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Olde Williamstown
Country NorthernShopsFlag.png Northern Shops, Yow Kingdom Island
Headquarters Hay barn
Population 75
General information
Native name Williams' Town
Demonym Williamite
Founded 1815

Williamstown is a haunted village located north of Hilnit. It has been haunted for centuries, by the ghost of a young female penguin who killed herself and framed others for the crime. It has a small population of 75, all of which live in constant fear of being killed or possessed by demons. The village is quite self-sufficient, supplying their own food, clothing, and other commodities.


Williamstown was founded in 1815 as a trading post along a river running through what is now Northern Shops. It became heavily influenced by the Puffish, and gained a style similar to those found in Calada. A few other of these posts were also created all over that part of Yow Kingdom Island, but they all faded away with time. During its peak, Williamstown gained a population of about 250 penguins. It stayed this way for many years.

Years later, on a cold October night, a young girl who was possessed by demons named Amilia killed herself. She used the demons' magic to turn herself into a demonic spirit, so she could frame an anonymous caretaker for the crime, while haunting the entire village. Within weeks, almost everyone was experiencing visions of the girl, but none of them could remember her name; she came to them, faceless. Many of the villagers were freaked out by the experience and most fled for their lives away from Williamstown. Those who remained continued to be tormented endlessly.

Eventually, the visions turned into reality; into actions of killing and destruction. Mysterious ghosts began to appear in the village, and penguins started to die without explanation. One night, a penguin named Tomas Croix went out to look for firewood. He didn't come back for three days, stating that he was attacked and knocked out by the ghost of a "faceless girl". After coming back to Williamstown, he gathered up a bunch of friends in hopes that they could solve the mystery of the girl in their visions.

Amilia was obviously not happy with this. She then began to influence the minds of the villagers who did not take part in the investigation. She manipulated them into acting uncharacteristically, at her whim.

The possessed villagers led the group from their meeting place to a dairy, after passing through many other disturbing scenes, such as a haunted meeting hall where they discovered her name, and a forest full of dead possessed spirits. The group was led into a house and a room, where Amilia's skeleton laid in a bed. One of the group members grabbed the skull under the encouragement of unknown voices.

While exiting the building with the skull, the deformed ghost of Amilia, armed with an axe, chased after the group before stopping due to supernatural forces. She kept hacking through the force field, which was probably created by powerful beings while the group escaped. Their fortune was not much better when they entered the next building, which seemed like a demonic ritual with an anonymous skeleton engulfed in cobwebs in the middle of the room. Everyone sat down and were instructed to chant Amilia's name thrice, which they did so. Three apparitions of the girl appeared, and chanted them, instructing the group to go find "the nurse", insisting that the nurse was who murdered Amilia. They left the building in a haste while being disturbed by ghosts, and ran away.

They soon made their way to an abandoned shop, which was filled with blankets. A skull on top of a shelf started talking to them, harassing them by telling the group that they were in the wrong place, and that the nurse would be found at the local hospital. It cackled in a villainous manner before disappearing. While leaving, two ghosts came out from under a table and dragged some innocent penguins under, only for them to disappear. The group made haste and rushed to the small hospital, which was not far away.

Upon their arrival, the now angry group surrounded the nurse who said that she simply locked Amilia in a room, but did not murder her. The nurse directed her accusers to a workshop, where they would hopefully find the real culprit.

When the angry and exhausted group arrived at the shop on the other side of the village, the doors slammed behind them without physical intervention. All the candles went out before Amilia's ghost arrived. The group pleaded with her to reveal her true murderer, and she did. She stated that she killed herself, along with saying that everyone in the village was now her slave. She soon laughed demonically and disappeared into thin air.

From that day forward, Amilia's ghost still haunts the small village of Williamstown while the villagers suffer to it. Legend has it that any penguin or puffle who tries to escape Williamstown is killed by the girl. The village still remains isolated; unaltered by society's changes. The villagers still experience gruesome visions. It is still haunted.


Williamstown remains an old-style village, without outside intervention. Most residents are directly Puffish, although some are Frankterran or Alemanian. Most of the architecture looks like something old-style Caladian, and the cuisine follows after that found in Puffle'and. The locals have also developed taste for native foods due to sheer necessity too, though.


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