossip occurring on Club Penguin Island.

Falco: I mean, the puffle couldn't have vanished if he was still attached to a leash, right? It's just the usual made up stories proven false again...

Wikipenguino: *cough* *cough*

Falco turned around just in time to see his best friend on collapse on the floor, choking uncontrollably while his face started turning purple and gasped in horror and fear.

Falco: Wikipenguino! A-are you all right? Should I-I find an ambulance?

Wikipenguino: I don't *cough* feel very *wheeze* well *cough*

Just as Falco was about to dash off for help, Wikipenguino's cap fell off and Falco saw a bright red X on his forhead and knew exactly what was happening and instantly froze. Just then, Wikipenguino coughed out a black substance that fell on the floor and instantly took form.

Wikipenguino X:Mwahahahahaahaha! Yes! Finally I am free! Free of that useless body!

Wikipenguino X turned and saw a trembling Falco and Wikipenguino who managed to pull himself into a sitting position and was regaining consciousness.

Wikipenguino X:Hello there, fellow brethren!

Wikipenguino: W-What? W-what happened? W-Who...Who a-are you?

Wikipenguino X:Obvious, isn't it?

Wikipenguino looked to Falco for some sort of explanation but Falco was still trembling, paralysed and staring at something around the head of the penguin. Then he saw the red X on the penguin's cap and suddenly fear flooded into him.

Wikipenguino: Could it be...?

Wikipenguino X: I'm your evil X-Antibody! The haunting nightmare you'll never forget! Mwahahahaha!

Wikipenguino instantly pulled out his ditto gun and fired. The antibody dodged it but stared at it curiously.

Wikipenguino X: Wait a that...? AAHH! Ditto!?

He began to stagger and clutched his forhead.

Wikipenguino X: head...You may have won this time, but I'll be back...

The penguin then fled into the woods leaving the shocked and disbelieving Wikipenguino and Falco behind.

Wikipenguino X would later flee to Ulaansnowtar where he would join Darktan's Army and plot the doom of Antarctica and gather a group of penguins to help him.

Foundation of S.H.A.R.K.[edit]

Wikipenguino X soon went on to found an organization known as S.H.A.R.K., which he would use to try and take over Antarctica by spreading fear and trying to turn other against themselves. He first started recruiting X-Antibodies to join his newly founded group to take on the other Antarctic powers by any means possible. He invited members from Darktan's Army to join, as well as convincing those who despised and hated the good side to join.

Journey to the Center of the Realm[edit]

Operation Improbable[edit]


For over 5 years in a row, Wikipenguino X has done his best to ensure the demise of his host by numerous sinister plans and missions, none of them being very successful. On multiple occasions, he has attempted to overthrow the Tropicalian government, or find some way to cripple the country as a whole and come to power as their leader. He often travels around the continent sometimes taking orders from Darktan, trying to spying on his host, causing overall mayhem or ruckus by terrorizing civilians or gathering resources for some villainous scheme. Wikipenguino X can also be found trying to negatively influence the EPF and often orders attacks against the agency mostly on facilities and bases or sometimes just giving the agency a hard time undoing the harm and damage he and his group causes. Whenever he's not doing any of those things, he's in S.H.A.R.K.'s main base which is located deep within the Darktonian Realm. Wikipenguino X may travel alone from time to time on personal missions to hunt down prime targets that S.H.A.R.K. keeps an eye on and makes it their priority to eliminate.


Wikipenguino X in his regular outfit: his hoodie and black cap.

Though Wikipenguino X was born in 2012 while his host was born in 1991, Wikipenguino X, like his counterpart, physically appears to be the same age, and has the same height and weight. Wikipenguino X has red feathers, a purple hoodie and a black cap with a maroon rim and a large red X on the front of it. Unlike his counterpart, he wears his hat forwards, thinking wearing it at different angles and twisting it sideways looks foolish, stupid and a sign of immaturity. Like his counterpart, Wikipenguino X does not usually don any footwear. Wikipenguino X doesn't usually wear anything else, but may sometimes wear a gas mask for protection against ditto so he doesn't inhale the particles. Wikipenguino X can also sometimes be seen carrying his keysaber which is usually in his hoodie pocket.


Wikipenguino X has no official "career", but he is often referred to as a terrorist, a villain and the self-proclaimed "Supreme Leader" of his organization, S.H.A.R.K. He and his organization make it their job to disrupt and cause as much trouble as possible in the hopes of bringing down the government of whatever country he's in. Wikipenguino X also works for Darktan as a scout (to either patrol the borders of the Darktonian Realm or go on reconnaissance missions to collect useful data or possibly vital information), a supervisor to other lesser minions or members of Darktan's Army when conducting dangerous attacks or operations, a messenger (to deliver information to other affiliated armies or villains Darktan works closely with) or just as a member of the attacking teams of Darktan's Army when he seeks to conquer land. Wikipenguino X often orders around his minions to help him or guard him when he does some of these missions but otherwise does them individually.


