Willy and Kody

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Willy and Kody
The official poster of the series
Genre Comedy, musical, adventure
Format Sitcom
Created by David Tennyson
Developed by Penguin Network
Directed by Derek Holster
Starring William Tennyson
Robert Koddalonth
Voices of See Cast
Opening theme Bells of Delfinopolis
Composer(s) David Tennyson
Country of origin United States of Antarctica
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 99 (List of episodes)
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Snowball TV
Original channel Penguin Network
Original run June 10, 2011 – Present
Status In production
Preceded by None

Willy and Kody is an Antarctican TV show about two brothers (William Tennyson and Robert Koddalonth) that want to turn their dreams into reality every day by getting into many adventures together. It first aired on June 10, 2011 on Penguin Network and is being produced by Snowball TV. The series entered a hiatus after the conclusion of the second season, but a third season has been confirmed by the producers. It began airing on Icey XD in late 2011.


William Tennyson and Robert Koddalonth are two brothers who live in Delfinopolis. The brothers have a big list of things to do, and there is something new everyday. The jealous Sandy Sharon is their neighbor, and is always trying to ruin their plans.
Willy and Kody have a good relationship, even though they don't agree all the time, which usually cause the brothers to end up in a mess. Their puffle, Peppy, is a secret agent that works everyday to stop the plans of an evil Polar Bear called Dr. Henry. Henry's inventions always cause Willy and Kody's inventions to disappear.

Up to season four, every episode had a "featured character", which was seen on the eycatches and on a small clip during the credits, and was character whose the episode was focused in. If viewers remembered the featured character of every new episode during the month, they could enter their names on Penguin Network's virtual world and win an exclusive Willy and Kody gift. This feature was discontinued after the fifth season.


Main article: List of Willy and Kody Episodes
Season Episodes Premiere Season finale Opening theme
1 26 June 10, 2011 November 25, 2011 Camp Penguin
Doki Doki! (Japaland)
2 29 December 2, 2011 May 25, 2012 Fanfare of the Heart
Doki Doki! (Japaland, East Pengolia)
3 23 July 6, 2012 January 13, 2013 Follow Your Star
High Five! (Japaland)
4 23 January 25, 2013 March 28, 2014 Bells of Delfinopolis
5 1 August 13, 2015 TBA Bells of Delfinopolis

New episodes air Thursday nights, 8:00 on Penguin Network (since episode 88 from season 4 "Delfinopolis Fashion Week").


A Great Day

Main article: Willy and Kody: A Great Day

Willy and Kody: A Great Day is the name of the first soundtrack of the series, featuring all the songs of the first season, and three brand new songs, with the special participation of Cadence.

Technlogically Impaired

Main article: Willy and Kody: Technologically Impaired

Willy and Kody: Technologically Impaired is the second soundtrack of the series. It features all the 9 songs from the movie, 4 songs from the show and 2 exclusive songs. It doesn't feature any special participation from a famous artist like the previous soundtrack, but the song Half a Day was written by DJ Crow. It was released 3 days after Willy and Kody: The Digital Domain was broadcasted.

Dragon's Eye

Main article: Willy and Kody: Dragon's Eye

Willy and Kody: Dragon's Eye is the third soundtrack of the series. It features songs from all the episodes of the second season, 2 songs from Technologically Impaired and 2 exclusive songs. Those who pre-ordered this soundtrack got an exclusive Leonard Mix N' Match figure or a Draco plush.

Golden Glow (volumes 1, 2 and 3)

Willy and Kody: Golden Glow is a collection of the best songs from the show, sold in three volumes, each featuring 10 different songs. The first volume features Willy on the cover and contains songs sung by him and songs played in comical episodes. The second volume has Kody on the cover and contains songs sung by him and songs played in adventure episodes. The third volume has Peppy and Henry on the cover and features various songs, including some used in the movie The Digital Domain.

Operation SHAZAM: The Soundtrack

This soundtrack includes most songs from Season 4, and all the songs from the crossover special Willy and Kody: Operation SHAZAM. Those who preordered received a plush of Super Peppy.


Willy and Kody Around Antarctica

Willy and Kody spotted on Club Penguin Island.

During the month of November 2011, Willy and Kody traveled around Antarctica distributing plushies, shirts and autographs on a bus called the "Pufflebus". They were spotted n the following states: Eastshield, Trans-Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, Club Penguin Island, Weddell and Freezeland.
This happened to advertise the upcoming second season and the three-part special that was going to premiere soon.

Meet the Puffles!

Flare looping thourgh the Cave, Chill dodging a snowball, Jerry Jr. flying above the Mine Shack, and Mr. Sqwinkles recording the play.

During the Club Penguin Annual Puffle Party, the 4 Puffles from the show could be met. Those who found them would receive a special plushie of the Puffle they found, and an autograph from their owner. For those who met Flare, Willy would give the autograph. For those who met Chill, Kody.


