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Born William Alexander Lagois
October 12, 1995 (1995-10-12) (age 24)
Savannah City, Tropicalis
Gender Male
Nationality Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Citizenship Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
DragonstoneFlag.png Dragonstonian
Education Statavian International School
Alma mater LordMaster96 University
Years active 1992-present
Home town Statavia, Gernomia
Height 4' 2" (127cm)
Known for Various misadventures and missions with the rest of the Dynamic Trio.
Title William Lagois
Spouse(s) Alayne Stark
Children None
Parents Selina Lagois (mother), Quincy Lagois (father)
Relatives Alayne Stark (wife), Brandon Stark (father-in-law), Cassandra Lagois (sister), Selina Lagois (mother), Quincy Lagois (father), Kenny Lagois (cousin), Cheddarbox (cousin), Pablo Lagois (cousin), Wikipenguino45 (cousin), Wikipengal45 (adoptive cousin), Penguino Lagois IV (uncle), Sarah Lagois (aunt; deceased)
Lagois Family
For the last time, Cheddar, you can live a day without playing tricks on anyone.
— William Lagois

William Alexander Lagois is a Tropicalian Emperor Penguin who currently lives in Dragonstone with his wife, Alayne Stark. William is a known descendant of the first Sphenisdean king Pengtivius I, being a child of the Lagois Family, and is the second cousin of Venturous Three member and adventurer Wikipenguino45.

He's also a slightly reluctant member of the Dynamic Trio, a group formed by him and his cousins Cheddarbox and Kenny Lagois. While he's not exactly the most enthusiastic member of the team, he watches out for his cousins and keeps them from getting into too much trouble.


William was hatched on a cool night in Savannah City, Tropicalis to Selina and Quincy Lagois, both of whom were on holiday. Shortly after being hatched, he returned with them to their home in Statavia, located in the Tropicalian colony of Gernomia where William would grow up and live out most of his life.

As a child, William usually kept quiet in class, and wasn't all that talkative, but was bullied sometimes in school, especially by an older student who terrorized the chicks of his neighbourhood. William's time of being a only child was brought to an end when his sister, Cassandra Lagois was born 3 and a half years after him. During one Christmas, William was joined by his two distantly related cousins, Kenny and Cheddarbox, who managed to overthrow the bully by a snowball fight, earning William a little more safety when he made his way back home every day. William got into fights with bullies whenever they terrorized him, his younger sister or his friends, which sometimes got him into trouble, and his parents were called in to the principal's office.

After many years, William moved out of his parents' house and got his own house to live in when he was 19. He also passed his driver's test a few months later, and got his own license and saved up some money for a car. After about a year, William moved to Vonkouver to attend LordMaster96 University, and after graduating, moved back to Statavia. At some point, he met Alayne Stark, and they started dating, and after some time of being engaged, married on November 16, 2016.


William is a member of the Elite Penguin Force, going on missions for them whenever he's required to attend, but every once in a while, helping his two cousins on Dynamic Trio cases. Otherwise, William usually enjoys spending life as most civilians do, reading books, visiting friends and every now and then, mountain climbing. He travels to Gernomia at least usually every once in a year to visit his parents, and sometimes to meet Wikipenguino's maternal cousin, Jawa Snowski. During his time as a member of the Dynamic Trio, he has teamed up with the Venturous Three on several instances to apprehend adversaries such as Wikipenguino X, S.H.A.R.K., Negative Wikipenguino and taken on Darktan's Army a few times.


William's usual appearance and clothing.

William usually wears a dark grey jacket with a darker grey shirt on the inside and he has blonde hair. William sometimes wears a sliver watch, which was given to him by his grandfather, Steve Lagois I. When William hatched, he was a more pale blue colour, which turned blue after a few months as more feathers grew. He wears other things sometimes, such as hoodies and shirts, but sticks to his favourite grey hoodie and wears dark grey shirts.


William isn't a very good liar, which some penguins can tell, while others can't. He's normally honest, but when it comes to hiding things from others for a specific reason, William isn't the best. William can also get seasickness, if he does things like reading books or looking at his phone when on a boat. William cannot stand things like WHAT?!? or one of Cheddar's pranks that go to far, because they raise his temper, and make him irritable and annoyed.


William knows how to drive cars, and speak English and German, which he learnt during his time living in Gernomia. William is also an experienced mountain climber. William is also a Snowcraft player, and has his own account, which he uses to play with his relatives and is a good at designing building interiors in the game. William also knows how to use gun, which he has fast reflexes when using. William is a decent fighter, learning some martial arts from his cousin, Kenny. William also knows how to swim like most penguins.


William brandishing a pistol.

William is often regarded as the most sensible and mature of his family's generation, showing concern for his cousins, whenever they get themselves into trouble especially whenever he's on a Dynamic Trio mission. He's a much more calmer and less excitable than most of his siblings, much like Kenny and less likely to follow Cheddarbox's somewhat obnoxious plans to cause mischief. He's not somebody who gives up easily when fighting against evil, and likes to encourage and persuade his fellow teammates to move along with him. He can sometimes let his temper get the better of him, like he sometimes does when he least expects Cheddar's pranks. He isn't as willing to go on highly dangerous journeys to wherever his cousins want him to go, and prefers to have a calm, quiet and peaceful life, but agrees to go anyway if they're the only ones who can stop evil.

William is known to be brave, and uses his bravery when climbing mountains. He is also known to show courage when in grave danger, and rarely, if there is no other choice, is willing to stand in harm's way for his teammates. William is almost always convinced that there is another way than just giving up, from settle disputes to getting trapped in an empty jail cell.


  • Pizza is his favourite food.
  • Cheddarbox usually jump scares William whenever he greets him.
  • His Snowcraft username is WilliamSC.

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