Wikipenguino X doesn't really have any hobbies of any sort except possibly torturing or witnessing the suffering of others which he often finds pleasure and delight out of. Wikipenguino X is often eager to follow Darktan's orders and does whatever it takes to accomplish it and usually hates himself should he fail.


Wikipenguino X and his host could be considered polar opposites. He has a mostly reversed version of his counterpart's personality, being unfriendly, cold and ruthless towards others, as well as being mostly confident of what he's doing and rarely unsure, and threatens to do something evil whenever any S.H.A.R.K. members start an argument. Nobody actually knows if he has a Phreaker Mode, or if he even can go into this mode, but it is presumed that he might and be just as dangerous as his original. Wikipenguino X flees whenever he fears his plans won't go correctly or if they're destroyed. Wikipenguino X cares more about his own life then he does for the rest of the S.H.A.R.K. members, and only cares that everything will go according to plan. Wikipenguino X is also sometimes seen as uptight, and hates it whenever one of the other minions make a fool of themselves or make some embarrassing mistake.


Wikipenguino X is considered an evil villain by many due to his evil misdeeds and for running an evil terrorist group who's main goal is to bring Antarctica down to it's knees. Wikipenguino X also fights on behalf of Darktan, and is a loyal member of Darktan's Army and even orders around anyone in S.H.A.R.K. to do Darktan's bidding. Wikipenguino X only sides with other evil groups as long as he gets what he wants, or because they all have a common goal. He also shows aggression towards the USA, Tropicalis and especially towards the Lagois Family because they frequently intercept his many organized operations.


Like his counterpart, Wikipenguino X can also use a keysaber, but unlike his counterpart, it's red, probably to emphasize the fact that's he's evil. Wikipenguino X knows and can perform the same techniques his original can with a keysaber, making him very evenly matched. Wikipenguino X also knows a few fighting skills like his counterpart, but he doesn't know too much and leans heavily on the comfort of using his keysaber. Wikipenguino X also knows how to use guns, like his counterpart, but because of his fear of ditto poisoning, instead he uses deletion guns and other deadly weapons as well as knicicles.

He's also manipulative, and can get others to accomplish missions for him in exchange for something else regardless of whether or not he actually agrees. Wikipenguino X is also an expert at using a computer and can perform countless tasks with it much like his host. He also knows enough to keep himself alive or escape from an unpleasant situation. He's also an adept prison escaper, having escaped many of the prisons he was put in.


Wikipenguino X's keysaber with a custom hilt.

Wikipenguino X uses a wide range of weapons from Spam Bombs to Deletion weapons. However, he primarily uses his custom-made red keysaber which he often uses when fighting his host who uses the same kind of weapon. Wikipenguino X's current keysbaer is also his second keysbaer, after his first one was confiscated and most likely destroyed by the USA's police department after the chase known as the Journey to the Center of the Realm.


Ironically enough, Wikipenguino X is immune to polka and mysterious pork. However, he does have a weakness. For some strange reason, Wikipenguino X is highly allergic to Ditto and is horrified of it even though he's barely afraid of anything. Even the smell of Ditto can make him feel dizzy, weak and tired. He always wears a mask whenever experimenting or using Ditto whenever he's around. This gives his counterpart a bigger advantage because he uses ditto in his pistol. Wikipenguino X can fight to some extent, but can be easily overpowered by a skilled fighter as he only knows enough to attack anyone inexperienced.



Naturally, as most X-Antibodies are evil, Wikipenguino X went off to pursue his evil plans and join Darktan's Army as well as one day found his own. His counterpart, at first didn't think of Wikipenguino X as much of a threat, until news that the newly discovered organization known as S.H.A.R.K. was formed and they started doing all sorts of evil misdeeds. Wikipenguino X and his counterpart both share a hatred for each other, because of the former having his plans usually foiled by the latter who was determined to capture him ever since he started terrorizing others.


Wikipenguino X often thinks of Darktan as an inspiration and as a mentor and often praises and compliments his actions. Wikipenguino X is very supportive of almost whatever Darktan does, and would never betray him. Wikipenguino X often takes orders from Darktan whenever he is needed to no matter what the cost is. Darktan is probably the only person who can get Wikipenguino X to do anything.


  • Heh heh heh...
  • One day, Antarctica will witness the true greatness of S.H.A.R.K.!


  • Since he's the opposite of Wikipenguino, he will only wear his hat forwards.
  • Because his host is left-handed, Wikipenguino X is right handed.
  • He hates hot chocolate and thinks it's one of the worst drinks ever invented.
  • Despite being evil, he still has a theme song.
  • Like his counterpart, he doesn't take his hat off in front of anyone either.


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