Willa Xatt

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Willie Xatt
Willie Xatt.PNG
Title Complete opposite of Willie Watt
Gender Female
Race Antibody
Faction Good,
Level Somewhat medium
Status Being Nice or kissing random guys thinking they're Flywish!!!
Location Somewhere

Willa Xatt is a penguin that is an X-Antibody. She has a major crush on Flywish like her complete oppisite, Willie, except Willie likes Xary.


When Willie Watt caught the X-Virus she was normally sick. She sneezed out Willie Xatt after days, and didn't cough her out. Later she met Flywish with Flywish II. She instantly liked him. She thought he was the cutest ever, and whenever she goes around him, it's all like hearts in the air. Except you don't see the hearts.

Willie Watt doesn't hate her. Willie just gets in a few fights randomly with her. Flywish maybe doesn't like her fully, but she loves him fully.


  • Her laugh is "HWHAHAHAHAHA"
  • She is a ninja, a very good one for that.
  • She has a major crush on Flywish
    • Flywish actually kinda likes her.
  • She joined Flywish's Army because she likes him a lot.
  • She, once accidentally kissed Corai once like Willie.

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