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William Jay Penguin
Willy the Penguin WC.png
The regular look of Willy
Gender Male
Location Club Penguin, Snowville
Birth date August 21, 1997
Occupation Apprentice, adventurer, janitor, private investigator
Nationality Antarctican
Friends Matthew von Injoface, Kwiksilver, Roller Chain

William Jay Penguin, known to most people as Willy or to his friends, Will, (1997-) is an Adelie penguin who currently resides on Club Penguin island. High Penguins hail him as one of their own, (as he is a quarter High Penguin) The Wielder of The Blade of Light and future wielder of Sentinel, and the aide to "one of the greatest heroes of all time". To most others, however, he's known for being a "silly sidekick".

Willy is the youngest out of his siblings and friends, which often leads to his irritation at his peers and superior's condescending remarks about his maturity. He's often underestimated, due to his age and naivete. His social anxiety and his misunderstanding of himself, and others of himself have often resulted into the accidental solving of many conflicts. He's also a member of Antarctica's Protectors.


Early Life[edit]

Born to William and Connie Penguin, Willy was named "William" after his father and grandfather and "Jay" after "some cartoonist". Will was born in Snowville on August 21, 1997, and had a very angst-ridden childhood that was filled with social isolation and introversion. His siblings emotionally abused him, for being "weird" and a "little shrimp". In fact, one of his childhood nicknames was "Krill". However, he met his future mentor and best friend, Kwiksilver in his elementary school, on the first day of Will's schooling. He defended him from bullies, but the two didn't even speak to each other until later in adulthood. As a result, Will had few friends, and the ones he did have replaced him with others, deeming him "unworthy", "stupid", "useless", and "completely and utterly replaceable". Will, due to his status as an outcast, dreamed of leaving his horrible life and becoming an adventurer and hero to his continent.

Will was also very artistic, but was never recognized for his creative ability. His parents, hardly being there for him, never took interest in their youngest son. Due to his isolation and creative artistic talents, he often hid himself in a art studio, run by Shroken Huplip, the only positive adult role model in Will's childhood. Shroken encouraged Will's dreams and ambitions, giving him advice and constructive criticisms on Will's paintings, drawings, comics, and stories. Will, eventually moving out of his parent's igloo when he was old enough, moved into the loft above the art studio, where he paid his rent by cleaning up the studio and the art gallery that was connected to the studio, where Shroken showed off his art work at auctions.

Older life and Escapades[edit]

After living at the art studio for three years, Shroken grew old, retired, and eventually died, leaving Will heartbroken, as his mentor was gone, his family had legally shunned him, and he had no where to go. Will moved away to Club Penguin, where he could be himself in his quiet, unassuming loneliness. There, he spent his days drawing cartoons and writing, trying to get published. He also landed a job at the Coffee Shop in Club Penguin's town square as a barista. There, he met his long-time crush, Olive Rose, or, Olive, a regular customer at the Coffee Shop and former classmate. Will, upon meeting her again, tried to impress her with his drawings, to no avail. She later went on and dated Will's longtime romantic rival, Ben Mitchells. However, Olive stopped seeing Ben after she found him being unfaithful. She turned to Will, but after a brief romantic relationship, she admitted she liked him, but only as a friend. Will, heartbroken, and upset with his life, decided to leave Antarctica for "better tides".


Will, after building a moderately-sized boat, sailed off for a place he had never been before. He spent many days at sea, braving large waves and monstrous creatures, such as orcas, walruses, and the Kraken. He did so to prove to himself to his society from which he was shunned he was something. Will, after a third battle with the legendary Kraken, his boat was destroyed, and he washed up on the shore of a place unknown to him. As it turns out, the place was an island thirty-four miles off the coast of Antarctica.

Disappointed in himself and his life, Will quit his job at the Coffee Shop and moved out of Club Penguin upon returning. He then moved out into the middle of nowhere, upset, irritated, and full fo self-loathing. Until one day, a sad-looking yellow puffle crossed his path. The puffle introduced himself as Matthew von Injoface, a member of the Injoface family, who was also shunned by his relatives and forced out for his beliefs. The two immediately bonded over their poor social situations, and Will moved back to Club Penguin. Will then suddenly became a moderate success after successfully publishing a novel, and Will was able to support himself and Matthew.

