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Not to be confused with Winston or his family

The Winston Family is an aristocratic High Penguin family in Puffle'and. Though few bear the surname of Winston, there are living descendants. They own a private territory, the Duchy of Glosethershire, which was founded circa 1850.

Members are sorted from oldest to youngest.


  • † Deceased

First Generation[edit]

Theodosia Evanson, b. 21st June 1995

Philip Andrew Church, b. 22nd January 2000

John Church II, b. 30th October 2002

Second Generation[edit]

Andrew Winston, b. 30th September 1969

Kathryn Nicola Winston†, b. 9th January 1970

John Church‡ (through marriage), b. 30th October 1971

Alexander Winston, b. 11th January 1972

Elise Claire Church‡ (née Winston), b. 15th March 1973

Third Generation[edit]

Edward Anthony Winston‡, b. 26th January 1945

Olivia Ellen Winston (née Anderson), b. 10th February 1945

Anne Lucy Winston‡, b. 28th February 1943

Fourth Generation[edit]

Lachlan Winston‡, b. 7th May 1920

William Winston (twin brother of Lachlan), b. 7th May 1920

Elizabeth Winston‡ (née Hopkins) (married to Lachlan), b. 9th August 1922


  • It is a loose parody of the Windsor royal family of England.