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The Willson Family is an, um, how should I put this? Interesting family that has members/blood relatives in Puffle'and and Calada, even though the family does not originate from either of those places. The family is business orientated, and operates the Feast O-Berry And Fish Products Company, which is a conglomeration of various corporate assets; most of which were founded by Alexander Willson, who was a Viking Penguin who emigrated to Malesia in the late 19th century. Despite the family's wealth, the Willsons are not pulling any major strings, and only barely make it into the top 100 families of Antarctica. They all also have at least level three Fourth Wall breaking abilities, and some have used them. Alexander, for example, was in the Bureau of Fiction. They also have an odd connection to Radioactivechicken, which has sparked some mysteries about the family.


The Willson Family can trace its roots back to early medieval Penguio, in a time of Vikings and raids. One powerful viking was named William, or Will for short. His son bore the last name "Willsen", or "Son of Will" in Penguioan. The Willsens did not do too much in Penguio, in fact, they grew very lazy and did not contribute to their country. As time went on, they began to loose their power, because they needed to sell off large amounts of their land to pay off all the debts they racked up. By the late 1800s, Alexander Willsen moved to Malesia to start a new life, because his family's life in Penguio was going downhill. Why he moved to Malesia and not the Ninja Archipelago or the High Penguin Confederacy was anyone's guess. Since Malesia was a Puffish colony at the time, Alexander changed his last name to the more Puffish sounding "Willson". First he was involved in the Puffish colonial administration in Malesia, and was put in charge a nearby island for a year. After his term on the island was over, Alexander brought an O-Berry farm near a village just outside of Kuala LOLpour. After hiring some penguins and buying up the surrounding lands, Alexander was ready to found his new O-Berry company. Unfortunately, the Khanzem War started not long after, and Malesia was invaded by Japaland. Under Japalandise occupation, Alexander's company was going downhill, and they made significant losses. Alexander considered abandoning his company, but decided to stick with it, for he knew things would get better after the war. After the liberation of Malesia, Alexander moved his family (his wife, who was a Dorkugese Penguin from Puffle'and and was descended from the Puffish aristocracy, and three chicks) and assets to Snowprus, where they tried to rebuild what they had. Within the next few years, his company would start profiting, and It became a well known business in the region. It was also at this time when they decided to branch out and go international. Two of his chicks went to Puffle'and to start the Puffish branch while his middle chick moved to Calada to start the Caladian branch.


  • All members of this family are Fourth Wall breakers.
  • Like the Jones Family, the Willsons are very gullible.
  • All family members end up having a connection with the Fourth Wall.
  • They are all very fiscally conservative, but very socially liberal.
  • Being Dorkugese Penguins, they all have above average intelligence.
  • All Willsons have dark green feathers.
  • Everyone in the Willson family is introverted, making some penguins wonder if it is genetic.



  • Cleke
  • Diskaiz
  • Frederick
  • Nica
  • Helen (by marriage)
  • Kibill
  • Iza
  • Fala


  • Alexander
  • Mary (by marriage)


The Willson family operates The Feast O-Berry And Fish Products Company, which, despite being a big business, most people forget it even exists. Do not think the family is small just because their company goes under the rug however, they have over one billion fish in assets and make it into the top 100 families (only barely though). In the past they also had significant power in Penguio and possibly also Sleetden depending what source you believe. Other than that, they are not very significant, and some penguins would say they are literally whos. For what could be the case, see below.


There are a few mysteries surrounding this family. First of all, how does their company go unnoticed? It does not look like a small business and the family does have a lot of money, and yet, their company is what some creatures call a literally what, and the family's members are literally whos. Also, why do they feel the need to oversee the operations of their subsidiaries through a shell company? Are the two mysteries connected? Are they hiding on purpose? If so, what have they got to hide? Then there is another mystery: what is up with Frederick? Why is he not like the rest? Instead of going off to work for the business, he is off in Duck Island doing shady activities, and yet, the majority of the family says nothing about it. Has he been disowned by the family, or is he carrying out some secret chores for them? And finally, why is Radioactivechicken somewhat connected to this family when he only met Diskaiz back in 2018? It makes no sense, but it is still the truth. Could it be a higher power wanting their characters connected in someway, Or something else?


  • When Alexander was a member of the Bureau of Fiction, his curiosity got the better of him, and he found out some secrets. Because of that, his family was cursed to have every blood member's name be picked from a fantasy name generator.
  • For some reason, every member of this family has at least some degree of Fourth Wall breaking abilities.

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