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Winston Keeyah
Winston Present.png
Winston, as of 2008. He hasn't changed much since he was seven... He's part Ninja, though it's a hereditary thing, not an earned one.
Title 狂った抱擁ペンギン
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Is completely Immune to Pain!
Health Physically: Excellent. Winston is actually immune to pain!
Mentally: ...
Level -9
Location Varies (he travels)

Winston(Ninja 狂った抱擁ペンギン) is a Ninja penguin who randomly roams the USA. He loves to explore places and meet new things, especially cute things. This has gotten him into a lot of trouble on the occasion. Winston is part Ninja, though this is a hereditary action, not an earned one.


Winston, age ten.

When Winston was four years old, he was given a little puffle, which he named Lil' Precious. He would pet it, squeeze it, brush it (the wrong way), and hug it like a vice grip. It never left his sight. All of this "affection" caused Lil' Precious to run away. Yet Winston wasn't very sad, he just got a new puffle. This cycle of puffle tort- I mean "affection" continued for the next six years, and hundreds of puffles went through it. Puffles refer to him as the "Strangler" because of how painful his hugs are.

At age ten, he knitted himself a sweater that reads "I ♥ Cute Things", and set out into the world, completely ignorant that some things are "cute", but should not be messed with. He now roams the land, picking up and cuddling anything he considers adorable... like puffles... or chicks...

Winston is now over twelve years old, and as he grew older, his appearance started changing. He turned a black color, his beak darkened, ect. He recieved a green colored belt from his father. It was revealed that Winston was a Ninja! He inherited his colors from his father (a real kick-backside ninja).

Ninja History[edit]

Winston's father, Ninston Keeyah, considers Winston a "disgrace to all things kung-fu". He just doesn't like him. He tried to train him for years, but he was always hugging things. Every time. It drove Ninston off the wall. He would put Winston in fight after fight... every time, Winston would hug his opponent. Ninston noted his hug was stronger than any wrestling move. He let him be. To test his "style" of "fighting", Ninston bought puffle after puffle... and you know what happened. Ninston set him on his way, but insisted not to let him wear that sweater. "YOU'RE A NINJA! IN THE NAME OF PANCAKES, SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR YOUR ANCESTORS, YOUR DIGNITY, YOUR MOMMA!" Winston responded with a great big hug, nearly paralyzing his father in a vice grip of "affection". He left.


Winston wanders around at quite a fast clip. It's a Ninja thing. He's gone pretty much everywhere in the USA, picking up and cuddling every cute object along its way. He also names all of the cute items, and usually the names are stupid and insulting. Winston's worst habit is by far the fact that he doesn't let go of an item he is cuddling until said item can escape his grasp. He is so notorious for strangling people with his hugs that several attempts have been made to change his sweater to read "I Hurt Cute Things".

Some creatures think Winston is part Ninja. They were right.

Cactus + Winston = Poor Dead Cactus.


  • Winston is literally, completely immune to pain. Nothing can hurt him. G says that the only way for Winston to die is by old age. No one knows exactly why it is literally impossible to hurt Winston. Some people say it's because of his Ninja origins (his vice grip hug may serve as proof).
  • Winston frequently forgets that he is a Ninja. When reminded, he gives the other creature a "ninja hug".
  • He is a victim of Flywish.
  • Many penguins think he is mentally ill.
  • He has a reference to Barney from the show of the same name for the way he hugs. He is not a slight parody.

Creatures Hugged[edit]

Winston has cuddled some pretty notorious creatures. A list follows: (all bolded words are good things which happened to him)

  • A poffle-- (wasn't hugged but flew away before Winston could hug it)
  • A Petguin -- Was forced to become a normal penguin again.
  • A cactus! (if he wasn't immune to pain that would hurt him!)(How is that cute?)
  • A baby shark-- (he got his feet bitten)
  • A black puffle-- (was set on fire temporarily and still didn't let go)
  • A Crab-- (he got pinched right on the beak)
  • Mabel-- (was called names that should never be repeated)
  • Penghis Khan-- (he got slapped with a fish... sixteen (16) times)
  • A Jacko-- (was sued for "assault and splattery")
  • Explorer 767-- Was severely injured, because Explorer whacked him several times with a shovel. Winston didn't feel a thing.
  • Fred 676-- Was jabbed with an especially sharp acute triangle. The cut only went <math>2\times1000</math>-2 centimeters deep.
  • A Puffolian-- Was zapped with dance laser, had no effect on Winston and continued hugging it.
  • Furry Flats-- Got whacked with a grand piano, synthesizer, electric guitar, drumset, metal flute, gong, tuba, and an anvil. Was also forced to listen to their latest album, Annoying Sounds. This had absolutely no effect on Winston, instead he bought every single one of their CDs.
  • A lepoard seal-- Was paralyzed with Ditto A. Nothing happened.
  • A Skua-- Was nearly pecked to death.
  • A Huggie-- This is the first case where something good happened to Winston: he was made temporary mayor of EmotiVille.
  • Sk8rbluscat--This is another time that he got something good in life. He got promoted to Manager of Taco Ball, and he picked up frying oil which he got burned with and got fired by the boss, Sk8rbluscat.
  • Sam Rudi-- Got his white puffle Snowball to freeze him but it missed and all he did was hug the ice...then smack Sam with it.
  • Spy Guy Pers-- Got a painting made afterward entitled, "The Scariest Moment in My Life".
  • Happyface141--He ordered his army to attack Winston. All the army did was make Winston sneeze. It didn't even scratch him.
  • A Ninja-- Um... let's just say that Ninja can't play Card-Jitsu anymore.
  • Alex12345a--Third time he got something good. He got a kiss, though it took a long ladder to kiss his cheek.
  • Falcoz--This is the fourth good (and best) thing that happened to Winston. He got a friend named Falcoz. This penguin is also a ninja, though it's earned, not hereditary. Winston is so happy he actually got a friend!! Falcoz is a King Penguin, so he's just a little shorter than Winston. They are hugging each other every second. They really love each other. they're such good friends. Falcoz enjoys Winston's "ninja hugs", and hugs him back.
  • Koobly Khan--This is the fifth good thing that happened to Winston. Koobly hugged him even HARDER back. Not many penguins can hug harder then Winston!
  • Flystar55555--Threw a fireball at him. The third time Winston hugged him he actually hugged back, but refused to be his friend. That was the fourteenth case that something good happened.
  • The Mayor of Snowville--This is the sixth good thing happened to Winston. When the Mayor of Snowville walked outside and then he saw Winston and then he hugs the Mayor and then he hugged him back.
  • A Mwa Mwa Penguin--Lets just say that he hugged him so hard, that poor thing never got to grow up.
  • G--This is the seventh good thing happened to him. Winston hugs G and then he hugs him back and then he got promoted to be G's assistant but when he accidentally dropped G's test tubes. He got fired by G
  • Tails6000--Winston hugged him, and then Tails used a slingshot and hit his belly a lot! ...This was not successful.
  • Ninjinian -- He doesn't like to talk about it, but when his backbone broke, he was off from work for months (and still is) . . . . . . Winston now works part-time repairing Turbo-Bikes & paying Ninjinian's medical bills.
  • Metalmanager--When Winston hugged him, Metalmanager made two magma/fire balls on his hands, but, when Winston hugged him, he compared him to a "Fireplace".
  • Sensei--When Winston hugged Sensei, he nearly got his belt taken away. Not that he would have cared.
  • Speeddasher --Speed used Destruction Control to teleport Winston into a sea filled with Great White Sharks.
  • Mah Boi (penguin): This could either be a good thing or a bad thing. She made him the king of the Mwa Mwa Penguins, but made him say "Mah Boi" for ten minutes. Winston refused.
  • Ban- Ban wanted to change the COC so that no hugging is allowed. He failed.
  • Hat Pop- Winston hugged her so hard, her Bunny Ears nearly became flattened. Afterwards, Hat Pop reached for Lemon's digging shovel....(the shovel pulverized into a million pieces when she tried to hit him with it, then Hat Pop was the one being chased; by Lemon).
  • Coool31- Winston hugged him so hard his hyper mode kicked in...Winston walked away with a burnt sweater and missing a lot of feathers
  • Mech Rider-Winston was blasted with lasers from Rider's mech.Winston said it tickled.
  • Maddieworld- Hugged her so hard, she screamed and broke his eardrums. Jessica banged Winston on the head with a fishing rod 100 times after that.
  • Willy the Penguin- This is the ninth good thing that's happened to him. When Winston hugged him, Willy strangely hugged him back and had cookies with milk, so now Winston thinks Willy is his bestest friend ever for letting him hug him. Just don't mention that to Willy.
  • Lightpenguin- Winston ran towards him, Lightpenguin merely put his hand out, stopping him buy holding him by the head, he then plopped him down behind him, and ran off. Winston didn't realise that someone was there in the first place.
  • Tidalwave11- Not even we could count the amount of times he hit Winston with a frying pan and a lobster.
  • Flywish- Flywish tried to give Winston a Mwa Mwa penguin to hug but he hugged them both he is now one of Flywish's victims.
  • DAH SPAMMAH- Winston hugged DAH SPAMMAH so he spammed him with 100,000,000,000 spam ads, that made Winston boot off for 1 second.
  • WishFlyx- Winston hugged him sooo hard that WishFlyx bit him with his fangs and Xinston was born.
  • Director Zenny -- His hat got flattend and ripped....
  • Superfastpenguin (again) -- While walking in the Plaza, Winston hugged him SO hard, that he lost his speed.
  • Psyche-- After this happened she screamed a number of weird nonsensical things that have no emaning yet horribly insult, such as flooglybah.
  • 12yz12ab X-- Hugged him so hard that he made a giant robotic arm and (failed) smashed Winston with it.
  • Swiss Ninja -- being a High Penguin, the Hug did not affect him much. However, Swiss slapped him with his flipper in disgust afterwards.
  • Xinston -- He kicked Winston but once again it had no effect.
  • Raven -- Scared Winston away afterwards.
  • Akbaboy X -- Winston got PWNed by him, but didn't feel it, like usual.
  • Fudd -- Fudd didn't mind and now they are friends.
  • KingH10 -- He got a place in the Emperorlands Parliment.
  • Amigopen -- Amigopen used the shoop da woop card. Unluckily, it didn't work. Amigopen got owned.
  • Wonderweez-- Destroyed him by a lazer gun. Or at least, TRIED TO.
  • Austin8310 -- Austin8310 screamed at Winston, smacked him with his fish 14 times, stabbed him with his Knicicle, and banged him over the head with his Shotgun. Winston then hugged him again.
  • Giant Fudd -- He accidently pressed a button on his front, and he froze for 20 seconds. NOT. It didn't do anything to him. Instead, the next person who got hugged by Winston was frozen in place of him.
  • "Slendar" -- He hugged a stuffed dummy that looked like Slendar. Eventually, he appeared and gave Winston a stuffed dummy doll that is huggable.
  • LuXerra: See what happened to Slendar. The exact same happened on this time.
  • Cutiekins: Hugged him back, and said that "I wike woo, because you didn't wadopt mwe!", then kicked him in the face.
  • Pop Cat- After a millisecond of being hugged, Pop Cat bit his flipper, kicked him multiple times, and even breathed fire on him as his ultimate form. Pop Cat later had to stay in cast for a week.
  • Project X Mark 1: Was Blue-Rayed, and was stunned for 2 seconds, Project X Mark 1 stayed in the Dorkugal Robot Repair Centre for 2 months being repaired due to devastating circuit damage. And he could only say "Do the Robot" for quite a while.
  • The Grand Poobah of the Multiverse:Poobah hugged him back and the two became best friends, as they are quite alike.
  • X-Virus: The virus entered Winston in a crippled form.
  • WinXton: WinXton tried to delete Winston, but instead deleted half of PASA.
  • McLacker-- McLacker just dropped an X-Virus onto Winston's head and walked away.
  • Wave Jones-Eh, he is kinda in hospital right now...
  • Lazor-Lazor shot him with a gun, burned him with a flamethrower then soaked him with a water hose, blasted him with a cannon, laser beamed him, slashed him with a sword, whacked him with a hammer, and blew him up with one of Explorer's bombs. And of course Winston didn't feel a thing. At all.
  • Fanonbot-Winston and Fanonbot, the worst idiots in the world, meet... OH NOOOO!!!!!
  • Annoying386: Annoying386 hugged him back and they became friends.
  • Penstubal: "GET OFF ME MAN!!!!! AAAAAAH!", and crashes the wall.
  • Slidur-They became best friends and still are as of now.How nice?
  • General Tvarkov- Winston managed to not get killed by the Tvarkov. She had muscle pain that time, and was in need of a massage. When Winston hugged her, the squeeze was enough to relax her muscle. She began to walk to him when she needs a massage desperately.
  • Abdul54 -Winston got into where so called "dinosaurs" lived just one minute before they vanished. Then Storm used all his power cards on him. Then Winston made him slow.
  • Wikipenguino45 - He accidentally ate some Mysterious Pork. Winston squeezed him out of this mode and Wikipenguino was cured.
  • Penguinpuffdude - After the hug, she was left in hospital for 2 weeks.
  • Mcdonalds394 - Not that great, but after Winston hugged him, he said "He'll never feel this skinny again."
  • Palm the Puffolian - They were both going to hug each other and he became Palm's best friend.
  • Dooby Derlick - For several days, smoke was coming out of him.
  • Copier Guy - Needed treatment from his minions for many weeks.
  • Quackerpingu
  • Kektus
  • Radioactivechicken - Got a dose of radiation.


  • Explorer 767: (to Winston, while attempting ainted to whack him with a shovel) Psyche you! Psyche you! PSYCHE YOU!!!
  • Spongeguy90:HELLO FRIEND!(Hugs him as hard as G)
  • Ban:
    Please change the COC!
  • Poffle: YEEEEEEEK!!! (flies away)
    • Winston: Come back here! NINJA HUUGGGGG!!!!
  • Puffolian: Get off me you brainless vertabrate!
  • Slidur:Hello Winston. Are you now hugging random and crazy people?
  • Flywish: GRRRR!! You will not hug me!!!! hug this Mwa Mwa Penguin!!!
  • Xorai: *hugs back* you seem powerful *gives hat*
  • 12yz12ab X:I HATE YOU WINSTON! *hits winston with a giant robotic arm*
  • Akbaboy X: I will PWN you puny penguin! *PWNs*
  • Wonderweez: DIE FOOLISH PENGUIN!
  • Austin8310: (while being "attacked") AYEEEEEE! TAKE THIS! THIS! THIS! THIS AND isn't doing anything. RUNNNN!
  • Pop Cat:... AHHHHH YOUR... 'GASP' CHOCKING ME! Ok thats it... ULTIMA POWAH
    • Winston:Stop that tickles
  • Pop Cat:Ok then... Im outie. wait! I CANT MOVE! HE PARALIZED ME
  • Project X Mark 1: EAT BLUE-RAY EMPEROR PENGUIN! Weeeeell That Worked..
    • 2 Seconds Later...
      • Winston: That Tickled, NINJA HUUUUUUUUUUG!
        • Project X Mark 1's Internal Moniters: CIRCUIT DAMAGE IN TWELVE AREAS OF UNIT
          • Project X Mark 1: Do The Robot Do The Robot Do The Robot
    • (Flo gets through time)
      • Winston: I've got any. For levitation.
        • WinXton: Let me try them on.
          • Tom Cat Jr.: I've just watched the movie Penghis Khan 2!
            • Winston: Where is the Time Machine?
              • WinXton: I don't know!
                • Tom Cat Jr.: I think it's over there.
                  • Winston: I watched Apey Jones!
                    • Tom Cat Jr.: Time to get through time!
                      • Willy the Penguin: That cat's cocky.
                        • (Flo hurts her back)
                          • Tom Cat Jr.: KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!
  • Winston: NINJA HUUUUUUUUUUUG!!!!!!!!
      • Winston hugs Fanonbot
        • Fanonbot: Yay!
          • Winston: Do u want to help me with hugging people?
            • Fanonbot: YEAH!
              • Slidur: Don't forget me!
  • Wikipenguino45: AAHH! GET AWAY FROM ME OR I'LL KNOCK YOU OUT WITH THIS. *whacks with baseball bat* Oh. I stand corrected. RUN!!!!
  • Penguinpuffdude: AAAAAAAAH HELP!!! *runs away*
  • Palm the Puffolian and Winston when they first met: HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dooby Derlick: BAAABY PENGUIN! XTERMIN8!!! *fires orange laser*
  • Winston: Ha ha ha, that tickles! NINJA HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dooby Derlick: HELP! MY LASER IS OF NO USE! I AM BEING CHASED BY A BAAABY PENGUIN!! *trips on pebble*
  • Copier Guy: RUN!!!

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