William the Penguin

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A photo of William in his prime
Born September 9, 1782
Died Arda
Gender Male
Nationality Freezeland
Other names The First Penguin, William the Protector, Will
Occupation Pre-death- Doctor, warrior, traveler
Home town Frostborough
Known for Being a brave and honest medicine penguin, warrior
Spouse(s) Unknown

William the Penguin, also known as The First Penguin and William the Protector was an ancient High Penguin Warrior and a famous medicine penguin that lived during the middle of the High Penguin Confederacy. He showed bravery and often defended others in battle. He somehow got in contact with his decedent Willy the Penguin during a conflict with Marcus Kwiksilver.


Childhood and Early Journeys[edit]

William was born towards the middle of the Confederacy. When William was a chick, he often experimented with different medicines, and stood up to those who were being mistreated. He also had an interest in healing others. When he was about 4, he had cured over five diseases. Finally, when he was old enough, he left his home to go treat others with horrible illnesses.

Medicine and Military Career[edit]

William, after years of training with Finwe and Marcus Kwiksilver went into battles and wars. He showed bravery in battle, even though he was never a renowned warrior. He spent most of his time in medicine camps, helping the sick.

Nightmare Epic[edit]

However, William did get in a huge conflict with Marcus Kwiksilver, thus bringing him to the present to confront his great-great-great-great-great grandson Willy. With his ancestor's advice, Willy marched into battle bravely. William then left for the past.

Later years and death[edit]

In his later years of life, William apologized to Marcus and that was the last time that he saw him. He later started a huge family. William didn't accomplish as much as his descendant did, and never found out that Marcus's descendant would mentor his descendant. William died of old age, but before he did, an antibody was released from him, named Skeletal William, to guide his descendant through life. He died in 1899, never regretting a single thing he did, except that one time he ate three pounds of shrimp in a single serving.


William was a medicine penguin and warrior, who's memory and honor still reside in Ard Mhacha. He is also the oldest known descendant in Willy's family.


  • He a tendency to be goofy sometimes.