Willy and Kody: Dragon's Eye

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Willy and Kody: Dragon's Eye
Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released May 27, 2012
Recorded December 2, 2011 - May 25, 2012
Genre Pop, electro, country
Length 49:09
Label Club Penguin Music Records
Producer David Tennyson
Willy and Kody chronology
Technologically Impaired
Dragon's Eye

Willy and Kody: Dragon's Eye is the third soundtrack CD for the series Willy and Kody. It features all the songs from the second season of the show, plus 2 songs from Willy and Kody: The Digital Domain and 2 exclusive songs. Those who pre-ordered the soundtrack got an exclusive Leonard Mix N' Match figure or a Draco plush.


No. TitleEpisode Length
1. "Fanfare of the Heart"  Kody's Fanfare 1:38
2. "Loud Noises"  Perplex Express 0:41
3. "Years of Work"  Lake Of The Dragon Part 1 3:39
4. "Rowin' Time"  Lake Of The Dragon Part 2 1:04
5. "Dragon's Eye (extended)"  Lake Of The Dragon Part 3 3:27
6. "R!"  Ahoy And Avast Me Mateys! 0:52
7. "Oh, Christmas Tree"  Oh, Christmas Tree 2:30
8. "The Twelfth Fish"  Curtain Call 1:38
9. "Rain Rain Windy Windy"  Paperplane Squad 0:22
10. "I Quit!"  Make Some Noise 1:32
11. "I'm Winning This"  Dance Dance Battle Stations 1:28
12. "Flip-Flopping"  Flip-Flop 0:30
13. "Good Night"  Brains Versus Muscles 0:35
14. "Henry's Graph"  Dino-Bot 0:20
15. "Seeing Through"  Dizzle The Moss 1:09
16. "Lisboaguese Style"  Henry's Backstory 0:46
17. "Icy Wind"  Chill's Icy Wind 2:02
18. "Fusion Fire"  Flare's Fusion Fire 2:00
19. "Runaway"  Fear Of The Dark 1:26
20. "What Should I Buy?"  Cloud Nine 0:57
21. "He's Evil!"  Mission: Responsible 1:34
22. "Screamer"  Abandon Ship! 1:36
23. "Orange And Blue"  Who's Flying Now? 1:18
24. "The Goldfish Who Was Flushed Away"  Fear the Kreaken 0:16
25. "Mind Readers"  Willy The Kid 1:43
26. "Burning Desire"  Ye Olde Medieval Tales 1:49
27. "Brave Adventures"  Ye Olde Medieval Tales 2:07
28. "Information Superhighway"  - 2:56
29. "Everything's Better With Peppy"  Willy and Kody: The Digital Domain 1:43
30. "Gear Grind"  Willy and Kody: The Digital Domain 3:30
31. "Cog In The Machine"  - 2:01



  • The dragons in the cover are the three dragons that participated in episodes of the second season: Scorn, the Dragon Guardian and Draco.
  • This is the longest Willy and Kody soundtrack album so far.
  • The Goldfish Who Was Flushed Away is the shortest song of the entire show, lasting only 16 seconds.

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