Life as Seen By an idiot and For Great Justice[edit]

During this time, many great, exciting, and wonderful things were happening all across Antarctica. Only Willy, in self-imposed isolation, didn't know any of it as happening, until one day a black penguin penguin wearing sunglasses, a beanie and a satchel slung around his shoulder landed on Willy's front porch one fine July morning in 2006. Kwiksilver, being surprised at who he had met, caught up with his former classmate. The two began to bond, and Kwiksilver offered Will the chance to travel with him. Will, being excited, reverted back into his old, naive self, as he did in his childhood. During Will's travels, he met several famous and talented penguins, such as Explorer 767, Tails6000, and Speeddasher. But it didn't matter who Will met, his newfound optimism and carefree attitude annoyed them. Will, having picked up a habit of introspection and self-consciousness, felt that he was making people irritated, and quit traveling, even Kwiksilver and his puffle, Sprocket, didn't mind Will's behavior and actually liked him. Will went back into self-imposed isolation out of fear of rejection by society.

The Nightmare Epic[edit]

Later on, Will's average lifestyle significantly changed. Since Will wasn't needed or was even necessary during the Great Darktonian Pie War, he missed out on part one of the great saga. But during the Nightmare Epic, Will was invited to participate in the event by Kwiksilver, but was separated from the main group during a conflict, accidentally using a Vortex Manipulator that Kwiksilver had given him to travel back in time, he was pronounced dead. Despite this, Will was alive, only seven-thousand years in the past, where there was nothing in Antarctica, except the barren wasteland it was until penguins gained the intelligence level of modern civilization. Will, not knowing much about really anything, was written off as a "stupid kid" when he was announced K.I.A. Kwiksilver, deeming the current situation too important, didn't try to rescue him, even though he sincerely wished to. Meanwhile, Will, despite being perpetually weak, in body and in mind, fought off several barbaric and inhumane creatures during his time in the far past, eventually becoming a pessimistic, brutal, sarcastic, and cynical warrior. During his exile in time, Will attempted to fix his manipulator, to no avail. He decided on staying in his harsh, snowy country, because at that point, he had given up on himself and his society.

The Power4U Affair[edit]

Will, being stuck in the past, missed a greater part of the Affair, but accidentally jumpstarted his Vortex Manipulator to transport himself into the near future, somewhere circa 1996, the year before he was born. Meanwhile, ten years in the future, the present, in 2016, his soon-to-be mentor Kwiksilver was fighting off the forces of evil. During his time in the late nineties, Will learned ore of his family's history, and gained a deeper understanding of his family's hatred for him: the Penguin family was a proud one, and severely disapproved of those who are different from normal society. Disgusted, Will once again jumpstarted his Vortex Manipulator in anger, sadness, and frustration, this time into the present. Will appeared on the eve of the last night of the Affair, and ultimately helped Kwiksilver and the other heroes of the saga end the conflict.

Traveling and Self-Respect[edit]

Will, having helped end the previous conflict, was rejoiced and celebrated as a hero among the others. Not as well known, but still, celebrated. Will gained clout and respect from his peers, and resumed traveling with Kwiksilver after the Affair ended. However, due to Sprocket's death, Kwiksilver was not in his best form, and ended their time journeys together, but not before Kwiksilver gave Will a Vortex Manipulator for his birthday, this time to keep for himself, and teaching Will the ways of the Time-Traveler and Dimension-Hopper. After a brief and angered good-bye, Kwiksilver exiled himself, leaving Willy as his successor. Will, upset with Kwiksilver leaving, believing Kwiksilver had "run away" from his problems, just as Will himself had done, became angered with Kwiksilver, and his own life, once more. Willy then discontinued his time travel work and accepted a job as head janitor at Von Injoface Enterprises. But this time, he kept up his friendships, because he actually had a few this time.

The Wikia Catastrophe and Becoming the Hero[edit]

Willy, having been a janitor for four years in 2020, was charged with tracking down Kwiksilver and bringing him to the Bureau of Fiction to stop yet another crisis, after a brief meeting with Speeddasher after a angry rant about how Kwiksilver, now referred to James by Willy, had left. Willy, who still had angry and frustrated feelings towards James, initially refused to do so. However, Speeddasher convinced him otherwise. Willy, showing up at Kwiksilver's doorstep, promptly said hello by punching his former friend and mentor in the face, convinced Kwiksilver to come back and fix what had to be done after a quick scuffle. Not having seen or been involved with the Bureau, or any of his friends for years, as they had all gone their separate ways, Willy found things different, except for the fact that in the eyes of others, he was still just "a naive kid".

Willy, Kwiksilver, and the rest of their team of heroes fought bravely throughout the conflict, eventually making their way to the Wikia Control Room, where due to a deletion wave, Kwiksilver was trapped trying to get to the cannon where his insane alternate self, Virus, was. Willy, in finally forgiving Kwiksilver and renewing their friendship, sacrificed himself by swimming through the deletion wave where Kwiksilver was and deleted himself so that Kwiksilver could go save the multiverse. During the battle between Kwiksilver and Virus, Kwiksilver ultimately sacrificed himself by permanently deleted himself and Virus, thus reversing the effects of the cannon and the entire multiverse was restored to normal.

At Kwiksilver's funeral, Mayor McFlapp was struck by the idea to bring back Kwiksilver, and idea Willy and Kwiksilver's former sword Sentinel were thrilled to take part in. However, due to a malfunction, the "new" Kwiksilver was actually a chick that absolutely no memory of Kwiksilver's life. Willy, finally realizing his responsibility to his society, decided to bring up the chick and mentor him just as Kwiksilver had done. As a result, Willy became the new hero and savior that his best friend once was, and Sentinel's new operator.


After saving the multiverse, Will became the adopted father of Christopher, James' son, teaching him about the basics of time travel and training him to dimension hop. The two have formed a great bond, and have gone on many journeys together. Will also quit his job as janitor at Von Injoface Enterprises and became a private investigator, solving crimes throughout time and space.

Frozen Waffle the Penguin, Willy's descendant.

He will one day have a happy-go-lucky descendant named Frozen Waffle the Penguin, who will be raised in Snowville and be a part-time adventurer.


Willy has had a very unstable relationship with himself and his peers. This is because the people around him are very critical of him and his overall character. Despite Will's happy exterior, many of his friends have treated the way he is on the inside: unhappy, and excruciatingly whiney. He is often portrayed as a whiner and a complainer, and as someone who seriously doubts getting out of bad situation unscathed. Even though Will is insecure, his popular portrays are than often incorrect, as his personality states otherwise.

Will is often labeled as a "child", and "naive and stupid", Will is, in reality, quite competent. Despite this, he is the weakest member of his group of friends, but is incredibly introspective and self-aware, and can understand the minds of under appreciated people, a skill his friends lack. Due to his peer's ridiculing and overall condescending nature, he can be very biting and sarcastic. He can also be very cold and harsh when scorned. However, Will is very loyal and a good friend, even though he lacks the respect he deserves.


Willy holds the distinctive and awe-inspiring honor of being 100% immune to Weegee. As common knowledge preaches, See Weegee, Become Weegee. This is not so with Willy.

Weegee can stare at Willy all he wants, but Willy simply will not become a Weegee. No one knows how or why he is immune, since the only other beings with such a blessing are the Board of Fiction, an all-powerful group of penguins that could defeat the Masters of the Universe.

Therefore, Willy's super anti-Weegee power truly makes him one-of-a-kind. No other creature outside of the Board can look at Weegee and remain as themselves to tell the tale. This has, in the past, proved unbelivably vital to saving the world.


  • Despite the prophecy of the Blade of Light saying otherwise, Willy is the true wielder of the blade, and used it to defeat Malcur in the Wikia Catastrophe
  • He is good friends with Roller Chain, who is Matthew's boyfriend. He was the few people who knew they were dating in secret during that time interval.
  • He also has a huge scar on his back from a incident when he was a chick.
  • He should be 1/128th High Penguin, due to his great-great-great-great-great grandfather, William the Penguin being one. However, he has a genetic mutation that gave much more High Penguin DNA, with about 1/4th of his DNA being HP.
  • His middle name, Jay, is derived from American cartoonist Jay Ward, who created such cartoons like Rocky and Bullwinkle.
  • Will has a very odd relationship with everyone he meets, sometimes even being a very contradictory character in himself.
  • Despite his natural happy and carefree demeanor, he is often taken as aloof, naive, pessimistic, and a complainer.
  • He owns an island named Penguin Isle, that was founded by his ancestor Seymour M. Penguin in 1859. It is located off the coast of the USA, and has Antarctica's largest doughnut, the Official Hat Royal Order building (only members can access past the front lobby), a huge hot springs (penguins can go into the hot springs), a small town, The Penguin family mansion, and the Branch Forest.

Alter Ego[edit]

  • Oceanrock-- Will, after receiving a nasty blow to the head one day, became mentally unstable for a brief period of time and became the vigilante known as Oceanrock. However, his mental psychosis wore off and Oceanrock disappeared for some time. Later on, however, Will discovered a way to access Oceanrock from his mind and started to become his alter ego from time to time to fight crime.
  • High Willy-- A rare genetic mutation gives Willy more High Penguin DNA than he would otherwise have. It also, in situations that threaten Antarctica, may cause him to go into a somewhat "super" form that changes his outfit, allows him access to all of his other alter egos such as Werebeast and Oceanrock, as well as gives him the ability to fly and heightened High Penguin traits.


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