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The evil guy!
Title Lord WishFlyX
Gender Male
Race Penguins
Faction X Creatures
Health Who knows?
Level 40
Status Planning to destroy Flywish
Location Treacherous Trio hideout

WishFlyX (pronounced "Wish-Flix"), sometimes called "Lord WishFlyX" by members of his army, is the X antibody of Flywish who plans to destroy Flywish, his small army, and all of the USA.


He was created when Flywish caught the X-Virus in October of 2009. Flywish coughed out a spiky mohawk and suddenly passed out. When he came to, he saw red eyes looking into his. He screamed like a girl and ran to get his Knicicle, but it was gone. Without caution, Flywish attacked the mysterious shadow penguin. But they were evenly matched. Flywish finally stood up and began to interrogate him.

Flywish:"What is your name foul atrocity?"

WishFlyX:"My name is WishFlyX."

Flywish:"Oh no! You can't be..."

WishFlyX:"That's right, I am your X-Antibody, and your worst nightmare!"


WishFlyX:"I have been coughed up to help bring more rage in the world, to watch you, and all those who oppose the great Darktan Anator II, crumble!"

Flywish:"Over my dead body!"

Flywish pulled out a pistol and attempted to shoot at WishFlyX, but he missed.

WishFlyX:"Pathetic! I take my leave now!"

With that, WishFlyX's wings unfurled and he flew off to the Darktonian Realm. He joined Darktan's Army and found out a special power in his fangs. He could sink his fangs into another creature and contaminate them with the X-Virus. He would use this power to create several cronies for himself and Darktan. Later, he came across a mutated puffle with bat wings. He adopted her and named her Jenni. Though she couldn't talk much, she could lead WishFlyX to penguins he could bite. He also formed an alliance with Mectrixctic who would help him when crusading. Later, he would begin date Maddieworld X who he fell in love with during a Treacherous Trio mission.



  • Darktan II
  • Maddieworld X
  • Manny Peng
  • Xorai (his best friend, though Xorai doesn't know he's in Darktan's Army)
  • Leopard Seals
  • Xary
  • Jenni
  • Agent X



  • Maddieworld X (He already won her over and is currently dating her)


  • He is the owner and general manager of DNA Wrestling.
  • He has a Knicicle.
  • He is an honorary member of the Treacherous Trio.
  • He recently became a couple with Maddieworld X.
  • His hair is very sensitive if you yanked it off he would die very painfully.
  • Corai is terrified of him (0_0)
  • He has white moth-like wings on his back.
  • He tried to adopt Manny Peng
  • He is the only member of the Treacherous Trio to get hugged by Winston.
  • Agent X is his best friend.
  • Don't try to look for the X on his body. It's hidden and it's blended in with his feathers.


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