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WillTrollForBooty is a Walris who thinks he's a pirate. If you pay him in treasure (or booty as it is also known), he will keelhaul a target of your choosing. WillTrollForBooty does his services for all creatures, regardless of status.


WillTroll was not really born in the Arctic, nor did he become affliated with the Walrus Crime Ring within his teen years. Instead, he worked as a pirate. An interview with him in October 2010 gave this story:

"I one da'e walked along the bounty' streets of Louisburg and there I spot an 'ol big lady on dock and mates were cummin' out of thy ship, rocking and trottin' as if they were commadappers! Thee Walri mates got a racuq'est from small 'lil Tom and he join da ship, sailin' for booty and rockesmothin'"

Thus, his adventure as a pirate with a group of Walris started out at a place called "Louisburg". He also recounted landing at an island and finding some treasure.

"So thy' paths are reckless to us pirates, but came the booty running near shore! Mah mate shouted and dock we came to congregate our victory putting thy anchor in planks. We got down on logs' and grasped the hold of yourselves, rackin' up a pan of full booty! We rocked and tooted to the rupert smithy of a cave with rotty totty brewmakers and lollikro', ya' believe? And we found booty but a trap came out! Argh, it be a time of my life! We ran to the holebig, and we got out in the nick of moments! Ah the rockensmothin moments, or is rockesmothin it comes ARGH booty!"

He said his ship landed in Antarctica one fateful day. He recalled that he had no one to go to, as all his fellow crew had drowned in cold waters, so he went to the Walrus Crime Ring hoping it could help "shelter" him. He thought of it as a providing and help group when it was a crime ring. He had no awareness about this whatsoever, even to this day.