Willy and Kody: The Digital Domain

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Willy and Kody: The Digital Domain
The official movie poster.
Directed by Derek Holster
Produced by Penguin Network
Written by David Tennyson
Screenplay by Danny Fares
Story by David Tennyson
Based on Willy and Kody
Narrated by None
Starring William Tennyson
Robert Koddalonth
Music by Penguin Band, Cadence
Editing by Marry Due
Studio Cartoon Studio
Distributed by Penguin Network
Release date(s) February 2012
Running time 1 hr. 30 min.
Country United States of Antarctica
Language English, Spanish, Protuguese, French, German
Budget 10,500 Club Penguin Coin.PNG
Gross revenue 50,000 Club Penguin Coin.PNG
Preceded by Willy and Kody

Willy and Kody: The Digital Domain is the first ever Willy and Kody movie. It was broadcast on Penguin TV on February 2012.


In the movie, Willy and Kody help Henry P. Bear repair his Digital Land Goer 8000, and end up in a digital domain. Peppy the Puffle is worried about the digital domain, even more when Henry meets his alter self in the domain. To protect his owners, Peppy reveals that he is a secret agent. Willy and Kody get mad at him, and try to keep him away from them. But when they are captured by Henry's alter self's soldiers, they have to put their trust in Peppy. To make matters worse, both Henrys try to force Willy and Kody to repair the machine that brought them to the digital domain. Peppy helps them escape, and they soon find a rebel force made up of Willy and Kody's friends alter self. However Henry's alter self finally fixed the Digital Land Goer 8000, and is sending his troops to the real world. Willy, Kody, Peppy, and all their friends (alter egos, and real) but stop the two Henrys from taking over their world. So Peppy shows them that he has digital stored the DNA frame of all of Willy and Kody's inventions, in his lair's computer system. So Peppy has special lazer systems recreate the inventions, and the whole gang uses them to destroy the soldiers. They win the battle then learn that they must let Peppy go. Instead an unpaid intern of the agency gives the director an idea, and everyone who met Peppy as an agent have their memory erased. Willy and Kody are able to keep Peppy then.

Theme song

The movie's theme song was composed by Penguin Band.


Character Actor
Willy William Tennyson
Kody Robert Koddalonth
Mellory Kellery Price
Sandy Sandy Sharon
Dr. Henry Henry P. Bear
Billy Spencer McReady
Jerry Dan Kersan
Scott Scott Morley
Peppy the Puffle David Tennyson (voice)
Catherine Catherine Fauré
Walter Walter Franklin

DVD Release

On August 17, Willy and Kody: The Digital Domain will release on DVD. Those who pre-ordered the DVD gets a behind the scenes feature, such as why and how the official movie poster changed to what it is now.
The original movie poster. Click to enlarge.


  • The Digital Domain is a stage in Super Smash Mates Brawl.
  • It is a parody of Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension.