Winsburg: The Framework for the Business Capital of the Western Union

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Winsburg: The Framework for the Business Capital of the Western Union is a 97-page document published by the Government of the United Provinces, detailing why Winsburg should become the business capital of the Western Union, the current economic and commercial status of Winsburg within the Western Union, as well as setting out plans for Winsburg's future and the growth of business and entrepreneurship in the city of Winsburg.


Winsburg has long been one of the most disadvantaged capital cities in the Western Union. It has very little foreign investment, few international companies are headquartered or have offices there, and the economic importance to the Western Union is rather low. That is why the Government of the United Provinces today publishes a Framework, with a plan to make Winsburg the business center, or business capital, of the Western Union.

We aim to achieve this through economic stabilization, further connecting our country with other countries of the Western Union, establishing financial ties with non-Western Union states and incentivizing companies across Antarctica to startup in Winsburg. We are also ready to offer tax exemptions to companies that wish to startup in Winsburg.


The Dolphinas-based corporation Agrocorp decided to move their headquarters to Winsburg following the release of this framework. This framework has been positively received by businesses around the Western Union, but not by the Western Union Commission, which threatened to sue the Government over tax exemptions to enterprises that are not in accordance to WU laws. President McClark stated that 'tax exemptions that are explained in great detailed on page 56 of the Framework are completely in accordance to Western Union laws, contrary to what the Commission has reported'.

On 12 May 2018, the UP government signed a law giving a pretty large 5% tax cut to all corporations that decide to move their headquarters and services to Winsburg and to all companies that hire Snowinns and don't ship jobs overseas. This huge tax cut immediately gave the United Provinces an economic boom and companies agreed to move their locations to the United Provinces. The Western Union Commission immediately slammed the UP government for this move and expressed its concern that the United Provinces were becoming a tax haven for corporations. President McClark denied this.

Agrocorp agreed to move its headquarters from Dolphinas to Winsburg by the end of May. Agrocorp CEO Filip Mikulec says he is 'particularly pleased' that the UP government decided to pass such measures.