Main Characters

Name Age Description First Appearance
Willy 13 Willy is creative and courageous, and always look on the brighter side of the things. However, Willy can be goofy, sometimes ruining the plans for the day, what always make Kody angry. Willy is always kind and helps people in every way he can. Ferris Wheel
Kody 14 Kody is thoughtful and most of the times timid. Very clever, he always know how to escape from a mess. Ferris Wheel
Sandy 16 Sandy is jealous and is always attempting to ruin the brothers' plans, which always cause her to get hurt. Sandy hates Willy and Kody, but they don't seem to care about it. Ferris Wheel
Mellory 13 Willy and Kody's neighbor. She loves to help the boys on their inventions. Willy has a crush on her. Unfair Fall Fair
Dr. Henry 40 A scientist that makes diverse machines to get back at everyone because of his childhood. Coincidentally, his machines always make Willy and Kody's inventions to disappear before Cadence shows it o their fathers. He's the archenemy of Peppy the Puffle. Ferris Wheel
Peppy the Puffle Unknown He's Willy and Kody's pet and also a secret agent that always ruins Henry's plans. Nobody knows about his secret personality. Ferris Wheel

Secondary Characters

Name Age Description First Appearance
Jerry 13 Jerry is a zany penguin who loves to put pranks on everyone. He owns an Green Puffle called Jerry Jr. September Fools Day
Billy 14 Billy is a bully that is always picking on Kody. He LOVES pizza. Kung Kody
Lindsay 14 Lindsay is Mellory's cousin. Her family is very rich and she is always worried about her hair. Perplex Express
Scott 18 Scott is thankful to Willy and Kody for saving his life, but is sometimes annoyed by them. He has a great interest in joining the Antarctican Army. Brains versus Muscles
Eddy 9 Eddy is a chick from a nearby Elementary School who became Willy and Kody's Pen Pal. He is always excited about Willy and Kody's inventions and playing with them and their friends. Billy was Eddy's big brother for four months before he had to be taken to another school. Pen Pal


Guest Stars


Willy and Kody is being translated to air in many other countries. Its first exibition outside of the USA happened on July 15, 2011, on UnitedTerra. Below is a list of Willy and Kody premieres on other countries:

Country Language First broadcast Channel
United States of Antarctica English June 10, 2011 Penguin Network, NightClub DJ Records
Dorkugal English June 30, 2011 Penguin Network, NightClub DJ Records
UnitedTerra English July 15, 2011 Penguin Network UTR, BOB!
Castilla Spanish / English September 25, 2011 Icey Junior (formerly), Noticias Inglésas
June Islands Spanish September 28, 2011 Penguin Network YOW, DancingIce
Lisboagal Portuguese October 9, 2011 Penguin Network, Tombderang
Snowzerland German October 17, 2011 Penguin Network Snowzerland
Alemania German October 20, 2011 Penguin Network Alemania
Liguria Italian November 4, 2011 Penguin Network Liguria, Tombderang
Japaland Japanese December 16, 2011 ペンギン ネットワーク (PENGUIN NETWORK)
Margate English December 1, 2011 Penguin Network MAI
Polaris English December 8, 2011 Penguin Network Polaris
New Delphis English December 8, 2011 Penguin Network Polaris
Ruscoe Federation Russian January 3, 2012 могилбумеранг (Tombderang)
Geek Empire Greek February 17, 2012 Icey Channel, Tombderang, BOB!
Snowprus Greek February 19, 2012 Penguin Network Snowprus, Tombderang
Magicglow Island English, French May 4, 2012 Penguin Network MGI, BOB!
Shops Island English June 27, 2012 Penguin Network
Malesia English/Malay February 29, 2012 Penguin Network Asiapelago
Tropicalis English/Spanish May 2, 2012 Penguin Network
Snowiny English January 7th, 2013 Penguin Network and PengyKids
South Joseon Korean November 2, 2016 Animex


Willy and Kody had a great reception from all the countries it aired, and was one of the most popular shows of the Antarctican world, but the episode "King Koddalonth II" had a bad reception on UnitedTerra because of the line Kody says when Willy is about to attack him: "It's like those hicks say: bring it on!". David Tennyson apologized deeply, but the episode was banned in UnitedTerra and has never broadcasted again since then.
The Snowzerland government treated the episode "Not So Secret Agents" as an insult because of the Snoss man that appears in the episode, who is the leader of the Puffle smuggling. The episode has never been dubbed in German, and thus, has never aired in Snowzerland.
The Yow Kingdom said that they are going to ban all the episodes where the character Scott appears, because they think that "his desire to join the Antarctican Army may influence Yowien kids who watch the show to do the same, and make them dislike the Yowien government". The Penguin Network responded to the Yowien government, saying that they are going to make the episodes anyway, because they "see Scott's personality as an example for kids to fight for what they want". This will cause a big continuity error in the Yowien version off the show, since Scott is going to appear in the series' first movie and in later episodes. Many penguins criticized the Season 4 of Willy and Kody to be pretty offensive and dark, because of the release of the supervillian Neevil, new graphics, and many swear words are heard. The two part special where Neevil appears have been cancelled in some countries. The Season 4 crossover special with the comic book company SHAZAM Comics, Willy and Kody: Operation Shazam, was criticized for being a big advertisement for the company.


Posters, Illustrations and Covers


Ye Olde Medieval Tales characters


Main article: Willy and Kody: The Digital Domain


  • All of the main and secondary characters' names end with -y, except for Scott.
  • This is a parody of Phineas and Ferb.